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I'm super upset about this new Eleanor website. I never liked the B one either. I dislike both girls, but that's blatant targeted harassment. The URLs are public and in their names. I feel like we live down to the perception of us as cruel trolls whenever I see posts celebrating these sites (on other blogs). I'm sure it's not something you can discuss publicly, but gosh, I really wish it would stop. But everyone is so stubborn I fear they'll never see it from the other perspective.

everyone pretend i just put on a velour tracksuit hoodie à la brooklyn 99′s gina linetti bc it’s TIME FOR KATE’S OPINION. and full disclosure i’m gonna answer this then just turn off my inbox bc i have neither the time nor interest to discuss it further. so anyway. yeah. i will admit that i got a chuckle out of that website when it first went up! i rly did. i hate that garbage family too so it was like LOL OOP! but then it updated…and updated again…and again…and……again…and it was like oh ok so ur like. rly doing this then…ok…well, i mean hope you’re enjoying the anonymous attn and that this is somehow satisfying for you?? bc quite frankly i find this shit embarrassing. not to mention, B probably LOVES that website lmao. that’s right up her alley. but like truly, that shit is the stuff that makes it SO easy for antis to be nasty to and about us. believe me, i KNOW they target us for literally just existing (i get hate frequently and all i do is fuckign reblog cute pictures and memes and stay in my gd lane 98.7% of the time) and i’m absolutely not blaming larries for the actions of antis, but i’m saying that that website and the like is the type of shit antis hone in on and the shit that gives them ammunition. that’s on their level, that’s shit they understand bc they, too, run blogs and websites abt ppl they hate. it’s as childish and oftentimes cruel when larries do it as it is when antis do it. it’s middle school and high school level immaturity and it’s literally just embarrassing.

and now w/the eleanor one too lmao like my dude,,, i think it’s time to step away from the internet?? think abt what you’re doing. i don’t fault anyone for disliking her. el*unor was…nothing short of awful at times. but like skjdhfk “how many desperate, pathetic women…” ??? if anything, this website strikes me as more desperate and pathetic than anything else right now. ik everyone has their own ways of coping w/stuff but idk, man. be decent. you’re not doing the good and noble thing w/this shit. it’s 2017. be nice. be good.

My Taylor Swift story

It was Monday, 9th of October 2017. Me and my European group chat had just spent the whole evening freaking out over that Taylor Swift had reached her follow limit on tumblr and that we would never be noticed. I was devastated because I fell in love with Taylor 2008 but had never got noticed before and it made me really sad that she wouldn’t know that I even exist.

I was in the car, my boyfriend was driving me home and we were as usually listening on Taylor Swift and long live came on. The time was 10.14 pm and I was scrolling on tumblr when I out of nowhere received a message from Taylor Nation, I thought it was some cruel joke and checked the URL a million times. When I finally understood that it was the real Taylor Nation I started freaking out, I was just crying and I couldn’t breath, but yeah I think you understand what im talking about. My boyfriend was like omg have Taylor liked something of yours and I was just NO SHE HASN’T LIKED ANYTHING THEY SENT ME A DM. I tried to read the message a hundred times but all I was able to read before freaking out even more was *CONFIDENTIAL MESSAGE*. I started answer them like “omg is this a joke? It’s not funny! Please don’t joke with me” And then I was like “in case it is for real, here are my information (I didn’t want to risk anything haha). When I realized what it could be and it may be serious I called my mom immediately and she honestly thought that we had been in a car accident or something like that because I was crying so much and she couldn’t hear what I was trying to say. I managed to say that there was nothing bad that had happened, but that I had gotten a DM from Taylor Nation. My mon tried to make me more calm and told me that we could talk when I was home (I was literally two minutes from my home but I couldn’t wait to tell my parents until I came home.

When I came home I started trying to explain everything to my parents and I must say that they were really suspicious. I showed them the 1989 secret sessions video and started crying again.

Fasten forwards to later the same night. I was just on my way to my bed when I at 11:09 pm got a call from New York, and I answered. This woman from Taylor Nation (sorry I don’t remember your name, it was so much happening at once) presented herself and explained everything, Taylor had been noticing me on tumblr and seen how much I love her and how much I care about other swifties and asked if I could travel to London that Friday (Friday 13th) for a secret event. She told me that I could take someone close to me with me so I didn’t have to travel alone, and for me I felt like the safest thing would be to take my boyfriend with me who also likes Taylor and always supports me loving her. They also told me that they had seen my post on tumblr with him and I explained that we had been freaking out in our group chat that Taylor never would notice us now that she has reached her follow limit. She just started laughing and told me that both Taylor and Taylor Nation are really good at lurking fans without them knowing it. AAHHHH WHAT HAVE THEY SEEN?!?! Our conversation went towards the end and I gave her my email so she could sent me more information.

I was shaking the whole time I talked to her and as soon as we hung up I called my boyfriend and told him everything, the only thing he answered was “you do know that your passport has expired right?” Imagine how I started freaking out when he reminded me of that. But I was determined that I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity. I couldn’t sleep all night, I was shaking so much and I felt really sick. Rest of the week I just booked everything and was freaking out like all the time and I couldn’t eat or sleep the whole week and I couldn’t tell anyone expect my parents. LIKE IMAGINE GETTING INVITED TONA SECRET EVENT THAT YOU KNEW WERE PROBABLY SECRET SESSION. Still dying over that….

Fasten forwards to Friday 13th.

I started getting ready like 4 hours before we were leaving to get to the meeting point ( a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do). To get there we had to take 2 trains and bus nr 13 that stopped outside our meeting point (coincidence? Don’t think so). We were there an hour and half early but there were some people there early too and I met @lovingherisred13 and @shakeitoff6202 who I had been talking to before and I was so shocked but happy to see them there.

After a while we got in a line to register and TN was like “hi I’m so glad you could make it!” And then turned to my boyfriend and was just like “oh you must be Martin, Felicia’s boyfriend!” and I died. We got these bracelets that said United Kingdom in reputation front. We went downstairs to leave our stuff and we also had to wait there until we were going on the bus to a secret location. Me, my boyfriend, Bea and Morgen all got on the second bus and we were all saying together all night and freaked out together.

But okey okey, the bus stopped outside this enormous house that we were going in to, there were more security checks and after that we started mingling with everyone and eat all the wonderful food in her kitchen, she had M&M that said REP and also bisques with REP on them, olives, cheese (the best cheese ever), chicken tenders and much more. We talked to Scott and he gave us guitarpics (what a dream!). Taylors mom and Tree and some other people suddenly came down the stairs and told us to go sit in her living room, so we did that and then after a little while of freaking out when we say the chair in the front middle, the goddess Taylor Swift walked in looking like a sexy angel and she sat down and she was like “Hi guys, I’m Taylor” and yes I died, right there, died. She told us that she had handpicked all of us and that she as been lurking all of us for one year and that she had screenshots of our post that she sent to Taylor Nation. She played us the entire album and told us every detail behind every song and what’s to come. All the time she was just her beautiful, precious, sexy, dorky self, and several times during the evening she just looked straight in my eyes and just smiled (and yes I died, right there, again). When she was done she told us that we were going to meet her in pairs in another room and while we were waiting we got to look in the magazines and talk to Taylor Nation. (So awesome!)

When it was me and my boyfriends turn to meet her, I walked in the room and was just in shook that she was there, like she was there, she was (is) a human being for real (no I hadn’t processed that during the whole evening). She say that and just walked up to me fast and just gave me the longest biggest and best hug ever, the kind of hug your mom would give you if she haven’t seen you in 9 years, and I was like this is it, I’m gonna die. And in the hug she told me that she was so happy to finally meet me. When the hug was over she was like “Oh my gosh you have the exact same hair as me, that’s so crazy”, and we talked about that. And then she hugged my boyfriend and thanked him for coming with me and for always supporting me support her. I told her that I’m so incredibly happy to see that she is so happy and she thanked me so much for saying that and said that she knew I was happy too (and looked at my boyfriend) and that she was so happy for me too, and then we hugged again.

I asked her if she could sign my emergencypassport, that I bought just for that trip and she was like I’m so sorry but I cant do that because of rules, I really wish I could! And she hugged me again. And then she told me some stuff about the album that she didn’t tell earlier (but ofc I can’t tell you what) and we hugged again and then we took a picture all three of us and I asked if I could get a picture alone with her and she was like “yes of course sweetie!” And we hugged again. It was then our turn to leave and we said goodbye and I told her that I loves her and she told me that she loves me back and we hugged again for the hundredth time. When I got out I was so shaken up and in shook and I think her mom saw that because she just walked up to me and hugged me and told me that Taylor loves me and that she is so thankful that all us swifties always supports her. She also said that my hair was just like Taylors and I told her that Taylor said the same thing and we just talked for about 10 minutes before Tree told us that it was time for us to go downstairs and wait for our bus. Downstairs in her like gym we where all freaking out and sobbing and yeah…

Then we had to go to the bus and we got a bag with merch and on the bus everyone was like in shook and when we got back to our meeting point all our social media exploded as we told everyone what just had happened.

And that was the best evening in my entire life!

Thank you so much @taylorswift and @taylornation for this incredible and wonderful night. It was truly the most amazing night of my life. I’m just so happy that I got too meet the one person who I have been looking up to for 9 years and who always makes me wanna be a better person. I love you so much Taylor and I just wanted you to know that I’m forever grateful! ✨🌻💛

How to Attract an ENFP

1. Show up at a busy social gathering. 

2. Find a nice, comfortable, out-of-the-way corner to stand in, preferably with a wide vantage point of the room so that you can observe. 

3. Take a deep breath. Get ready.

4. Put on your most complex and unobtainable facial expression. Appear sufficiently mysterious, like a human Rubix cube which has yet to be solved. By anybody. Ever.


6. ???????

7. Probably die from an abundance of attention.

Lets Talk About Firsts Part 3

Part 1

Part 2

Eddie jammed the key into the lock and ushered Richie into the little entryway to their place. Richie was shaking and his nose and ears were bright red. Eddie held on to Richie’s cold hand as he pulled him down the hall towards the bathroom. He let go of his hand and pushed him inside, ordering him to take a shower. Eddie closed the door and stopped in his room to change and then to the small kitchen. He set a pot on the stove and poured two cups of milk into it. It wasn’t until Eddie waited for the milk to boil that everything that had happened on the walk finally sunk in.

Eddie threw his head onto the counter and made an embarrassingly happy sound. He raised his head and looked down the hall to the bathroom door. He was really glad Richie didn’t hear it.

Richie had kissed him. a full on the lips kiss. Eddie made the sounds again and rubbed his hand across his face. It was burning. Eddie could only assume that his face was extremely red. He tried to shake the smile from his face but it wouldn’t go away. This was the happiest Eddie had been in a while, and it was all over a stupid kiss that probably didn’t mean too much to Richie.

His smile dropped slightly at that thought.

Richie had kissed so many people, people that he actually liked. Eddie’s had just been a pity kiss.

That thought completely wiped the smile from his face. Eddie started to panic. What If Richie was regretting it. What if he didn’t want to talk to him anymore. This had been a huge mistake. This was definitely going to change how they were as friends.

Eddie’s train of thought kept chugging down that path until the sound of the milk boiling over broke him from it.

He mixed up one cup of hot chocolate instead of the two he had originally planned. His stomach wasn’t really feeling hot chocolate anymore. He placed the mug on the counter directly in the sight line of the bathroom door and retreated back to his room. He paused outside of the door and stared at the closed bathroom door before opening his and disappearing behind it.

Meanwhile, behind the bathroom door, Richie was absolutely ecstatic. And cold. Richie was really cold. He cranked the water to almost as far as it would go, stripped and jumped into the shower.

Eddie had wanted to kiss him! Eddie had said he was special! Richie was over the moon. He thought mostly everything that Eddie did was cute, but the image of him looking up at Richie and asking to be kissed would forever be number one.

Once Richie could actually feel his limbs he turned the water off and grabbed his towel. In Eddie’s haste to get Richie into the shower, he had forgotten to grab a change of clothes for him. Richie shrugged and wrapped the towel around his waist, before opening the bathroom door.

He didn’t really care enough to actually get dressed so he headed straight down the hall into the kitchen. He was happy to find the mug full of hot chocolate. He was less happy to not find Eddie. Usually, when they come home after parties they would hang out in the living room and watch a movie or something. That was where Richie had expected Eddie to be. He turned to look back down the hall at Eddie’s closed bedroom door.

He grabbed the mug in one hand and held the towel with the other and headed down the hallway stopping in front of Eddie door. he knocked lightly with his foot. Careful not to spill anything on the carpet or drop his towel. What would Eddie think if Richie kissed him and then turned up at his door naked 20 minutes later?

When Eddie didn’t answer Richie kicked the door again slightly harder.

“Ed’s I know you’re awake. Open up.” Richie called out, leaning his ear against the door to listen for any kind of movement. He didn’t hear any. He placed the mug on the hallway table beside Eddie’s door and knocked again, this time with his arm.

“I’m coming in Eddie. I hope you’re decent because I’m not.” Richie yelled as he turned the door handle and entered Eddie’s room.

The lights were off and Richie could make out a shape in Eddie bed across the room. Richie took a step into the room.


“I’m sleeping, Richie,” Eddie replied. Richie knew that tone of voice. Eddie was worried about something. He took a few more step into the room until he was standing beside Eddie’s bed.

“Are you going to talk to me or am I going to have to put a wet towel in your bed,” Richie asked, looking down at Eddie. The room was dark, the only light coming from Eddie’s computer screen on his desk.

“What are you even talking about…” Eddie sat up abruptly and turned to face Richie. Who was standing in nothing but a towel beside his bed. Eddie’s face was directly in front of Richie’s bare chest. His face lit up. He crossed his arms and turned to look at the wall.

“So, are we going to talk,” Richie asked, hoping that Eddie could see the smile that spread across his face in the dark.

“talk about what,” Eddie grumbled. Refusing to look back at Richie. Him coming in here shirtless was cheating.

“I don’t know Eddie, maybe that kinda big thing that happened on the walk over here,” Richie explained mimicking Eddie and crossing his arms.

“We don’t need to talk about that, besides it was just a pity kiss. It didn’t even mean anythi- “Richie cut Eddie off by grabbing his face and forcefully pressing their lips together. Richie had been so happy about that first kiss and he was not going to let Eddie’s inability to not over analyze things ruin it.

Eddie was slow to get into the kiss but relaxed into it eventually. Richie sat down on Eddie’s bed, not breaking away from Eddie. Eddie whimpered when Richie licked his bottom lip. The sound was too cute and Richie had to pull away to look at Eddie’s face. He was as red as a tomato again. Eddie slowly opened his eyes to look back at Richie.

Richie realized that he had unintendedly followed through with his threat. He grabbed his towel making sure it didn’t fall.

“shit, I’m sorry Eds. I got your bed all wet.” he started to stand but was stopped by Eddie’s hand grabbing his arm. Richie and Eddie locked eyes.




“Could you be my first for more things.”

Okay so I know I suck for ending it before it gets to the good part but I’m falling asleep writing and its getting way longer then I meant for it to be. I’m going to have to add another part on… Sorry. Part 4 will definitely be the last part and It will be up tomorrow. I promise. 


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i did around half of this in october, dropped it for four months, did another little bit, dropped it for another two months and finally hunkered down and finished it the other day! hence the huge leaps in art quality, ahaha. god, i’m so pleased with this. it’s probably the least angsty thing i’ve ever made and will ever make. i hope you like it!

i fully intend to do more of these too so get ready 4 that))

a general psa i think the rpc needs reminded of. if you hear something about someone you don’t know on the internet, common sense dictates you follow it up given this is a format that allows for lies to be easily spread by people who are shameless with the safety of a screen to hide behind, the added benefit of text being impossible to interpret a tone ( other than that which they want you to hear ). just sick of seeing the mob / witch-hunt mindset taking prevalence on a website that is mostly full of vulnerable people.

you’d question a headline, or an online news article, or some online blog post about your celeb Fav—– apply the same investigative cynicism to this website / this community. i hate seeing everyone turn into sheep / torch and pitchfork wielders WITHOUT using your own brains / initiative. if you have solid evidence / have heard both sides? okay. sure. avoid ‘em like the plague for your own sanity. you just want to win favour with your latest friend / whoever seems most popular at the time? know yourself. be better. i don’t want to be mean, i just hate to see people’s vulnerabilities / trusting natures being exploited / manipulated. i’ve been here a while, but i’ve never seen so much toxicity before. mob mentality is Not Good. i know i sound critical, but it’s been said so many times, i don’t know how else to get it through. tumblr loves to ostracise; live by they’re evil!!!1 or they’re GODS!!!!! rise above it, go look for yourself, form your own opinion. if it doesn’t change? that’s okay. but at least you can be okay with yourself.


Author: @dylan-trash-tbh

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Words: 1591

A/N: I’ve got a prompt request from @wynnie-dear 💕 thank you for that! I really hope you like it

Thanks again to my number one @golddaggers 💕🐷


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[nct 127] reaction to s/o returning to korea from a week long trip

☼ requested — yes

warning Soft like always like super soft thanks to the anon who requested this

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taeil would be so happy to see them again; although i don’t see him as the clingy type, of COURSE he’d miss them so, so much. he’d have that really wide smile on his face and would calmly pull them into a tight hug. he’d mainly be focused on them, asking them how the trip back was and to tell him everything. even though he wouldn’t be the most expressive with it, he’d be so ecstatic to see his s/o after a week of being apart.

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johnny would SHOWER his s/o in the week worth of love and affection they’ve missed out on while they were seperated. a bunch of forehead kisses, loose side hugs, and would sneak in little pecks every now and then like the Soft Boy he is. he’d have such a loving gaze and it would be adorAble. not to forget the little hearts he’d douse them in and the little reassurments about how much he loved them on the way back home.

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taeyong would be so excited and hyper to see them that he’d probably start to get ready 4 hours before he had to go pick them up. he’d make sure to drown himself in cologne and make sure he looked his best since he’s seeing you for the first time in a week. don’t forget the happiest expression when he sees them walking towards him and the bright smile that would blossom on his face.

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yuta would be excited on the sole fact that he could finally get back to teasing the FUCK outta his s/o. once he saw them, he’d rush over to help with their bags, but not before making the biggest scene in the middle of the airport yes he’s THAT guy. meaning, lifting them up and spinning them around, lowering them into the most dramatic kiss ever.

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doyoung would text his s/o every ten minutes to see if they’ve landed yet because he’s so excited to see them again. not to mention the micromanagement he’d still do despite not even being there in person. you’d get little reminders from him to remember to pack your tooth brush and to not forget certain pieces of clothing. once he’d see them again, the biggest smile would speead on his lips and he’d make sure everything is with them and that they’re safe

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what’s he doing i can’t-

jaehyun would not be able to contain the excitement and happiness on his face, the brightest possible smile he could muster never leaving his face as soon as his s/o came into view. his dimples would be on full view, for his s/o’s viewing pleasure and don’t act like he wouldn’t dress so the guns were on FULL display, wanting to tease his partner a bunch being the lil fucker he is.

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sicheng would blush at the thought of finally seeing his s/o again. not seeing them for a week, though it’s a short time apart, would drive him up the wall. even though the members give him all the possible attention he could want, he’d miss the look his s/o would give him whenever he called their name out and how their eyes would brighten up at his voice. as soon as he saw them, the sweetest gaze would be on both their faces and he’d pull them in for a loving hug.

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mark would be the SOFTEST DUDE. HE WOULDNT STOP SMILING AND HE’D HAVE A LITTLE BOUNCE IN HIS STEP AS SOON AS HE ENTERED THE AREA TO SEE HIS S/O. the members would tease his happy deminor, but it wouldn’t even get to him since he’s so happy to see them after a long week. he’d probably be so happy he wouldn’t know what to do. he’d be paralyzed since he hadn’t seen them in such a long time, but eventually he’d pull them in a long hug with little kisses pressed on their forehead.

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donghyuck would tease them to bits, acting like he didn’t miss them at all when in reality he couldn’t wait to jump into their arms as soon as he saw them in person again. he’d probably warm up as soon as he saw the disappointment in their eyes. “don’t be like that babe!! you know i missed you to bits,” with thAT CUTE ASS SMILE ON HIS FACE we ALL know that one :)) and would pull them into a tight hug, ruffling their hair as he pulled away.