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10 facts about Nakia plz

1. Nakia has scars along his back from years of servitude. One scar punctured his rightmost rear flame vent, so it doesn’t work anymore and is painful to the touch. He tends to always face enemies to his left.  

2. Servant collar and earmark colourings mean something. Nakia’s are yellow, which mean moderate threat. Green is tame, yellow is moderately dangerous, orange is very dangerous, and red is deadly. Nakia has never actively sought to kill, but he has injured many pokemon before, so he’s been marked with yellow warning signs. There are other ways of designating these, but earmarks and collars are the only ones that matter for Nakia. 

3. Aside from regular common-speak, Nakia is fluent in his native tongue. I have no real details set for it, but for visual purposes, it appears as very, very messy Arabic. 

4. Nakia had a twin brother, who died of disease before his homeland was invaded. He also has two sisters, one older and one younger. His mother was a high-ranking diplomat, and his father was in a sort of military position. 

5. His native culture is matriarchal, for the most part. Because of his mother’s position in his old society, Nakia is actually well versed in diplomatic relations and can behave accordingly. 

6. Nakia is a unisex name, but it’s more common among females. Thus, Nakia has been referred to as a female several times before. He doesn’t look or sound particularly feminine, and will usually punch anyone who refers to him by the wrong pronouns. 

7. Nakia can’t read. His homeland was invaded when he was about seven, and the language is different where he now lives. He can only read a little of his native language, and almost nothing (except for his own name) in water-type written language. 

8. Nakia finds burning things relaxing and/or pleasurable. He sometimes starts controlled burns to let off steam. 

9. He is technically bisexual, but he pretends not to know it. He has so far only dated once, canonically, with a female charmeleon while he worked on a wheat farm. 

10. The symbol on his forehead is actually a flame vent. It can produce heat and flames much like the spots on his back and the top of his head. It’s a mutation that’s actually relatively common amongst the cyndaquil line in this world, but his just happened to take the form of a symbol instead of a weird blob shape. 


still home alone on a Friday night? don’t worry…

you’ve always got someone to dance with…

just as long as you remember these yakuza…

Bon Voyage Season 1

Season 2 is almost here so here is season 1 for anyone who wants it!

full credit to @hellosarang

Ep 0: Google Drive

Ep 1: Google Drive (includes live commentary)

Ep 2: Google Drive

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Ep 4: Google Drive

Ep 5: Google Drive

Ep 6: Google Drive

Ep 7: Google Drive

Ep 8: Google Drive

Hopefully if a link gets taken down the other options will work. But no telling if/when these will get taken down so enjoy while you can!

Please don’t infantilise trans guys. Especially trans guys in their late teens/20s who look younger than their cis counterparts because of a lack of T. If you treat a cis boy as mature, you better not talk down to a trans guy of the same age as if he’s somehow more ‘innocent’ or in any way less mature just because he might not have the “”“signs”“” of being a grown male.

here’s to the women with fire in their eyes, the ones who sing too loud and love too hard. the one’s who know what they want, the ones who know how to get it, and the ones who will do whatever is needed to get it. here’s to the fighters.

here’s to the women with clouds in their eyes. the ones who hum under their breath, whose smiles can light up a thousand cities, the ones who love gently. the one’s who don’t want for much, but they will take what they do want. here’s to the lovers.

here’s to the women with cities in their eyes, cites of their very own. here’s to the ones who make things before other can even imagine them, the ones in love with creation. the ones who find what they want for themselves. here’s to the dreamers.

here’s to the women with civilizations in their eyes. the ones whose knowledge encompasses galaxies and centuries, the ones who thirst for knowledge. the ones who love recklessly and think rationally, who are the tacticians in a fight. here’s to the thinkers.

here’s to the ones who fight back, every day. here’s to the ones who persevere, no matter what. here’s to the ones who don’t take abuse and intolerance lying down.

here’s to all of us. 

happy international women’s day. keep fighting. 

throughout my impoverishing fever i literally could not stop thinking about a gemstuck eridan

probably a tanzanite? kunzite?