• Chef on Cutthroat Kitchen:I am more experienced than everyone here!! I have been cooking since I was 15 years old!! I arrive to work everyday, ready to kill it!! I am so awesome!!
  • Alton Brown:I want pancakes!!
  • Chef:What?! Pancakes?! I don't know how to make pancakes!! I am at a MUCH HIGHER LEVEL!! Pshh!! Pancakes?! Those are for peasants!!
Hey guys. Mark is a wonderful person and all. But guess what. Here's a secret.

He’s still a person with beliefs, morals, and standards, not an idol or god.

Just saying.


So excited to start the #whitetshirtproject // no make up, no hair product, nothing but the natural beauty of incredible women.

I love social media. I think it’s a wonderful tool. I guess I was just tired of seeing images that all looked the same - stylized, curated, perfect-looking photos & people. I wanted to see something real. I wanted young girls to be able to see women that are beautiful without the aid of anything other than themselves. So here is to the start of a series, a movement, that shows the radiance of women just as they are.

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