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Hey we have different opinions on the status of Mo and D's relationship BUT I really respect and appreciate that post you made about anons not being insulting towards her you or D. I feel she's going to get a lot of nasty undeserved attacks and people will do the same to D and even though you don't believe they are together it's great you refuse to allow them to be demeaned and yourself of course. So bravo!

Thank you so much, anon! Thank you for disagreeing respectfully and being nice. I wish it was everyone’s case here. It would make Tumblr a happier place in times like this if some people would stop acting like they hold the truth and just admit that their opinion are just an opinion and nothing more and none of us has to be “right”. I also wish that no one would disrespect and insult that girl, she is living the life of a 24 years old girl, yes I think she’s playing with the fandom, but who can blame her? We’re a bunch of crazy anyway! Thank you again!

(Rough) Sex With Draco Involves…

Warning! Dirty level is more 8000!

  • T E A S I N G.
  • Dominant Draco.
  • Jealousy (from both of you).
  • “Say it. Say you’re mine, that I’m the only one that can make you feel this good.”
  • Bites allllllllll over.
  • He’d make a real deal about screaming.
  • “Be quite or you’re not getting anything.”
  • Draco being a little mother fucker and teasing you.
  • You also playing your tease game.
  • Getting on your knees and taking him in slowly, just to hear him beg you.
  • “Fuck, Princess. Just do it.” “Ask nice and I might.”
  • Him pulling your hair to control your speed.
  • “Swallow it.”
  • Doing a lot of noise.
  • Learning spells to lock the doors so you wouldn’t be bothered.
  • Making bets to see who gets to tie the other up.
  • Draco being the one who usually wins.
  • “Now I got to do whatever I want, right? Well, that’s a lot of power…” He’d say smirking.
  • Ass slapping.
  • Him biting your thighs before he fucks you with his tongue.
  • Him calling you Princess and Darling.
  • You calling him blondie to tease him and getting slapped in return.
  • If he’s jealous, he’ll make you scream his name as loud as your lungs allow you to go, so every one would see you are his.
  • But if you’re jealous, you’d mark his neck and chest with bites.
  • You would also take the lead.
  • Oh, when you take the lead.
  • “If you touch me, I’ll stop.”
  • He smiling at your dominance, secretly loving it.
  • Riding him until his close and then stopping just to make him mad.
  • At some point he would get impatient and turn you.
  • “Now you’ll get what you deserve.”
  • Him fucking life out of you.
  • Orgasm denying.
  • C H O C K I N G.
  • Draco would always invent you to his house when his parents are out, so you two could get nasty and loud without fear.
  • He loving to have you in his bed (it’s like a turn on).
  • Having sex everywhere in the house.
  • Calling him Daddy once and him actually liking it.
  • “Fuck Princess, look how wet you already are.”
  • “Only for you, Daddy.”
  • Slowly fingering you.
  • Having you on your hands and knees for him.
  • “Good girl.”
  • Blindfold kink.
  • Dirty whispers.
  • “You’re so tight.”
  • Draco making sure you’re good with everything he does to you, always wanting to please you.
  • Almost breaking the bed once (long story).
  • Having some muscle aches in the next day.
  • Always sleeping in each others arms after it.


also sorry this is late my power went out last night

I’m Void, Baby - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Dylan O’Brien/Reader

Word Count: 12,592

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Masturbation, Oral (male receiving), dirty talk, spanking, bits of drinking, sexy Void Dylan

Notes: I’m not allowed to say “Can you imagine” especially to @minhosmeanhoe​ because then we just talk about sexy things like this. You guys can thank her for giving me this idea and cranking through bits of the story for it.

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i love zayn but hows he asking us to help his mums best friend? 128k and hes worth millions? boy u better get your own wallet out

I’m sure he already has………….don’t be an fucking asshole, my dude. You don’t know how much money he and his family have already offered - in fact, the woman says in her explanation of on gofundme that her “friend” is funding all travel and accommodation costs. Any guesses as to who that friend might be? Did you ever consider that perhaps the woman doesn’t want Zayn and his family to cover the full cost because she feels that would be asking too much? I’ll never understand why some of you need to get nasty when it comes to stuff like this. It’s so unnecessary and you know almost nothing about the situation. If you don’t want to donate money, that’s your decision, but don’t act like you have any idea what Zayn and his family have done for their friend.

Shiro’s Age Screenshot Not From Dream Works

The person who posted the screen shot is back. The age is from the back of a toy box. So it was created by a THIRD PARTY MANUFACTURER. The writers and other creators of the show never saw or approved of this box.

It was literally shit made up by someone with nothing to do with the show.

Again, the age on the box is not canon. Unlike the comics which referred to Shiro as a teen and were written by the head writer of Voltron. This toy box had no oversight from anyone writing or creating the show. It was made up by the toy manufacturer, and if they were very lucky might have been glimpsed by someone in marketing.

We can all continue to ship in peace. Knowing that the writers of the show have not reversed themselves on their repeated official statements that there are no canon ages, as reflected by Shiro’s official description on the Voltron website having no age attached.


So the plot thickens. The toy is from playmates (You can check out their website to confirm) Here is a screenshot of their description of Shiro.

Notice the big bad lack of the number 25. Yeah, there is a reason for that. That age is and never was a canon part of Shiro’s character. Either someone is going to get a big nasty black mark on their job review, or the edit theory is still up and running.

Edit Edit: Anon brought this to my attention. Quote from the Playmates website about their Voltron line for ya’ll:

Now, five unsuspecting teenagers from Earth have discovered the Blue Lion, and have been transported into the middle of this intergalactic war. Only by mastering their skills and forging themselves into a team can they unite their lions—the Blue, Red, Black, Green and Yellow—and once again form the legendary defender, Voltron!

So yeah, that Shiro is 25 thing is bullshit even according to the toy company. Maybe the original poster received a knock off without realizing it. It would certainly explain why they are the only ones with a box that says something different from literally every official source and the toy company’s website.

Edit Edit Edit:

So interesting fact, I have checked the websites for Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Toy’R’Us. Not a single one of them is carrying any of the paladin action figures yet (All the paladin action figures are listed as NEW on Playmates website, so this isn’t unexpected). They all still only have the Lion action figures listed. This toy isn’t available in online stores yet. Really freaking odd that it would be available in store before it’s available online. Not impossible, but very very odd.

Things we should think about more: 

  • Magnus experiencing racism from Shadowhunters and mundanes alike for the past several hundred years
  • Maia possibly telling someone about Jordan hurting her and nobody believing her because she’s black and he’s white
  • Magnus, Catarina, and Raphael living in America during the super racist 20th century
  • Simon being the descendant of a Holocaust survivor, only to almost be part of a Downworlder genocide himself 
  • Luke losing all respect for becoming a werewolf and having to deal with racism within the NYC police force
  • Valentine turning on Luke for being a werewolf and “stealing” Jocelyn from him vs Luke and Jocelyn getting nasty looks while out in public together
  • You know that feeling of “what if this person I just met is a Trump supporter?” Yeah, add that to “what if this person I just met is a current or former Circle member?” and you’ll see the constant fear some Downworlders have
  • Downworlders of color going through twice the racism as white Downworlders

Obtain Bas stop sign from Minato-senpai. 

Thank you

I wanted to take a second to thank everyone for their kind messages and suggestions about what to do when someone is allergic to cats. I’m sorry if I haven’t responded to anyone, I received a large number of messages. Obviously, I don’t talk about my personal life a lot since I get nasty messages like I did earlier, but it’s nice to get so many kind messages! Sending you all lots of love and kitties!