Katsuki: Today’s all about Yami, so you don’t get to see my face, which is complete bullshit–
Yamikumo: It was your idea.
Katsuki: But I want to thank ya’ll for 380+ followers! Fuck, it’s only been four days. You guys are pretty crazy about us, huh? This is amazing. I hope we all have a good time together. We’ll be back with more kinky shit shortly.

((Dress up Yamikumo part 1 of 3))


[on facing discrimination in casting for a major Hollywood film]
The casting director gave all the other actresses an hour and let them repeat three scenes up to four times. She gave me ten minutes and only let me do two scenes. She was very rude. My frustration and anger were indescribable. When she heard my name, she automatically thought that I couldn’t play a role that wasn’t Latina; my name disqualified me. After preparing for a month, wasting money and getting my hopes up, my only obstacle was that the other girls were American and I wasn’t; what ignorance and stupidity. But the anger, the humiliation, the desperation and helplessness of not being able to do a movie that would’ve changed my career served so that that job had ended because of that stigma and the mediocre mentality of many. 

- Karla Souza, InStyle Mexico September 2016


Hey can you do one where the reader calls Austin Aries old and he shows her he’s not old by having rough sex with her all night long. Please and thank you.

A/N: This is the first wwe imagine I’ve ever written – I used to write stuff like this a long time ago but stopped – I’ve decided to get back into writing again. Please be nice. I hope you enjoy this xXx


I’d been a part of NXT for around a year now after several years of working up through the Indies. It was amazing – I couldn’t quite believe I was here; it was still all so surreal to me. It’d all started as a childhood dream and look at me now! I was the number one contender for the NXT women’s championship with my match coming up this weekend.


I was sat backstage with Bayley, Alexa and Carmella just hanging out – it was nice to have some girl time & relax before the up coming pay per view this weekend. It was nice normal talk, new films we’d seen, etc. But as always the conversation took a sharp turn.

“You know (Y/N), I haven’t seen you on a date in a while…maybe we should hook you up with someone from here” Alexa’s eyes gleamed mischievously.

Carmella grinned cheekily nodding at Alexa “Oh yes! That’s a FAB-ulous idea”.

I snorted at her response, earning a chuckle from Bayley.

“What about…..Jose?” Alexa asked, resting her chin on her hand.

I stayed silent, I would not play along with this game.

“Blake?” Carmella chimed in.

Bayley laughed, watching my face with glee. Don’t turn on me now Bayley I pleaded inside my head. 

“Murphy?” Bayley teased, a small grin on her face.

I refused to entertain any of them with an answer until Alexa spoke up again;

“Alright then, what about Mr Austin Ares himself?” her eyebrows rose up waiting for a response.

I laughed at Alexa and rolled my eyes, my mouth opened before I even had chance to think; “Oh please…he’s far too old! He wouldn’t have a clue”.

The three of them cackled loudly at my response. I flung my hands over my mouth, shocked she’d plied an answer out of me. There was silence for a short while before Alexa suddenly spoke up again;

“What about Johnny?”


I was ready to call it a day; my body was starting to ache a little bit from the training session this afternoon. I was in one of the changing rooms in the arena collecting some of my things before heading when I heard the door shut and the lock click. The noise echoed around the room.

I froze in place, my back to the door – I had no idea who had come into the room and by the sounds of it … locked it behind them. I felt my pulse heighten then I heard the cocky laugh behind me.

Old?” he scoffed.

My body tensed – my pulse sped up as realisation set in.


“Really…old?” he asked and laughed again.

I spun around and saw him leant up against the door, the arrogant smirk he wore in the ring plastered across his face. I gulped, unsure what to say. Austin strode confidently across the room and stopped directly in front of me – too close – I could smell his cologne. It smelt amazing. I cursed myself inwardly, what was I even thinking?!?

“I mean…really…old? You think I’m too old” he chuckled.

I refused to look up at him. I was mortified. I couldn’t believe he’d over heard our conversation. My skin prickled when I felt his fingers tilt my chin so I was looking directly at him. His eyes were dark.

“I…er…I…” I stuttered over my words like a teenage girl. I felt the blush painting my cheeks an embarrassing red.

He smirked even more and bit his lip. I felt my stomach muscles clench. How did he make that look so attractive? He leant down, his lips brushing against my ear lobe and whispered huskily in my ear; 

“Maybe I’ll just have to show you instead”.

Before I could even think about what he said, I felt his lips crash to mine in a searing kiss whilst slamming my back hard into the wall behind me. I groaned into his mouth and began kissing him back, my tongue finding his. My legs involuntary wrapped around his waist, pressing myself into his hard body. 

With that Austin shifted back some, still holding me motionless but now turning his fingers toward another target. 

I gasped and squirmed as he reached for the buttons on my jeans. They easily gave way as did the zipper, revealing my purple lace knickers. I couldn’t think of any words to say to stop his wandering fingers, but if I was really honest with myself, nor did I really want to. 

Austin grinned and traced the top hem of the purple fabric. My stomach flipped and I squirmed again futilely, “Very sexy choice.” His fingertips slipped under the barrier and began exploring me, stroking the areas that made me feel so good. I tensed up, moaning and closing my eyes.


"Oh does that feel good?” I nodded slowly, feeling him inch closer to where I was desperate to have him.

“Tell me” he ordered.

I pouted, blushing but one look at his face made me change my mind about not giving him what he wanted. "It feels amazing. Please…Austin” I shifted again, trying to get him inside. Austin’s finger circled my clit, making it hard to keep still against the wall. 

“Please what?” he commanded again. His voice dark and gruff.

His finger stroked faster and I gave in, consumed by pleasure, “Please, Austin! Please put your god damn fingers inside me now!” Satisfied, he sank two fingers inside me, and I gasped loudly.

Pleased, he captured my lips again and he kissed me feverishly, our tongues breaking into each other’s mouths as he kept moving his hand. I was panting and moaning in need, grinding myself against him for more pressure. “A-Austin!”.

Just as I thought I was going to burst he pulled himself out, making me groan in desperation. He stood back a little, smirking at me. Clearly pleased with himself. I could see his arousal tented in his jeans.

Austin went back to work. With a quick yank he sent my jeans down my legs and around my ankles. My lace knickers soon followed, leaving me vulnerable and exposed.  He knew what I wanted, and I felt myself burn with blushes and desire. 

“Hold still” he warned as he whirled me around so I was facing the wall. He dragged my arms behind my back and held my wrists together with one hand. I obeyed silently, nearly shaking with want.

Placing a hand between my shoulder blades, he pushed me further into the wall, so my face was forced to the side. “I’ll show you old” he muttered.

I heard a zipper lower and felt the rough texture of his jeans as they tickled the back of my legs as they fell down and pooled on the floor.

Austin teased my opening with his cock, eliciting a moan from me. I shook, but it wasn’t until he lowered his hot mouth to the crook of my neck that I truly begged. “Please Austin, give it to me! I need you inside, please just do it!" 

He obliged, lowering me onto himself slowly. "Y-yes!” I panted, feeling him inch in slowly. Then he quickly pulled my hips to meet his, filling me with one thrust. I yelped with a mix of pain and intensity. My arms were pinned behind my back and my face was pushed against the cool brick of the wall as he pummelled inside.

“God yes, oooooh Austin!” I loved the intensity of his motions, his hips rocking violently as he fucked me harder and deeper.

“D-don’t stop!” I begged.

He wasn’t going to. His thrusts got faster and faster and I moved with him the best I could between him and the wall. In no time at all I felt myself tumble over the edge, my body shaking desire. A long moan escaped my lips as Austin gave several quick, deep thrusts, reaching his own end. “Yes, fuck…baby!” he grunted, resting his forehead against the back of my damp neck.

We stayed like that for a few minutes basking in the afterglow, the roomed filled with only our heavy breathing. When he eventually stepped back and released my arms, I turned around looking directly at him. The trademark smirk was back.

“Still think I’m too old?”.

I grinned cheekily, bending over in front of him to collect my lacy knickers off the floor.

“Maybe? I don’t know, maybe you’ll just have to show me some more?”.

things im sad abt:

  • no time to draw
  • the sun wont come out
  • no time to catch up on haikyuu
  • having to wait for episode updates
  • midsemester exams

things im glad abt:

  • i have good friends
  • my birthday is soon
  • exams will be over eventually
  • spring starts tomorrow
  • uni is going pretty well this sem

the sad things get me down a little bit, but the glad things always make up for it

Just in the interest of full disclosure, pack stuff up and getting stuff shipped gives me major anxiety and I don’t know why.

It always has.  In the early days it made me really, really late sometimes with shipping things because I would be close to complete panic over shipping something, worrying that I would get it wrong somehow. 

I have screwed things up on occasion, I’m only human.  And thankfully all my customers are super awesome and have been very understanding(especially lately with all the fuckery going on in my life for the past three months or so).  But… still.  That anxiety has never gone away and I don’t know why.

Anyway… Tomorrow I have what I am hoping is the final icing on the cake of my life being a really stressful obstacle course and I have jury duty for the first time ever. :|  

Shenko - “Blood or Not” - ME birthday gift fic

Alright @tlcinbflo, come and get it.  That’s right.  I wrote some shit for you.  I sat my ass down upon realizing it was your birthday, grabbed a beer or six, and whipped up some Shenko lushness for your fine self.  ;)  Hope you love it, girl.  Many happy wishes on your birthday, T!  You deserve all the best!

This fic features Kaidan and Francesca “Franky” Shepard from a previous one-shot called Phantom Heart.  ( I wanted to use these two again since you expressed interest in them last time, T.)

Can be read here:

And here:

Blood or Not

“A galaxy won and bled for and none of it – none of it – hers to pass on.”  -  The struggles of post-war domesticity in the Shepard-Alenko household.

* * *

          When Francesca Shepard woke up that morning she thought maybe it was actually the worst day of her life.  And not because she knew something disastrous would occur later during the course of the day, or because she remembered some terrible event from the night before that would scar her for years to come, or because of Reapers or Cerberus or any scheduled comm. calls with the Council (she shivered in terror at the memory).  No.  That was all in the past.  

           It was more because light shouldn’t be that annoyingly bright at seven-thirty in the morning.  And her blanket should be covering more than the half of her body that actually wasn’t cold.  And no one should have to be woken up so early on a Saturday by an angry bladder about to reduce them to a four-year old.

           Shepard groaned.  And then she realized she was already staring at the ceiling, eyes blearily focusing. She groaned again and rolled over to her side, smushing her face into the pillow.

           And the bathroom was just so far.

           A whole seven feet.

           With a strength she didn’t think she was capable of in such a drowsy state, Shepard managed to push herself up on the pillows and swing her leg over the edge of the bed.  She glanced at the prosthetic leg leaning against the night stand, and then down to her scarred thigh, now only a stump.  And then she realized she was entirely too lazy and her bladder was entirely too impatient to bother securing her prosthesis.  So she stumbled out of bed and hopped over to the bathroom in the filtered light of the bedroom.  And then sweet bliss.

           Shepard looked up at the bathroom ceiling panels as she sat on the toilet relieving herself, attempting to reason out whether it would even be worth it to try falling back to sleep again.  Her bladder finally attended to, Shepard cleaned up and hopped back out of the bathroom to tumble onto her bed again, half-sighing, half-groaning as she gathered the sheets beneath her face and curled up in a fetal position across the width of the bed.

           And then her husband opened the bedroom door and peeked in.   

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God I haven’t written on this blog in such a long time, I’ve tried to keep it updated with photos but that’s as far as its gotten.

So to bring people that actually care up to speed. I have had my little world turned upside down.

  1. I broke up with my boyfriend.
  2. I moved house.
  3. I travel way to far to my minimum wage vet nursing job.
  4. My horses are costing too much.
  5. Something has to give.

This all my hit me the other night while I was in the shower. Que horrendous panic attack - and the devastation that the only thing that CAN give right now, is horses.
Sydney is up for lease and Honey will be for sale. 
But the light at the end of the tunnel is I will definitely get Sydney back once Honey sells. I’m hoping to just see out this show jumping season on Honey (until March). Then I’ll be happy with what her and I have achieved in out short time together. 

I’ll also be searching for another job, something that pays better and something that isn’t so far away.

🌟Emergency commissions🌟

Welp… Emergency commissions are open, guys! If anyone’s interested in commissioning me you’re welcome to do so! 

I apologize for those who are waiting on commissions, I am still working on them! I just need to make a new batch for extra cash to help pay off these bills and help keep me going to college, until I get a job, but so far nothing hasn’t come up yet.. and it is frustrating me to no end. 

As far as college goes, I am trying to balance both my schooling and my commissions, I may not get to them in time, but there will be time where I can finish them. There won’t be times where I am having free time to myself. I hope you all understand this. But as of right now, I am in serious stress, and i know that being a Freelance Artist is both stressful, yet, it is the only way to help pay off my bills, until I get a job. It’s a real struggle here finding a job… But I am still trying my best to pull myself through. Couldn’t thank you all enough for understanding.

Here is the link to my Commission Info! 

If anyone’s interested in commissioning me, please contact me via, IM or Note Me! 

Baras and Smut ( NSFW ) are always acceptable! 

Commission Slots: 
1. -Open-

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3. -Open-

anonymous asked:

How about some Waverider fuckup shenanigans with 26?

I…I don’t think I know what this trope is. Is it just being stuck in a foreign country? Is it a Tower of Babel style curse between teammates? Cultural misunderstandings?

I have no idea. Like, none. Since I’m too busy to actually bother looking this up, you get this probably-totally-unrelated-to-your-prompt ficlet featuring the one of my related-to-this-prompt Len headcanons instead. Hope you like it anyway!


Waverider language barrier ficlet:

Sara hated seeing Snart so pale and broken. It‎ was wrong; he may have the reputation of being cold, but under his hard shell, he was all intensity, all passion. His coldness was control of his emotions, not the lack thereof.

And he talked. Leonard Snart was not Leonard Snart without his quips and his drawl and his snide comments.

‎He wouldn’t be making any comments any time soon.

There was no way for them to have known that Snart had survived the Oculus explosion, that the Time Masters had used a variant of the Pilgrim’s micro-manipulation technology to tear him away from the bomb and replace it with their agents, desperately attempting to stop the unstoppable.

There was no way for them to have found out that they had had Snart in their grasp, either, but they had, purely by chance; an offhand comment to Mick that could have only have had one source. Mick had tackled the man, an erstwhile ally of Rip’s, despite Rip’s shouts of protest, but in the end he had beaten the confession out of the man and they had launched a rescue mission.

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PiP help...

Oh…hey everyone. Long time no see. Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. I spent all of last year working on my big written and oral PhD tests (DONE NOW yaaay) and was, honestly, a little burned out.

With this PiP, I figured…maybe I can give it a try again. BUT I’m having an issue deciding what to work on and was hoping you guys could give me your input regarding what you’d most like to read (you can vote for multiples, but I’m hardly making a guarantee that I”ll get ONE done…lol). My ideas are:

  • Follow-up to “Hit Me Baby…One More Time
  • Finishing my Last of the Mohicans crossover, “This World is on Fire
  • Writing the Peeta Pan (see what I did there?) fic that I started but then took down…
  • The patchwork-fic that I’ve been working on with another author tentatively called “Third Law” in which Katniss volunteers for the 74th Games for her older sister, Johanna.

On the other hand, if NONE of those sound good…let me know that too? Thanks, guys! :)

Unrequited tags

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Okay, it’s technically not morning here… but anyways…

Thank you guys for all the love for Unrequited!

 @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki , I saw your reblog and LOVED your comments and tags… I’m still quite a bit of a newb and couldn’t figure out how to reblog it! LOL  But I will say it is definitely Eventual Dean x reader. 

Originally posted by olivergifs

Now that I say that I should probably fix the pairing on there…

I got all the asks and reblogs answered! Yay! Taglist has been updated and I’m hoping to get the next part out soon. This mold issue has jacked up my schedule but I found out it’s not as big of a problem as my worst case scenario mind thought it was. It should be resolved by the weekend (without shelling out a bunch of money!) and I will be squeezing in some writing time at bedtime every night if I’m not passing out. :) 

how to befriend people millions I love all how tags figured shit winner you all love cheers!!! bye ~~~ holla dope right atcha boi ~ ~ ~ BOOM COMING AT YAH ~   ~   ~  WHOOSTUHNDURSTA ~     ~     ~     WE THE PEOPLE ARE ~          ~          ~             TRUE TO US ~                    ~                    ~                 I ~                                        ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DONT EVER GIVE UP HOPE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2016 # 2016 # 2016 # 2016 # ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PLEASED TO MEET YOU COME THE FUTURE UNBEKNOWNST TO US  REALITY CORE SHAKING IN THE MAKING TIME WASTING BACKWARDS INNOVATION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HELP ME HELP YOU HELP US FIND ME A WAY TO STOP THIS BACKWARDS INNOVATION LETS JUST GET TO HAVING FUTURE ASS LOW COST HIGH SPEC WICKED HEALTH FUNDED ASS ECONOMY BOOSTING INDIE FUNDED WHATCHAMACALISTIC THING I GOT PLANNED FOR ALL OF YOU GUYS COME TIME SOON ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

this is nothing and i can do whatever with this internet blog its just a thing i got under my command what does this mean for me in my life and my future and success why you gotta be reading gosh why no dont fuck why is it you gotta keep using your sight and internet and technology and screens and light and optical lenses retina holy geez jeez christ dude holy dont do tumblr at 3:56 am it might change your life.

I set up a queue, to get things out and all. It’s like almost 5:30 am where I am, so time for some sleep. 

I hope you don’t mind, the whole me wanting to just keep this blog kayfabe? If that’s me being unreasonable, please let me know. It’s just more comfortable for me. 

Thanks for making my first night here so amazing. 

I really wanted to draw Petyr in more violet colored attire after seeing this


Random Characters Best Quotes  »  Zeke | Ezekiel Figuero

“Uh, I wrote a speech… But who’s got time for all that, right? So, I’m gonna just riff this. The – The super-cool Persian poet Rumi once wrote: “Where there’s ruin, there’s hope for a treasure.” Now, the other day I was up on 183rd, and this rich lady called it “taki,” man. But I talked to my man Tracy from 168th. And he said, “Listen for the voice of the ghetto.” ‘Cause it crashes down on you when you least expect it. Even from the cats that stay high… on 149th Street. Now, I could daze. Or doze off, or talk about the comets in the sky. Or how quick they fly by. Or I could listen. And say, we’re a team. And as a crew or a squad… we work together like Moses did… to help his people.”