Little Update Thing!

I recently changed jobs from a makeup store to a coffee shop, so if y'all have any questions about what it’s like to work in a coffee shop for any of your coffee shop AU’s, then leave a comment on this post or send an ask and we’ll do a How Do I Write segment on it later!

-admin chamomile

This is a rough idea for the tattoo I want to get for my dad. I kept thinking about what elaborate idea I could do for him for months but I could never come up with anything. So the other day, this idea just kind of came into my head. It’s nothing elaborate, it’s simple, but I think it says a lot about my dad and who he was as a person.


my tablet’s pressure died… 

see you all around after i’ve saved enough money 4 new tablet


i’m still falling for you.


I am no longer Jotaro’s uncle he is rude and disrespectful ✋️😡
Have you ever wanted a teenaged uncle? If so please fill out this application and questionnaire.

Favorite Musician:

1) Do you carry any snacks or beverages?

2) Do you wear a hat?

3) Would people say you’re intimidating?

My grandparents went out today and I slept in. When they came back from their errands I greeted them and they brought me Lunch- my favourite meal from the restaurant they went to. I damn near cried it made me so happy.

Do you like personalized, unique perfume? Help me become the local witch I always knew I would be.

I’ve made Joe and my friends their own, personalized perfumes - complete with poetic write ups (some of which I still have to distribute because I’m garbage). It’s fun and it’s personal and it’s easy (for me because I’ve collected supplies). I’m planning scents for my sisters and Joe’s sister and mom next.

So I was wondering if anyone would be interested in these if I were to sell them….? I could set up a lil shop and send out a few samples to the first handful of prospective buyers no charge so people can experience the product……?

Is that a thing anyone would be interested in…? Like, send me a concept and I’ll design a perfume….. or send me a scent or scent family you like and I’ll make one up for you…? I don’t know what the cost would be exactly but I could start working out the math if it’s something anyone has even a remote interest in…?

Some of them I even use as spells so it could be a witchcraft service too???

Any suggestions? Or comments?

Chopped All-Stars: If you don’t beat at least eleven other chefs, then you don’t deserve $50000 for your charity

Every other Food Network show: You literally didn’t make edible food and got voted out first round after giving one of the judges food poisoning, but your charity funding research into toenail cancer touched us so much that we’ll donate $5000