drawing trans sports players

I’ve seen this a lot lately – people drawing trans people doing sports, or getting ready for sports, with their binders. y’all, wearing binders for exercise is almost as dangerous of a notion as wearing bandages instead of a proper binder in regular activities. In something that requires endurance, and exerting yourself physically (like training or matches), wearing a binder can not only lower your performance, but be dangerous to your health. Wearing tight sports bras is a better idea. Please consider this in your depictions of trans people, especially since many people may not know it’s dangerous!

Garnet Tells Jamie Off

An alternate ending to the episode “Love Letters”.

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逆巻 シュウ 

Happy birthday @legalizetentacles ✧₊*

Super Smash Boos - Pikachu - [tag]

Armed with its “Static” ability, Pikaboo is ready to rumble! Sparks are gonna fly with this little critter on the field, get ready for an electrifying battle!

In the lead-up to the release of the new Super Smash Bros. games I am going to attempt making a Boo for every announced character.

There’s a lot to get through so reblog letting me know which character you’d like me to Boo next!

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Super Smash Boos - Rosalina & Luma - [tag]

Working together in tandem this star-studded duo are more than ready to take on the entire Galaxy!

In the lead-up to the release of the new Super Smash Bros. games I am going to attempt making a Boo for every announced character.

There’s a lot to get through so reblog letting me know which character you’d like me to Boo next!

Be sure to click the tag to see what’s been done already too!


Thumbnails for an Egg Boss themed animation I’m thinking about doing. Inspired by anime intros that are heavy on the action. 

The thumbnails might be a little hard to follow. I sketched it out really fast and really small (cause, ya know, they’re thumbnails). I didn’t want to get too bogged down with details, especially since some of the poses and/or angles might be changed later on.

I wanted to do something like this months ago when some of the Egg Bosses were revealed. But I decided to wait until I got a good idea of what all their abilities were like. And I’m glad I did!

after the battle of hogwarts, when molly weasley looks into the mirror of erised, she sees fred, just as she expected. sighing, she turns away but stops short when she sees that it’s not fred after all - the man in the mirror is missing an ear. panicked, she calls out for george, making sure he’s still safe, and hears him answer her in the next room. confused, she turns back to the mirror, only to find george still looking back at her. if it wasn’t for the ear, molly realizes, she would have thought the man fred. she’s not sure why, though, she’s always been able to tell them apart, until she realizes - it’s the facial expression that makes her think of fred more than george. george in the mirror is grinning. 

and george wealsey hasn’t smiled in a long time. 


“luster, redux" 
gouache, acrylic, and ink on wood, 12x12" 

there’s an event in my city where 100 local artists are given a panel and create a piece for a gallery showing. the artists don’t sign their work and at the end of the night there’s a raffle where you can pick one of the anonymous paintings off the wall and take it home! it’s a really fun show, but i hate giving up my paintings…

I’m doing this ‘celebrity portrait’ in my art class so I decided to do my girlfriend Heize lmao is not done obviously I need to add a lot of more detail on the hair and do the clothes but yeah:p tell me what you think:))

Seventeen as kids @ school idk

Seungcheol: the kid who always volunteers to take papers and stuff for the teacher/always asks to use the bathroom and never comes back until class is almost over

Jeonghan: the kid who walks slow in the hallways and gives no fucks bc if someone has something to say get ready to get bitch slapped by his luscious locks 

Joshua: The kid who’s really nice to everyone and always lets people borrow paper/pencils (the real mvp) and also helps out the teacher a lot 

Jun: scHOOL FLIRT THAT IS ALL flirts with everyone usually to get something he wants (pencil, paper, food, answers to an assignment) 

Hoshi: always dancing in the hallways and making beats in class which gets everyone low key lit until the teacher tells him to stop 

Wonwoo: the kid who everyone has a crush on but everyone’s too intimidated to talk to him ?? but once you get to know him he is nothing but a funny fluffball

Woozi: the kid who is nice but fuck with him and you’re dead, also the kid who does all the work in group projects when his group is shit therefore adding them to list of people he hates which already compromises of half the school

Dokyeom: class clown but also ray of sunshine so when he won’t stop talking or making jokes no one can tell him anything bc 1.) he’s funny as hell 2.) his smile lights up the entire room so like ??????

Mingyu: the kid who always gets the answers wrong and always asking for someone to share their food with him

Minghao: super quiet kid but also super nice bUT when he’s invited to parties everyone back the fuck up like who is this ??? is this really minghao from school ??? hOW LONG HAS HE KNOWN HOW TO SLAY THE DANCE FLOOR ????????????????????

Seungkwan: also class clown but always gets told to shut up by the teacher, also always asking to copy homework/notes/answers on tests smh

Vernon: the kid who never knows what page the class is on when reading a book and always in the back of the class sleeping 

Dino: diligent child who always gets his work done but is also a fun person to talk to and be around and may also use his cuteness to get things as well

If you’re looking for the word that means caring about someone beyond all rationality and wanting them to have everything they want no matter how much it destroys you, its love! And when you love someone y-you just don’t stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes, or call you crazy, even then, especially then! Y-you just don’t give up, because if I could give up, if I could just, you know, take the world’s advice and move on and find someone else that wouldn’t be love! That would be some other disposable thing that is not worth fighting for… But that is not what this is.
—  How I Met Your Mother

Look at this cutie patootie. This cutie patootie is Kieren Walker. He will be very sad if his show is cancelled. Don’t make him sad. His (un)life is sad enough already. Help save In the Flesh.

Want more reasons to watch this show? Here you go. Here’s another. Watch it here (it’s not available on BBC iPlayer anymore, unfortunately). Now get ready for Sunday.

on a less serious note i will be redrawing this in watercolor to post for the sunday thing (yeah and i know this is like the single most drawn scene ever but that little smile melts my heart every time especially after all the shit he’s gone through)