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Hamilton + Neko Atsume. The crossover everyone needs.

6 Things You Need to Do To Start Your Day

1. Get up. Go to the bathroom. Brush your teeth, wash your face, comb your hair. 

2. Open your blinders. Open your windows for fresh air. Start cleaning your space. Make your bed. Fold your clothes, throw away things that you don’t need anymore. Clean your desk. Spray your room with cleaning spray, or light a candle for a nice aroma. 

3. Take a shower. 

4. Get ready, do your make up, get dressed for the day. Look professional and dress for the job that you want, not the one you have. 

5. Make a list of everything that you need to do for the day with details down to when you are going to have lunch, when you are going to read what, take a break, get dinner, exercise etc. 

6. Set up what you need for the day. Get your backpack ready, filled with all the textbooks you need, your laptop, notebooks, water, gym clothes, snacks, gum, chargers etc. 

 Then you will be able to attack your day full force because you are prepared!


// a collection of ‘90s dance songs for all your nostalgia needs.

1. we like to party (the vengabus) - vengaboys  //  2. get ready for this - 2 unlimited  //  3. barbie girl - aqua  //  4. macarena - los del rio  //  5. what is love - haddaway  //  6. be my lover - la bouche  //  7. rhythm is a dancer - snap!  //  8. this is your night - amber  //  9. show me love - robin s.  //  10. cotton eye joe - rednex  //  11. blue (da ba dee) - eiffel 65  //  12. scatman (ski ba bop ba dop bop) - scatman john  //  13. gonna make you sweat (everybody dance now) - c + c music factory  //  14. the power - snap!  //  15. doctor jones - aqua  //  16. boom, boom, boom, boom!! - vengaboys  //  17. mambo no.5 (a little bit of…) - lou bega  //  18. so strung out - c-block  //  19. the sign - ace of base  //  20. around the world (la la la la la) - atc

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The Seven Stages of...

Television: Disbelief (of how long that damned summer was).

⬆ After six long years, winter finally arrives in Westeros. Game of Thrones is No. 1.
Big Brother 18 made other shows cry uncle, rises six spots to No. 5.
Pretty Little Liars’ seventh season earns the show a big, handsome No. 9.

Movies: Bargaining (with your relative to borrow their young child so you can see Finding Dory).

⬆ Shove it, Nemo. Finding Dory is No. 2.
Suicide Squad is still showing signs of life, moves up to No. 4.
☆ Getting ready for a side of Star Wars with your Star Wars? Rogue One returns to No. 8.

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Music: Guilty (pleasures are still just pleasures).

⬆ It’s not all in their head: Fifth Harmony slides up four to No. 4.
⬇︎ All werkwerkwerkwerkwerk and no play makes Rihanna fall to No. 8.
Kanye, who is a musical artist you may have heard of, returns at No. 5.

Celebrities: Anger (that one cannot actually punch the fictional Ramsey).

Kit Harrington (No. 5) reveals he accidentally punched (the actor who plays) Ramsey in the face. Twice.
Samira Wiley (No. 14) attended NYC Pride and summoned a Poussey riot.
⬇︎ Kim Kardashian literally falls to No. 17.

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Games: Depression (was inevitable if you contributed to Mighty No. 9’s Kickstarter).

Mighty No. 9 debuts at No. 6 amid tons of controversy, leading some to wonder if it just should’ve just been 86’ed.
⬆ The power of one Splatfest propelled Splatoon eight spots ahead to No. 9.

Web stuff: Acceptance (that Bo has hit his Fando peak for his latest release).

⬆ Tumblr born and bred Check, Please! (@omgcheckplease) comes in at No. 6.
Joe Sugg returns at No. 17 after news that he will be releasing a second graphic novel.
⬇︎ Oh no, Bo! Burnham falls four to No. 13.

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Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 REACTION COMPILATION has arrived! Get ready to laugh/crap your pants at this EPIC compilation filled to the brim with funny moments, silly edits, and ridiculous subtitles!

And if you enjoy the video please SHARE it with someone who needs a good laugh today! THANK YOU!! :D


Alex Danvers - Aesthetic


Get ready for #RWBY Volume 4 with this recap of Volumes 1-3!

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you’re either new/probably confused or have successfully survived four chapters of this depressing comic.

If I planned everything out correctly, we have four chapters left and much more trauma. *throws confetti* save daichi 2k16 Chapter 5 is where Daichi’s real story begins.

Thanks everyone for all of the support on this comic! I love reading everything from your tags and messages! I get so excited I can’t handle it. ;v;

Unfortunately, I just recently learned I have to go back to school this week (I’m a senior in uni!) so it’ll be awhile before I can start chapter 5. I’ll be extremely busy for a few weeks so I don’t know when I’ll be able to return – but don’t worry I’ll be working really hard on the comic in between job training and starting assignments.

Thanks again!! I hope you continue to enjoy the comic. You all are always so kind! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° Honestly, I highly doubt I would have made it this far in the comic without you all!!


The Time Master