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rich, privileged woman of color gets into top-tier university. shocker.

student gets rejected from top-tier university and leaves bitter anonymous messages. shocker. 

p.s. i’m not rich or privileged - we’re immigrants, and my dad is a single parent without a college degree who raised me to work hard to achieve my goals. 

one time i was out 2 dinner w halle and we sat down @ the bar bc there really wasnt anywhere else to sit and APPARENTLY we sat in the seats this woman wanted… and she got in my face and i was like ‘xcuse me what’ and then she went back around and told her boyfriend i guess at the other end of the bar? and im eatin my fuckin mac n cheese mindin my own business and i hear suddenly “HEY FUCK YOU BITCHES” and this dude who was easily 25 just started SCREAMING at us at the top of his lungs and this like… nice bar where a lot of yung professionals go 4 drinks… went totally silent as this dude just went ape at us and i started crying b.c i hate yelling and he didnt back off even tho even the bartenders were like “wtf”

that was the story of how a 25 yr old man… yelled at 17 n 16 yr old……………. n made 1 cry………… n a pretty good synopsis of the fact that if u yell suddenly i will cry 

Jaime Lannister is my 2nd favorite character in the books……and is now one of my least favorite characters on the show.IMO its honestly just sad what they’ve done to his character on the show. He’s been weirdly mellowed out since season 4 (except the sept scene UGH) but now as of season 5 he’s just completely spineless, boring and extremely inconsistent “character”. 

Ever since that awful sept scene aired, I was actually more worried that Cersei’s character was ruined. But now after watching the first four episodes of Season 5, I have to say that TV Cersei is one of the few characters that remains fairly close to her book counterpart and that they’re actually doing a pretty decent/good job just with *her* even though there are certain other changes to the King’s Landing storyline that I dislike. It just sucks because it could be SO SO much better but frankly I feel like these writers just have no clue what to do with Jaime anymore. Perhaps, they think it will be more shocking if Jaime rejects Cersei with his growth being more slow, but those type of ~shock~ moments just come across as hollow to me

tfw u fuckin own ur sister w american history knowledge

Do you ever get those moments where you start thinking about everything that’s going on in your life and you start feeling every emotion all at once. Like you start thinking about the good and the bad things and then you’re thinking about all the things that currently make you sad, happy, mad, etc. and then your thinking abt it all so much tht you just overwhelm your brain with all the emotions and you kinda just have to stay where u are for a while just to get yourself together.

I am not a guy you want to mess around with. I have the fucking brains of a genius you can not tear me down. NOTHING WILL FUCKING STOP ME WITH WHAT I LIKE DOING SO YOU CAN FUCK OFF WITH ALL YOUR STUPID BULLSHIT LIES.  I will think how I want, do what I want and be what I want. I AM FUCKING SKILLED, TALENTED, AND SMART AS FUCK. You will not ruin my reputation because a new and better one is being forged. You should fucking prepare if you want to try to get under my skin because I am gaming legend.

  • the boys in the gang deciding to ask each of the girls to prom.
  • chop quickly picking izzie and then archie going for rae.
  • finn telling shop he can’t kiss rae. “why not?” finn saying “you two dated”
  • archie arguing that that means it will be easier because of that.
  • finn saying “but she might get the wrong idea and think you still wanna date her… besides she don’t fancy me so it on’t be awkward.” 
  • rae being so excited (ofc she said yes)
  • at prom chop getting drunk when some guy hugs izzie and angrily telling her how he only dated her as part of a pact. 
  • izzie running to tell the girls.
  • rae crying because it’s not fair or nice of him.
  • finn running after her outside (had gone to get them a drink). “what’s up?”
  • “i know you are only with me cause you have to be.”
  • and after she rants at him for a while him finally admitting he had asked her honestly because he liked her… “like that” and saying he only got courage to ask was cause the idea of her going with archie made him sick.
  • *rinn kiss*

*taps the mic* Hi, my name’s Silas and I love to collect socks w cute patterns. Behold. *the curtain opens up and hundreds of socks tumble out* Thank you, Thank you. *the crowd is screaming as the room fills up w socks*

Tech Week starts tomorrow.
And members of my family are sick.
I am terrified of getting ill because normal sleep schedules don’t exist during tech week, nor do healthy food options.
Still have huge projects to work on (which I have not procrastinated on, they’re just taking forever)
There’s a reason tech week is sometimes called hell week.
This has been the rant of Doctor Bilbo who is going to drink her tea and listen to some music before the chaos officially ensues.