You can tell a lot about a person by the music they isten to. Hit shuffle on your music player and write down the first 20 songs! Then tag 20 people!

I was tagged by thatoneprofessionalphangirl

  1. Let’s Cheers to This - Sleeping With Sirens
  2. Nobody’s Hero - Black Veil Brides
  3. 20 Dollar Nose Bleed - Fall Out Boy
  4. Action Cat - Gerard Way Bae
  5. Low - Sleeping With Sirens
  6. Ready to Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind) - Panic! At The Disco
  7. House Of Wolves - My Chemical Romance
  8. Jet Black Heart - 5 Seconds Of Summer
  9. For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic - Paramore
  10. Something’s Gotta Give - All Time Low
  11. Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off - Panic! At The Disco
  12. Welcome To The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
  13. Hell Above - Pierce The Veil
  14. DESTROYA - My Chemical Romance
  15. Wretched and Divine - Black Veil Brides
  16. Sleep - My Chemical Romance
  17. Going Under - Evanescence
  18. Holding Onto You - Twenty One Pilots
  19. Disenchanted - My Chemical Romance
  20. Gasoline - Troye Sivan

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Hello Londoners/Englanders! 

On the 6th of December from 12-2pm I will be hosting a workshop at The Makers Lounge run by Fairground in collaboration with Billetto at 260-264 Kingsland Road in East London!

My workshop will consist of taking you through how to create fictional characters and their own world in a special way that I gone and made up and we’re gonna do painting and talking and drawing and generally have a fabulous 2 hours! 

You can buy tickets right HERE! For more info on the workshop go HERE! 

Hope to see you there!

Hump Day Smut!

Happy humpy-est of hump days!!!!

Hope all of y'all are ready to sweat ;)

Keep Yourself Quiet, Dean by bovaria (Dean gets a blowie in a gas station bathroom)

I’m Not Drunk, You’re Drunk by deansdirtylittlesecretsblog (from her 5000 followers celebration. Quick Dean smut.)

Sir by deans-colette (Dean bean getting me all hot and bothered)

Between Hunters and Angels by ilostmyshoe-79 (Threesome with reader, Dean and Cas. hothothothothot)

…And then Mimi hit 5000 followers and wrote some “short” little fics. 
I Missed YouCuddlingScars and Who You Gonna Call with Dean and Just Five More Minutes with Sam

I’m Not Done With You by twofriesshortofhomicide (Demon Dean and some BDSM action)

Thunder by nat2tattd (Some lovely impala smut with Dean)

Better Than Dreaming by twofriesshortofhomicide (Dean rescues reader from an incubus, takes advantage of the fact that she’s already been tied up and put in lingerie.)

Untitled by twofriesshortofhomicide (Dean and reader text back and forth, leading to phone sex and then real sex) ((Are we sensing that Allie found a new blog this week and read thru the entire master list at once?? Sorry. I actually held back because there are several more that I wanted to post. Go check out the master list tho.)

Come With Me Now by meteoraangel (Dean wakes you up in the middle of the night for sexy times. She also wrote a Sam version where you and Sammy blow off a little steam as a research break.)

Realistic Dreams by assbutting-everything (Sam smut, special props because one line says “Bitch-face mode activated.” After reader gets pissed off and it made me lol.)

Quiet by ilostmyshoe-79 (Reader has to be quiet for Sam since Dean is asleep the next bed over. I somewhat recently decided that the whole having-sex-while-someone-else-is-in-the-room-asleep thing kind of eeks me out, but I wanted to have at least a little bit of Sam smut on the list this week. )

Good Samaritan Part 2 by nat2tattd (Skinny dipping with Dean and smut)

Fiery Games by assbutting-everything (Some nice long Dean smut)

Smut timeout:

abaddonwithyall for Wish You Were Here

I’ve had to resort to drastic measures because Jess ripped my heart out and stomped on it, then proceeded to defecate on its pulverized remains with Wish You Were Here. I was lured in with the promise of smut (there’s definitely smut) but my body was not ready for the feels. Oh, and then she went and wrote a prequel, which was also a meat grinder for the feels.  From now on, smut timeout is where smut writers will be sent when they are bad- aka when I don’t get my way and I’m pouting about it. Let’s hope I don’t have to use it most Hump days, JESS.

Alright, that’s it for this week. Until next Wednesday, Happy Humping!!!
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#hobiweek confirmed

For a week, starting from 30 August till 5 September, Taehyungbye will only be posting and reblogging Jhope related posts (gif/ edit/ gfx/ audio/ text/ video/ vine). Why?

Because our beloved sunshine deserves a week reserved for him and in that one week, we, ARMYs can truly appreciate just hoseok. His laughter and smile, his passion for dancing girl group dances, his fear of anything that moves too fast and of course not forgetting his love for jimin. Just everything and anything about JHOPE. 

Everyone is welcome to join in ^^ During the event week, i’ll be tracking #hobiweek so remember to add in #hobiweek in your first 5 tags so i can reblog them :) If you got more question on this, feel free to ask me ^^

So what are you waiting for, mark you calendar, get those hobi feels ready and expect lots and lots of love for, our hope, our angel, during #hobiweek!

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UPDATE: Please take note of the changes in the dates. It will be held from 13 Sep to 20Sep instead of the mention dates above.

anonymous asked:

I am not ready for highschool send help

AHHHH I have a tag dedicated for school stuff if that helps, and just some pointers:

  • high school isn’t everything in ur life, u’ve got lots more to do for urself beyond those 4 yrs in that building!! It’s a BIG world, trust me. So let urself enjoy this
  • ppl change. YOU change. all of u will grow up differently, follow different interests. Don’t get too hurt if ppl drift apart, u’ll find others too
  • on that note, try to get into after school clubs and stuff, high schools make lots of events that includes the clubs, so u get to be a part of lots of stuff! 
  • volUNTEER. Volunteer hrs go a long way for future college applications. its nice to start now than stress about getting them in senior yr
  • meet with ur counselors occasionally! idk how it works in other schools much, but counselors were v helpful to the students in our school. Especially when figuring out what classes u wanna take or not in the future! 
  • explore the school, try before and after the classes begin, u’ll more than likely to find some interesting things/ppl. (be careful tho omg, in case ur school is shady af, so bring like a friend with u)
  • be nice to staff!! the custodians!!! the lunch ladies!! the bus drivers!! A good deal of them just want a chat here and now after all their hard work. and im not saying u’ll get away with EVERYTHING if u befriend them, they’ll just be a bit more understanding if u like forgot ur pass or something like that.
  • DO HW!! At least as much as u can!! dont blow it off, man. That ain’t cool.
  • pls do take care of ur body! at least 8 hrs of sleep! its necessary, trust me. and breakfast!! always eat breakfast! i know of some teachers that will let u get breakfast from the cafeteria if u missed it.
  • also,(idk if this is the same with others schools) if u get periods and don’t wanna deal with the public bathrooms, u can go to the one they have at the nurses office, which should be a private one and provide pads &  tampons! (at least mine did). u dont even need to say u need to go the nurses office, just ask to the bathroom like usual.
  • things will get better–in days, months, yrs–it will. u’ll learn more, u’ll meet more friends, u’ll grow


  • its NOT, i believe, required to take the baby care class where u get a fake baby. i mean, u can if u want.
  • ppl do not go up to forcing u to take drugs/smoke. they ask, sure, but usually just go their own way if u turn them down
  • cliques?? do not usually exist like they do in movies?? ppl branch out, theyre friends with other ppl outside their usual groups? honestly just dont judge a person beforehand.
  • p much whatever ned taught in Ned’s Declassified is still applicable in highschool



I got that new glasses black and white myspace angle you like.

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top 10 hottest people you follow

tbh i can’t just do 10 get ready bcus i follow a lot of good lookin ppl
colourmemoody, cucumberplantexhaustedwitch, sirfae, pontnonmercy, mosqkingcoolben94orchidcinemaraspberrqsensitiveblackperson, zedis–lapedisskingtonsallsadnshitefgfthatbrownoneminivan69wolfk1ngiluvgirls34cantcolonizethispussyscumbuggthegreatnegresszektheterriblemisgenderingsupermoclel, amandla, neutralmilkfruitcultprincefaery, e-brat, noizobruiobtuseboylomasoul, spunkyboy1995, doin-yr-mom, and officialpaulwall i probably missed a crap ton of ppl but this is a long enough list lol


Naruto Shippuden Ep 112 - A Place to Return

This is the end of the Three-Tails arc where everyone is getting ready to return to Konoha. Here’s the team sleeping and packing for the road home. I really love how the anime and this arc fleshes out Yamato and Kakashi’s relationship and shows their tag team. 

  • Tenten sleeping by herself. I like how it shows Sakura, Hinata, and Ino are kinda close. 
  • Sai and Yamato sleeping the same way makes me think of their Root backgrounds. Kakashi always seen sleeping laying down.
  • Also, Shino the loner with his bugs. 
  • Sai folding his blanket and being all neat and organized. 
  • Someone talk to me about how Kakashi must have suffered a lot through this mission. Isobu + Rin. Ahh.

Piper’s Bachelorette Challenge

After entering in Timmothy’s Bachelor challenge for fun, It was a reality check for Piper. She needs someone who will explore the world with her, Deal with her fifty cats she is going to end up with and be there with her during the best and worst times.

She needs 7 men ready for an adventure and lots of cat hair.

If you would like to enter send me a message or comment. Only guys please. No berries and they can be supernatural. cc is definitely welcome, only if you list it in a post or include it in the .sim file.

Tag your sim with PipersBC or wiredsimmer and spread the word please❤️

The deadline to get your sims in is August 31st