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The Hazara man above was reportedly kidnapped and tortured after being deported from Australia in August. Despite this Scott Morrison says he will not intervene in the further deportation of ethnic Hazaras. Words cannot even describe how angry I am. News like this should not be a blip on the news cycle. This should not be seen as the norm.

We need to change the conversation.  Person by person dispel the malicious rhetoric and myths surrounding asylum seekers. We need to arm ourselves with facts. The arguments for a compassionate asylum seeker policy are overwhelming:

Over 90% of asylum seekers coming by boat are found to be genuine refugees and not economic migrants. We spend over 3.5 billion per year keeping them away when it would be cheaper to welcome them with open arms.We are not being flooded with refugees coming . More than 32x the number arrive by plane claiming asylum than by boat. Over 2013-14 we received 7,000 asylum seekers by boat. For Syrian war refugees alone, Turkey took in 1.6 million, Lebanon took in 1.17 million , Jordan 606,000, Germany 40,000, Sweden 17,000. Gaza decimated by war and poverty took in 1000 refugees. Australia gets nothing in comparison to the rest of the world.

Asylum seekers are not country hopping for refuge. Transit countries like Indonesia and Malaysia are not signatories to the Refugee convention. Living in these places are hell. They could be returned back at any time, they are not allowed to work and only receive support from charities that are already overworked and under-resourced. Many stay for years in a state of limbo and fear unable to support their family. Refugees are not a security risk and they all undergo a security clearance before becoming a part of our community. Refugees do not cause problems nor will they threaten our way of life. History shows us that each generation of refugees, from the Italians to the Vietnamese, integrate successfully into our country. Nothing is better for our country than a group of resourceful and resilient people who want to make a better life for themselves.

 I know our country can do better because its has done so before. Our response to Vietnamese refugees in the 70s was not to close our borders but bipartisan support from both the major parties to settle refugees. It was not the vote grabbing xenophobic cruel policy it is today. Shitty cruel policies do not have to be the status quo.

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I hate being long distance. I hate it.

And you know what? That’s okay. I’m not here to learn to love the distance or accept it as a permanent part of our relationship. I’ve decided to tolerate it. I’ve decided to deal with it and carry the burden, because even though I hate being long distance, I love us and what we have.

It’s okay to get angry about it sometimes. It’s okay to get frustrated and sad and upset-who wouldn’t be, at the reality of being hundreds or thousands of miles away from the person you love? Unable to be in the same room, much less touch? Who wouldn’t get angry, when you see so many happy near-distance couples getting to spend their days together, when sometimes all you get is a text or a Skype call?

So get mad. Get mad and let it motivate you to work towards ending the distance. Let it remind you how much this person means to you, that you’d deal with this space between you. Let it make you realize that hating the distance doesn’t mean you don’t love your relationship.