Talk is overrated ~J.A.

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Summary: You go to your favorite place in town and are met with a pleasant surprise once you get there

You get out of the bus and are instantly hit with a cold gush of wind. It was a very cold and gloomy day, but since you had no class today you wanted to put it to use and go to your favorite place downtown. Whenever you had some time off or needed time to yourself, you would always go to your favorite record shop to wander around the aisles of the shop and forget about all of the stressful things in your life. After wandering through the shop admiring the big collection of records, you would occasionally buy one and walk further down the street to a cute little coffee shop you liked to go to. Once you got there you would usually sit down on one of the seats in your favorite corner. You would order your favorite drink and get a small piece of cake before getting comfy in your seat and pulling your favorite book out of your bag.

As usual, you made your way down the street until you reached the record shop. Excited as always, you enter the shop and greet the owner Janice, before making your way down the aisles.

While you walked through the first aisle you noticed someone singing and playing the guitar. You listened closely and found out that it was coming from the back of the shop. You walk in the direction the stranger’s voice is coming from, curious to find out whose angelic voice you were hearing. When you reach the end of the aisle you find a boy sitting on the couch singing the lyrics to one of your favorite songs. He was wearing a big hoodie and his soft curls were covering his forehead. “Well, now, if your baby leaves you and you got a tale to tell, well, just take a walk down Lonely Street to Heartbreak Hotel” you heard him sing as he strummed the guitar. You were mesmerized by his voice and face.  As he’s about to sing the next line he looks up at you flashing you the prettiest smile you’ve ever seen. “Hello there” he says with a smug smile on his face as you try your best not to blush after being caught staring at him. “Hi” you answer as you try to hide your rosy cheeks with your scarf. The curly haired boy keeps looking at you trying to catch a glimpse of your face, which by now is half covered with the big scarf you’re wearing.

“You know, it’s a shame you’re covering up your face with that scarf.” the boy says while getting up from the couch. You pull down the scarf a little so it won’t cover your mouth while speaking. “And why is that?” you ask him as you admire the freckles on his face. “Because I think you’re really pretty and you shouldn’t hide away like that.” Taken aback by the compliment you stay quiet for a second but end up pulling down the scarf once you feel like your cheeks stopped burning up. You smile at him, “that’s really sweet of you.” you say softly as you thank him. “My name’s Jack by the way” the brown-eyed boy excitedly introduces himself as he sticks out his hand. You gladly shake his hand. “Nice to meet you, my name’s Y/N”. “Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.” You smile at his comment and thank him. He sits down on the couch again and pets next to him for you to sit down and talk. “I really liked the song you were playing earlier it’s one of my favorite songs.” “Really?” he says as his eyes light up. “Then I’m going to finish it.” he says in excitement as he grabs the guitar again and starts playing.

When he’s done singing the song you give him a little applause and he bows. You shoot him a big smile as you tell him how much you like his voice. “Your smile is beyond gorgeous… Please, keep doing it.” Jack suddenly said. He gave you a soft smile as he watched you get flustered and started smiling, himself. You look at the boy as he runs his hands through his hair to fix it. He looked very cute doing so and you debate whether or not you should ask him the burning question that’s going through your mind right now. Eventually, you build up the courage to do so. You take a deep breath and bite your lip as you look at him and try getting the words out of your mouth. “Do you want to, like– I mean, if you’re not busy… go get lunch? Or just coffee if you don’t have time for lunch?” 

As you stumble over all of the words you feel his hand touch yours and your eyes shoot up to meet his. “Yeah I could go for lunch, I know this place that’s a block away from here, we can go there, it’s really nice.”  Your eyes sparkle as the realization hits that he actually said yes. “Great, I’d love that.” Before you even got the chance to say something else you felt him grab your hand gently and intertwining with yours. He gestured for you to follow him and you walked outside with him. “So where exactly is this place you want to go to?” “You know what? Screw lunch, I’m taking you out for dinner and a movie tonight.” You giggled “Even better, but if we’re not going to lunch then where are we going?” He thought about it for a second before answering: “We could still go for coffee I guess, or we can go back to the record shop and I can sing you some more songs?” You stayed quiet for a second before saying:  “Let’s go get some coffee and talk a little first and then we’ll  see about you serenading me.” “Talking is so overrated though, I’d rather sing you a song.” you chuckle as you look into his eyes before winking at him and saying: “We’ll see, Jack” 

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i cnat stop laughing ive been thinking about "stay safe" for like 30 minutes what did you do im so confused. stay safe. lisa scammertaylorizayawormthotticus evilfriends is out blogging.

Stay safe. Izaya will literally fucking doxx you, buy a greyhound to your fucking house, pack his bags, get on the bus, arrive at the station, uber to your house, he spent a LOT of money, he’s in your house, and shanks you.

For centuries your family has passed down an old leather bag that provides the holder with an object that would be helpful in the particular situation the holder is in. You are getting on a bus and instead of giving you a bus ticket or money, it gives you a handgun.

Reading straight women write slash

He loved the boys. Not the dramatic, overbearing, catty, degenerate species known as “women.” [Word search for “lube” returned Zero Results]. Disgusting woman tries to come between the pure love of my boys, but she gets hit by a school bus, and dies alone. Rate, comment, subscribe.


Drawing time!

The first one’s a light sketch of Kaorin. Months ago I had a crazy dream where I was in a sleazy county fair, one that overpriced everything and was run by the devil or some other malicious undertone, I get those a lot for some reason.

Under one of the big tents was an empty void of dirt platforms, held together by multicolored bridges and kiddy slides, suspended over a bottomless pit, much like an old Mario Party game. Also, Kaorin was just sorta there as a ticket lady, wearing a black Metallica shirt with purple accents as seen there. Even stranger was how she was printing her tickets from a fax machine in her short shorts…?

She had a guy hitting on her, and it looked like she was interested for a while, before she prints a ticket that reads “YEAH RIGHT, BITCH” before punting him off the cliff with a boxing glove that sprung out of the same fax machine.

Then an evil masked wizard swoops in, puts her to sleep with a single glare of his glowing red eyes, and jolts off with her in his arms, leading my party to chase after him over the platforms and down a dark marble hall that led into the sewer. I woke up before it could resolve itself, but the image of her in a Metallica shirt stayed fresh in my head for months up until now.

The next page I was trying to draw my older brother @virtaro, but I didn’t draw his face long enough so it looks a little squashed. Eventually I got bored and felt like drawing Papa Bear from Berenstain Bears just moments after finding uploads of the 80′s cartoon somewhere.

Then I needed to think up something for him to do, so I instantly remembered a little idea I had for a Nintendo Direct skit where the Inkling Research Labs bring in an entire crowd of Inklings in the middle of the presentation, but one of them bumps his toe and yells “WHERE”, causing all the other inklings to form a mosh pit, yelling “WHEEERE WHERE WHWHEREWHEREWWWHEEEERE”.


So I then had an urge to draw an Inkling right beside him and have them swear in the corner.

After that’s a continuation of a WIP from earlier, with Kagura and a lot of others playing Switches. I haven’t finalized a lot of the details but that guy on the right’s gonna be Geno.

Lastly there’s a shot of Yoshi’s Island, specifically for a split second visual gag for the Robotnik YTP I’m doing. I needed a good shot of the whole island but I couldn’t find one that wasn’t the title screen. So I figured I’d draw one myself based off its appearance in this commercial. I think I needed to buy a few more prismacolors just for the sky.

Perhaps I’ll fix those outlines on the clouds before I upload it for real.

Come Back to Me (Part Six)

Fandom: Marvel
Ship: Peter Parker x Reader
Requested: Yes
Genre: Angstish
Warnings: None

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine Part Ten

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Peter and you had pretended that what you had been calling in your head “The Incident” never happened. He never repeated the words of “I always worry about you”, you never held his arm in your grip for more than a mere few seconds, he never cradled your face with his hands, and you never realized you loved him. To the two of you, it was like the day never existed.

You both moved on, acting as you normally would, but you were much more conscious of your actions. You thought Peter was, too. You didn’t act on impulse and grab his arm, or hand, or lean into him without thinking. And he didn’t leave you with small touches as he walked past you in the hallway, or ask constantly with a blatant worried expression how you were doing.

And you didn’t mind. You were best friends, not lovers. You didn’t mind.

“What’s up with you and Peter?” Ned suddenly appeared next to you as you stood in line to get on the bus, ready for the school field trip to take up the day of classes.

“I- what?” You asked, looking at him confusedly. You weren’t sure why he was asking this.

“You and Peter. You guys have been acting weird around each other lately. What happened?”

You still looked at him, confused. “Nothing happened. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Did you tell him you liked him or something, because-”

“Shhh!” You hushed him immediately, placing your hands over his mouth. “Someone could hear you!”

He grabbed your wrists, removing them from his mouth, but still holding onto them. “Just tell him already,” he said, quieter this time.

“You know I can’t do that, Ned,” you replied back, furrowing your eyebrows.

You loved him, you loved him, you loved him.

You tried to push the thought out of your mind, and you had been trying to do so ever since “The Incident”. But with the words continuously repeating in your head, day in and day out, you didn’t think they would ever leave.

“I think-”

“Hey guys,” you heard Peter’s voice from behind you and whipped your head towards him, worried about how much of the conversation he had heard. As you and Ned both looked at him, he met neither of your eyes. His were trained one where Ned’s hands were clasped around your wrists.

You turned your eyes back to look at Ned, and both of your eyes widened when you realized what Peter was staring at. He let you rip your wrists from his grasp, and he shoved his hands into his pockets after letting yours go. You looked down at the ground nervously. 

“What’s up?” Ned spoke, looking at Peter. You took a few seconds to compose yourself before looking at him too. His eyebrows were furrowed as he looked between the two of you.

“Uh, nothing, I just,” he didn’t look either of you in the eye. “Ned, want to sit with me on the bus?”

You bit your lip. You remembered that you and Peter had agreed to sit on the bus together just last week. You didn’t say anything when Ned said, “Sure.”

You looked down at the ground as Ned moved in front of you to stand next to Peter, and you were stood behind them as they spoke in lightning speed between them. That was never how it was with you and Peter. The two of you would speak slowly, listening intently to each other’s words to not miss even a detail of what was said. 

You liked it that way. You liked how Peter would furrow his eyebrows lightly, biting his lip as he stared at you, looking as if he was concentrating to all of his ability, solely on you. You liked how he would murmur little “mhm”s as you would go on, and he would only start speaking when he was sure you were done. You liked how he listened to you.

It was a vast difference from seeing him now, and you wondered which way he preferred: fast-paced with Ned, or slow-paced with you. You always thought he preferred how he spoke with you, but now, seeing him grin with Ned as they easily threw words back at each other within seconds, you weren’t so sure.

You looked down at the ground sadly. You never remembered feeling so lonely before, especially with Peter always making sure to include you in everything. You turned around and walked out of the line without saying anything to the two boys who seemed to not even notice you leave. You glanced behind your shoulder as you were walking away, but you were only greeted by the sight of Peter still grinning at Ned.

“Hey, (Y/N),” you heard a voice say ahead of you and you looked up to see Michelle waiting in line, a few people back from where you previously stood, with a book in her hands.

“Oh, hey,” you forced a smile on your face, but the only thought that was bombarding your mind was, 

You love him. He doesn’t love you. You love him. He doesn’t love you.

“Want to sit with me?” She asked, a knowing smile on her face. You gave her a real smile in response, moving into the space next to her.

“Thanks, MJ,” you said softly, head leaning back down to aim at the floor.

“He looked back at you,” she said, opening her book and beginning to read it. She stared down at it as you lifted your head to stare at her.

“What?” You asked, confused.

“Peter,” she elaborated, and your heart sped up at the mention of his name.

You needed to get this under control.

“What about Peter?” You asked, looking ahead of the line at him and Ned, where you saw them still talking.

“He looked back at you when you turned around and came my way.”

Your eyes widened the smallest bit. You didn’t want to believe her words so easily, because for all you could know, she was only telling you this to cheer you up. But still, you found your sadness deflate slightly.

“No, he didn’t,” you said, trying to convince yourself. “I turned around and looked. He was still talking to Ned.”

“Right when you turned around and started walking away,” she said. She was still looking at her book, but you weren’t so sure she was actually reading it. “He looked at you for a second. And when you turned around to look at him, he turned back around to Ned.” 

“I, uh,” you stumbled over your words, not quite knowing what to think.

Why hadn’t he said anything? You and Peter would always be immediate to speak up if noticing something was wrong with the other. Neither of you ever hesitated on that. So why had he today?

“He looked at me,” you said monotonously, but Michelle knew it was a question. She knew you needed to hear it again.

“He looked at you,” she replied. She looked up from her book for a few moments to meet your eyes. “He looked a little worried to me, if I’m being honest.” She quirked her eyebrow at you for a quick second, smirking lightly, before looking back down at her book.

You looked back down to the ground, thinking.

But why didn’t he say anything?

I know it may seem like it’s taking a while for them to get together (or will they end up together?), but I want to make sure it’s realistic enough. After being friends for years, neither of them would want to chance ruining their friendship so easily by confessing after not being completely sure about themselves—and each other—yet. I hope you guys understand that! Let me know what you guys think of this one and voice your opinions! Whether they’re good or bad, I want to hear them! Requests are open, and if you guys want to send something from a prompt list I reblog, please let me know which list you’re asking from!


you’ve heard of losers club high school hcs, now get ready for

losers club shitty british secondary school hcs

oh boy here we go

- the losers club on a duke of edinburgh expedition. that is all
- the uniforms. dear god the uniforms. richie and bev are constantly in detention for breaking the dress code and it’s how they became best friends. bev customised hers with badges and embroidery and rolls her skirt up way past the knees to defy sexist uniform codes. she’s always stopped in the hall by the pedantic deputy head who seems to be employed for the sole purpose of telling girls off for having short skirts. richie wears his tie way too short and always has his shirt untucked and his top two buttons undone. his blazer is also mysteriously at home 24/7
- stan and ben have this really intense, passive-aggressive war to become head boy. stan eventually gets the role and ben has to deal with being deputy
- whenever someone does something stupid in lessons the whole classroom erupts with ‘waaaaayyyy!’ this is usually led by richie.
- the school is in a really crappy part of town and at lunchtime the losers go to tesco to get food and sit in the park affectionately known as ‘druggy park’
- in year 8 they tried to fit eddie into a locker and that’s how he broke his arm
-they all refer to each other as their surnames, and the teachers as their first names
-richie once drew a dick on the board in his form room with permanent marker by accident so mike turned it into a tree
-eddie’s always in the nurse’s office, to the point where they’re so close she sometimes gives him lifts to and from school
- mike’s a really talented photographer and wins all the local competitions. his pieces are on display boards all over the school
- in terms of clubs, richie runs the school radio and is into drama, bev runs textiles support sessions for the younger years with a few of her classmates and is also on the debate team with stan and ben, eddie is a peer mentor for students struggling with mental health issues and is also involved with art club, bill is on the rugby team as well as writing articles and short stories for the school newsletter, stan is friends with the headteacher bc he attends chess club which the headteacher runs and he also helps the younger years with maths, ben is a student library assistant and mike goes to gardening club. he’s really proud of the carrots they’re growing behind the science block.
-stan and bill get the same bus. there was nowhere else for stan to sit on the first day of year 7 and that’s how he and bill became best friends
- the school has wild parties in the name of charity. at one, richie got so drunk and gave eddie so many hickeys he had to be taken to the er by his mum as she thought he had a skin disease. it didn’t help that he was super hungover either so he looked like death warmed up. needless to say it’s ‘the story’ of the night and the talk of the whole school (including teachers- they join in with the students’ conversations about the parties in class) for like a month
- they have a sleepover at mike’s and he unashamedly owns ‘angus, thongs and perfect snogging’. they all agree it’s a british classic
-eddie went through a sherlock phase in year 10 that threatened to become a superwholock phase. it was a dark time for everyone. 
-the whole squad get a cheeky nando’s
-richie and eddie make out in the common room and stan’s head boy office during frees. richie’s given eddie hickeys in there too. stan is disgusted when he finds out. there’s also a hidden path next to the train tracks that they go to if either of those places are occupied
-bill is hailed as a god by the younger students. they say ‘yes then big bill’ and high five him when they walk past him
- richie is known as the archbishop of banterbury throughout the school. what an icon
- on the last day of sixth form they all hit the local ‘spoons and make the most of the 2 for £12 pitchers by buying like 10
-mike’s dark secret is that he was on an episode of ‘dick and dom in da bungalow’ once. he’s vowed to take it to the grave. richie broadcasts this to the whole school via the radio as soon as he finds out.

bonus round for things that actually happened during my experience in secondary school:

- there’s a weed scandal in like year 9. somehow a wildly untrue rumour about stan hiding weed in his locker is being spread round the school
- beverly hides the clocks in her form room in the ceiling. her tutor buys a new clock. it goes in the ceiling. her tutor buys another clock. into the ceiling it goes. you get the idea. soon staplers and whiteboard pens start making their way up there
- richie and eddie make a meme gallery. it’s taken down in time for open day but some of the teachers genuinely think it brightens up theirs and the students’ days
- the losers are in the same teaching group in year 7. their pe class has to do chair dancing to hey big spender (it’s best not to ask) and it becomes a recurring joke for them throughout the years
-richie had a house party where stan got drunk for the first time and ended up chundering in his sink the next morning

add more if you like!