So excited to start the #whitetshirtproject // no make up, no hair product, nothing but the natural beauty of incredible women.

I love social media. I think it’s a wonderful tool. I guess I was just tired of seeing images that all looked the same - stylized, curated, perfect-looking photos & people. I wanted to see something real. I wanted young girls to be able to see women that are beautiful without the aid of anything other than themselves. So here is to the start of a series, a movement, that shows the radiance of women just as they are.

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Sometimes you just have to simply walk away from people not because they’re bad but because they no longer serve a purpose in your life. It’s better to just let things go, let it be. If people are worthy to be in your life, they’ll find ways. It’s not about making an excuse, it’s about priorities. I’ve made some people my priorities before and I realized that when I needed them I became their option. I chose to distance myself and I think it’s better that way. I ride solo with a few people and I’m happy with that choice.
—  Carla C.
  • Friend:Jasper wasn't trying to reach out to hurt Steven, she was reaching for help from him!
  • Me:Look, I love Lapis, but when she tried to drown Steven and Connie I'm not going to pretend that she was trying to help them breathe.
  • if you really love the character don't try to ignore their faults or paint them into something they're not even when it contradicts everything about their character, the way they were voice acted, and the way they were animated

Wakey wakey fandom.

The morning after the night before, where a fandom suffered yet another meltdown about its misinterpretation in the wider media, and people questioned Benedict’s choices, attitude or influence.

Let’s talk about THAT photoshoot.

Firstly, we all know those women were photoshopped in. I’m pretty sure Benedict wasn’t aware of what the finished product would be. He was probably told it would be tongue-in-cheek, and a play on the Beatles photos of old (note Matthew Goode’s quote in the article).

Secondly, this photoshoot was probably very rushed. He was spotted at the offices during a day when he appeared on countless talk shows and morning programmes in the middle of what has, frankly, been a mindblowing couple of weeks of intensive press and promo. I am exhausted just looking at his schedule. So that shoot probably took all of 20 minutes, hence the fact there’s only two photos. I don’t even think he stopped to think - he probably got the pics snapped, and ran.

Now let’s talk about that quote. I don’t for one moment think he said it like that. And IF he did, you read it without knowing the tone of it, he could’ve been pissed on red wine, or joking among friends. Please guys, do not jump on every single word that’s printed and think he really said it. Remember that quote by Martin? Yeah you know the one.

But let’s look at the more important issue really. Media.
Many of my friends seem to have their heads screwed on regards the fandom’s place in the media’s eyes. They know the drill. But there’s some who seem to think they are immune to all this.

So to them I say: wake up and smell the coffee. This fandom is what helped to make him internet famous. Now he’s properly on the map, did you honestly think they’d leave us out of it? Did you really think they would take Benedict and not the fandom, and not put us under the same amount of undue scrutiny and criticism? We are as much in the spotlight as he is right now. Personally, it’s given me an insight into his world. We are seeing and experiencing about 5% of what he does. And sometimes it is fun, and sometimes it’s fantastic. But sometimes it is really ugly, and tiring, and worrying, and it makes me sad. So if that’s how all this makes us feel…how on EARTH do you think he feels? I truly sympathise with him, and it only makes me want to support him more.

But back tot he media - of course they are going to look at the extremes. They do that with EVERYTHING. They don’t look at all the nice, fluffy, wonderful, creative things we do. They take one element, and then they look at the worst case scenario. Fan art, fan fiction….need I say more?

Sorry guys but we are in it for the long haul, right? Short of clubbing together to put an open letter advertisement in The Times (official announcements, now wouldn’t that be funny!), IT IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE.

You can moan about it all you like, get angry at the media, deflect it (unfairly) onto Benedict and/or Sophie (because lets face it, none of this furore would have been quite as fierce if he had not announced his engagement to his stunning other half. Admit it), but the media will still give us *that* name and they are always going to be generally cruel and dismissive of our virtues. Because they don’t understand. They don’t think it’s newsworthy to actually go deeper than what’s been said before. And so one phrase has become a monster that runs the risk of getting out of control.

But if fans continue to react the way they do, scrutinising and criticising both the media and, as is the trend at the moment, every word and life choice Benedict makes, we run the risk of becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. And we, as Benedict said himself, would be setting feminism back. We are not doing ourselves any favours here. Can’t we all just support Benedict (and Sophie), and react to things that aren’t as we perhaps like, with grace and decorum? Can we do him proud - do OURSELVES proud? And kill the haters with kindness and class. We have worked hard to start being called a Collective. Let’s not undo it now.