HAIKYUU: Cuddling With Tsukishima

Y'all, I just want you to know that i love Tsukki so much.

- Always the big spoon and has an arm around your waist. But sometimes if you’re already laying down he’ll walk over and lay on top of you and will lay there for a bit while you just hold him close.

- Sometimes weird conversations but for the most part you guys are quiet and just enjoying the moment.

- You sometimes stay up having a movie marathon and Tsukki likes when you just watch them while laying on his chest. He sometimes doesn’t pay much attention to the movie and just watches you. He’ll run his fingers through your hair and sometimes run his hands up and down your back.

- He’s so adorable when he wakes up and sometimes if he’s in a good mood he’ll roll on top of you and rest his head in the crook of your neck and ignore you when you tell him to get off.

- You stay up playing video games with him and you’re usually laying on top of him and listening to his heartbeat while he tries to beat a level.

- Annoying Tsukki is fun to a certain extent so sometimes you’ll pull up his shirt and poke his stomach and he’ll roll his eyes and ignore you until you get near the waistband of his shorts and he quickly grabs your hand and pulls you away. He holds back his laugh and tries to look as normal and possible so you don’t discover how ticklish he is.

- Tsukishima enjoys lazy days since he’s not the type of person who likes going out a lot.

- Ordering takeout and having lazy make-out sessions.

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9 Bedtime Distractions

(AN: Just a wee word for the pure of heart: it gets a little steamy in here with this one. You’ve been warned.)


Dan: “Daaaan,” you singsonged, an intentional hint of annoyance in your soft voice, “Dan!” You got nothing but a half-hearted ‘hmm?’ from Dan’s place sitting on the floor. His eyes were glued to Fallout-Black-Ops-Auto-Scrolls 9000 or whatever, the video game you’d regretfully bought him for Christmas, not batting an eyelash in your direction. Not that you were the needy type, but it was getting late and you just wanted Dan to yourself once in a while. “It’s getting late,” you cooed, “Can’t we just… go to bed?” You felt like you were practically begging him, it was pathetic.

Without moving a muscle your way he responded, “Just let me finish this one last thing.” But that’s what he always said. You huffed and stood your ground on the sofa above him for a little while longer, watching whatever little journey his ‘character’ was going on. Whatever it was, it looked incredibly boring.

“Are you almost done?” You asked him periodically. Yes, you were well-aware you sounded like an absolute child, but you hoped your petulance would pry him away for the night. He’d been playing for hours, you could have sworn. “Aren’t you bored of that already?” You whined.

“Nope,” he replied. Dan well knew that he could get a little attached to new video games, but that certainly didn’t stop him.

You slumped yourself down on the floor next to him, very much next to him, your shirt riding up your back just the slightest. “Now?” You pried. He didn’t even glance before shaking his head no. You sighed a frustrated sigh, slinging your nearly bare legs over his. “Now?” You asked once more, wiggling your legs to get him to look. Most nights he was quite the legs guy, but he didn’t budge. Dan was absolutely torturing you at this point. With another dramatic sigh, you blocked his view of the telly, straddling him with your knees on either side of his legs. “Won’t you look at me now?“ You whined. He was teasing you to oblivion.

Dan looked into your eyes, nothing more, and pecked your lips with far too much chastity. “You look very nice, dear.” He ducked his head and craned it to the side in order to see the screen again, exposing his irresistible jawline. God, he was absolutely killing you!

If he was going to play this proverbial ‘game,’ then so were you. You didn’t dare move from your place on his lap, but instead began to sway your hips. Not grinding on him, no, but damn well wanting to. You leaned forward and placed open-mouthed kisses along his jawline, sucking there when it suited your fancy. Continuing the riding motion of your hips on his lap, your mouth found its way down Dan’s jaw and onto his neck, nibbling a possessive path he would be seeing in the morning. It was worth it when he would close his eyes for a moment and let out the occasional ’ah.’ Perhaps now you were finally getting his attention. You stopped at the crook of his neck, a known Daniel Howell Weak Spot, and let your lips linger ghostly against his skin.

“For fuck’s sake, darling,” Dan swore, tossing his controller to the side before gripping your waist to halt your movement, “you know what you do to me?”

You smiled a triumphant smile as Dan’s lips lunged for yours with an undeniable hunger. His large hands grabbed your bum, feeling what was his through the fabric of your pyjama shorts, gaining a surprised yet pleased yelp from you. You enjoyed your victory for the rest of the night, Dan particularly enjoying his ‘loss,’ if you could really call it that. Maybe it didn’t teach him to get off his video games, but it certainly did teach him how to get you on him.

Phil: For the fifth consecutive night in a row, Phil was up past midnight reading whatever Steven King novel tickled his fancy that month in the lounge, avoiding bed, and any contact with you for that matter, like the plague. His night owl tendencies drove you absolutely bonkers sometimes. Perhaps his subscribers liked the videos, but you, for one, were not a fan of ’Sleepless Nights with Phil.’ Not unless you had a say. You tried your hardest to sleep through it, you really did, but Phil’s conversation with his vlog camera still seemed to boom through the paper-thin walls of your flat.

You trudged – dramatically – into the kitchen to find something to eat. If you were going to suffer through the night, you’d have Phil know, and you might as well make it worth your while. With a slam of the refrigerator door, you made yourself known.

“Sounds like someone else is awake,” Phil noted to the camera, “or I’m being burgled,” he joked. He found his way to you and was about to turn his camera to you before noticing you were in nothing but a little satin slip, and it was probably not AmazingPhil-audience-friendly. His face amused you, however; his tongue stuck out just slightly, face flushed, and eyes on every part of your body at once. “What are you doing up?”

“I could ask you the same,” you retorted, passing him a wink. You took a large bite out of the apple in his hand and smiled at him deviantly. He now had his camera pointed at your face, to which you waved brightly despite your exhaustion.

“Hey!” Phil accused without holding back a loving chuckle, “That was my apple, you criminal!”

“Oh, was it?” You joked with an air of innocence. You stepped toward him and wrapped your arms around his middle and you lifted your head to face his. You were at just the right height to where Phil could bend down and kiss you if he wanted, but he resisted. Your chin rested against the soft cotton shirt on his sternum, looking up. You gave him your best please-come-back-to-bed-and-love-me look, peering into his light eyes close enough to see the pupils dilate at the sight of you. But all Phil did, damn him, was look right back. “Come back to bed…”

Phil moved the camera to his left hand, freeing his right hand to let it slide right below your waist. “But I’m not tired,” he whined like a child. At this point you didn’t know how much longer you could take it. “I like this,” he said in a much softer tone, feeling the satin of your slip between his fingertips and biting his bottom lip just so, “it’s lovely.”

“Maybe I’ll let you borrow it sometime,” you joked, intentionally teasing him so he’d get the damn idea already, “I think you’d look dashing in peach.”

Phil let out an entertained hum/chuckle from his chest and smiled down at you. The camera was still in his hand but no longer part of his focus. The hand that laid just above your bum moved down and inward, pressing your body against his deliciously. His head dipped down to steal a kiss from your lips, nothing heated, but enough to get you wanting more. “You taste like apple,” he noted, grinning at you as if he was the one that was trying to get something from this. Phil kissed you again, this one more brief than the last.

“Best turn that camera off now, yeah?” You suggested. What was to ensue (you hoped) certainly wasn’t part of the family-friendly AmazingPhil brand, and you only wanted Phil to yourself, not his audience. You didn’t let go as he flipped over the viewfinder and powered off the device. You kept your hands on him, holding and saving him as if from an invisible bandit. He was yours, all yours, and you were going to keep him.

After a long moment of his mouth on your neck, he laid a kiss on your lips and asked you lowly, “Bed?” You thought he’d never ask. You nodded and initiated, for once, a long and heated kiss. This was your victory lap, finally getting what you most wanted. You smiled against him and laughed quietly on the journey back to your long-awaited feather-down haven. He laid you down, as gently as his giant body could, on the mattress and followed suit on top of you. Maybe you weren’t quite the ruling seductress you’d made yourself out to be, but something certainly was working, as you got quite a lot of affection from Phil. “You know what, Y/N?” Phil weaved his words betwixt apple-flavoured kisses and small, low chuckles, “I’m still not tired.”

i genuinely don’t understand where hbomberguy gets off making so many videos on games when he very clearly can’t be objective for even a second

like he unironically praises no man’s sky because the monotony is “supposed to make you reflect on yourself” or some other dumb shit and then expects people to listen to his opinions on ds2 for a feature length amount of time

why would anyone watch these kinds of videos from you when you have no credibility? it’s like expecting people to read an essay you’ve written after you’ve titled it “shit fuck poop fart”

2P!America as a Kid
  • <p> <b>Oliver:</b> Allen, how about you get off those video games and go outside with Matt?<p/><b>Allen:</b> How about you suck my balls?<p/><b>Oliver:</b> Allen! *Looks at François* Where on earth did he learn to talk like this?<p/><b>François:</b> I don't know, but why don't you suck my balls?<p/></p>
Driver’s Ed

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Pairing: BobbyxDaughter!reader
Word count: 1,737
Warnings: Swearing?

“Damn it, kid!” Bobby snapped. He was currently trying to get his adopted daughter off the couch, away from the video games, and out into the fresh air. “You’ve been playing that thing for the past week. Give it a rest.” He muttered, leaning against the door frame. Watching the sixteen year old, he had a feeling that she wasn’t even hearing him.

Rolling his eyes, he walked away. She had landed on his doorstep a few years earlier. Her parents were hunters, of course, and he had watched her grow up. Y/N had been a quiet little thing until you got her around other kids. Then she led the pack. Thankfully, if Dean happened to be there, she followed him around. Dean would put up an act, pretending he hated it. He was ten years older than her, so Y/N was like the little sister he never had. And probably never wanted. Sam was a bit nicer, but she couldn’t sit still long enough to do much with him.

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How would the Sakamakis react if they are deeply in love with a girl and when they finnaly confess to her she rejects them???

Shu- He would be heartbroken, but would let her leave. 

Reiji- Reiji would be shocked, but would understand and leave her alone.

Ayato- Ayato wouldn’t leave his room for a week, then would emerge a week later acting like he was on top of the world again. 

Laito- He’d drown himself in other woman to help him forget, but he’d be a wreck.

Kanato- That’s fine, he wanted a new doll anyway-

Subaru- Subaru would be torn, but would think it’s for the best and let her leave him.

Kino- Fuck you too then. He’d get her off his mind with video games and other woman until she’s just an empty memory. 

Living With 5sos

(L = Luke Hemmings, C = Calum Hood, M = Michael Clifford, A = Ashton Irwin, U = You)

U: Alright guys. This house is a mess.

A: It’s all Lukes fault.

U: But there’s pineapple all over the kitchen.

A: Okay that may have been me….

U: Clean up!!

L: You can’t make us.

U: I swear to go Luke if you touch another piece of my clothing

M: Shut up! I’m trying to play my video game!

U: Get off your god damn video game and help clean this place up!

M: Hey give me the controller back!

U: Not until this place is- CALUM PUT SOME FUCKING CLOTHES ON!!

C: I’m airing it all out.

U: Ew. That’s disgusting. Just go put clothes on.

C: Fine.


L: Sorry……

A: Hey y/n, want some pineapple?

U: No Ashton. I don’t want any pineapple.

A: How about broccoli?

U: Ashton, are you even cleaning in there?

A: Maybe……

U: Clean it up! MICHAEL!! Stop touching Luke!!

M: He likes it though.

U: You guys are fucking stupid. Thank you for putting clothes on Calum

C: Whatever.

U: Can you guys please clean up instead of making a dog pile on the floor?

A: Did somebody say dog pile?





U: Oh my god can you guys just please clean?

*night time*

U: Luke I swear to god I will break your guitar if you don’t shut up.

L: But I have to practice.

U: Practice during the day when everyone is awake. Not at night when we are trying to sleep.

U: Michael stop fucking touching the lights.

U: Calum I don’t mind you going commando at night just please don’t let me see it.

A: Y/n?

U: What Ash?

A: I had a night mare. Can I cuddle with you?

U: Fine. Come here.

U: Luke there isn’t enough room for you too. Sleep on the floor.

U: Calum out some clothes on if you’re going to come in my room.

M: Can we get pizza?

U: Michael its midnight. No we can’t. Go to sleep.

M: But I want pizza.

L: Pizza sounds good right about now.

C: I want pizza.

A: Are we really getting pizza?


U: Finally peace and quiet.


M: Can we get pizza tomorrow?

U: We just had some today.

M: I know. But pizza is good.

U: Fine. Now shut up and sleep.

U: Luke keep your penguin to yourself. I will rip it to shreds if it comes onto this bed one more time.

U: Calum, shut up! Please.

U: Ashton quit it

U: Are we finally going to go to sleep?

L, C, M, A: *snores*

U: *whispers* Finally.

I just wanted to say something about Valentine's Day.

Every year I see more and more people post about hating Valentine’s Day, because they’re alone or because it’s “commercial” or because “you shouldn’t need a day to show someone you care.” And as someone who’s been there and who’s been alone every Valentine’s Day, allow me:

Chill the fuck out.

Nobody wants to know how salty you are because you don’t have somebody, especially when you try and write it off on the “commercialism” of the holiday when you have no problem with the commercialism of say, Christmas, Black Friday bleeding into Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or the way we treat birthdays.

You may not need a specific day to show someone you care, but it’s wonderful that we have a day on the calendar dedicated to celebrating love where you can feel it in the chemistry between people as you walk down the street.

The world is a big and scary place, now more than ever. Let people have this day to enjoy the love they have, and don’t think you’re worth any less because you don’t have someone.

Now I’m going to get off the internet to play video games and eat bargain chocolate, because today isn’t for me.


Naps with Calum would be really nice I think! because let’s face it! the boy just looks like a walking ball of cuddles. I just imagine him coming home from a work out and trying to hug you, but he’s covered in sweat, and as sexy as he looks, you demand he take a shower because he smells god awful. And so he’d come out of the bath room ten minutes later, hair slightly dripping, all coddled up in a warm hoody and some flannel pants. And the minute you lay eyes on him you can tell that he’s beat from running with Luke for well over an hour. So you’d grab his hand and lead him to bed, before crawling under the covers and holding them up so he could slide in after you. And I feel like he would just lay his head on your shoulder and just be all over you in the sense that his legs are tangled in yours and his arm is draped over you and like half his body is on top of you and you’re not quite sure how he’s comfortable but somehow he’s fallen asleep in a minute or less. And you’d have to smile because shortly after you find yourself dozing off, until he slips into an even deeper sleep, and starts snoring loudly, which end up breaking you out of your sleep. Or maybe he’s just walked through the door and it’s half past ten and he’s been gone all night recording in the studio. And you’re already all snuggled up on the couch watching some lame talk show, eating some cereal in your pjs that you had yet to change out of, when you look up and see him going off his shoes, and almost falling over in the process. He doesn’t even say anything to you before he just slowly make his way over too you and gently takes the bowl out of your hands, setting it on the nearest table. You look up at him, confused and about to ask him what the hell he was doing, when he just plopped himself down on top of you, his head finding the crook of your neck, and his arms winding around you. “I just need a little nap.” He say, his words getting muffled by your skin. “You’re really warm .” Is the next thing he’d get out, before you hear snores coming from the boy laying on you.

Ashton on the other hand! would be the worst napper, ever. Like, sure, he’d occasionally get so tired in the middle of the day that he just passes out. But most of the time, if you wanna nap, he’d be the idiot that says oh yeah sure, let’s nap, and then twenty minutes later is squirming like crazy. Like, let’s say you had just worked a double last night during you one night shift because someone had called off, and you had got home at close to eight, so you just decide to stay up, and you’d start eggs and some toast for breakfast because Ashton should be up soon. And then later that day, it’s just past one, and your sitting in the living room watching Ashton play some new video game he and Michael had gone out and bought together. And they are playing online and you can hear him yelling at Michael to cover him, but your eyes are falling shut for the umpteenth time in the past hour. He’d sneak a glance over at you again, knowing you were tired and maybe he’d caught your eyes falling shut more than once, so he’d tell Michael he’d have to go, before coming over to where you’re curled up on the couch, and gently shaking you. “Hey, love, you wanna head up to bed for a little nap, eh?” Nodding, you let him hoist you up to standing, and led you off to the bed. You two would lie down, and he’d let you snuggle up to his side, and just before you were out cold is when he’d start getting restless. Really, he should have thought this through more, because now he’s kinda stuck, you’re sleeping on him, and he’s left his phone down in the living room, so now, he’s bored out of his mind. So he’ll start to fidget his fingers and feet, gently tapping out his one drum solo in the new song on your shoulder. And then he’ll start jiggling his leg. And then he’ll start lolling his head back and forth from side to side, and not even twenty minutes into your “nap” you’re still not asleep because he’s being a right fidgety bastard. “Seriously Ash.” You’d snap, after finally having enough. “Go play with Mikey while I nap because this isn’t going to work out now, you’re bored and I’m tired so just let me sleep and well get take out when I wake up, yeah?”

I think the most frequent napper would definitely have to be Michael because let’s face it, even though he’s eighteen, he still hadn’t grasped to concept that if you stay up all night playing video games, you’re bound to be dead on your feet the next day. And since the new GTA had just come out, he literally was up until half past four, even though he had to be in the studio at ten. So when the alarm goes off in the morning at quarter to nine, and you nudge him, trying to wake him, he does so very slowly. And finally, once he’s up, he’s like a sloth, hanging all over you, moving very slowly. And then he’s out the door getting picked up by Calum, being whisked off to the studio. And hours later, when he comes home, he makes it barely two feet in the door before he’s dropping his jacket and everything and demanding that you two go take a nap. Already knowing the routine, you shuffle on to the couch, before waiting for him to settle down next you and, and throwing a blanket over your bodies. And it’s really cozy, because you two are absolutely smushed on the small couch, but it’s nice cause you’re so close together and warm and his arms wind around you, so it’s like you two are smushed together Ina warm little cocoon. And it’s not rare to have this happen several days a week, hell, it’s happened everyday for weeks on end. Because Michael just can’t get it through his head that if he wants to make it all the way through the day with out falling asleep, he needs to get off the damn video games and put his head to the pillows.

The most random napper award would definitely go to Luke Okay, don’t fight me on this. I can just picture it, when he gets really tired his mind gets kinda fuzzy and he just sometimes mistakes the stool and counter in the kitchen for a comfy place to sleep. And it just seems likes he’s always dozing off in the most random places. Like this one time, when the boys were touring America, there was ten minutes before sound check, and Luke was no where to be found. Ashton was about to have a freaking complex because of course Luke would wander off before one of the biggest shows to date. It’s not like this was the biggest crowd they had ever played for before or anything. And so everyone is frantically searching for him, looking in everyone open door and all he rooms he could of found himself in. And it wasn’t until you were jogging up the stairs to get to the next floor that something caught your eye in the rows of seats. You stopped, and turned around to look down and see that a few rows over, the big idiot at fallen asleep in between the rows of seats. Ashton told him off for that big time. Or the time you took him with you too your aunts house, for your cousins graduation. And you swore that you left him outside playing with the little kids before you wen tot get a refill on your lemonade, but when you came back out, he was no where to be found. So after wandering around your aunts house and asking party guest if they’d seen him, you were stumped, and out of ideas of where the blond could be. And it wasn’t until a few minutes later that one of the little girl came up to you, tugging on your sleeve before grabbing your hand and dragging you outside. You were very confused until she lead you to the huge swing set, and pointed to the sandbox that was creatively hidden out of sight behind the stairs and slide. And there, you found Luke, curled in a ball laying in the sand, with a small boy dumping truck loads of sand into his ear. Suffice to say you took plenty of pictures before you woke him, and he has still yet to live it down.

One Direction BSM : He Finds Out You're Dating A 5SOS/BTR Guy

Liam: “Where are we going, James?” you ask as you get into the passenger seat of his car and he smirks over at you. “I thought dinner would be a nice touch for a change, we never get to do more then that with how worried you are about your brother.” “Liam’s protective.” you defend and James shakes his head. “I went on tour with him before, (YN), it’s how i met you, he likes me.” “Not when he finds out that we’re actually dating.” “Your his older sister, he shouldn’t care who you date.” You smile and shake your head. “I don’t know what to tell you James, but, yeah. When do you and the rest of Big Time Rush leave for tour?” “Three weeks. When does Liam leave?” “Two weeks.” James pulled into the small restaurant and you took a relieved breath. “Looks nice.” “It is.” James says and leads you inside the restaurant where you get taken to your reserved seats right away but you freeze just before you sit down and James looks up at you from where he’s seated. “(YN)? You going to sit down or what?” “James, look behind you.” James does as you say and turns right into the glare of Liam who was on a date with Sophia. “(YN), why are you with James Maslow?” “He’s my boyfriend, Liam, um, now you know!” Liam’s angered face turned soft and he shook his head laughing. “Well, i’m glad you’re going out with him, (YN), better then a lot of guys you could’ve been dating.” “You’re okay with this?” you ask and he nods. “Yeah, now you might want to join James, i think your food is getting cold.”

Louis: “I want you to move in with me.” Ashton says and you shake your head and sit up so you’re straddling him. “Ashton, Louis doesn’t even know that we’re dating, what is he going to think when i tell him i’m moving in with you? It’s going to raise problems and i don’t think i’m ready for those problems!” “(YN),” Ashton begins, sitting up and pulling you with him so he could look right into your eyes. “I’m tired of keeping us a secret. I know you tell him you’re going to your friend’s house and thank god your friend is okay with lying for you, but, one day Louis’ going to try calling or just going over to house and realize that you’re not there, and he’s going to know somethings up! I think we should tell him before he finds out from elsewhere and i think we should move in together. I really do, we’ve been together long enough, i can promise you that one.” You nodded, Ashton had been very patient with you and stayed with you while you guys kept your relationship a secret and long distanced. “Fine, when do we tell him?” “How about now?” Louis says from the doorway and holds up Ashton’s phone. “You left this at the studio and when i dropped by there i told them i’d drop it off over here, nice to know you’re doing my sister when i’m not around. Way to earn my trust, Ashton, cause you don’t have it.”

Niall: “So, you’re officially moved here from Ireland?” Logan asked and you nodded, crushing an empty box and throwing it into your trash bin. “All cleared.” “How’d Niall take it?” You shake your head, sitting down on what little room you had on your tiny couch, looking over and seeing it piled high with unpacked boxes. “He was upset, but,” you look back over at him. “He’ll get used to it. I’m an adult i can do what i want and i can move wherever i want, and now, i get to spend it with you.” he smirked when you finished and reached to hold your hand. “Niall still doesn’t know about us does he?” “He might and he might not. I haven’t lied to him about you, i’ve constantly said that i was going to skype you or text or call you or visit you, and he just waved me off, so either he paid attention or he didn’t, but i don’t care, i’m here with you now and that’s all that matters right?” “Right.” he says and leans down to kiss you when there’s a knock at the door and you go over to answer it and seeing your brother with a smirk on his face. “Logan, when you want to send your dear girlfriend aka my sister a rose and letter telling her congrats on her new apartment in the United States, send it to her address instead of mine. You’ve got a heart of gold, Logan, use it well on my sister, or your heart won’t take another beat.”

Zayn: “Michael Gordon Clifford, get your ass off of that video game or so help me god i will beat the shit out of you!” you mutter as you finish washing dishes that the two of you had used for lunch. “What’s with the attitude?” he asks doing as you asked of him and joining you by the kitchen sink. “It’s just i’m stressed out, Michael! Zayn thinks i’m over here in Australia to scout out different colleges and looking for internships. He’s going to hate me when he finds out that i’m only here to be with you and the beaches, can’t say no to those amazing beaches.” Michael smirked at you and let his fingers skirt around the hem of your shirt just above the waistband of your jeans. “Does it really matter what he thinks?” “He is my brother.” you say shortly and Michael nods. “Yeah, i wouldn’t really be much help in that field cause i have no brothers, so i don’t know how protective they are, but i know that Zayn is protective of you, but he still just wants you to be happy and if i make you happy, that should be good enough, right?” “What do you think, Zayn?” you ask and Michael’s head tilts in confusion and you smirk, pulling your phone out of your back pocket, revealing Zayn on the screen smirking. “You’ve got my seal of approval Michael, treat her well, don’t let her stay out in the sun too long, she’ll start to get sick after a while. Love you, (YN), talk to you later.” the screen went dark then and Michael laughed. “You had that planned?” You giggle. “Zayn gave me the script pretty much, but, i’m happy knowing he approves of you.” Michael kissed your nose. “Well i’m glad he approves of me, cause i’m not going anywhere.”

Harry: You went with the One Direction guys to go and reunite with 5 Seconds Of Summer because they had such a good friendship on tour and stayed friends off tour as well, and it gave you more reason to be with your secret boyfriend, Calum. It had been too long since you last saw him and when he volunteered to go to the store to pick up some snacks you volunteered to go with him. Exiting the hotel, you reach for his hand and he takes it, pulling you into him and kissing you. “God i’ve missed that.” he says in a breath when he pulled back and you smirk nodding your head, pushing him against the hotel wall “I’ve missed it too. Harry’s starting to get curious you know, keeps asking why i’m obsessed with you and the boys lately and i have to keep playing it off as just being a crazy hormonal teenage girl, i think he’s starting to catch on, but as of now, we’re still in the clear.” Calum huffed out and the both of you watched his breath turn into a cloud of smoke and drift off in the wind. “He’ll know eventually.” “When? When we get married?” Calum laughed. “I’d like that, but, what do you think Harry?” You spun around at the sound of your brother’s name and Harry smirked at your widened eyes. “The reason i’ve been catching on, (YN), i know that’s what’s got you curious and the answer is your boyfriend Calum, thought for the longest time your phone was my phone and basically told me everything without meaning to, so, yeah, i don’t care but um, are you guys going to get the snacks or are we going to starve?”

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Hey raph I really need some advice! My sister is just like Mickey. She is always playing video games and being a idiot. How would I get her to get off her stupid online video games?! I mean it is kinda ridiculous. She is always on it. Like the minute she wakes up she's online playing those games, and pretty much for the rest of the day! I don't even understand why they are so fun, I have played them a few times but stopped after like a few days. Do you have any advice of what I should do??

You are asking a fellow gamer here man….I don’t get why you hating on your sister for enjoying something she clearly loves!? Video games are life!! Seriously, you need to get over it!

FYI…It’s Mikey, Not Mickey!