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“Eva, you are the coolest girl I know. You’re pretty, sweet, smart, and funny. But I don’t know what the problem is. You have to find new friends! Get yourself new friends! Anyone who gets to be your friend is really lucky.”    

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How do you feel about there being no girl friendships on the show now that Laurels gone? Like I do want Thea and Felicity to become friends bc I love those friendships but on the other hand I still have so many issues with fefe bc of all her shit

It is such a weak spot for Arrow right now, anon. While the Arrow writers were busy pushing their fake feminism with “not like the other girls” Felicity, Laurel was standing up as a prime example to a lot of viewers of just what a heroine should be; strong, persevering in the face of her obstacles, caring and mindful of those around her, and supportive to her friends, particularly other women.

She took Thea in when her brother abandoned her to ride off into the sunset with his new girlfriend, she forgave her own sister for the hurt she’d caused her by sleeping with her boyfriend and valued her over any potential romantic relationship, she tried to reach Helena while being held hostage, she accepted Nyssa as a friend and teacher even though she’d tried to kill Laurel the year before, she had friends in Joanna and Mari, and despite still being in love with Oliver she had nothing but kind words and open arms for McKenna and Samantha and Felicity.

Laurel’s death was such a blow to the show, and this is one of the most important reasons why. Female friendships are so rare on television. Usually this has to do with a lack of female characters, but even shows with an ensemble cast and multiple women can struggle with this. On Arrow, Laurel was the lynch-pin, the one that tied everyone else together. Not just the team, but the women of Arrow.

The reason Thea and Felicity seem unlikely friends is because the writers have done zero groundwork to support the idea that they could be friends. They have little in common outside of mutual friendships and secret identities, they’ve never spent time together outside of work or mission-related activities, and their only one-on-one scenes (which is being generous since they also threw Donna in the mix) had to be precipitated by a hostage crisis. Felicity “ew’d” Thea’s bloodstain in the loft, she told Oliver not to make the deal with Ra’s for Thea’s life, and when he asked her to help take his sister home and care for her she asked “And what is that worth?” clearly of the opinion that Thea was worth nothing.

She perceives any woman in Oliver’s life as a threat. She’s bitter over all his ex-girlfriends and expresses relief that Constantine is not a woman (joke’s on her since John Constantine is bi af). She grows jealous when Sara first joins the team and has to be assured she is still Oliver’s “girl”. She’s hostile to her own mother Donna, she talks shit at Moira and Amanda Waller’s memorials, and she gets snitty over Nyssa - a lesbian - having been forcibly married to Oliver. Felicity’s writing for the last five seasons has made her completely irreconcilable with the idea of female friendship, which is reflective of how little the writers care to showcase them. She’s the worst sort of Love Interest character in that way, where the writers try to show her off while shoving all other female characters to the background and having them praise her, and then claim that because the Love Interest is so special and beloved it must be feminist.

I don’t think we will see strong friendships between female characters until Laurel is brought back. Fortunately that is now no longer far away. But in the meantime if you’re looking for those kind of relationships on Arrow, you’re not going to get them with Felicity.



I know i’ve been totally inactive on this blog because of school and all, so let me throw in a doodle of Scorpius in one of my favorite studying poses…!


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imagine having a snap streak with your tc, where the majority of the time you’re sending each other goofy selfies and while in their class, you send candid photos of each other.

I tried to order the Naked ultimate basics palette during the Urban Decay glitch & only had to pay $13. Turns out they’re not fulfilling any of the orders from last night, so they’re not charging anyone’s card & they’re sending out the Naked ultimate basics palette to everyone for free…. Which is what I tried to order in the first place lmao. Ain’t God good!!! I feel like a scammer rn

If Kylo Ren dies, Leia Organa’s Star Wars story ends in tragedy.

She will have lost her planet, her son, her husband, and probably her brother, too.

She deserves better.

Leia should be allowed to save her son in this story. Han Solo’s death created the opening needed to reach the Ben Solo hiding behind Kylo Ren. I fully believe that.

Getting her son back, in other words, Kylo Ren’s redemption, would mean Han Solo didn’t die in vain.

It’d mean Han Solo, who forgave his son the second he turned on that lightsaber, would get what he wanted too: his son back.

Saving Kylo Ren from the Dark Side would mean the world to Leia.

And that’s one happy ending to this tragic story I desperately wish for.

A little Samus x Peach action, I wanted to experiment with using textures and using different lines and stuff, and I’m honestly pretty proud of how it turned out!

Anyway enjoy some cozy girlfriends ~

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