Suspect who killed two men defending Muslim women in Portland is in custody

  • Portland police have taken 35-year-old Jeremy Joseph Christian into custody following the stabbing and killing of two people on Portland MAX, a light rail public transit system, on Friday night. 
  • He is being held without bail and faces several charges, including aggravated murder, attempted murder and intimidation in the second degree. According to KATU, Christian began to insult two Muslim women on the train, one of whom was wearing a hijab. When two men came forward to defend the women, the suspect slashed their throats. 
  • One witness, Evelin Hernandez, told KATU that the suspect said, “Get off the bus, and get out of the country because you don’t pay taxes here” and that he didn’t like Muslims because they’re “criminals.” Read more. (5/28/2017 1:00 PM)

you told me I couldn’t move on,
held me by my shirt collar
and told me to stay put
as you wandered away,
off to a girl who was obedient-
a girl who knew how to take commands

so I sat there at the bus stop for 3 days,
watching the world move by as I 
waited, waited, waited
for you and all of the promises you made,
but I got drenched in the tidal wave 
of street water that got pushed my way

and still, I was not as filthy as you.
you have only ever been the scum 
running under the streets in pipes,
I am done being dirty.
I am done waiting. 
And I have never been one for taking orders

I get on the next bus that comes by,
I don’t know where it is going
except that it is away from you
and I smile out the window
as the world moves on
and I move with it.

—  on leaving him behind || O.L.

What if noora and yousef are just meeting bc they’re trying to find a way to get money so that the girls can get their own bus?

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I want to get hit by a bus. I stand in the middle of the road constantly waiting for a collision. I want to get hit. I want to feel the glass in my skin as the life fades from my body. This is healthy behavior and I am a perfectly normal functioning member of society.

Other people: Man, I had a great day today!

Me: *this post*

the five types of anons

anon type 1: you’re really cool i love you!

anon type 2: hey let’s talk about [subject that is 100% guaranteed to start discourse and drama no matter which way you reply]

anon type 3: no offense but you’re the dumbest bitch i’ve ever seen. no offense but i literally hope you fucking die. hope you don’t take this the wrong way but i hope you get run over by a bus and die. no offe

anon type 4: [something entirely incoherent. what are they saying? we have no idea. you ask them what they mean and they never come back. who are they]

anon type 5: hey there! i fucking hate you. i literally don’t have a reason lol i just hate you so much and i wanted to tell you that i h

SKAM S04E05 Clip 5 - Imagine all the people living life in peace

ESKILD: “You’re the one called Elias, right?”
EVA: Elias is your brother?
ESKILD: Then I go up to him and then I stroke him, just a little bit on his side at first, then I feel like a shiver going up his spine. *Gag noises* Then he left pretty quickly, but he seemed open for more fun.
CHRIS: Are you crazy?
EVA: Stop! I can send you the money.
CHRIS: Send me the money? What?
EVA: I can send it! How much is it? Hello!
CHRIS: 112.
EVA: It doesn’t!
CHRIS: 112 for a beer.
EVA: I can give you..
CHRIS: 112,50. 112,40..
[Are you coming?]
EVA: 112,40?
CHRIS: Point 40.
[John Lennon - Imagine]
EVEN: Thank you!
CHRIS: Oh my God
SANA: Yeah..
CHRIS: Yeah..
SANA: Oh, I love you so much.

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Threats & Paybacks (M)

Masterlist |

Pairing: Jungkook x reader

Genre: Mature | Smut | sub!kook

Words: 12k of sin

Synopsis: Jeon Jungkook. Art major in the University of Seoul. Passive-aggressive little shit and gamer extraordinaire. That person, with his baggy pants and ruffled, black hair, was your flatmate and, more or less, his Twitter description. Saying more or less was absolutely necessary. Amidst the kitsch aesthetics of his art twitter account, he would never say something as vulgar as passive-aggressive. Jeon Jungkook? Little shit? Jamais. He perhaps would include his Overwatch rank, or a link to his baby-blue aesthetics blog, but admit he’s annoying? Never.

Jungkook was, for everyone but you, a saint—a very, very attractive saint. 

A/N: I blame @sugajpg for this. She turned me into a monster haha BUT THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP :‘)

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things that need to be cleared up in s4:

  • what’s the connection between sana and even
  • vilde’s sexuality
  • circumstances of even’s fallout with mikael/balloon boys
  • kollektivet living situation
  • has vilde beaten her eating disorder
  • is noorhelm over for good
  • are the girl and boy squads going to get a russe bus together
  • where is everyone headed at the end of the school year
  • is evak endgame
The signs as things I do because I’m socially awkward

Aries: agreeing on opinions i don’t actually agree with in an atempt to avoid a fight

Taurus: getting off the bus on a different bus stop than i usually do because i’m too shy to ask the person sitting next to me to move

Gemini: avoiding phone calls. ALWAYS.

Cancer: spending most of the time in a shop choosing a clerk that looks the least angry

Leo: only talking in my native language and avoiding any difficult or foreign names and sentences

Virgo: preparing what i’m going to say before the actual conversation even starts

Libra: laughing because i already asked ‘what?’ twice and still didn’t understand

Scorpio: not correcting someone when they pronounce my name wrong

Sagittarius: trying to walk casually but suddenly forgeting how to walk

Capricorn: pretending that i didn’t see/hear someone simply because i don’t want to start a conversation

Aquarius: asking people about death during a small talk

Pisces: suppressing yawning, sneezing and coughing because i’d be too loud

HS:  You asked his opinion [his brother], I don’t know if it was your first album or your second, you made a mistake of asking his opinion and he said to you, and this fucked your head up, ‘I really like your music except for two of the songs on the album’…
ES:  And then he wouldn’t tell me which he just was like 'See you later’. But he likes to fuck with people. He came to see Taylor’s show at Boston, Gillette Stadium, it was for her Red Tour and all of her dancers had this big red flags on stage and everything’s red… and you know, there’s the song Red. And we get on the tour bus afterwards and Taylor comes up and is like 'Hey Matthew, so nice to meet you in person, I heard so much about you…’ and literally the first thing he says is like 'Are you a communist?’. So he’ll do stuff just to fuck with people but everyone loves him.
—  Ed Sheeran talking about his brother Matthew on Howard Stern.
SKAM 4.03 Clip 2 - Congratulations On The Bus

[300 000 kr - Apply on today]
[I’m hurt because you never replied to my meme]
[The kids around you are hurt because you’re chatting during work hours]
[Hah! I’m free on Mondays. You thought you were smart now
How’s the russ bus?]
[It’s going great if you tell me how to earn 300 000 kr fast]
SARA: Hi! We heard you got the bus. Congratulations.
SANA: Thanks.
SARA: And we’re wondering about something…
INGRID: Would you maybe want to join us?
SARA: Yeah, we just thought because you’re 5 and we’re 20 and the bus has 25 seats, so we thought maybe it could be a match? And we know we maybe haven’t been the world’s best friends, but we don’t really know why.
SANA: Because you called Vilde a slut at Borkis’s pregame in October 2015.
SARA: Oh, I had completely forgotten about that, but I apologize.
SANA: We’ll join on two conditions.
SARA: Okay?
SANA: You pay for the bus, and I become the bus boss.
SARA: Uh… We have to discuss that with the girls…
SANA: Either we make a deal now, or there’s not going to be a bus.
SARA: Yeah. Okay. Uh, we’re in then.
SANA: Good! Tell me the names of all the people on the bus and I’ll invite you to a bus meeting.
SARA: Okay…
VILDE: What did they want? Have you talked to them?
SANA: I have news. Where is Chris?
EVA: In Berlin. What’s up?
SANA: We have joined forces with the Pepsi-Max squad.
EVA: Are you kidding?  
VILDE: What does that mean?
SANA: It means they pay for the bus and I become the bus boss.
VILDE: Why do you get to be bus boss?
NOORA: Do you mean we’re joining with Pepsi-Max?
SANA: Either we join with the Pepsi-Max squad, or there won’t be a bus. So we have to have a bus meeting this week. Eva, can you host?
EVA: I can’t host again, like ever.
SANA: Noora, the kollektiv?
NOORA: Those girls are not coming into my apartment.
SANA: Vilde?
VILDE: No, uhh… Mom is…
SANA: Your mom is not having a wine tasting party, Vilde.
VILDE: Why can’t you host for once?

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AU where Bitty and Jack both suddenly wake up, after having had a few years together, and find themselves in their beds on the morning of the day they met. Both remember everything that happened, but neither thinks the other does, so they both pretend not to remember (which only complicates things more). They end up reenacting a lot of their interactions and it kills them both to do things they know hurt the other but they don't want to change anything.

oh no buddy, I’m not gonna let this stay sad. I’m gonna draw attention to several sad things, but then I’m gonna fix it.


Bitty wakes up on his first day of freshman year. Again. He quickly decides that he can’t say anything to anyone. There was no way to prove that the life he had just been living was anything but a dream.

He goes through the motions as well as he can remember. If he lingers a little on the handshake when he ‘meets’ Jack again, well, who could notice a thing like that?

Jack wakes up in the Haus. He mirrors Bitty’s mental process, realizing that if he started talking about this he could lose the future he knows is on its way. He searches Bittle’s face for recognition, but is too afraid to say anything.

Jack takes a deep breath every day and snaps at Bittle, pushing every pet name out of his mind. Bitty forces himself to forget and relearn how to take a check. On the rink together for checking practice, neither can think of any way to ask if they’re going through the same thing. They both cry more than they did the first time around.

Sometimes Bitty just gets angry at having to repeat things. He tries as hard as he can to not mess the repetitions up, but he isn’t perfect. When Ransom and Holster start asking him what his type is, he rolls his eyes and replies “Men.” As soon as he’s said it he remembers that he had only said that later to his camera, but the damage doesn’t seem to be too great. Jack doesn’t seem to react to the change, adding to his mental list of evidence that everything else had just been a dream. He gets the list of eligible Winter Screw options a few days earlier, but everything settles back to what it had been within a week. Whenever he starts thinking about the next few years, he’s enraged about everything he’s going to have to sit back and let happen. Everything that was going to make Jack sad, and that he wouldn’t be able to fix. Everything that was going to hurt him that he couldn’t avoid. 

Jack wakes up every day and writes up a game plan. It’s hard to have to turn back years of learning and be worse as a captain, especially when he remembers every mistake he made in every lost game. So he writes down those mistakes as a reminder to himself to make them. Half of the mistakes are emotional, and that’s what really gets him. He’s forced to act like those years of growing as a person never happened, like they were worthless. He hates trying to make himself glare at Bittle when they’re on the same line, he hates telling him that it was a lucky shot, he hates being so close to his boyfriend except for the fact that he isn’t his boyfriend yet.

Then it’s the playoffs. Bitty steels himself all week for the concussion he knows is coming. It crosses his mind to try to avoid it, to spare himself the pain and potential brain damage. But he remembers that it was only after the concussion that Jack started texting him, and they really got close. He knows that if he went against the play he knew Jack was going to suggest, he’d only drive them apart. Besides, it hadn’t been that bad the first time.

Jack is confident he can find another reason to text Bittle over the summer. He’s thought about this for the whole school year. Whatever consequences could come from not seeing Bitty hurt like that would be worth it. He just has to convince the coaches to not put Bitty in at the wrong time. 

“Oh my god, I thought we got over this months ago,” Bitty mutters to himself. He doesn’t remember Jack getting so annoyed about playing with him during this game, but he’s at a point where everything has run together in his mind. 

“Jack, I’ll be fine,” he half-lies. He will, eventually. There’s something close to panic in Jack’s eyes. Weird, Jack had taken so long the first time around to show any tiny sign of weakness.

“Promise me you’ll avoid number three.” This is definitely different from before. Bitty stares at Jack. “Spencer, number three, don’t go near him when he’s on their side of the rink. Promise me, Bits.”

“You didn’t even call me Bitty at this point,” he says in shock. They stare at each other for a minute, eyes wide. 

“I won’t get the concussion this time and we’ll talk about this after the game,” Bitty blurts out. Jack nods vigorously. They play, and it’s brutal, but Bitty avoids the hip check. Once the game is over, they rush to get seats together in the bus. In whispers, they talk about the future they already had. Bitty mourned the years of school he had ahead of him that he had already completed. Jack complained about having to rewalk a long path to the Stanley Cup. They talked about teammates who felt like family but would still know them as strangers. Graduation, the Fourth of July they spent in Madison, their first Christmas together. Every important milestone of their relationship.

“And in this loop or timeline or whatever, we haven’t even kissed!” Bitty whispers, letting his head thunk back against the headrest. “I was at the point where I was out of college, happy with my career, and hiding a ring from you!”

“You weren’t!” Jack says out loud before dropping back into a whisper. “I was doing the same thing.” They both start laughing. It’s the perfect time to have a second first kiss. They lean in towards each other, their lips meet, and–

–They’re back in their apartment. Bitty sits bolt upright in their bed and turns to Jack. For a fleeting second, he thinks about pretending the last several months just didn’t happen. Jack sits up too, and their eyes meet.

“Did that just–”

“Your frog year take two–” They dissolve into relieved laughter.

“I thought I was going to have to take calc again!”

“I thought I was going to have to listen to you complain about calc again,” Jack says before Bitty smacks him with a pillow. “Kidding! Kind of! Wait, weren’t we just saying that we wanted to propose to each other?” He throws himself out of bed and runs to start rummaging through various coat pockets.

“Oh no, you’re not going to propose to me before I can propose to you!” 

Everything is as it should be once more.

Dear @markiplier,

I don’t know if you know about what happened on Friday. I woke up early to get the bus to get there “On time” like many others might’ve. Since the line up for your signing wasn’t supposed to be until a hour and a half before as a bunch of people said and in the past the cap was at 200 people. I got there around 9:32 AM just about. We rushed down to the Queue Room as fast as we could go. 

When we got there we discovered that they gave out tickets at 8 am and they were gone by 8:30 am because the Center opened a hour early for some reason. We tried to bargain, we tried to sneak (like a few I know had done who ended up seeing you), we tried so many things to no avail. It felt so unfair that me along with so many others were kicked out because the line up time wasn’t correct for meeting you. 

I was heartbroken, devastated even knowing I could never meet you. I promised so many good friends I’d ask things since they couldn’t go. I had letters, art even one from @simpleagle that I printed out to give you. But I failed my promises. I failed my friends. I failed to be a messenger. I began to sob as I sorted through the pile of things I had printed for you my stuff I drew, wrote and other things my friends made. My face was so red from crying I felt like a idiot in front of all those people waiting for you.

After I came back from getting food my mom was there following the line saying a Enforcer let her in but another came to get out or we’d be flagged to even going near you he sounded almost cheerful saying it. They made us give them our gifts to them because “he wouldn’t care/he won’t even look at it” that hit me with a sinking feeling of dread. 

I don’t know if you will see this @markiplier but hopefully you will. Hopefully others will share this so you can see the mess that happened.