tl;dr: vegetables and babysitting

I report back to you from my adventures in Oscar Isaac’s Early Filmography with a review of Won’t Back Down:

  • it’s about Women with Children Getting Shit Done, which as you know appeals to me as a genre
  • Oscar Isaac plays the Sexy Girlfriend role, where he is essentially Maggie Gyllenhal’s prize for being a good person who Works Hard and who Cares about Society. we all deserve nice things, right? 
  • she already has the best clothes, but why settle for that?
  • because you too deserve to be banging a hot ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER who LOVES THE KIDS and JUST WANTS TO TEACH! but he doesnt get the big picture about Society, you know? she does. she explains it to him. then he gets it. 
  • he brings food to her flat and cooks it
  • the food involves vegetables
  • is there a man in YOUR life who spontaneously cooks you vegetables? well woo fucking hoo for you if there is
  • after cooking vegetables for her and her kid (oh yeah the kid’s there, this isn’t SEXY cooking, this is weeknight dinner) he lets her PULL his HAIR in the KITCHEN (he seems to really dig this part. i really dig this part. here’s a screencap of this part:)
  • and possibly most importantly, he advances the plot by being her booty call babysitter. 
  • seriously! she just calls him up for a quick peck on the cheek and then leaves him entertaining her child with his ukulele so she can go out and CHANGE SOCIETY with Viola Davis
  • do you know why Women with Children don’t get more shit done? We’re too busy buying and cooking vegetables and we can’t go the fuck out in the evening because of our KIDS
  • kids listen to me I am 37 
  • one day you too will understand the power of my yearning for oscar isaac to come to my house, cook me vegetables and play the ukulele to my kids so i can GO THE FUCK OUT AND ADVANCE THE FUCKING PLOT ALREADY

In conclusion: what do women want? protagonism, vegetables and hot babysitters. next question.

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I was never part of the ship wars in bleach and never really cared about the ships but come on even I can't understand people say that ichiruki isn't canon. Like, let's be real, what more must happen so people see it? And ichihime, nono. There never was a thing. Can't grasp how people even ship them, it's the most one sided thing ever and it's clear to see. I just don't get it, why is it being denied so much by him since himself made it so obvious lol. Face it pal, it's romance, not crime.

That’s so true. But the thing about Ichihime is that the shipper love the old passioned style when it comes to romance. I don’t insist that I’m right about my observations about them but, let’s be real.

They like Orihime for Ichigo because:

1. She’s beautiful. (The body, face and personality a.k.a her bubbly side persona.)

2. She’s the princess in distress. (Yes. She is. Her whole persona is the princess in distress.)

3. She have a crush on the Hero. (Which is obviously one-sided) And it’s unknown to the Hero too. (How cute is that?)

4. She always need protection. (And who better protect her than Ichigo a.k.a the one who protects?)

5. Other stuffs Idk. (Hehe, this post is getting too long for me, sorry.)

But the thing is that Bleach isn’t that typical.

Ichigo isn’t that typical.

Because Ichigo needs someone too.

He’s not that Dattebayo guy, who can push himself to his best.

He needs someone to do that for him.

He’s not that Geass guy, who knows what he wanted and needed.

He still needs someone to remind him of what’s important.

He’s not that Pirate driven guy, who believes in himself strongly.

He needs someone who believes in him so strong, that he is in her heart forever imprinted.

And we all know who that is. ;)


Kuchiki Rukia

6+2 Humans

How I imagine the 6 other humans that fell down the hole looked like. Also Frisk admiring their self.

Undertale was created by Toby Fox

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thanks goes to you guys, the readers, who come back every week, or month, to read the next chapter. even bigger thanks goes to those who have given me feedback, either through messages or comments or reblogs. you guys are the ones who have kept this fic going, and have motivated me to see it out to a conclusion. it’s your fic as much as it’s my fic. thank you so much :3 💕


Stuff I got the other day!! I’m almost done getting all of the winter wave of Bionicle, I just got Tahu, Onua and Creature of Earth. Just got Lewa and his Creature and I’ve got then all!! I also got Rocket and Groot tsum tsums, one of the new mixels, a free nexo knights fortrex and the Ninth Doctor (with a banana). Spoiled myself a bit, haha


Thanks so much to @ontarom for drawing my bb so well! You rock! 

  • cis ppl @ original down with cis post:
  • trans person:down with cis haha
  • cis ppl:oh my god what the fuck is this. what the UFCK is this. hate breeds hate like how would you feel if we said 'down with trans'?? how would you feel if every day on tumblr you were mocked and shunned for being trans like cis ppl are. smh these damn trans*gendereds why do we even support them if theyre gonna be so cisphobic :///