The other Girl (Part 6) - L.H

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Y/n sat in her hotel room in NYC scrolling through pictures on her laptop of her and Luke, hair up in a messy bun with her glasses on, Calum’s sweatpants hanging off her hips and a sports bra covering her chest. She opted to stay in for the day, having a quick two days off before their show at MSG, honestly just wanting to get some space from Luke, not really getting a break from him since their conversation on the bus more than a week ago. It had taken her quite some time to wrap her head around it, as well as try to push passed the built up hatred she’d accumulated from not talking to him for over a year, being tossed to the side for another girl he couldn’t even stand. She was brought out of her thoughts when a knock came from her door, shutting her laptop quickly, hopping off of the mattress to open to door hoping it was just housekeeping and not anyone from either band.

“HEY!” The person in front of her yelled causing her to jump slightly until she realized who it was.

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Hi. Can you make some headcanons of the bus ride home to ny after ski lodge with joshaya?

hmmmmm okay

  • so for like half an hour josh is forced to sit with corpanga bc they are such gossips and are like ‘TELL US WHAT HAPPENED’
  • josh keeps on thinking ‘they are honestly ridiculous how am i related to them?’
  • meanwhile maya is sitting next to zay bc rucas are so lovey dovey they literally don’t notice anyone else
  • zay is also a hopeless romantic gossip so maya has to explain everything
  • so pretty much josh and maya keep rolling their eyes at their friends and keep on stealing little glances and smiles
  • the bus stops to get gas so everyone goes to the bathroom and buys food
  • maya has no money left because the little she had she spent on stupid souvenirs
  • so josh buys both of them a shit ton of food on the condition that they have to eat it toether (little fucking shit)
  • so they go back to the bus and sit towards the back
  • “cory i’m keeping an eye out on all of the troublemakers, trust me”
  • “josh, you do know that i know that you’re a troublemaker?”
  • “well as the mature adult here i’m going to listen to my own responsible orders”
  • “i’m 35!!!!”
  • “hm… you don’t act like it”
  • anyways they’re both hungry af so they don’t even try to look cute in front of each other
  • but they kinda like the fact that they can do that
  • josh and maya prank yogi bc josh had to spend so much of his time away from maya watching him
  • eventually everyone’s sleeping and they just keep talking bc they haven’t in so long 
  • like about literally everything, random funny stuff, things they saw that reminded them of each other, really important moments to them, deep conversations, etc.
  • they’re totally holding hands and gazing at each other so fucking fondly that if it weren’t them, the two of them would be gagging at the fluff
  • but then maya starts yawning when josh is talking about college
  • “are you pretending to be asleep? you hurt me maya hart”
  • “yes and no. bore me to sleep with something that isn’t anxiety inducing school”
  • “i’m sorry, who was the one who said we have amazing conversation a few hours ago?”
  • but josh agrees and talks about his childhood and about all the times he and maya hung out
  • maya falls asleep on his shoulder and cuddles into him
  • josh is like ‘h o l y  s h i t what do i do?’
  • but then kinda just falls asleep too
  • they bus finally arrives back at school and cory walks around waking everyone up
  • “keeping an eye out huh?”
  • “shut up i’m like 80 years old”
  • maya gives him a hug goodbye
  • and they’re already texting each other stupid shit before maya even leaves the parking lot

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Alright, first of all sorry to reblog and like every post of yours i just love them so much. Second, idk if there is gonna be a third movie but i hope there will and if there will be one i hope both girls will be in it and we'll figure out what the fuck "J" stands for and i hope we find out more about Dylan's dad. What do you wanna see in the third movie?

hi! dude it’s totally chill, I’m honestly just happy people actually like my trash nysm meme blog. like seriously.

and about the third movie: yes to everything you said. I really want Henley to come back and for her and Lula to be friends (I really hate the girl vs girl trope in so many movies, it’s so stupid and toxic and ugH anyway). I definitely want to find out what J. Daniel Atlas’s first name is. I’d love to find out more about Lionel Shrike and see how that impacts Dylan and the Horsemen in return. I also want more Li and Bu Bu? They didn’t get much screen time in the movie and I want to see Bu Bu the badass old lady doing epic magic tricks or something. Just give that to me. P l e a s e.

I also really want Alma to come back. They didn’t even mention her in the second movie (obviously Dylan was a little busy but come on, they mentioned Henley. it wouldn’t have been that hard) and she’s just such a great character and i want her to come back. And i want crazy epic magic shows and taking down bad guys and maybe some insight into the Horsemen’s pasts (Jack and Lula especially, let’s get real). And also? I just want Dylan to be happy. Literally the entire second movie was him NOT being happy and honestly he deserves so much better. Let Magic Dad Be Happy 2kForever

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Belle was on her way to the bakery, hoping to get ready before opening. She pulled out her phone and sent Duncan a text: 'First two people there get coffee. ;D See you soon.'

He got off of the bus when he got Belle’s text, smiling as he answered back.

[Text]: I wouldn’t miss anything for coffee. Oh and your opening of course

He looked at the flyer she gave him, following the address of the place he had to go to. It was her opening day of her new bakery and he knew how excited she was. He wouldn’t miss this day regardless of anything.

ok but I wish ppl stopped saying stuff like “men& masculine people” and using feminine as a synonym of woman.
like everyone on here is like ~stop gender roles~ but gender non conforming women get thrown under the bus every time and constantly compared (even indirectly) to men
sorry if I sound angry but as a butch lesbian this hurts lol

Learning to Love (Again) - Chapter 9 (CS Modern AU FF)

Summary: In the wake of his crumbling marriage, Killian Jones turns to his best friend Emma Swan for help. Even though Emma had just ended a two year long relationship she is more than happy to welcome Killian and Nate, his eleven month old son, into her home. What neither of them expect is to learn how to love again through each other.

A/N: First off, I wanted to thank you all for being so patient with me. I wish I could say life has slowed down a bit, but I would be lying. The beginning of the school year is always hectic for me and this year is no exception. My five year olds also started kindergarten so we, as a family, are now waking up at 6 am to get them going and on the bus in time before a long day of work myself. As if that wasn’t enough, my son has recently been diagnosed with social anxiety and several vision issues that will require vision therapy for at least a year. This is the same one that started kindergarten this year and is having a hard go of it, gee I wonder why?! That being said, for the time being I will be unable to update weekly. My plan is every two weeks. Unless, of course, I find a day or two free that will allow me to write ahead. But I won’t hold my breath. Again thank you all for your patience and understanding. I truly appreciate it.

I also appreciate all of the enthusiasm for this little fic of mine. Every like and every reblog make me so unbelievably happy!

This fic would not be half of what it is without my lovely beta team of @o-u-a-timer and @the-lady-of-misthaven. They push me and make me a better writer and I love them both to pieces.

Now that all of the boring business is out of the way, how about we check in with Emma and those pesky feelings she’s developed?

DISCLAIMER: I do not own OUAT and/or its characters.

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This chapter’s word count: 6,127

Chapter 9 - Emma

Emma gripped the black straw between her fingers and stirred the rum in the glass slowly. Normally she wasn’t one to hit the bar right after work, more often than not she preferred going straight home and spending her evening quietly with Killian and Nate, the only problem was that tonight was anything but a normal night. No, tonight was… Releasing the straw, she reached for her cell phone sitting next to the glass on the bar and pressed the button to light the screen. 5:30 pm. A sigh escaped her throat.

Right now, at this moment, Killian and Nate were arriving at the courthouse for their weekly visit with Milah. That was why she was at the bar, that was why she’d called Mary Margaret and asked if she wanted to get together. She didn’t want to think about Killian in the same room with Milah, about how they used to be a family, or about how Killian was still very much in love with Milah.

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I think certain sj blogs need to add a black mod before they try to call out black people. It would be nice if they at least tried to avoid completely invalidating the existence of black people in their communities. Actually, it would be nice if they had enough integrity to hold themselves to the standard they hold black people to and stop participating in and justifying behavior that marginalizes people in their own spaces.

Because I’m getting tired of being thrown under the bus and being told I can only talk about certain parts of my history, as long as it’s vague and generalized enough to keep people comfortable, while they can reblog posts saying “you would care if this happened to black people…” (screw black people in both groups, right?) and constantly make excuses for antiblackness in their spaces.

these two people got on the bus just now and the one guy is trying to convince the driver to let him on without paying fare and the woman with him just looks so exasperated like she literally said to him wth her hands covering her face and the biggest sigh “you do this EVERY TIME”

meanwhile the guy is still trying to talk to the bus driver and we haven’t moved in like a solid five minutes and people are getting impatient and this one other guy gets up out of his seat to yell at the bus driver to just let them on already and it takes another five minutes but he finally does

but i think they’re both drunk and/or high as all hell because i can hear them talking and the women just yelled that she has no eyes and honestly what a trip

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honestly living in the countryside is such a drag sometimes i mean, to get to my nearest village i have to walk down a busy road and up a hill and my parents even have to drive me to school (unlike my friends who get the bus/walk) because the bus doesn't even go down my lane. And when there's no wifi/ A MASSIVE SINK HOLE OPENS UP the council pay no notice because it's the middle of nowhere! gotta love it :D

2/2 but i mean there are nice views and lots of space to walk and calm down so it’s nice and pretty and good for aesthetic tumblr pictures.

oh gosh this sounds like a nightmare ;_; i mean i live in a rural village but there is internet and i was able to get a bus to school!!!!! but yeah i love the quiet and there are some lovely views near me :)

It looks like he’s finished his lunch, so at least he’s not going to be talking with his mouth full. He looks really nervous for some reason. Are those crumbs around his mouth? For god’s sake, Peter, clean yourself up. 

“Can I ask you something?”

Markus frowned. “Sure.” Oh great, what’s this? If he’s asking to get out of another meeting - which he does all too often - the answer’s going to be no. No. Absolutely not.

“I um, well, I forgot my brother’s birthday… and I don’t have any money to get the bus to a bank or anything… and I don’t have a car… So I was wondering if-” he paused for a second, scratching the back of his neck nervously, “-you could drive me there? To a bank I mean. Or whatever. Please?”

Well, Markus didn’t know what he was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t that. (He forgot his brother’s birthday? How do you even do that?) It takes him a few seconds to process what Peter said, taking a scalding sip of coffee and furrowing his eyebrows as he mulled it over. Let’s face it, he’s not doing anything important this evening anyway. This can be his Good Deed of the month, and Peter would probably like him a bit more as a result.

“Fine.” Markus finally grunts.