For the kind anon earlier who liked my work with strong ladies, but not a fan of SU, I drew a quicky of my fav canonically strong women Korra.

Figured she just got done with a rather intense Avatar training sesh, sweatin’ a bit mighty mighty, and Asami is all sortsa for it. =P(put the contrast a bit high, made her sweat stains a bit darker than I’d like but eh)

So, yeah, thanks again for liking my stuff. :)

Today’s Accomplishments
  • Sucessfully taught Mom how to use wordpress
  • Went to goodwill and got Tiny Plates 
  • Applied for jobs.  
  • One of them is gamestop.
  • Word on the grapevine is that the Durango Gamestop is desperate and will hire pretty much anyone that isn’t actually Shub-Niggurath, Black Goat of The Woods (she knows what she did), and it would be moderately hilarious if I got hired there since I techincally can’t PLAY videogames but I can art-crit them from hell to breakfast.
  • Forgot they didn’t drain the resivoir this year, accidentally walked dogs out on to frozen lake.
  • dogs thought running lose on the ice and dragging my ass around was hilarious and keep trying to take me back.  In the dark. At like, 4 degrees here.  Dogs. pls.
  • have three gyms in a bidding war for best contract so I can get swole in 2018
  • ate two (2) whole vegetable

I’ve been going to the gym so often that now the regulars say good morning to me and make casual conversation!!! The social hotpoints in my life now include

  • Church
  • Comic book store
  • Gym (new!!!)

Work would be included, but as my cubicle is located on the far side of the room, my presence is frequently forgotten. This could change after the upcoming sales dinner. I will keep you all posted.


Up… down… Up… down…

Three sets of eight…

Cable curls to warm up… Dumbbell curls.. Hammer curls… Increase the weight… Repeat the circuit… Finish off with some EZ bar curls till failure… The pain in your muscles… the blood pumping through your veins… It all feels so good.

Another hour spent at the gym.. Or has it been two hours? When exactly did you get here again…?

The voice in your headphones tells you to keep going…

Keep getting bigger…

Sculpt those arms…

Make your body perfect. For your Master.

Think about how much it pleases him… To see your arms all pumped up like this… To see you growing… Getting bigger…

It feels so good.

Take another big swig of your protein shake between sets… Yeah, bro. 

That tastes so good, doesn’t it…?

It tastes like you can feel yourself getting bigger… Like you can feel yourself getting more and more swole with every sip… with every repetition… of every exercise…

And it all feels… so good.

Inspire to rise to new experiences today 🌴

Feeling the power of nature is so amazing and humbling. Especially with freezing wind chill 25ft up in the air! 😁💨🍃

Yesterday I was hesitant as I stepped out to the beach in Santa Monica with 35mph gusts of wind pushing my body back into my car. I am really glad I still went ahead and hung out did #acroyoga with my friends, and did my rope climb circuit. 

“How’s it going, boys? You two look like you could use a cold one,” said the shirtless meathead from the lawn of BΩΔ House. He had a cooler out in the open, loaded with Coors. He reached for two cans.

“Thanks, but we’re on our way to our own pledging ceremony. ΦME,” replied your fellow rushee, Jeff.

“Phi-Me? You guys are the ones that are all science majors and engineers, right?” the meathead stood up with a beer in each hand.

“Yeah, I’m civil, he’s nuclear.”

“Huhuh, no one in our frat’s that smart. We’re the swolest frat, tho. But really…” the meathead said as he walked towards you…

“… You guys seem way too hot in those jackets.” He was staring into your eyes and you couldn’t look away.

“Have a cold one.”

One or four or twelve beers later, in the basement of BΩΔ House, you and Jeff signed pledges to BΩΔ. And began your new lives of dumbing down, jocking up, and getting swole as fuck.