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Since Project No Control sponsorships were so successful and I’ve seen quite a few people talking about gifting Drag Me Down, I thought we could give this another shot! 

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but no sometimes tim will be on patrol and he’ll be fighting this guy and this guy will say something REALLY RUDE to tim but you know tim is red robin he can handle it WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN SUPERBOY COMES STREAKING OUT OF THE SKY and then it’s all “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY I HAVE A QUESTION FOR YOU HERE’S THE TRICK QUESTION HOW WOULD YOU LIKE THE CLIMATE ON JUPITER CAUSE THAT’S WHERE YOU’RE GOING”

and tim is all “SUPERBOY SUPERBOY please”

and conner looks at him

and tim is like “please… no climate on jupiter….not the climate on jupiter bit please”

and conner frowns and says “…no climate on jupiter?”

and tim shakes his head and pinches the bridge of his nose

so conner backs off and kind of gestures to the guy like “would you do the honors”

“thank you superboy. thank you.”

but tim’s brain is going


My accessory Klexos from Freedom Wars in different clothes because this particular set complements his palette so nicely ^///q///^

Klexos is quiet and loyal. He’s also very patient with his sinner Skye especially since she loves dressing him up so much (I think in a way he can tell how much she cares about him)

radialarch asked:

eeeeeeve this is an idle desire and not a prompt proper, but have you ever thought about post-game bethany/isabela where bethany's a little bitter and just figuring out how to piece her life back together, and maybe isabela knows a little something about that (and like, optional plot about the calling, and isabela's not a hero but this time she wants)

yes hello 911 I’d like to present this as photographic evidence that radialarch is trying to kill me

because HON EST LY I cannot BELIEVE you’ve done this to me??? PICTURE IT:

  • bethany trying to make peace with a life she never wanted and finally starting to make inroads into repairing her relationship with her sister
  • in the process, trying to bury her feelings of resentment and bitterness over constantly having her choices taken away from her, which all starts to manifest in the form of a), too much alcohol, b), a rigid sort of recklessness, c), a new scar or two along her rather shapely jaw, and d), near-daily letters to isabela (some sent, some unsent) that range from maudlin to furious to disconsolate and miserable, with the occasional foray into flirting that’s about as subtle as a hurricane. a hideously repressed, slightly sweaty hurricane
  • meeting up with isabela in kirkwall when she’s sent north again, and letting it all out in the room at the hanged man just up the stairs and to the left that is now, by all rights, isabela’s
  • isabela opening up just a sliver about her past, her life, why she lives at the knifepoint of the present with no home but what she can carry on her back; but that sliver, that tiny glint of light, is all she needs to open for bethany to get inside
  • sometimes they get drunk and end up fucking in isabela’s room, which isabela regrets because this is hawke’s sister and she’s the brightest, most beautiful thing in the world and she deserves better than what she can give her, and bethany regrets because this is isabela and she’s had this enormous, awkward crush on her stuck somewhere in her chest like a splinter for the better part of a decade, and she wants to remember it all in the morning but she can’t
  • after a while–after more visits, and good wine, and a novel’s-length of letters–bethany goes sailing with isabela for a few months, and thinks, finally, finally, maybe she can learn to be okay with it all. that this is her life, and she didn’t choose it, but she can choose where she goes and how she gets there and who she shares it with, that she doesn’t have to always be okay, that life is as mutable as she’ll let it be, and she doesn’t have to hide anymore
  • when she tells isabela all of that, isabela just goes quiet, and then grabs her by the lapels and kisses her breathless and they screw each other stupid in her cabin
  • in the morning, when bethany remembers everything and isabela fusses with her bootlaces and makes vague un-apologies for the state of the room, bethany, being the unbelievable darling she is, just says something like, “i’ve been in worse places, and i’d go to worse still if it meant i could be with you,” and something inside isabela–some cancer she thought she cut out years and years ago–ripples, and expands, and floods her whole body clean through
  • [insert Great Emotional Freakout here, wherein bethany is living on borrowed time and the reinforced steel dam of isabela’s self-loathing bursts]
  • after some time apart, with letters sent from all over–sometimes entire pages, sometimes just a single word, every single one of them folded carefully away in the pages of the blank traveling journal isabela keeps to seem deep–she finds bethany at a port town in antiva, just after the strange rifts have started to carve themselves into thin air. isabela asks if she can buy her a drink, it being the end of the world and all; bethany asks her if she practiced that one. isabela says, “eighteen times, and i still forgot to strategically press my heaving bosom against you like i’d planned.” an argument ensues that would have made bethany turn the color of stewed tomatoes once, during which they laugh so hard they cry, or maybe cry so hard they laugh, and it is ascertained that isabela does in fact have a bosom made for heaving and marble effigies, among other things.
  • it turns out that love, sometimes, can be difficult to distinguish from terminal illness
  • a whole year, then:  isabela following bethany wherever she goes, and bethany taking to sailing like a seabird; small steps forward; sleepless nights; a history written together; isabela buying a new hat and going by “admiral isabela” just because she likes the way it fits in her mouth, the way it makes bethany smile; whispers about the warden in orlais, working to stave off death; every country in the whole of thedas, everywhere they could want to go; inns and meals and fights and beds and seasides and good-morning kisses strung together like joints or vertebrae in a shared anatomy of life, and love
  • and then, one day as isabela is setting off for orlais–to bethany, to chase after a myth in the hopes of cheating death–she gets a letter written in bethany’s elegant, sloping scrawl:  I reckon you were right, about the end of the world.
  • bethany learning, all over again, to stand upright on her own; how to let go of the anger at being left behind again–for the last time–and having things, only to have them taken away; how to fit the pieces back together, grief and bitterness and love and loss and all, into a cohesive whole. sometimes, waking up at night to find that isabela is already up and waiting
  • once–surprisingly, not drunk–she tells isabela she wouldn’t blame her if she left. isabela just glares and tells bethany that she doesn’t make investments in things she doesn’t plan to keep, and they spend the night awake and adrift at sea, clinging to each other like refugees
  • they’re never quite sure, in the end, where they’re going. but they are sure of themselves, of the strength in their own bones, of the solidity of their bodies, together–of each other, and of home, home, home, wherever they go, no matter where they stand.

I’ve only ever been sure of two things while watching pll. 1) I NEVER thought Ali was dead lol. I was sayin that shit since day one. [but I was high key surprised as heck when she finally appeared ‘did u miss me?’ Yaaaas bitch, actually I did.] and of course 2) aria is sketchy and suspect af lmao.