• Chef on Cutthroat Kitchen: I am more experienced than everyone here!! I have been cooking since I was 15 years old!! I arrive to work everyday, ready to kill it!! I am so awesome!!
  • Alton Brown: I want pancakes!!
  • Chef: What?! Pancakes?! I don't know how to make pancakes!! I am at a MUCH HIGHER LEVEL!! Pshh!! Pancakes?! Those are for peasants!!

Why drink milk when there are many alternatives out there? #milktruth #getreal

You know what’s been eating at me?

I don’t fuckin’ think people know what impeachment is! I keep seeing calls for Trump’s impeachment like it would solve everything. An impeachment is an investigation into an accusation. What people CALLING for impeachment WANT, what MOST of us want, is a fucking do-over, a recall, an invalidation. So JSYK! Just because a president has been impeached does NOT mean they’re not president anymore. Nixon was impeached and he resigned in shame. He did the RIGHT thing after doing the wrong thing. Bill Clinton was impeached for being scandalous but the guy rode out his whole two terms. Do you REALLY think any investigation into Trump yielding damning evidence would result in him doing the right thing? The US government is currently in the process of giving itself a make over A-la Germany 1932, something that has only every happened in the US in dystopian fantasy novels and in the warnings of political theorists. And the timeline is pretty much going exactly the way it did for them. Not NEARLY enough people are preparing for what is going to have to be done to stop the totalitarian catastrophe that this country has coming. So yeah, call for an impeachment or whatever, if it makes you feel better but stop idealizing the government as something that is ever going to work right again if you can JUST get your state rep to read that post card you sent. Start considering and coordinating for things to get unfathomably worse before they get better. 

Fathom it. Pick up history book because the future is right fucking there. 

Easter; Part 1

Word Count: 760
Summary: The reader hosts Easter dinner at her house, and invites Mary to meet her family.

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Easter was all about family for you. Dean was gracious enough to attend church with you and your father in the morning. After the church service was over, your father and Dean disappeared out to the garage on your land to take a look at and possibly do some work on the TransAm.

Sam and Jess were with Jess’s family all day, so you offered to host Easter dinner, and invited Mary to spend the time with your family. It would be the first time anyone from your two families would be spending anytime together, but both you and Dean were looking forward to it.

You cooked a turkey, mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. Your sister-in-law was bringing some sort of side casserole and deviled eggs, and Mary offered to make a couple of pies for dessert.

You father and Dean still had not returned to the house when Mary arrived, right on the heels of your brother’s family.

“Mary, come in,” you greeted, hugging her tightly. “This is my brother Seth, my sister-in-law Kayla, and my handsome nephew, Eli. Guys, this is Dean’s mother, Mary Winchester.”

“So nice to meet all of you,” Mary smiled, then shook Eli’s chubby little hand. “Especially you, cutie.”

Kayla and Mary got to chatting about Eli and Sam and Jess’s little bundle of joy, so you left them to visit and picked up your phone.

Your mom’s here, Sparky.

We’re on our way back.

The reply was so instantaneous, you wondered if perhaps the two of you had sent the texts at the same time.

“Where’s Romeo?” Seth asked, leaning against the counter and watching you work.

“At the garage. Beer in the fridge, if you want one.”

“Whose idea was it for them to spend time together alone?” He went to the fridge and pulled out a beer for himself and one for you.

You frowned. “Um, Dean’s, I think. Why?”

Seth shrugged and put on that mischievous smile you’d seen thousands of times, maybe more, since he was little. “Why would he want to talk to Dad alone? Think about it, Sis.”

Groaning, you rolled your eyes. “Oh, come on. They went to look at the car. They’re both into that kind of thing, and poor Dean has had to work on it with me the whole time. I’m sure he wanted help from someone who has more than a basic understanding of engines.”

Seth shrugged again and gave you a look that said you were dense. “Whatever you say, Y/N.”


Phillip, the youngest of the three kids, arrived just minutes before your father and Dean returned to the house. You introduced Phillip to Mary and then dragged your father to where the older woman was on the floor, playing with Eli.

“Mary, this is my dad, Mike. Dad, this is Dean’s mother, Mary.”

Mary stood and shook hands with your father; while they got acquainted, you accosted Dean into the kitchen.

“Okay, listen, I have to ask this so I can stomach down some dinner,” you started. “Seth was being a little shit, like he usually is, but he kind of thought that maybe you wanted to get Dad alone at the garage so that you could – I mean, I know he’s crazy, but Seth thought that maybe you were going to – to ask Dad – ugh. I can’t even get this out.”

Dean smiled down at you before kissing you softly. “Babe, it’s all right. I get what you’re trying to say. Yes, we did discuss my intentions in this relationship, but I’m not going to be getting down on one knee anytime soon.”

You were both relieved and disappointed. “Okay. I’m sorry I had to ask.”

“Never be sorry,” Dean replied, kissing you again. “Always ask.”

You grinned up at your boyfriend, joining hands with him so the two of you could go into the living room where everyone was visiting and announce that supper was ready. The introductions had gone smoothly, and as the meal continued, it seemed that Mary was fitting into your family as seamlessly as you had fit in with the Winchesters. You had no doubt that when Sam and Jess were added to the mix, things would be just as easy.

Since the subject had come up, while you ate your pie, you allowed your mind to wander to the time when Dean would get down on one knee, and your two families would become one. It made your heart race, knowing it was something that you had to look forward to …

Easter, Part 2

Hey guys. Mark is a wonderful person and all. But guess what. Here's a secret.

He’s still a person with beliefs, morals, and standards, not an idol or god.

Just saying.


favourite gay protagonist: Steven Carter (Ben Silverstone)

“I’m sick of feeling totally alone. I want to have friends who like me for who I am. I want to be part of a family who love me for who I am, not someone I pretend to be to keep their love. I’m sick of hiding, of feeling sad and scared … I’m gay. Sorry mum, dad. But you can bet your life you’re not the only parents out there with a gay son. It’s only love. What’s everyone so scared of?”

Based on Patrick Wilde’s stage play What’s Wrong With Angry?, Get Real (directed by Simon Shore) follows British schoolboy Steven Carter as he falls in love with the school jock and eventually finds the courage to come out.