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Headcanon that Hunk and Lance are the two people who would have a generosity contest; say, they all have a sleepover at one house and they both say they'll take the floor. It gets heated. Lance is more comfy on the floor anyway cuz of family reunions


  • They both end up sleeping on the floor because everyone gets tired of their shit and just take up the couches.
  • Everyone thinks it’s really nice of them both, but they get annoyed by it real fast.
  • No one knows if Lance is really being nice out of the goodness of his heart or if he just wants to win against Hunk. Something tells me it’s a bit of both.
  • They’d run out of drinks (AGE APPROPRIATE, don’t kill me) one time and Lance and Hunk had a debate on who would run to the store to get more. While they’re bickering, Shiro has time to run to the store and back. 
  • Back on Earth, they both did a lot of charity work. They both wanted to help people, and they made a game out of it. They’d start a chart and, by the end of each month, whoever had done less charity work had to buy the other dinner or something.
  • Hunk would knit hats for kids in the hospital, Lance would run a canned-food drive for the local food pantry, Hunk would volunteer for Meals on Wheels, Lance would run in Relay for Life, etc.
  • They’ve both signed up to be organ donors and give blood at blood drives often.
  • No one can complain about any of these competitions, because they’re being productive and doing nice things for people.

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Can you pls write a oneshot about your couch sex headcanon?

Anon i am so busy with updating on scandalous and life! But i feel like i can make a quickie fic on this so if i get free time this week and an overload of kabby feels I’ll try and get to it! because hot damn marcus and abby having sex on that couch *fans self* it’s been written so many times, yet somehow i never get sick of reading it, and someone needs to write it now! if i do get round to doing it i’ll tag it as kabby prompt :) 

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Just imagine Poly Roadrat were the S/O wears jean shorts that are unbuttoned and unzipped. The shorts are hanging loosely off of S/Os hips and showing off their thong or lacy undies. And accidently teases the shit out of Roadhog and Junkie. Like they bend over to get stuff, or just sit on the couch spread eagle style. And they stretch just right and do that perfect moan. Just imagine please.

like, you could still get that classic “transtrender” flavor but couch it in some “why not just be a girl” and some pseudo radical theory and it was okay

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9 with Jon or Blaine?

“I just don’t understand how I didn’t get the job,” you said brokenly, collapsing on the couch. Across the room, Jon watched you, a frown ever present on his face. He hated seeing you this way, especially after how much he knew you deserved the job. 

“If I could,” he replied, making his way over to you, “I would get you a million puppies just to make you happy again. But, since Bella is already work enough, you’re gonna have to settle for my hugs and this. No one is more deserving of good things than you. Maybe the job just wasn’t going to be that for you. Happy things will find you again soon. I just know it, {Y/N}.”

You smiled through your tears and leaned into his welcoming arms the moment he reached your side. “Thank you, Jon. If I could, I’d get you a billion puppies in return for how good you are to me.”

“Screw it, let’s just adopt all the dogs.”

You giggled. “Let’s.”

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Hey! Its been a while since Ive seen you on here so I just wanted to ask if everything is okay? And how are you doing? <3

Hey, sweetie, thanks for your concern. I am okay, but it’s been a tough week. My cat Rosie had to be put to sleep on Tuesday, and not only have I been really sad and grieving over her loss, all the crying I did was exhausting and put me through a lot of stress. 

Then I got a deep tissue massage that brought out a LOT of toxins, and the past few days I’ve been not very mentally present, and mostly just lying in bed or sitting on the couch. When I’m detoxing, I get lots of fevers, I sweat buckets, my liver and kidneys work really hard, and I feel pretty miserable. So I’ve been lurking, but not able to gather the energy to talk. 

Which I feel kind of bad about, because there are people I want to answer, but I just don’t have much to offer when I’m herx-brained. (A Herxheimer reaction is when you feel terrible while detoxing; we call it herxing.) I really hope I’m making some progress with my disease, but it’s hard to tell when you have to get worse in order to get better. I’m still just really struggling to do the bare minimum of existence, like showering and preparing food and going to the grocery store once a week. My depression may be a little better, but I’ve been really sad about Rosie.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on over here. Thanks, hon.

I’m not interested in talking, the hunter snapped through clenched teeth. It was enough to be called immature and stupid on a daily basis but it was a breaking point for her brother to actually hit her —- after all the years of her father doing the same thing. I let you in because I was hoping the awkward silence would make you fuck off, E. Didn’t let you in to give me stupid fucking advice. I don’t care, do you get that? I don’t care if it’s going to get better or if my brothers going to forgive me. Getting off the couch, she took in a deep breath before looking over at the male that helped her through her rough patch before — only for him to be back again to try and help her, only this time she had a limp in her step and her right side of her face looking as though she attacked it with black and blue paint. I don’t care if I’m the bad guy anymore – don’t care if he runs his mouth and changes this situation into something it isn’t. I’m done trying to please everyone, I’m done trying to pretend I’m happy when every fucking moment of the day I just want to give up completely. I’m just —– done.

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Promise Me

Request: “He looked at me like I was the only one in the room.”

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“He looked at me like I was the only one in the room,” the girl on the television screen said in a dreamy voice.

Bucky and you simultaneously cringed. “The day I ever say something like that or look at someone like that,” he told you. “Punch me in the face. And do it hard.”

“Promise,” you replied. “But you do the same to me.”

“You have yourself a deal.”

Natasha and Steve snorted from their spots on the couch. “Well, you should get to punching each other,” said Nat.

“What?” you demanded.

“Y/N, you stare at Bucky like he placed the stars on the sky for you,” Nat pointed out.

“And Buck, you look at Y/N as if she is the sun,” Steve said.

They smiled at each other before turning to you and Bucky.

“It’s pretty obvious,” Natasha spoke with an excited lilt to her voice. “You are both in love with each other.”

Before either of you could say anything, Tony strode into the room and asked for Steve and Nat, prompting you to immediately become suspicious. They walked out after Steve advised the two of you to talk.

Bucky was tense next to you before he turned his head, his eyes meeting yours. “You like me?”

“I should ask you the same,” you replied.

He grinned. “Fair’s fair. Yes, I think I like you.”

“And I think I like you,” you said.

Bucky smiled so wide that his eyes crinkled. You couldn’t help but to return an equally-wide smile of your own. 

  • kittens:(shuffle shuffle shuf shuf)
  • me:meh (keeps watching Netflix)
  • kittens:(skitter skitter CLONK)
  • me:probably just knocked over some books. no need to get up and check on them
  • kittens:(shuf shuf SQUEAK MEOW SLAM CRASH)
  • me:pushed down the broom again i bet
  • me:maybe... uh... got into the dishes? fireworks?
  • me:(sighs)
  • me:(gets off the couch)
  • me:what are you even--
  • kittens:(fighting over a piece of fluff)
  • me:im done

Jack Morrison would be that kind of significant other who steals his boyfriend’s hoodies. Gabriel doesn’t really mind but keeps careful tabs on every single nearly-identical black hoodie he has and aggressively takes them back if they’ve been gone longer than two weeks (long enough for his own scent to be replaced by Jack’s.) Like, he’ll just walk into Jack’s office and start pulling Jack’s clothes off - Jack thinks he’s about to get lucky and suggests moving to the couch when Gabriel just tosses a different hoodie at him, pulls the recently repossessed one on over his head, and walks out. 

so,, ok…  time for a gay lil pearlmethyst headcanon if u dont mind…

earlier i joked about pearl singing at the top of her fuckign lungs and not expecting greg to hear it,, but like

imagine she does that all the time with amethyst. Amethyst is doing her fake rock sleeping, and pearl just bursts into song about whatever feelings are on her mind, or some commercial jingle she heard form stevens tv,, idk. And Amethyst Just Keeps Pretending shes passed tf out,, just cuz she fucking loves listening to pearls lovely voice asddfgff;; omg… and she always acts so innocent. when she gets up shes like “woah,,, hey pearl..sitting on the couch with me. is everyone out? i just woke up i have no idea whats going on..”

So how was Pearl supposed to know her loud ass singing could wake people, Amethysts gay ass mislead her…