The funniest thing is Paulie and Corey talking to Bridgette and Natalie about how catty the other girls are when they literally talk shit on a daily basis .. like how many conversations about Natalie has Paulie initiated where he goes on and on about how she’s a basic jersey girl and how many times has Corey sat there and talked about how Tiffany is a “psycho” and Bridgette is annoying. Like I’m beyond sick of them throwing their “allies” under the bus every chance they get to paint themselves as the good guys.

I’m always going to remember the first time I stepped foot in a country that’s richer than mine and my biggest dilemma was that I had absolutely no idea what the stop button in the bus was for because we didn’t have that and I was too embarrassed to ask so I would just get off the bus whenever someone did. I was like “shit I’m going to be stuck in this bus forever”.

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I saw the thing about Pokemon GO and thought, how would The Corazon, Doflamingo, and Law react to it. God, please do them.

Alrighty here we go^^


  • someone installed it without him knowing and he just cant delete the damn app
  • he props chose Bulbasaur
  • If he was interested in it he would sooner or later get run over by a bus


  • thinks it’s pretty dumb
  • installs it and pretends to have fun with it so he can into the pants of hot 20-something nerds


  • chooses squirtle
  • at first finds it dumb as hell 
  • but then he catches a little eevee and just cant stop playing 
  • pretty embarassed about it tho

Ogebi’s plane landed just when Siobhan’s concert was about to begin, so she had plenty of time to get to their location and find their bus.

She was lucky enough to find Mikey, their driver, standing outside while on the phone with his wife. Ogebi and Mikey were friends, sort of. She had met him the first time he had stopped by to pick up Siobhan for a concert in Windenburg, and the two hit it off. Despite his constant sweet smile, Mikey was a melancholic soul, and Ogebi identified with that.

He let her on the bus with just a whisk of his hand. Ogebi walked in to be greeted by the smell of alcohol. It sure was a party bus, it’d seem like.

Yesterday I quit Planet Fitness and went back to the Downtown Y. It’s out my way as fuck, and I get a warm-up just to get there since the bus no longer goes right by it, but it’s worth it. If for no other reason than it is not crowded as fuck it is worth it. I did 45 minutes on the Arc Trainer today. Also I didn’t turn off my flash.

2 girls m on my bus were having s convo that like I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on and it’s like One is describing her boyfriend and it’s like classic abusive relationship like she’s like

He’s not the same as when I met him and he started smoking weed and it’s really affected him and he wouldn’t let me leave his morning to see you and he pays my rent and he’s spent the last 2 weeks in his room and won’t leave and this is the first time I’ve left the house

and the other one was then talking about how she hasn’t had sex and how one of her friends has and like sleeps w a lot of people and is really like Open with her body and Self love etc and how good that is.. But how she doesn’t feel ready

Anyway we ended up getting off the bus at the same stop and i just turned around and was like
I’m sorry but I overheard ur convo and I just wanted to say like I hope u two look after yrself I was in a shit relationship and like its so hard and u are doing so well like you both sound so smart and like You know what you’re doing so like good luck I love u

From yesterday morning. Just a little bit of resting before hauling my heavy bags into a car…to get on my 11:14 train… to a bus…that reached a metro station… Where I finally got to another place to rest my head and got work done for VGB.

I am a Vagabroad, journeying soulfully to places there’s no map for, disguised as traveling to places you see on a map everyday.

Where are you in life right now? Name it, I’d like to know.