If 5sos had periods


Watches Disney movies and cries at the smallest things. His bed is covered in chocolate wrappers around him. Drinks green teas like his life depends on it in hopes of easing cramps.


Definitely the type that does exercise for cramps, also takes hot baths. He would watch dog movies and stat crying because a puppy hurt it’s paw. Whenever he was with you he would pretend to be tough until that one cramp kicked in harder than the others.


Needy as frick. Refuses to move unless absolutely necessary. “Baaaaabe” You coming home to him with a heating pad and electric blanket on. Like Michael he would want to be cuddled, but he would fall asleep on you in seconds.


Demands to be cuddled constantly. Constantly groaning and cussing in pain. Plays video games to get his attention off the cramps. Lays in bed with a heating pad on, all the food he could want and catches up on anime.

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Ameripan for the ship thingy


  • who the fuck put the peeps in the microwave? alfred. he sent a video of it to gilbert.
  • who forgot to put the cat outside before sex? both of them have done this, though kiku has more. they don’t want the cats to terrorize pochi.
  • who posts vines of the other doing embarrassing shit? kiku’s vine account is nothing but alfred getting pissed off at video games he can’t beat. alfred’s vines are shitposts in video format.
  • who breaks the most phones? alfred. when will he learn that iphones are fragile and he is sTRONK
  • who dies first? kiku ehHEHEHE
  • which one i can see as being lactose intolerant? alfred. “you mean i cant eat ice cream???? or cheese????? or butter???????” he probably has an existential crisis upon finding out
  • who thinks they can do something really well even though they can’t? kiku. they try to dance. try.
  • who is more likely to get kicked out of bed? alfred. he steals covers and puts his cold hands on people. 
  • who uses the computer most? do you think this is a game? do you think this is a fucking game? they are both glued to their laptops 24/7. 
Why Multiplayer only games are WRONG.

So this is going to seem kind of random, but I’ve been wanting to get this off my chest for a while now and seeing as I have both the time and knowledge currently to do it, I figured why the heck not.

SO, in case you’ve been living under a rather sizable rock for the last decade, the triple A gaming industry (triple A being the highest funded and advertised games on the market) have taken a definite turn towards making their games as multiplayer friendly as possible across both console and pc gaming. You can see it everywhere from Mortal Kombat X, to Call of Duty to even Assassin’s Creed Unity. The reasons behind this shift are pretty easy to understand. Companies know that gamers love to show off their skills, and beating other people can often be a lot more satisfying than beating down mindless bots. They also know that it can make for a lot more sales as a good multiplayer will mean friend groups will all have to get a copy of the game so they can all play together, word of mouth sells the game for them and they potentially double or triple their revenue. I personally have absolutely no problem with a single player game like The Last of Us having a multiplayer option, in fact I applaud it. What is wrong is what’s happened just recently, about the same time the latest generation of consoles hit the market and that is the shift to Multiplayer ONLY. 

The reasons this is wrong are so many. 

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time to pause these x-files and go get a haircut.

because project “kira-mae-grows-out-her-hair-and-looks-like-a-professional-adult” isn’t going according to plan.

i mean its been like a year or maybe more and all i’ve managed to accomplish is this sk8r boi circa 2006 shaggy hair flip and I am not digging it.

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Aerith shouldn't die in the remake cause it's extremely creepy and disgusting that freaks get off to the idea of playing a video game where a female character dies. Honestly they should just fill that scene with the salt of everybody who thinks otherwise.



i know i have to do that project but the paper for it is downstairs and i have to wait til my mom is asleep to go get it so im just…going to slack off and play video games as always

im manic af bc of this full moon so heres an intro to my life
hi my name is katy and im complete trash for the following: txf, star wars, ahs, JLange, langston, swan queen, carrison, gillovny, mulder/scully and han/leia

aries sun, leo moon, pisces ascendant

i have bipolar disorder, panic disorder and social anxiety

im in the process of writing a book

im a drummer and have been kicking along to a beat since i was in the womb

i am the proud fairy dog-mother of two english mastiffs and a bichon frise who thinks he owns the entire fucking world

i have a huge music taste which includes everything except screamo and country (literally)

im from Appalachia (which is pronounced “apple” “latch” “uh”) and my accent only comes out in full when i watch football games or get really pissed off

i make videos of myself and post them on here so get used to that idea or get over being annoyed by it

i write fanfiction and make computer graphics on a regular basis

i draw in graphite and am self-taught so its not that great but i still like doing it

i have been deciphering carrie fisher’s tweets for those less fortunate and who don’t understand her insanity (being insane, myself, i understand such things)

when i was a kid i wanted to grow up to be a french fry girl, a geneticist, an actress, and an author (who knew, right??)

i love all animals, but i have a soft spot for dogs, so feel free to spam me with anything canine-related (AS LONG AS IT’S POSITIVE AND NOTHING ABOUT ABUSE BC NO)

im bisexual but still a virgin, and those two things can, in fact, happen in tandem so dont fight me on this you wont win

i love boobs, collar bones, voice timbres, and hands

a man who plays the piano will win my heart every damn time, so michael emerson and richard dreyfuss im coming for you 

though i mostly type like a drunk 4th grader who has barely learned phonics and how to write in cursive, i was actually an english ta for the last 2 years of my collegiate career in my hometown before moving across the country to start over and finish my degree. i have graded more illiterate papers than i care to mention…

i have a b.a. degree in liberal arts with an emphasis on english and psychology. i graduated cum laude last year with a 3.69/4.00 gpa, so im proud of myself. it was 7 years in the making, but i did it. 

i have suffered 3 breakdowns in my almost 28 years of life on this earth, and i dont recommend them to anyone

i bite my nails if they get too long

i still blog in a livejournal which is so much more demure than this blog though it should be the other way around bc this is public whereas the LJ is locked……..

i despise children with a passion greater than that of 37 supernovas

im of english, german, dutch, irish, and melungeon ancestry
i have naturally strawberry blonde and curly hair
i am a nyctophile and hermit by nature
i own a pet-sitting business
thats it
good day to you all