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Wait. What? Harry had sex and legit took her to breakfast at MickyDs? I've never heard this story. Do tell, please.

(i got a bunch of anons about this & this is all speculation obviously nobody knows the #facts but I’ll just lay out what’s out there-please don’t kill me.)

Harry started following Sjana on Instagram before they went to Australia for the TMH tour. Then she posted this picture on twitter (or some social media) saying something along the lines of “taking me to get maccas
breakfast, what a good mate” and then deleted it because clearly she took it without him knowing and posted it, causing kind of an uproar/drama.

She runs/ran a health, positivity, photography type of tumblr where she gives advice.. never posting stuff that differs from those topics, but she kept getting a ton of anon asking her questions about her and harry. She kindly kept saying she wasn’t going to be discussing it since it was personal. Finally she made a little write up very briefly stating that someone from their team of people had reached out to her on instagram and got her phone number for Harry because he was interested. She said they hung out a couple of times. I believe she mentioned her hanging around backstage with everyone before the show. Like eating the meals that Sarah’s Kitchen makes them and whatnot..said everyone was very nice, and that harry was especially nice and kind. That was pretty much all she said - and said she’d not be talking about it publicly ever again.

Then out of the blue on her tumblr she reblogged this gif and added the caption “reminds me of his sf” (sex face). It was just so random because despite the 1000’s of questions she had previous received she never said any type of personal details about the situation and this post COMPLETELY was the polar opposite of the #asethetic of her blog lmao. She never deleted it either. It’s still there. RIP

also, supposedly they did hot yoga together but i’ve never really heard anything about that…so who knows.


“I think that’s enough for tonight,” you said, grabbing the shot glass. “How about we get you home?” Your voice was soft, quiet, something Dean hadn’t heard in a long time.

“I’m fine,” he insisted, but his green eyes never met yours, just stuck to the alcohol you held between your fingers.

You laid a hand on his shoulder, your voice almost a whisper. “Please, Dean.”

He stared at you a moment, blinking away his daze. He nodded and pushed out his chair to stand. “Shouldn’t let that go to waste,” he muttered. His fingers went for the shot but you downed it first, the alcohol burning your throat.

“There. It’s not wasted. Let’s go home.”

Once Upon a Dream

prompt by the lovely avidffreader - I hope you get well really soon! Cas coming out of surgical anesthesia (having pushed his best friend/secret love out of a car’s way) in a panic, thinking he failed to save Dean, and admitting his feelings right there on the gurney?

Dean stripped off his gloves and turned on the taps, scrubbing his hands vigorously. As he squeezed out some soap, he felt the first waves of emotion start to roll over him. All through the surgery, he’d been professional and calm, but now that it was over his body was finally allowing itself to react properly to his ordeal. In his mind, he heard again the screech of wheels, felt the jarring thud of Cas slamming into him, pushing him out of the way; then came the horror of Dean sitting up to see him lying, motionless, in the road. And then that hellish ride to the local hospital, only to find that the place was overrun after a fire in an office building earlier that day, with every available surgeon busy; Cas might have had to wait until the next day – but Dean wouldn’t stand for that. Cas hadn’t complained much as he dipped in and out of consciousness – a bad sign in itself, given his usual predilection for general grumbling – but Dean had known that his friend was in a lot of pain. He’d used his credentials to secure an operating room, and got to work himself, with two nurses helping him. He’d barely felt the pain from his bruised ribs throughout the whole procedure.

“Doctor Winchester?” one of the nurses was hovering beside him, her red hair neatly pinned up. She’d been invaluable throughout the surgery, quiet and efficient, responding to Dean’s needs without the need for him to speak.

“Yes, Charlie?”

“He should be coming round any minute, if you want to be with him.”

Dean quickly finished rinsing his hands before nodding.

“Thanks,” he said. “I’ll go right along.”

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Untitled pt. 6

Requested: highly

Summary: Luke and Y/N are married. They have a child together, but their marriage doesn’t seem to go so smoothly. pt. 6

Words: 2600+

Part one  Part two Part three Part four Part five

If Luke were home alone he probably would have punched a wall, smashed a window and kicked their bed out of its place. He felt anger flood over him as he heard Y/N’s heels clicking outside until the sound of a car door closing reached his ears. He had his palms curled into fists as he was leaning against the doorframe, eyes closed, attempting to get his breathing down to at least close to normal. He heard his son happily splash around in the bathtub, so he closed the bedroom door as he grabbed one of the pillows and threw it across the room. 

Y/N felt guilt rising in her chest as she walked toward Harry’s car, but it was fast gone, when she remembered the little bruises someone left on her husband’s body. She got in a car with a smile on her face as she greeted Harry. He turned in his seat to face her a little better, ‘Can I just quickly point out how beautiful you look tonight?’

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Texts, a fanfic

Sonic gets some late night (and misspelled) texts from Amy Rose while she is having the night out. I imagined this at the point in time where Sonic was slowly starting to realize he may have feelings for the girl.


It was just a typical easy night for Sonic. The sleeping blue hedgehog was sprawled out in his bed with limbs tossed in all directions. His mouth was loosely open with heavy subconscious breaths passing through his lips. If propped open any further, a deep gurgling snore would likely be heard. But amongst the dreams of pummeling a certain egg-shaped nemesis, Sonic’s peaceful rest was abruptly interrupted by the obnoxious buzzing of his vibrating phone.

His eyes shot open at the sudden distress but quickly clenched back shut once he realized the state he was in. His eyes remained clamped as he made a sluggish attempt to locate his phone without his sense of sight. A few tries and he finally made it. Once in his hands, his mind – no matter how tired and shaken up it was from the sudden awakening – knew exactly where to place his thumb to accept the call.

“erhmm.” Sonic accidentally grunted. “Hello?” It was one of the groggiest greetings he’d likely ever given.

“SONIC!” A shout came from the other end so loud that Sonic immediately tossed the hand that held the phone away from his ear.

“Chaos…” He mumbled. “You don’t have to yell.” He said more to himself as he brought the phone back toward his face, keeping it now at a safe distance.

But the one on the other end must have heard Sonic’s statement. “Oh? OHH! I’m so sorry!! Are you sleeping?”

“Well I was…Amy?” He questioned as he was now able to recognize the caller.

“Ye-yeah!” Though less than before, she was still shouting. “I’m out at Club Rouge with her and Knuckles. I was– we were wondering if you wanted to come out. But nevermindnevermindnevermind, I didn’t mean to wake you up if you are sleeping.”

There was a short and slightly awkward pause and Sonic realized she was probably waiting for him to say something. His eyes had only cracked open at this point but his face radiated a purely blank expression, illuminated only by the backlight of his phone. “…..Well?”

“Well sorry to wake you!” Amy sounded a little ‘out of it’ already but nothing too bad. Not like Sonic really cared at this point. He only had one thing on his mind and that was getting back to sleep. “Bye Amy.” He concluded with more of a slight upbeat as to not completely shut her out.

“Bye Sonic! Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” She cheered from the other end. Sonic hung up the phone and rolled over, dragging the sheet that was draped over his shoulder closer inward.

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This was the fourth time Dean had taken your food without permission. Once was ok, twice was alright, third time was pushing it, but fourth; fourth had drawn the line. You knew exactly how to get him back. Thank god it was your turn to make a run.“I’ll be back!”

“Don’t forget the pie!”

“I won’t.” You replied walking out the door. When Dean heard you come back he ran to the kitchen.

“Where is it?” He asked trying to remain calm.

“Oh your pie? There was only one at the store and I felt like eating some so here I am.” You replied putting a spoonful of the food in your mouth.

“Put down the spoon Y/N, you know how long I’ve been craving pie.” He approached you like he would a werewolf, vampire, or demon; slowly and with his hands out.

“Uhh no Dean! This is for taking all my stuff without asking.”

“That was just food, you can’t be serious?”

“Pie is food Dean!?” You replied walking backwards away from him.

“Take that back!”

“Sorry, no more pie Mr. Nice Guy.” He ran straight for you, but you took off and stopped on the side of a table by Sam.

“Just a bite.” He pleaded.

“Oh sure.” You put another spoonful in your mouth.

“Gahh! Please! Just one for me?” Sam just shook his head at your guy’s childishness.

“One condition.”

“What?” He asked irritated.

“Stop. Taking. My. Stuff.”

“Fine, scouts honor.” He replied holding up three fingers.You nodded your head and slid the casing over to him. He licked his lips happily before he realized what you had got.

“This isn’t apple? You know I love apple…” He looked up to you disgusted.

“I wasn’t gonna let you off the hook that easily Winchester.”He slid it back distracting you before starting to chase you again.

Imagine Owen teaching you self-defense

Owen Grady x reader

Sent in by: anon

“(Y/N).” You jumped almost out of your own skin as you heard the voice behind you. You looked over your shoulder quickly, only to breath out and smile at Owen. But the said man did not like the way you had only jumped from something like that.

“Have something happened?” he asked you, only for you to roll your eyes and say ‘no’. But after the whole episode, he had been more focused on you then he should. You thought it was sweet, but after the clock had passed 14:00 AM - you really started to get annoying.

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Ayato’s Gym: Fire
Arcanine, Charizard, Rapidash, Houndoom, Talonflame, Magmortar

Before battle: “Heh, so a new challenger dares to approach. 

Welcome to the Fire-type gym, belonging to me.

Ah? You want me to introduce myself? Hah, surely you’ve heard of me before. Or is it because of manners, or something dumb like that? Whatever.

The name’s Ayato, leader of the Fire-type gym you’re standing in today. Why I like fire? Because it’s the greatest destructive force— and you too, I shall destroy!

Get ready to burn, trainer! Hahaha!”

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pls write 3 for me pl s

alice get out of here

3. teacher/student au

“Mr. Howell, I understand that this is the fourth time you’ve been late to class. Is that right?”

Dan has the decency to look ashamed as he leans against Phil’s desk. “Yes, sir.”

Phil hums, pacing in front of him slowly.. “And what is the motto of my classroom?”

The other boy sighs. “If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late.” Dan rolls his eyes. “Which is really the stupidest saying I’ve ever heard of, Phil, where did you even hear that?”

“Hey!” The ruler in Phil’s hand swishes through the air as he raps his student on the head. “That’s Professor Lester to you. Don’t forget, we’re still on school grounds.”

“Yeah, and it’s five past four, you twat. Actual classes ended hours ago.”

“Oh.” Phil pushes his glasses up his face. “Well, still. I’m still your professor, and you should still show me some respect.”

“You expect me to respect you when I’ve seen your bedhead and heard you sing in the shower? Yeah, good luck with that.”

Daaaaan,” The older man pouts. “I’m supposed to be your superior. How the hell am I gonna get the rest of the class to respect me if I can’t even control my boyfriend?”

Dan smirks. “Oh, you can definitely control me, don’t worry about that. Though I’m not sure the dean would be too keen on letting us demonstrate just how much you can control me to the class.” When Phil glares at him, he laughs. “Aww, love, I’m sorry. I promise not to be late again. It’s just I had so much goddamn research to memorize for my business law course, I didn’t get to bed till six. I didn’t even hear you leave this morning, I was so tired.”

“Yeah, I know,” Phil grumbles. “And I’m proud of you for coming back to get your masters, but you can’t be strolling in halfway through class expecting a blueberry muffin and a kiss hello to make up for your tardiness.”

“The muffin was good though, right?”

“…Yes, but that’s not the point.” Phil leans forward to wrap his arms around Dan’s waist. “Just try to get up a little earlier, okay? Do it for me?”

“Of course.” Dan leans down to brush his lips against Phil’s. “Let go home, then, shall we?”

“Don’t go thinking you’re off the hook, now.” Phil mutters as he pulls away. “I still have to punish you for being late.”

“Actually, I was hoping to receive my punishment in bed. Seems fitting, doesn’t it, seeing as how it was the reason I was so late?”

“…What an excellent idea, Mr. Howell.”

“That’s why I’m your favorite student, Professor Lester.”

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i guess monolids are ok

It came from my parents’ room

I think it was around midnight or maybe even early morning. It was a stormy night and I just couldn’t get myself to fall asleep. Rain had always lured me into a state of relaxation, but this time it wasn’t the case, much to my annoyance. I’d already shifted around in my bed for a couple of times and was now facing the wall to block out the streetlights peeking from between my curtains. While I tried my best to relax, something in my mind wasn’t at ease. It was a feeling one would get once you forget something but can’t exactly point out what.

I let out a small sigh and I heard the door from the other side of the hallway slowly creak open and close, footsteps coming closer to my room. I didn’t really think much of it, though. I assumed it was one of my parents who had to go the toilet or something like that. The bathroom was right next to my room. Our walls weren’t the thickest so it wasn’t really a surprise to clearly hear a door open and close before being locked with a small ‘click’. Even though all of us knew no one would walk in on one another when it was in the middle of the night, we still locked the bathroom door as a reflex. The sounds the door would make were very annoying and loud, something that didn’t really help me to fall into a slumber, but I had to live with it one way or another. I silently waited for the toilet to flush and for the door to open so I knew I wouldn’t be interrupted when I made a second attempt to fall asleep, but nothing came. I raised a brow at this and got a strange and almost nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach, the same feeling from earlier.

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TOP: Forever21 SKIRT: Garage SHOES: Target HAT: Forever21 JEWELRY: Rocksbox

Pretty much everybody has been talking about it, but if you haven’t heard of Rocksbox get your head of the sand and check it out! Renting designer jewelry for nearly half the retail price? Amazing. Unlimited access, and when you want some new pieces just ship the old ones back! Rocksbox also provides an awesome stylists to help pick out pieces based on your preferred styles and choices! I’m happy to say Kathy N. did a bang up job for me.

I’m wearing the Wanderlust+Co Rose gold ring and the Loren Hope Sarra Cuff! Add a tan leather crossbody bag and I think my semi-hippie look is finished.

I can’t wait to show you guys the necklace they sent me as well as the other pieces I’ll get to show off for the next 2 months! 

Oh, and I can’t forget this, but the best part is I get to do you guys a solid. Use the code randibutlerxoxo which gets you 1 month of free Rocksbox to try out!! 



#GOT7′s #BamBam Is a Successful Fanboy of #BIGBANG’s #GDragon

On a recent episode of Mnet’s “M!Countdown,” GOT7′s BamBam shows how much of a fanboy he is for BIGBANG’s G-Dragon.

As one of the four MCs for the music show, he gets an opportunity to greet members of BIGBANG in the elevator. He starts out by saying, “Everyone this is a big deal for me.”

After Daesung, G-Dragon, and T.O.P enter the elevator, BamBam reveals he is a huge fan of the group. Daesung replies, “I heard you like G-Dragon in particular.” Then he reads a message that BamBam wrote to G-Dragon in the past.

BamBam is shy and embarrassed, but it’s all worth it when G-Dragon gives him fan service before exiting the elevator. The GOT7 member is extremely happy about being able to meet his favorite singer and tells them he loves them as they say goodbye.

eren & armin are both horror movie weenies but in different ways

while they’re watching eren gets freaked out so bad and armin’s like ‘haha it’s just a movie eren. nothing to be afraid of’ but eren’s still (screaming)

and later before bed eren’s like ‘haha armin’s right, just a movie. ah i feel silly for being so scared’ mean while armin is nail gunning his closet shut because he thought he heard a noise

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I heard that Giant Days is now going to be 12 issues instead of 6 and I am so stoked! I love Giant Days and finding that out made me ridiculously excited!💕

Yes it is! I’ve just got done writing issue 7, so we are officially a. through the looking glass, b. in a new world and c. beyond the veil. I’m so pleased to be able to do another six stories with Esther, Daisy and Susan. There’s also a “very special” issue showcasing Ed Gemmell. Rumour has it that he even gets to be on the cover.

Imagine walking into the living room and you just hear the sound of a piano being played and then you turn the corner and see jongdae singing a song you’ve never heard of before and once he finishes he turns around and is in shock because you weren’t supposed to listen since it was a song he composed for your anniversary and then he gets all flustered and whines a bit that you should have at least called out that you were home

sweet dreams

Originally posted by samwinchesterblog

pairing: sam x reader

warnings: non

you woke up in the middle of the night. yet another bad dream. you felt your side and your upper thigh where that thing, had gotten you just the day before. mush have been what was causung the dream. you decided they needed to be changed. you got up and fell down. the unexpected pain in your leg causing you to thump onto the ground.

“fuck” you mumbled under your breath, getting back up carefully this ti me you fumbled down the hallway and into the bathroom. no kit. “youve got to be fucking kidding me” you limped out of the bathroom and into the hallway  once again using the walls and doors for help. you were about halfway back to your room when you leaned agaisnt a door that you thought was closed. it wasnt. you leaned against in and fell onto the ground.

“fuuuuck” you groaned praying it wasnt one of the boys rooms.

“y/n?” you heard a tired sam as he stood up and walked over to you.

“im looking for the first aid kit” you laid on your stomach with you cheek to the floor you looked up at sam.

“its in the study” he said helping you up. you threw your head back

“whyyy?” you groaned.

“i was refilling it before i went to bed” he spoke helping you into the study and sitting you at one of the tables next to the first aid kit. you begun unwrapping your thigh as sam went into the kitchen and back with a glass of water for you. he glanced at your gash

“damn!! that thing got you good!! didnt you stitch it up?” he said setting the water down and sitting in the chair next to you.

“should i?” you asked

“at least this one” he said searching for the needles and thread in the first aid kit. when he found it “look at me” he spoke as he started to stitch you up one by one. you watched the concentration on his face as he worked and you smiled to your self. you always liked to watch him while he did research or flipped through old books on the shelf. something about the look on your face just made you feel safe.

“do you have a bra on?” he asked ripping you from your train of though.

“excuse me?” you asked a little shocked

“calm down i wanna check the one on your side” you sighed and took off the tank top you were wearing wincing when you lifted your arms. he was quick to help when he noticed his eye lingered for a moment. you tried your best to keep your arm up as he un wrapped the bandage, pain painting itself on your fame. sam took your arm and put it over his shoulder “relax its okay. who patched you up?” he asked


“no offence but you suck” he chuckled. you smiled slightly as he begun to clean out the gash. you barley felt the pain, you were to busy watching sams face again like he told you to do. something about him made the pain the most irrelavent thing out there. you took a mental picture. you didnt wanna forget this. the crinkcle in his forehead, the way the dim like hit his bluish green eyes. they never decided one color. he finished a few minutes later.

“you good to walk back to your room?” he asked as he stood up and offered a hand

“yeaaaah” you took his hand and stood up. when you let go and tried to walk on your bad leg you started to fall. sam caught you, his arms flexing through his thin grey night shirt.

“no your not” he grinned and picked you up with ease making you feel good about yourself. he walked you to his room

“what are you doing” you asked

“knowing how stubborn you are. youre going to try and get back up. and i dont want you hurting yourself so your sleeping in my bed tonight. he layed you down and threw a blanket over you. you cocooned yourself inside. he sat next you leaning agaisnt the head bored flipping through some tv channels. you turned over and curled into his side. he looked at you confused.

“you left my tank top in the study and im cold.” you explained. he smiled again and pulled some on the covers over himself putting his arm around you as you rested your head on his chest listening to his heart beat you finally fell asleep.


you woke up to sams arms wrapped around you from behind. you turned your head slightly to to find a still sleeping sam. mouth ajar making little snoring sounds. you giggled to yourself. that woke him up. he pulled you a little closer as to hug you and saat up. you sat up as well and laughed at his bed head

“morning goldie locks” you chuckled running your hair through his hair. he chuckled at well.

“feeling better?” he smiled looking at your side and back up at you.

“yeah” you smiled

“good, you have to be more carful. i dont know what i would do if i let you get killed”

“youll never lose me sam” he looked at you

“no you dont understand y/n” he smiled just a little “i-i love you” you smiled big



“i love you to”


Any kaiju fans who AREN’T excited for Sion Sono’s upcoming just released film Love & Peace either hasn’t heard of it yet or is fucking wrong.  Seriously, check out this AMAZING miniature set from the film’s climax, directed by tokusatsu genius Kiyotaka Taguchi, my personal idol.

Check out the completely insane trailer here, where you can catch a brief but tantalizing glimpse of the movie’s GIANT TURTLE BEAST and hear a lovely Akira Ifukube backing track you may not have heard before.  If you’ve seen a Sion Sono film before, you have a vague idea of what you’re getting into.  If not, well, hold on to your butts.