The Little Prince: The Little Prince [INFP]


Introverted Feeling (Fi): The little prince lives in his own little world. He never answers questions and he’s a very private person. However, his emotions can become overwhelming at times: when the aviator tells him flowers have thorns because they’re nasty, he gets VERY angry! He sees everything through the prism of his own values and he believes grown-ups are weird. He has terrible social skills (no Fe whatsoever) yet he wants to forge a special bond with a friend.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): when the aviator gives him the drawing of a box, the little prince can actually see the sheep inside! He likes to travel and he wants to know the world around him. He asks questions and he never forgets about a question he asked. He wants a sheep because he thinks it will be able to eat the baobabs before they get to big.

Introverted Sensing (Si): The little prince thinks back of the good and bad times he had on his planet. Learning from the past is important to him: he used to know a lazy guy who forgot three baobabs and he thinks it’s terrible! He has a really good memory.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): The little prince doesn’t enjoy getting rid of the small baobabs yet he knows he has to do it and he takes it very seriously.

Submitter’s note: I haven’t watched the movie; this submission is based upon the book only.

and like i get it

gta is nasty, rockstar is nasty, their games are literally dripping misogyny and transmisogyny but for gods sakes there’s never going to be another midnight club and i need my fix.

Modern AU with Ragnar the political candidate challenging the conservative powers-that-be - and while trying to win the election, he and his wife (very succesful business woman Lagertha) are attempting to seduce Ragnar’s new PA, Athelstan.

Woken up and I’m a million degrees and sweating profusely.

Telling myself it’s because I’m now a fat burning machine and not because I’m getting that nasty flu everyone has.

Fat-burning machine. That’s a thing, right?

In case the scene gets nasty drinking game

Take a shot every time
- the phrase “utterly graceless” or any variants is used
- either one of them stares at or notes the ceiling in bdens apartment
- bden comes first
- mouth described as hot
- teacher cockblock
- the disgusting ass sheets aren’t cleaned
- either one of them denies obvious feelings for the other
- Spencer is All-Knowing
- either one of them says something slowly, bracing themselves for a disparaging remark from the other that never actually comes

one thing i think is often overlooked out here is that we all do good work keeping each other in line. it’s overlooked because there’s a lot of cross discourse debate that gets nasty. we all love a good spat, too. and whereas i don’t feel bad dropping a hater in the gutter, i also appreciate being reminded of important things missing from my posts. i mean it. i make mistakes and i learn from them. and i think you all, for the most part, understand that and also thrive from it. we learn from our mistakes; we build on them. makes for stronger discourse.

i’m always encouraging my writing students to make mistakes. 

I’ve never gotten a nasty anon in my four five years of being on this god forsaken site how do you all get nasty anons

why each sign truly sucks (sometimes)
  • Aries:would probably make a very good leader but they lack the tact to do so. you need to make people like you before you can lead them.
  • Taurus:will go the ends of the earth for those they love but will literally have some potentially amazing friendships end because they're too stubborn to give in.
  • Gemini:is all about communicating what they have to say but they don't know how to. this ends up with them rambling, talking too fast, lying etc.
  • Cancer:feels the need to protect others so much that they can manipulate others to keep them "safe" which only ends up pushing people away.
  • Leo:wants everyone to be happy but seeing themselves as the "centre" this means only on their terms. if people don't succumb to their idea of happiness things can get really nasty.
  • Virgo:they insist on helping people, but often only help people with problems they think need fixing. not what people actually want help with.
  • Libra:believes in balance but struggles to achieve it, they live in chaos. they understand most people but don't have a clear view of themselves.
  • Scorpio:demands loyalty and openness but is unwilling to share their own secrets. hypocrisy can ruin a lot of potential friendships.
  • Sagittarius:can be extremely blunt and harsh, insisting that others be "who they really are" while name dropping, putting on airs etc. seems to be their specialty.
  • Capricorn:they see themselves as both hardworking and fun, but seem to feel the need to prove this to everyone rather than just acting this way.
  • Aquarius:they want to helpful yet so different that they can purposely choose "controversial" points of view that really only take the world 50 steps back, which in the end isn't what Aquarius is all about.
  • Pisces:Their ever-changing minds cause chaos in their daily lives as well as others. They get so emotionally invested into things that everything they do has a domino effect. And if it's bad, well it's bad!