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Could you draw any/all of the bear bros wearing "are you nasty" shorts?

getting sleepy and I need to draw a bunch of other requests or I’d do them all, so I chose my husbando for now. x) enjoy the icy bum

You put a sandwich in a pool of water, it’s gonna get all wet and nasty and nopony wants to eat that~

As for money, I’d have to actually have some in order to dupe it. I don’t think it works that way, anyway~

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I recently used candle magic for a curse, and I'm unsure how I can dispose of the remains (the leftover wax). I'm in a situation where I can't burn it or dispose of it at a crossroads. I can feel the negative energy and I'm not sure what to do with it. Is burying it ok? I only have access to my own yard.

In that case, I’d say chuck it out with your trash. Burying it in your own yard just keeps the negativity nearby. Disposal by garbage is a quick and easy way of getting the nastiness out of your home and out of your life.

Shiny Happy Hair Tips

One of the perks of living in Southern and now Northern/Central/What the heck is this region called in California, is…hard water. YAY!! That, wonderful element of our plumbing in our old overpriced rentals, paired with my love for sun, salt water, styling products, coconut oil, and beach waves, leaves my bleached blonde lob looking like Garth from Wayne’s World. Or Duff From Guns N’ Roses. Awesome.

In other words, my hair gets nasty, frizzy at the ends. and just plain weird. Which it never did before we moved to Cali. My verdict: hard water sucks. 

But there are two easy cures. Hallelujah. 

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It truly amazes me how the world can yell about how Fake TSwift is and how celebrities Have An Agenda, and simultaneously shout about how they KNOW what their fave would do ("she would NEVER have done this to him!") but that nobody else knows anything ("you don't know that she asked for days/eps off/to leave the show, so don't say it!") IMO, don't waste your own time hating on others on behalf of your fave; acknowledge the fact that everyone's got an agenda, and love them/their work in peace.

Agreed. And here’s the thing, all celebrities have an agenda: it’s to stay employed and relevant. And even your fave (yes, yours!) will absolutely cut a bitch and get nasty if that’s what it takes to make relevance happen. But the difference is that the fangirls of the fave will applaud and cheer their efforts, while dragging anyone else that behaves the same way through the mud. And then, when someone calls them on their hypocritical shit, they’re a big meanie-face bully that just hates their fave. 

Whatever, man. The real world doesn’t work like that and your fave unicorn angel doesn’t need you to defend them, they’re doing just fine with their millions. Turn off the intranets and go find a life. 

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Went to the food bank and got a lot of great stuff! Fresh plums! Grapefruit juice! Almond milk yogurt! Day old cupcakes x 12! Eggs! Sausage! Tortillas! Bread! Lots of other shit!

Talked to my landlords about my mysterious debt that I shouldn’t have and we discovered that my money order from APRIL wasn’t properly labeled and someone else claimed it as theirs but I had the check number from my bank and so that took care of a hefty chunk of that ridiculous charge. I feel bad for the person who is gonna get a nasty surprise that they got busted.
I also told them I was sure my caseworker would have this months rent in the next couple of days and they told me not to worry because they had a promissory note from her. Praise the LORD.

Lucy fell asleep on the walk home from the food bank and has been napping pleasantly ever since.

I’m honestly crying right now I really needed this. It’s really hard to do this alone and when things work out it just makes me feel so overwhelmed.

Anyway I love you bye.

“I don’t like girl groups because they always do cute concepts.”
“They always have to do a sexy concept or a cute concept.”
“Girl groups always dress like sluts.”

So what you’re telling me is that you’ll watch this:

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 But not this:

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And you’ll watch this:

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But this is too much:

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This is okay:

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But this is too cute:

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You’re okay with this:

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But this is slutty:

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Male groups can do all the hip thrusts and can take their shirts off anytime they want, but a girl group does something even remotely sexual and it’s bad.
Male groups can do cute concepts and aegyo 25/8, but if a girl group is super adorable, it’s too much and they’re trying too hard.
I don’t understand.

Note: I’m not throwing shade at any of these groups. It isn’t the groups that I dislike, it’s the hypocritical people that will watch all these guy groups, but then shit talk girl groups.