At work yesterday like a handful of people asked for my contact info so that they could get in touch with me about doing their makeup for whatever type of event (weddings, parties, etc.)
Like. They want to pay me. To do makeup.
Secondly.. maybe.. I should start….. building a makeup kit??? And actually try to get into this freelance mua deal??


Yesterday, Melon ran into Chloris. Or rather, she found him and he couldn’t get away. After all, since they’re in the same division, and now that they’re the bestest of friends, they should hang out together!

Updated Scouting info (At the very bottom) and Pinkette Adventures with Chloris under the cut! (◕ᴗ◕✿)+゚*。:゚+

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The fact that he didn't reply when she apologized over and over again makes him such a dick. Poor girl. This man is her hero and he acts like a complete jackass. Of course he didn't mind people shipping them when he made money out of it, but now he's super straight and doesn't want these tweets to happen. I'm so angry at him. What a jerk

i honestly just want him to apologise thats all i want. and it really does seem like he only likes jaspar when he can get views and money out of it :)))


The average donation to Bernie Sanders’ campaign is $24.86. Still, he raised $26 million in the 3rd quarter, and just yesterday raised $1.3 million in the four hours after the #DemDebate. 

“In other words, we are running a people’s campaign. And the millionaires and billionaires may have more money than we do, but we have something they don’t have.” — Bernie Sanders


I am sitting here almost in tears. This is from 1989. From before I was born. Out of all the Bernie Sanders content I have been spamming you guys with lately, please, if you’re gonna peep just one thing, then let it be this. Even if it’s only the first three minutes. Please. I don’t care if you’re not American. It’s still relevant to you, because if America goes to shit, other countries suffer too. Sanders’ views have NEVER changed. He has been more consistent than all of congress combined. It’s like he is talking about 2015. Discussing the one percent. Money in politics. How fucked the Democrats and Republicans are. How Americans don’t care about politics anymore. Talking about NOW. In 1989. Surreal. Disheartening. So many people have lost their lives since this time. So many people have been suffering. Sanders has been sitting here the entire time, calling everything out, trying to change the system. Changing what he can in Vermont. And he announces his run for the presidency, only to be met with jokes from the media? To be told that he can’t win? That he’s too old? That he’s not classy enough? Well, guess what. He raised over $3 million from small donors across all 50 states within the first four days of his campaign. None of it came from big businesses. How much more convincing is it going to take for Americans to get behind change? I am in awe. This man is a saint. By definition. This is why I’m excited that he is running.


That time Bernie spoke for 8.5 hours on the Senate floor, turned it into a book, then gave all its profits to charity.

On Friday, December 10, 2010, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders walked on to the floor of the United States Senate and began speaking. It turned out to be a very long speech, lasting over eight and a half hours. And it hit a nerve. Millions followed the speech online until the traffic crashed the Senate server. A huge, positive grassroots response tied up the phones in the senator’s offices in Vermont and Washington. President Obama reportedly held an impromptu press conference with former President Clinton to deflect media attention away from Sanders’ speech. Editorials and news coverage appeared throughout the world.

In his speech, Sanders blasted the agreement that President Obama struck with Republicans, which extended the Bush tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires, lowered estate tax rates for the very, very rich, and set a terrible precedent by establishing a “payroll tax holiday” diverting revenue away from the Social Security Trust Fund, threatening the fund’s very future. But the speech was more than a critique of a particular piece of legislation. It was a dissection of the collapse of the American middle class and a well-researched attack on corporate greed and on public policy which, over the last several decades, has led to a huge growth in millionaires even as the United States has the highest rate of childhood poverty in the industrialized world. It was a plea for a fundamental change in national priorities, for government policy that reflects the needs of working families, and not just the wealthy and their lobbyists.

Finally, Sanders’ speech — published here in its entirety with a new introduction by the senator — is a call for action. It is a passionate statement informing us that the only people who will save the middle class of this country is the middle class itself, but only if it is informed, organized, and prepared to take on the enormously powerful special interests dominating Washington.

Newer Edition 

Governing by corporations is when Republicans want your boss to rule your health care, where privatization and shareholders rule the GOP party, where elections are bought by corporate dollars and policies influenced by corporate lobbyists.

There is a word for that: fascism.


I participated in a protest in Washington D.C. demanding that our congress pass legislation to end the legal bribery of our politicians and demand voting rights protection. The protest will continue until the end of the week and Democracy Awakening will begin next week with rallies and actions continuing the movement started with Democracy Spring.


I stamp because I want my voice to be heard, because I want my vote to be counted, because I know no better way to fight systemic political corruption and win than to spread this message to others, because it’s not about right vs left; it’s about right vs wrong.