Inspire to rise to new experiences today 🌴

Feeling the power of nature is so amazing and humbling. Especially with freezing wind chill 25ft up in the air! 😁💨🍃

Yesterday I was hesitant as I stepped out to the beach in Santa Monica with 35mph gusts of wind pushing my body back into my car. I am really glad I still went ahead and hung out did #acroyoga with my friends, and did my rope climb circuit. 

Week 1

Alright, I think this will be a good way to keep myself motivated and working towards my fitness goals: a weekly update. If you don’t want these posts cluttering your dash I will be tagging them as “fitjosh,” so feel free to blacklist it or whatever its called. 

I got a membership to Crunch Fitness on Tuesday, March 14, 2017. It is my first time ever doing so. Most of my past exercise was done in various classes for college credit or, when I was still working there, at the Tae Kwon Do Dojang that I was teaching at. 

I spent most of my time stretching and limbering up, running through some very light kicking techniques in the big open spot where they hold zumba classes and stuff. Its kind of a free area with a lot of space, and you’re allowed to be barefoot in there. I ran through a few of the custom forms that we put together at my school (mostly just blocking techniques while in a horse stance), and then the first few forms. I made it through Il jang, Ee jang, Sam jang, and Sa jang before I wasn’t able to maintain form throughout the whole form, then switched over to the heavy bag for about ten, fifteen minutes. I’m gonna have to get used to kicking the hanging heavy bags because so much of my kicking experience is from the paddles/mits or standing bags. The impact when I do round/roundhouse kicks hurts my knees hahahaha. I have to wear shoes when I kick them though and that feels so weiiiird I don’t like it. 

I’m gonna brink my escrima stick for extra bone conditioning, try to take some videos of me training, and get in another session on Friday. I’m still recovering hahahaha. 

My biggest weakness is my stamina. It was always an issue for me growing up because of how rapidly my weight would fluctuate. I was in really good shape in high school and then I just EXPLODED and put on like fifty pounds, and I was never really able to get in the time to train my stamina up with that added weight. Now its biting me in the ass hahahaha. but I’ll get there! When my stamina starts improving and I’m not “can barely walk” sore after my martial arts workouts, I’ll start working in lifting and resistance training machines. 

Oh, and I took a cold shower this morning. Holy shit do I feel amazing. I also burned 400 calories walking today hahahaha. I had so many errands to do.

Anyway, I’ll have an update next week, where I’ll talk about my first session with a personal trainer, and my attempts to take cold showers every day. See ya!

anonymous asked:

theory: brendon in 2005 was dating ryan and was a total twink and therefore had twinky proportions, aka big bubble butt, hollow back, and generally small! he had to maintain that twink bod for his insecure dom boyfriend. however, when he got dumped by ryan and became Empowered and Liberated, he wanted to become a twunk and so started working out and getting swole. logically his bubble butt is the same size, but the proportions have changed since he has twunk muscles now.

Brendon Urie……twunk


Be like Nike — just shoot it.

The biggest mistake we make in our photography is that we overcomplicate things. We read too many books and theories on photography. We look up to our idols on Instagram. We try to put on the perfect filter on our photos, to get more likes.

1. What is a photographer?

But at the end of the day, being a photographer is to make photos. To capture moments. To capture the souls of your subjects in your viewfinder.

To crystallize your memories into 1’s and 0’s. To compose your frame, with your surgeon-like eye.

2. Why do we over-complicate things?

In physical fitness, we read all these muscle magazines on the perfect rep scheme to get ‘swole.’ But the easiest thing is to just do it– to get on the ground, and just start doing pushups.

In art, we need to just make art. We need to just do it. To not share our art project ideas; but to open up Photoshop, Illustrator, open up a pen and a pad, and to put your ideas onto paper (digital or analog).

3. You have all the tools necessary

In photography; just shoot.

Don’t worry about projects. Just photograph your own reality.

Photograph your morning routine. Photograph your loved ones. Photograph yourself.

4. Just shoot.

Let’s keep it simple.

Just shoot.

5. Practical tips to shoot more

If you suffer ‘photographer’s block‘, some tips:

a. Shoot only with your smartphone for a month

Shot on a smartphone
Use the simplest camera possible; your smartphone. Use the default camera app. Upload one photo a day to Instagram or Facebook, or your own blog (I recommend or for free sites, or make your own blog — signup via

b. Don’t think before you shoot

eric kim photography black and white hanoi-0009506 hand
Turn off your brain with your photography. If you see something that compels your soul to make a photograph. Just click the shutter. Figure out whether to keep it or ditch it later.

c. Just photograph your house for a day

eric kim street photography hanoi-0005038
Waking up in the morning at our hotel in Hanoi
We all complain that our environment is boring. So use it to your advantage. Make the most creative photos in your (boring) house.

If you shoot film, shoot one full roll of film (36 photos) in your house in one day.

If you shoot digital, shoot 36 photos inside your home. And make the most creative photos you can.


Unsticky your trigger finger. Don’t overthink photography. Keep it simple.

Make photos that are personal, mundane, and simple.

Don’t overthink it. Just shoot it.