The anti-bryke tag baffles me…It’s one thing to devote a tag towards wanking on a fictional character, but it’s another thing to name an anti-tag after actual people. I just don’t get it :/ They care so much about the treatment of their precious fictional characters that they start attacking real people. 

all for a kids show

MTV Reblog Round-Up!

WOW. I am so impressed that our fandom has taken the MTV post from 0 to *goes to check* 133,700 IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS. Y’all amaze me!!!!

I am moving the bulk of my reblogging to my sideblog, jedi-olicity. However I’m still going to reblog new ficlets and super creative things onto my main blog, because not only is this fandom reblogging this like crazy, we’re doing it creatively.

And on that note, here’s some of the ficlets I’ve seen cross my dash, in case you’ve missed them…go reblog with your comments, because every reblog counts!

dettiot: “Hurry, Oliver” here

dust2dust34: Olicity in danger, having fluffy conversations: here and here

machawicket: DIalogue fic answer to “Who wears socks to bed?” here

mylunarsolstice: “Share a Coke” here

nikkibeckettcsm: It’s hot and Felicity needs cooled down here

sailorslayer3641: “An Indecent Proposal” here

And my own little ficlet, featuring domestic season 4 Olicity here

I’m sorry if I missed anyone – these were the ones I’ve seen so far, but please feel free to tag me in any others that come up. We have such a creative fandom!

scu11y22 here’s the ficlets in one place.

Now, go forth and reblog! We’ve got this, y’all!

While I’m here I’ll also throw this in and then return to my lurking for scores

I’ve seen a post going around talking about all the ists and isms that Hussie is guilty of. That’s fair enough. Content creators are never perfect and knowing that is important. However, I’m also seeing ‘don’t support him by reading the upd8 if you do you are trash’ and it’s like…

don’t shame people for enjoying things. They can enjoy things and understand that there are issues. Look at what the HP fandom is doing to deal with deficiencies in the canon. Pretty much no content creator is going to be perfect, and while Hussie is particularly questionable sometimes, that doesn’t mean everyone who reads the comic sucks. None of us would get to read or watch anything if that’s how it worked.

(Also I’m very eeeeehhh about the whole new tumblr fad of calling ANYONE trash? because it’s super dehumanizing language and I know it’s been used so much the meaning is practically gone but it’s still not Nice.) 

Anyway that’s all I have to say. I’m out for the night. For real this time. Awards are about to start. 


WHO ARE WE?!?!?!





SDCC 2K15!

The wonderful cherrychapssstick​ created these promotional photos for us! Don’t be afraid to  pin, post, tweet, snap, tag, check and share these on ALL SOCIAL MEDIA SITES!

Rather than tweeting or tagging actors, tag CW PR, warnerbrostv and anyone in charge of advertisement for Arrow/CW. Let them know we want Olicity Interviews/Photos

Also, one last thing, let’s take back Facebook! Our Captain’s on there majority of the time so that’s our realm! Haters are Gonna Hate so let them hate somewhere else! 

This is in conjucture with akahazzp​‘s Call to Arms.

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Dear SuperWhoLock

*kneels before the Great and Almighty Three in genuine respect*

Okay, yeah.  I’m sucking up a bit.  But only a BIT.

Listen. Everyone knows you guys get shit DONE.  When the fans are called upon for your fandoms, you guys deliver.  It’s pretty impressive.

Remember when the Justin Bieber fans tried to go up against “Supernatural”? You guys rose up against them in a glorious display of unity and rage and made sure that SPN had the best ratings it had in years.  It was an important moment in Fandom History, and one that proved that together, we can accomplish great things.  Like boosting tv show ratings and defeating the Great Douche-ness Himself.

So here’s the deal.  We need you.  Desperately.

Whovians, remember this?

What about you, SPN fandom- do you recall this moment?

Sherlock fans: remember this interview during your last hiatus?

And let’s throw in this moment, since I know you Hiddlestoners support your man like no other:

Every single one of these moments came from ONE event: Nerd HQ.  And the reason you were able to experience these moments is because Nerd HQ livestreams all of its panels and posts them to and YouTube, for absolutely free.  No relying on shaky, crummy fan videos.  No straining to understand what is being said.  Just yours, for nothing.  And this year’s Nerd HQ, in July? Word is that they’ll be taken questions from the online audience.  So if you’re looking to ask any of the above actors a question and are stuck at home during San Diego Comic-Con? This is your chance.

The problem is, the future of Nerd HQ is in serious trouble.  Due to sponsorship issues from last year’s event, Zachary Levi and his company The Nerd Machine are unable to fund this year’s Nerd HQ on their own.  They’ve started a crowdfunding campaign over at Indiegogo to get the money raised so that they can continue to hold this awesome event for years to come.

And what are they asking for from you? A mere $5.  Easy, right?

So if you want to continue to have access to these awesome panels of your favorite shows, go to and donate what you can.  Jared Padalecki, Arthur Darvill, Tom Hiddleston, and many more of your favorites have already tweeted their support, so you’d be doing them a favor, as well.

Spread the word: #IWantMyNerdHQ.  Signal boost.  Retweet.  Do whatever you can to get Zac and The Nerd Machine to their goal.  I promise you, it’s worth it.

Let’s show the world what the fandoms can do!

I’m trying to get shit done like actual real work, drawing for all my fandoms and answer my (months old) asks but my entire dash and twitter TL is Hayley Atwell and Cartinelli because of all the conventions she is doing and I’m just blocked here, whimpering and trying not to reblog and retweet 518742 things per minutes.

Can’t we just have peace between ships? Please, let’s be REAL like… 100% REAL none of the ships are canon, that’s the fun of the show, they will never make one ship canon because it will ruin part of the show. I ship MH, and I wished it was canon, but it’s not, same for the other ships. Can’t you all respect eachother? Everybody can do what they want so you MUST respect their likings. So I again apologize if a MH shipper hurt your feelings for this stupid war (because fighting for a picture is indeed stupid) and hope RH shippers can get over what the fandom has done… I apologize again for shit said.