After several years on Tumblr and being a part of three different fandoms I’ve learned that people on Tumblr get shit done and that many fandoms are willing to help each other out. So today I’m asking you all for help to give a great new show with LGBTQ leads a much-needed ratings boost to keep it from getting cancelled!

“Eyewitness” is a crime drama that airs on USA Network on Sunday nights and has at the heart of its plot a very complex and compelling love story between two teenage boys (one accepting of his own sexuality, the other deeply closeted). It’s extremely rare to see so much focus put on building a relationship between two gay teens, and the way it’s being portrayed is raw and honest and real. 

I constantly see posts from people complaining about not having enough LGBTQ representation on television, but here’s a show that is putting a gay teen couple front and center and does not shy away from showing emotional or physical intimacy — and it is failing miserably because of low ratings.

“Eyewitness” is a really great show so I would recommend it to anyone anyway (regardless of the lgbtq aspect). If you like tightly written dramas with interesting and complex characters and good actors then you will love it!

Here is a GREAT POST about why people should watch the show! I would appeciate it so much if you could spare a couple of minutes to read it and consider watching “Eyewitness” this Sunday because apparently (according to the producers) this coming episode is more or less judgment day. There needs to be an increase in ratings NOW!!!

I’ve never before asked other fandoms for this kind of help but I know that so many people would love this show if only they knew about it and would give it a try, and I really believe it deserves to have more viewers and the chance for a second season. 

So tonight I want to ask all of you who read this and who are in the US to please tune in to “Eyewitness” tomorrow night (Sunday Nov. 13th) on USA Network (you can watch the previous episodes on the USA Network app or homepage before). It’s a 10-episode season so it will wrap up around mid-December. If for some reason you can’t watch it live then please TiVo it and watch it the next day. Ask people you know to watch the show.  Get word of mouth going. Let’s show the networks that primetime dramas with lgbtq leads are something people really want to see!

And please reblog this post (even if you yourself are not planning on watching) so that as many people as possible from all parts of Tumblr will see it!


Y'all. There is no reason to tell the Falsettos actors about the stupid fandom memes. Especially a twelve year old. ESPECIALLY ABOUT EATING DIRT.

Anthony could have gone his entire life without knowing about this joke that will be dead by the end of the week. Don’t DO this shit!!!! It’s unprofessional and unnecessary.

Joke about Mendel eating dirt, fine. Spread it all around tumblr. Whatever. I don’t care. But don’t drag the actors into this. They don’t need to know.

MTV Reblog Round-Up!

WOW. I am so impressed that our fandom has taken the MTV post from 0 to *goes to check* 133,700 IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS. Y’all amaze me!!!!

I am moving the bulk of my reblogging to my sideblog, jedi-olicity. However I’m still going to reblog new ficlets and super creative things onto my main blog, because not only is this fandom reblogging this like crazy, we’re doing it creatively.

And on that note, here’s some of the ficlets I’ve seen cross my dash, in case you’ve missed them…go reblog with your comments, because every reblog counts!

dettiot: “Hurry, Oliver” here

dust2dust34: Olicity in danger, having fluffy conversations: here and here

machawicket: DIalogue fic answer to “Who wears socks to bed?” here

mylunarsolstice: “Share a Coke” here

nikkibeckettcsm: It’s hot and Felicity needs cooled down here

sailorslayer3641: “An Indecent Proposal” here

And my own little ficlet, featuring domestic season 4 Olicity here

I’m sorry if I missed anyone – these were the ones I’ve seen so far, but please feel free to tag me in any others that come up. We have such a creative fandom!

scu11y22 here’s the ficlets in one place.

Now, go forth and reblog! We’ve got this, y’all!


WHO ARE WE?!?!?!





SDCC 2K15!

The wonderful cherrychapssstick​ created these promotional photos for us! Don’t be afraid to  pin, post, tweet, snap, tag, check and share these on ALL SOCIAL MEDIA SITES!

Rather than tweeting or tagging actors, tag CW PR, warnerbrostv and anyone in charge of advertisement for Arrow/CW. Let them know we want Olicity Interviews/Photos

Also, one last thing, let’s take back Facebook! Our Captain’s on there majority of the time so that’s our realm! Haters are Gonna Hate so let them hate somewhere else! 

This is in conjucture with akahazzp​‘s Call to Arms.

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I’m trying to get shit done like actual real work, drawing for all my fandoms and answer my (months old) asks but my entire dash and twitter TL is Hayley Atwell and Cartinelli because of all the conventions she is doing and I’m just blocked here, whimpering and trying not to reblog and retweet 518742 things per minutes.

Can’t we just have peace between ships? Please, let’s be REAL like… 100% REAL none of the ships are canon, that’s the fun of the show, they will never make one ship canon because it will ruin part of the show. I ship MH, and I wished it was canon, but it’s not, same for the other ships. Can’t you all respect eachother? Everybody can do what they want so you MUST respect their likings. So I again apologize if a MH shipper hurt your feelings for this stupid war (because fighting for a picture is indeed stupid) and hope RH shippers can get over what the fandom has done… I apologize again for shit said.

People really trying to do something about this cap bullshit is great
I’m glad there’s enough screaming that something might actually happen, that people felt this enough to try and get shit done.
So @ a lot of the fandom.
Don’t forget how this feels.
Don’t forget how angry you are that this is being done to your favorite characters someone who means a lot to you.
Don’t forget, so that the next time a specific group is harmed by something like this, you don’t do what you do a lot of the time, Reblog one post and forget, or even, like a lot of people do, just ignore it. Remember how pissed you are and amplify the the voices of the people getting hurt because some crappy media thing. Don’t just care cuz it’s your pretty fave.