For the kind anon earlier who liked my work with strong ladies, but not a fan of SU, I drew a quicky of my fav canonically strong women Korra.

Figured she just got done with a rather intense Avatar training sesh, sweatin’ a bit mighty mighty, and Asami is all sortsa for it. =P(put the contrast a bit high, made her sweat stains a bit darker than I’d like but eh)

So, yeah, thanks again for liking my stuff. :)

“If after the main meal he gets cake, then I’m getting cake too; that’s normally how it works!”

True story!

Inspire to rise to new experiences today 🌴

Feeling the power of nature is so amazing and humbling. Especially with freezing wind chill 25ft up in the air! 😁💨🍃

Yesterday I was hesitant as I stepped out to the beach in Santa Monica with 35mph gusts of wind pushing my body back into my car. I am really glad I still went ahead and hung out did #acroyoga with my friends, and did my rope climb circuit.