• Stock Antagonistic god in a Persona game: If only more humans were like you
  • Protag: Cool. Coolcoolcool let me grab my wallet real quick
  • Stock Persona god: Why would I-- what are you doing
  • Protag: I am /trying/ to get out my pictures of my friends if you would just chill for like five seconds. You might want to get comfortable because there are a lot of them and I love them. Anyway, this is one of my friends from school, and she's the best because she's strong and kind, and-- You better be paying attention these people are important to me. Anyway, she'll kick any shadow in the face and I appreciate her. What a good friend. Also? Not a fan of your work, so that's one down for the 'hey so humanity actually hates what you're doing' count. Then there's this kid-- Oh man, they're so good. I'm gonna adopt them and kick their parents' asses. You better be listening; this is important and I have at least nineteen more friends to tell you about

Woooo, a project came up on one of the sites I use to do translation work, and it’s to translate and check web pages for onsens that are in Otaru, Hokkaido, and Yutsubo, Oita Prefecture, which are both places that I happen to have visited!! Yeah!!!  (They probably won’t pick me for the job, but I’m really excited about it anyway ^-^)

who else is as saddened and touched by the score “pain, loss & love” from the WW soundtrack as me? the moment this track started playing in the Wondertrev hotel room scene I knew this pairing was going to be heartbreaking and tragic and soul-crushing and after i downloaded the WW soundtrack onto my phone and saw the name of the 5th track “pain, loss & love” i knew this must be the background music to that particular scene. now whenever i listen to it (starting from 4:08 of the track) i just can’t get out of my head steve caressing diana’s cheek with his knuckles so lightly as if she was too heavenly and divine and diana cupping his face with her palm like steve was too precious and they were so in love and the kiss they shared which diana initiated and the conversations they had in the airfield and how steve sacrificed himself and the explosion and how devastated and heartbroken diana was, you get the drift. steer away from this track unless you want your soul shattered into millions of pieces again and again.

I just got asked to prom with a meme. No, it was more than a meme. Some may call it “memextreme” (get it??). So I get out of my last period class and get a text from my friend asking if I can talk with her in the dressing room. I’m immediately concerned, so I’m almost running through the halls to see if she’s ok. As soon as I enter, three of my friends are wearing fedora, and one of them tips her’s toward me. I look inside and see a note that says “go to the front entrance for euphoria” with pictures of mountain dew and the friend zone on it. My friends drag me to the entrance, where I see someone else with a fedora who opens the door for me and says, “Don’t you wish all men could be this chivalrous, m’lady?” I get rushed outside with a blindfold on and led into my other friend’s car. I take off the blindfold to see him wearing a fedora as he starts saying things about the “barbarians” in our school and how I need a “true gentleman.” (I’m laughing my ass off the whole time.) He drives me and my friends around to the other side of the school, where I get out and see my friend Paul, pictured above, holding this wonderful sign, wearing a trench coat, and sporting a fedora (which seems to float above his afro). Honestly, I’m so impressed.

You Were Happy Part Six

Summary: You were in love with your best friend, and he only cared about his girlfriend. On the upside, you have two boys willing to do anything for you–including searching to the end of the earth when you go missing.

Writer’s note: So…I attempted to make Hana more of a personthing but she turned out like super weird bitchy and ehhhhh–you know. I’m just…uggghhh. I’m sorry if this chapter is crap, I was floundering pretty hard here.

Warnings: Blood, ouchies, swearing, soul crushing saddness 

Parts: One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Seven / Eight /  Nine /  Ten

They were at each other’s throats again; it seemed that was all they were good at doing nowadays.  He didn’t understand her, she didn’t understand him. A never ending tennis match played with fire, a war that would only break when they were tired at the end of the night. Somehow it always got settled for a moment; usually it involved him caving into her selfish whims. Sometimes it was a date night, other times a walk that didn’t involve anything Y/N related.  For some reason even mentioning you now sent Hana off in a crazy rage and ignited another fight between them.

Today was one of those days.

He’d just gotten back from one of his nightly walks when she’s started screeching at him. “Do you know how late it is? Do you remember the last time we talked about something other than her? Do you remember the last time you smiled at me? That you cared about me more than her?”

He’d shut down long ago, resorting himself to sitting on the couch and listening to her get her emotions off her chest. He remembered her smiling at you, pretending to care about you even though all along she was uncomfortable with you being so close to him–just like every other girl. Hana, his Hana wasn’t like every other girl though. No, Jimin knew his Hana.

She was smarter than many other girls he’d dated, she knew how to control her surface self better than most he’d met. He knew if he wasn’t careful she’d be able to play him as easily as unlocking her phone. But her fatal flaw was that she was only skin deep. He remembered when he liked that about her. She didn’t pry like you, didn’t ask a ton of questions other than whom he was with and if he had fun.  She tended to be in between jobs, so she was always around him, unlike you. She was always beautiful and well put together, unlike you who had a tendency to enjoy sweatpants and messy hair. Hana was better at putting up a front when it came to smiles and emotions that she didn’t feel. You would always show it when you were mad, when you were sad or flustered or happy. That was how he had easily figured out that you’d fallen in love with him.

Hana was the complete opposite of you–just like every other girl that he’d dated. He gravitated towards that type it seemed. Maybe it was because she was a nice balance when he had you in his life. Maybe it was because he wanted something different, because he claimed he didn’t like you so he should probably like the opposite of you right?

But now, all he heard was Hana’s yelling. Now all he heard was how much Hana cared about keeping him for her image, her fame, her idea that he couldn’t fall out of love with her. She didn’t care about getting to know how he operated, as long as she had him and the idea that they were in love. Now he didn’t have you to balance her out and the tipped weight made him want to dig himself a hole and hide in it if it meant he got five seconds of peace away from her.

But, he loved Hana, right?

“Jimin, talk to me please.” She was begging, putting on that sweet tone of hers that he knew better than he knew his own voice. She’d used that tone when she first met you, trying to get you to like her to make his life easier–or so he’d thought. Maybe she’d thought that if you liked her you wouldn’t try to forcibly take him away from her. Either way, many of the girls he’d dated in the past never even bothered to put up the front.  He’d liked that about Hana, even though she didn’t particularly enjoy how close he was to you she still tried–however fleeting the effort was. You were never as kind, if you didn’t like them then you didn’t like them and they quickly discovered that fact. You didn’t toy with people; you were too pure for that. You weren’t him.

He looked up to her, jarring himself out of his thoughts to finally look at the girl he’d chosen over you. “Aren’t we talking?”

“No!” There goes that sweet tone of hers, she must be really mad if she’s dropping the act. Usually she’d keep it up just to make him happy, because if he was happy he wasn’t going anywhere. You wouldn’t care, actually most of the time you’d do everything in your power to make sure he was a steady mixture of equal parts smiling and annoyed. “You’re just sitting there nodding along to whatever I say!”

“I’m worried. Can’t you understand that? She’s my best friend and you’re just sitting there thinking about yourself.” He snapped at her, expecting her face to break like yours had–like his other girlfriend’s had when he shot bullets for words at them. But maybe he didn’t know Hana as well as he thought, because she instead fell to her knees in front of him, gripping his hands tightly.

“I know, I know. And I’m sorry, Jiminie. You’re worried about her–but we’ve done all we can.”

We haven’t done anything. If putting up two posters on the way back to our apartment is what you’re referencing then you’re stupid.”

He could tell her bar of tolerance was filling up quickly, considering her face lost that soft nature of hers that he’d always admired. But Hana was always good at keeping secrets locked underneath that pretty skin of hers, and he knew he was about to discover them when her annoyance finally sunk into her expression.

Her voice was quiet. “Well, then what do you recommend we do, Jimin?” Each word felt like a drop of poison forcibly dripped down his throat. She was angrier than he’d initially thought.

“We can’t do anything.” He stared at her, his eyes roaming her face for the Hana that he had known. Searching for the Hana that he’d met at a fan meet, for the Hana that claimed to love him.  For the Hana that claimed to love what he was on and offstage.

Even though she, herself, knew nothing of his actual personality. Hell, even he was finally realizing what he’d become. But you’d known all along, hadn’t you. You always knew everything about him; all he’d done for you was shove you into the arms of the man who kidnapped you.

“I don’t remember the guy’s face, and Taehyung won’t let me help with anything else. So all I can do it walk–walk and hope that she’ll be where I left her.”

“Is she your girlfriend, Jimin? Do you care about her like you say you care about me?” He didn’t know how to answer that, he didn’t know who he cared about anymore. Maybe neither, maybe both.  

“You’re my girlfriend, Hana. But, I keep seeing her face–she won’t get out of my head. I keep picturing the day I hurt her to the point she felt she couldn’t even run to Tae or Jungkook for it.”

She pushed away from him, shoving herself to her feet. “You love her, as more than a best friend, don’t you?” She laughed, but it sounded anything but happy. “Jimin, did you ever love me?”

He cocked his head at her. “I don’t know.” He whispered. “I still don’t know what love feels like. I asked Y/N once what love felt like, even when I knew that she was in love with me.” He shook his head. “Aren’t I cruel? I’ve played you both.” His eyes flashed to hers, a sad smirk pulling at his lips. “But you’d know all about that wouldn’t you, as long as I’m happy with you I won’t leave–right?”

“I love you, Park Jimin.”

He squinted at her with that smirk still printed on his face, folding his hands on his lap. “Do you–or are you just as shallow as me?”

His phone rang on the coffee table next to him, buzzing with Jungkook’s caller ID. He snatched it, pressing the green button much to Hana’s dislike.

“Oh, of course.” She threw her hands up in the air. “We’re not finished Jimin, we’re not.”

“I never said we were.” Yet. He ignored her in favor of his phone. “Hello?”


Jungkook was on a mission from the other guys to go pick up their order from Yoongi’s favorite restaurant. It was his hyung’s turn to pick their choice of food today, and now it was up to Jungkook to go get it since he had the day off and hadn’t been doing anything important. The place was a nice little hole-in-the-wall off of one of the main roads on their way to the studio. The area itself wasn’t particularly the nicest looking but Jungkook had to agree that the food was some of the best he’d had. His plan was just to get it and get out–Yoongi promised him an extra portion as long as he brought the food back in a timely manner.

He checked his phone for the time, rolling his eyes at the lit up messages from his other members. They were impatient it seemed, so instead of answering he shoved his phone back into his pocket and picked up his speed slightly.

The streets were fairly busy today, most of the people either rushing along the sidewalks to get to or from work. Though there were a few people loitering along the sides by the buildings. His eye caught a few of them now–two men talking to each other. They were well dressed, one of them had his arm wrapped around a girl and held her close to his side in what could have been seen as a loving gesture. To Jungkook the girl looked like she’d rather be anywhere else, and when the man not holding her rested his hands on his hips Jungkook noted the gun holstered to his belt.

His plan changed from immediately going to get the food to going into the restaurant, calling the police and then getting the food and leaving. He watched the girl carefully as the man holding her gestured for her to go sit by the wall. That was when Jungkook knew he was making the right decision in calling, because when she shifted he could see purple blooming on her skin underneath the collar of her coat. He stared towards the restaurant as the man turned back to his partner and their conversation.

He stopped dead in his tracks when the girl lifted her eyes towards him through the crowd of people filtering past his vision.  He knew she’d seen him when her bloodied, split lip trembled and her eyebrows furrowed. He tried to make his feet move forward so he didn’t look suspicious but kept his eye contact on her.

He would recognize those eyes anywhere. The rest of you however, well, you looked nothing like the girl that had gone to Jimin’s birthday party 6 months ago. You were paler, thinner, he couldn’t see much past the thick jacket and pants that covered you so he couldn’t tell how badly you were hurt. Your hair was chopped horribly, like you cut it with a knife and it was bleached long ago because your roots were starting to show again. But you still had your eyes, and they were practically pleading to him.

He resisted every urge his body had to run over there this instant and grab you–if he did that he’d probably be shot and so would you.  Instead he focused on remaining calm and collected, like he hadn’t seen or recognized you. He was still just one kid; he couldn’t take on two men with guns on his own. He’d have to get help first. He held out two fingers as a signal to you.

Stall. Please. Stay there.

You gave a curt nod that could easily be disguised as a quick duck of your head as you looked back down at the ground. You didn’t want these men finding out that you knew Jungkook; you didn’t want him to get hurt. Hell, you really didn’t want him doing anything if he was going to get hurt. You were just hoping he’d call the police and wait there for them to get you away from them. But you weren’t stupid enough to think he was going to call the police before they got you away from them.

Jungkook pushed through the restaurant door, finally breaking apart in panic. His heart was pounding in his chest, beating itself across his sternum. His eyes kept flashing to the window, watching you sit in the same position he’d left you in. He just hoped that the men would keep you there long enough for him to get the chance to get you out of there.

He couldn’t call the police, if he did those men would hear the sirens and be long gone with you before he could even get the chance to get close. So he dialed Taehyung’s number first.

Taehyung picked up the phone within the first few rings, he sounded tired and empty. “What do you want Jungkook?”

His voice was rushed, trying to get all the words out quickly. “You know Yoongi’s favorite restaurant? You know where it’s at right?”

He heard shifting. Tae was probably shifting, not used to hearing the maknae this frantic. “Yeah? Why?”

“I found her.”

He knew Tae was off the couch in an instant, rushing to grab his shoes and coat–the phone was garbled with muffled fabric and his face. “You still there?” His voice was excessively loud, probably pushed up close to his face as he was tying his shoes.

“We need to get her away from them first, they have guns.”

“I don’t care.” His words were rushed. “Stay there. Make sure she stays there. I’ll be there in less than five minutes.” The line cut out as Taehyung cut out as Jungkook peered out the window.

You were still there, looking at your shoes.

He dialed the second number. He knew Taehyung would hate him for it, hell the way the man was he’d probably kill him, but they would need his help–like it or not. If Taehyung wanted you back with them they would need all the help they could possibly get.

He pressed the phone to his ear, pacing in the packed lobby of the restaurant.

“Jimin?” He paused as his hyung answered. “Yeah, yeah–we found her. Please, we need your help.” Another pause. “Yeah, Y/N. We found Y/N.”


“Jimin. I know you want to go–but they can handle it. Hell, they should be calling the police. Not you Jimin. These men are dangerous, and we need to talk.” She didn’t even give him a break after he got done explaining. Instead she started blocking him from his coat and shoes.

“We can talk later, Hana. It’s been 6 months–I need to be there for her.” He started to go around her but she shifted with him, blocking him once more.

“What the hell, Jimin? We need to talk this out. We’ve–I’ve–waited long enough already. Why is she suddenly more important?” She caught him, watching the way his face shifted from determined, to broken, to confused all in the blink of an eye.

“What are you talking about?” He whispered, before shaking his head to clear the thought. “I need to help her.”

She barked out a laugh. “Oh yeah, now she’s more important because she’s missing. But when she was here you’d spend all your time with me–she didn’t even matter to you then. You’d proved that so many times, why is she more important now?”

“Because she’s hurt.”

“She was in the hospital and you were here with me.”

He blinked at her, pulling on his shoes. “What? When was this? How do you know this?”

She laughed again, holding her stomach to stop from snorting. This was a new side to her he’d yet to actually experience firsthand. He’d never seen her ugly laugh before. He’d never seen her look at him with eyes colder than their freezer. “Everyone knew but you. I’m your girlfriend, not her–so why does she matter now Jimin? Why does she matter more than me now?” She sighed, softening back into a fragment of the Hana he’d known before. “Jagiya, we can fix this. Please–let’s talk this out.”

“Because…” He paused, staring at his shoes. “Because…I love her. I’ve always loved her–maybe as more than a friend, maybe not. I don’t know, but I’m still entitled to love my best friend as a best friend. And angry girlfriend or not she needs my help. We can talk about this after I’ve helped bring her back to us.” He stood up, his hand on the doorknob ready to go out the door. But Hana was there with her hand on the handle to stop it from turning, her foot pressed against the bottom to stop it from opening. She was practically in tears now, in her newest attempt to keep him there.

“You walk out that door and we’re done Park Jimin. You hear me? You choose her over me and we’re done.”

He looked at her, smiling. “Then I hope you find happiness.” He shoved the door open, nearly knocking her into it as he ran out without another thought for her. All he saw and heard was you and your voice.

“…it feels like…like you are so excited to see them your breath collapses in on you. You want to be with them constantly, like just the simple act of seeing their face can erase a year’s worth of pain in an instant. They’re like the natural healer.”

“I love you Park Jimin”

“You knew?”

He was running faster than his feet have ever taken him before.

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I met Louis and the rest of One Direction on one of the meet and greets in August. My girlfriend and I got to go together. We'd only come out a few weeks before to our family, so holding hands and acting like a couple in public felt a bit weird to me (but so wonderful.) I was so excited but nervous to meet the boys, we'd only found out a couple days before than my GF's uncle was able to get us passes. Anyway while waiting to get out picture taken my GF and I were holding hands and (+)

(+) at one point she’d had her arm around me and kissed my forehead to try and calm me down. I noticed Louis was watching us carefully - at this point I shipped Larry but I was still a bit worried I’d gotten it wrong and he might actually be a homophobic dick. I kind of looked away but when I looked back he was smiling at us, almost wishfully. When we finally got to our picture I stood next to him because he’s my favourite, and he said quietly to me “you guys make a really cute couple” (+)

(+) and I think I managed to mutter out a thank you, because I was stunned that he of all people had just said that to me. i was like freaking out. and then to top it off he goes “and i really like your rainbow shirt” with a wink! I could tell he like wanted to say more but it felt like he couldn’t? Anyway, I’d never really shared this story before because it felt like something so special to me but I thought maybe it would make others happy now? Especially with the more recent bullshit 2.0


eep! thank you for sharing

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Lol do you think Joker has different types/shades of lipstick?

Probably lol

Harley has found him experimenting with hers before XD

Harley: “What are ya doin’?!“

*sitting on the floor surrounded by various containers of lipstick*

*lays back and looks up at her from upside down with a huge smile*

Joker: “I’m getting rather fond of the Burgundy, but I’d never considered the Plum…


She smiled !!!!

I am not really a shy type of person but I guess like most of the people out there it takes me some time to come out of my shell. It takes me a while,  I need to know a person, share some time before I can open up. At least this the picture I have of myself.

Every time I get out there with my camera, the picture I just mentioned doesn’t really help. Looking for a chance to share some time before interacting with the person!!!! nope that a big NO NO out there…and it didn’t take me long to find that out. So I thought why no try taking a step forward. After all most of the people are not hyper sensitive who will get offended if I take a picture.

I was walking a looking for something interesting in Portobello market couple of weeks back. I saw these two charming ladies sitting on the pavement. For a moment I though aahhh!!!! I will pass. The I thought why not giving it a try. I went close to them with a smile and pointed at my camera they both giggled. So I took this picture at first. Then I thought I would push it a little bit…requested for another picture. Surprisingly they smiled again and I took my Minolta X700 and snapped another picture. 

I am learning to get more close to strangers and photograph them. I guess it’s not enough. I am trying to break throughout the shell I have in my mind and become more interactive.

After all it’s the people I photograph. I must be able to live the moment with them. Once Bruce Gilden said “I love the people I photograph. I mean, they’re my friends. Ive never met most of them or I don’t know them at all, yet through my images I live with them.” 

Okay I'm sorry but I couldn't get this out of my head
Naruto Sings for Hinata

I promise I’ll find a better romantic song but I couldn’t help it I was listening to this song yet again and it was just not getting out of my head so I pictured Naruto singing this to Hinata and just matched it to this picture right here okay? Haha I’m so hilarious hahaha ha Ha ha…Okay

Please someone find a better song and put up what you think he can be singing at this point ^__^