Ainchase: His Trace (I)

기억의 펜듈럼: Pendulum of Memory

This is an accessory that’s been in the game for a while. It’s the quest reward you get for completing the Story Quests for each of the characters.

The description is interesting:

기억의 파편 조각으로 만들어진 펜듈럼. 사용자를 최면에 빠지게 해 과거의 기억을 볼 수 있게 해준다.

Pendulum made out of fragments of memories. It allows the user to be hypnotized to see the memory of the past.

Now, since we know Ain uses Pendulum as his “weapon” of choice…

We can conclude that his trace was in the game for a long time, long before th announcement of his actual arrival.


10 fandoms meme!

Tagged by one of my best bros @vir-ghilani to list ten favorite characters from ten different fandoms and then tag ten people. THANKS BEEB

  1. Dragon Age - Solas by a mile. Huge surprise obv
  2. Mass Effect - Garrus Vakarian. Overall I’m soured to the ME series after ME3 (maybe andromeda can save this) but I’ll always remember Shakarian fondly
  3. Revolutionary Girl Utena - Anthy Himemiya, my lovely witch
  4. Mystic Messenger - ZEN
  5. Steven Universe - I would not touch this fandom with a ten foot pole but I really like Lapis, and Connie
  6. Homestuck - Tossup between Jade or Karkat 
  7. Sailor Moon - Minako because she had a crystal sword in the manga and her own cat
  8. Star Trek - The Doctor and Seven of Nine
  9. Fire Emblem - Janaff from FE10
  10. Vampire the Masquerade - Julius. This little minor side character with a stutter who is scared shitless of your player character. As part of a quest you get a larger reward if you kill him to preserve the masquerade but I never can and I run him out of Santa Monica. I felt so bad for the dude I wrote a shitty fic about him ending up in a San Francisco coterie so he’d have some kind of happy ending. 

Edit: also uh, tagging anyone who wants to do this!

anamonarch  asked:

You said this project was coming to an end. Will there be more? I will love to support this project. I just now heard of it and it makes me sad that I didn't see it earlier.

Yes there will be more! :) Our goal is to make animated series but for that of course we need finances. We already had a huge success at Cartoon Forum in France, so things will happen sooner or later. Here is a link to the English version of the short movie, in case you haven’t seen it yet. 

You can support the project by donating on the website. We also have an online store with merchandise, but unfortunately we only ship to Bulgaria at the moment. However we’re working on making international delivery an option too.

Also, there will be another campaign to help raise funds for further development of the project, so that would be another way to support us and get a reward for it in return! 



Happy first day of March, everybody!

I’m trying out this minimalism challenge that I’ve seen floating around tumblr, but I’ve made a couple of changes to the original to add more of the ones that will give me real difficulty (Leave today unplanned). I know it’s not really a school- or study-related thing, but I know a lot of studyblrs do self-care things and this is definitely something I need!

So, the first day is no social media. I queued this post to post today, and after this I won’t be on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. etc. I’m not sure yet if I think of tumblr as social media (I know it probably is) so I guess we’ll see.

Let me know if anyone else is doing this! And may the new month bring amazing things.

The Science of Procrastination, and How to Beat it!

Last time I checked, laughing at Seinfeld and studying for my Psychology exam have as much in common as a banana and a tricycle, however, they are more connected than you might think. When our brain encounters and interacts with a pleasurable external stimulus, a signal is given by the cerebral cortex to release dopamine, and hence we experience happiness and gratification. This is part of the brain’s “reward system”, and reinforces that behaviour, ensuring we make the connection that repeating it will give us pleasure. Obviously the brain chemistry here is very simplified, but I am refraining (barely) from writing a three thousand word essay.  

Now, activities we do while procrastinating, e.g. watching Ellen on YouTube, give frequent, shorter bursts of dopamine, and since we generally base things on their temporal proximity (i.e. we see things with a closer reward as having higher value), we find procrastination often more pleasurable than working towards a larger goal. The larger goal, although it may produce a greater satisfaction than the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, is further away, and hence we tend to undervalue its importance until the deadline approaches.

BUT NEVER FEAR MY FRIENDS! There are well established methods that can counteract these tendencies.

1. Break Up Your Goals

Breaking up your goals can ensure that we receive timely “rewards” each time we complete a task, and hence counteracts the pull of procrastination. Rather than wait for the huge surge of adrenaline then relief and happiness before a deadline, chunking your work ensures that you remain motivated consistently, as it releases dopamine timely and you feel and that you have a pathway to accomplishing your goal.

2. The Pomodoro Technique

This is a time management system which allows us to break up a larger task into smaller ones. The system encourages short, frequent bursts of work which increases efficiency remarkably, and allows you to maintain your stamina, whilst having the promise of timely “rewards”, i.e. the satisfaction of completing a task. From experience, these are hard to keep track of in daily planners, so I suggest you download an app on your phone or computer – there are many out there. Personally, I use Pomodoro on Android. Essentially, all you have to do is decide on a task, set an alarm for twenty five minutes using an app or watch, work on that task for twenty five minutes with good focus and pace (don’t worry if you don’t feel like the Terminator here) and then take a short break (three to five minutes) after the time is up. Repeat this throughout the day, and every four times you do this, the break should be longer, i.e. fifteen to twenty minutes. 

Love from,

Little Tealeaf