My favorite panels of 323 are these two

For two reasons. One: they’re just plain beautiful. 

Two: tragedy, baby. They’re so emotion-heavy. I mean,  the hands reaching out to Sinbad liek he can finally rest, his innocent surprised face and then his smile. That smile guys. Damn so many things could be said about that panel. He looks happy. And not I-did-better-than-you happy or I-rule-the-world happy. Just plain happy, peaceful even ? I would say grateful as well, somehow, but maybe that’d be pushing it a little.

And then this one just because GO UGO!

hayley kiyoko is the peak of music because who else makes perfectly soft, sapphic and memorable sing along but also blast worthy songs?


84 multifandom icons by ohweasley; find them HERE and HERE.

colored icons include:  stranger things {eleven, nancy, jonathan, steve, joyce}, marvel {luke cage, jean grey}, the get down {shaolin, dizzee},  dc {deadshot, harley}, star wars {rey, stormpilot}, people {emeraude toubia}

bw icons include: shadowhunters {alec, izzy, clace, jace}, harry potter {hermione, luna, ron}, tbbt {shamy}, dc {harley}, people {kat mcnamara, olly alexander}

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eternaltay  asked:

did u kno that dizzee loves doing his makeup and on hot days he'll sit up in Yolanda's room and they'll paint their nails together and do eachother's makeup and when they're finished they love showing off their creations so Yolanda invites Regina and Mylene over and dizzee invites Thor over and they get scored and laugh and dizzee always offers to paint thors nails and Thor always gives in bc dizzee has the cutest puppy dog eyes and he just can't resist???? only facts bro

literally the greatest facts.
yolonda & dizzee go shopping for makeup together any time they have time off the barbershop/ffp1

they do each others hair ALL THE TIME everyone else is so jealous