A frown tugged at her lips as she gestured a security official over, “can you please get him out of here–” she muttered, gesturing at the man who she could only assume hadn’t been cleared by security, he seemed out of place and her instincts told her that he reeked paparazzi. Valeria loved good press – press to an extent that she could control, what she didn’t enjoy was a circus and this Christmas party could not become the next disaster featured on tomorrow’s cover. A hint of amusement danced in her eyes as the guard moved to escort the man out, if the the withering glare was anything to go off of – she hadn’t really gained a new fan and just being the insufferable being that she was, she couldn’t help but give him a wave. What she hadn’t anticipated was the tap on her shoulder, whipping around as her smile was well in place, “hello–” 


Ok, as some of you may know my cat has eyelid agenesis. What’s eyelid agenesis? Well, it’s a birth defect where the animal in question is born with partial or no eyelids which can cause visual complications and painful side effects including (but not limited to) abrasions and ulcers on the cornea.
In Markos’ case he’s missing 2/3rds of his upper eyelids and thankfully this doesn’t cause him much discomfort but still can pose a problem. Because of this, he needs to get treatment so that it doesn’t get worse for him. The treatment in question is something called Cryoepilation which is basically where the vet freezes the hair follicles (in up to 3 sessions) where the eyelid was supposed to be to keep hair from growing there and so getting rid of the possibility of painful complications.
This procedure can cost up to $1050 for the first freeze alone but thankfully the 2nd will cost only half of that.
Right now, I only have a seasonal posistion and what money I will be getting (I just got the job and haven’t started yet) will be going to bills, food, and Healthcare (medicine, doctor/dentist visits etc) and while I will put as much as I can aside for this little goofball I will need help.
This is why I have started a fund raiser to help pay for his treatment.

☆You can see the breakdown of the estimate provided along with the treatment plan the vet and I discussed in the pictures provided.☆

☆Please reblog and donate here ( ) if you can! Any extra will be set aside for other vet costs or general pet care costs for Markos.☆

☆Feel free to follow Markos ( @ittybittymarkos ) on Instagram for day to day updates if you feel like it.☆

Thank you so much! ♡


The stages of explosion

I’ve always loved when Avi does like, “Wait for it.”
And then there’s Mitch with sassy hairflip


There was a cat from Brooklyn, by the name of Romeo
His folks they came from Italy, many years ago

One night he met young Geraldine, a dame from outta town
When Geraldine was dancing she would bring the ballroom down

Tape Five - Geraldine’s Routine

hi it’s been a great day until

hi there



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Straights who think that lesbian sex isn’t sex at all need to re the fucking think because I can 100% assure you that girls don’t have to fake their orgasms the whole time and a girl actually knows how to pleasure a girl, wow would you look at that? Get the fuck out of here saying I’m still a virgin, nigga please, my fingers can go into her pussy deeper than your dick can. Who’s the real fucking virgin here huh?


Also Cindy. It’s Canon. Now.

Roman: *Ahem* Water Tribe.

I need to get out of my toxic home, I’m slowly going insane. Please if anyone is willing to help me then that would be awesome.

I know it’s dangerous to ask for help on the internet because there can be very dangerous people online. But I can’t help but plea and beg if there’s anyone out there trustworthy and caring….that can take me in and get me away from my toxic house hold, please help me.

I literally cannot do this anymore, my parents guilt trip me, they threaten to kick me out, they only take my health issues seriously when I tell them I need to go to the ER, I have impacted wisdom teeth that are infected and nothing is being done about it. 

I keep telling my parents I need to go and that I could die if they aren’t removed but they just won’t listen. It hurts badly when I move my jaw and the only thing that I can do is chew ice to numb it or eat ice cream and wash my mouth out with salt to fight the infection.

They took away my door, are trying to force me into the military, threaten to place me out in a tent at winter, threaten to take away my only connection to my friends, they take away anything and everything that bring joy to my life. 

Then they wonder why I am so miserable. They’ve even threatened to take everything out of my room and only leave me with a mattress. They even threatened to take my dog and give her to someone else because I’m obviously not responsible enough and too immature to handle a dog.

 Even though they know I have mental issues and sometimes my mental issues exhaust me to the point I don’t want to do anything and my parents yell at me despite that.

My parents verbally abuse me and it’s only making me more and more drained to the point I wish I won’t wake up in the morning. I just really needed kind and caring person to take me, my cat and my dog in.

I’ll probably never be able to live on my own and have to be dependent on someone to help me since I mentally cannot deal with being out on my own. I’ll always need someone to be around to help me out, I can’t be alone… I just can’t…. I’d end up dead somewhere.

I just cannot do it…. I was so happy to be out of the house yesterday for a Halloween party but as soon as I came back home and even though I’m home alone at the moment… I was just… drained. 

Coming back to the house I’ve spent being verbally abuse in is something I’ve dreaded since I woke up this morning. I was thinking about staying at my friends house but I couldn’t because my dad knew her address and would have eventually come and got me if I refused to return home.

I have no one I can rely on. 

Please I’m begging anyone that can, please take me in. I’m too old for an orphanage and a homeless shelter wouldn’t let me keep my pets. I really have nothing to offer, all I am is an emotional wreck…..  you have to be VERY patient with me… there will be days where I just CAN’T do simple things like dishes or taking out my dog. Sometime the only things I can manage to do is get on my computer and talk with my friends…. or just lay in bed on my phone watching youtube.

I just really, really need help…

Please help me.

I’m a 21 year old genderfluid gray-ace, I have a female cat and female dog, both spayed-they are very loving and affectionate. My dog is a small dog so no need for a giant space for her to run around in. I’ll be needing surgery on my wisdom teeth, I don’t drive because of my paralyzing fear of driving.

My mental health conditions are:

Bipolar depression disorder/on-off clinical depression

Asperger autism


Panic attacks

Memory problems

Hypochondriasis -meaning I’m really paranoid about my health and if I feel even a slight pain in my body my brain assumes the worst like: oh it must be cancer, or oh it’s diabetes, or oh I must be dying!-  
Insomnia and selective mutism .

My physical health conditions:

Hypoglycemia - low blood sugar-   

my weak hips and my legs that like to pop out of their sockets 

IBS {{ Irritable Bowel Syndrome. }}  

Impacted wisdom teeth in need of removal soon.

My left eye gets a black shadowy mass over it at night and it’s hard to see out of that eye in the dark.

I know this is a tall order and I know mentally ill people such as myself can sometimes be hard to deal with, but please help me. I’m so trapped and my anxiety is only getting worse. I had to go to the ER a while back because of it and had three or four large panic attacks while there and legit thought I was dying.

I just need to get out. I won’t be able to help pay bills or anything like that but I’ll try to help around the house as best as I can manage. I’ll be trying to make money off of my art work… I just need someplace to stay until my friends can move out and I can go with them. After they move I’ll be out of your hair and you won’t have to deal with me. I would go to the authorities… but I’m too afraid…. if I can’t convince them of my parents verbal abuse then I know I’m heading for horrible grief with my parents. 

I know what they’ll do, they’ll take everything away from me. They’ll take my dog away…. they’ll never let me have my computer back, they’ll guilt trip me and make it all about them as they always do. Hell they might even beat me with a damn switch…. I can’t say anything about them to anyone around me because no one will believe me. The only way anyone will believe me is if I get into trouble again and I don’t wanna do that. I’ll be grounded for three weeks, almost until the end of Christmas if I do that and what if they delete the recording? I literally cannot do anything to fight back…..

They only way to do this is to pack up my things while my parents away and is live quietly without a word. But I need to let them know I’m safe and with a good friend and I will be fine. That way they won’t freak the fuck out and call anyone. I’m  21 yrs old it’s not like I’m breaking the law by moving out and in with someone else.

 If anyone’s willing to house a mentally ill 21 year old along with her cat and dog….. please contact me.

Thank you for reading.

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Okay, people. Prepare for another long AU. -cracks knuckles- This one has been boiling in my head so I needed to express it

An AU in which Jean is the direct spawn of Satan and Marco is the notorious One-Eyed Witch. The Devil is actually a woman, Jean’s mother, who seduced a righteous and innocent man, in hopes of defiling him to strengthen her offspring. Marco was born into a strong lineage of witches without two eyes, his only eye being his tool to “only see the simple truth”. A second eye would have created a bias or corrupted his perception of the actual truth.  

The Devil was able to steal a significant power from Marco’s family, whose duty was to protect and guard this immense power given as a gift from one of the Gods. With this power, the Devil could completely taint and destroy anything she pleases, which she’d take full advantage of. 

Because Jean’s father was so righteous, instead of just being born more powerful, he also was born without inheriting his mother’s rage and darkness. So, it actually becomes his fate to kill his mother and steal the power back. But he can’t give it to Marco’s family, seeing as he’d absorb it instantly and would be unable to control it. 

While Jean is destined to kill his mother, Marco is destined to re-attain the power that was stolen. He’s actually supposed to kill Jean after Jean kills his mother to get it back. The two know of this ultimate end and before they’re able to comfortably accept it, they fall in love during their time together hunting Jean’s mother down. Marco scrambles to try to figure out an alternate way to gain the power back without killing Jean. He studies spells and exorcism techniques, unable to find a sure fire way. It nearly drives him insane, being faced with the fact he will actually have to stab the love of his life in the heart and kill him..

But in the end, it turns out there is an alternate way of regaining the power and sparing Jean’s life. Marco has to transfer Jean’s soul into another vessel, use that vessel as a sacrifice to get the power back, and ultimately return Jean’s soul back to his original body. 

Beach Day

This one have a story. Oh boy what a story. It was meant to be finished a month ago for patreon. But Only finished it two days ago.

My tablet started to have issues working on it. The pen to be exact. Making it really hard to draw as it was like drawing with an almost empty pen. Extremly frustrating, making me anxious to work on this picture.

Then my pen broke completely so I had to order a new one. Making me loose time. Then it became this piece I had to work on making me nervous and angry. But I had to do it before working on commission. Making me guilty.

long story short, it is the next time I let myself feel bad because of a stupid picture. I don’t want to talk about it anymore. Or see it. Missing cutie marks? Don’t care.