Monstro Mash! (afterbirth update #6)

as you know afterbirth will features loads new enemies bosses and even some alts to existing ones.. but just how many is loads? 

honestly im not sure, at this point its even hard to remember due to the fact that so many enemies have new alt forms and more than a few have level alt forms as well (like burning fatties/walkers/leapers etc). but here is one of my personal faves, mostly due to how they look.

Fat Bats, or Fats as i call them. are a new comer to the caves and depths. 

if you look close you might be able to catch something else in this one…

but seriously who likes enemy updates right? so on to a more pressing topic..

in the coming months rebirth will be released on Xbox 1, WiiU and the new 3ds. the guys have been spread quite thin when it comes to this + afterbirth dev, but as soon as they get time there will be a new rebirth update featuring a big change from last weeks post.

The Lost will now start with Spectral Tears and the D4. (no visual changes though)

for those of you who haven’t unlocked the D4.. here is a spoiler! it rerolls all your current items!

giving the lost spectral tears was a no brainer from the start, i was honestly confused why i didnt have him start with them from the start seeing as he is a ghost… but anyway yeah, thats happening. but when it comes to the D4 there were a few reasons why i decided to go that direction.

-Isaac already holds the D6, i hate redundancy in characters.

-the D4 is essentially the D6 but with a much stronger and random special effect the D4 makes for more interesting runs that push risk reward when it comes to when to take the gamble as well as the pull to"clear a few more rooms" to see what you might become.

-thematically the D4 works for the lost, because like isaac and ??? he is a foundational “isaac” who hasnt found himself. 

i REALLY enjoy the Lost’s design and want to push him to the masses as an important piece of the puzzle (and the isaac trinity) so i hope those of you who haven’t unlocked him or 110%ed the game due to his difficulty will give him another go once the update is out. 

i think most isaac players have leveled up quite a bit, so also expect some actual rewards (as well as visual progression) for some optional game goals in afterbirth. 

But what else will this update include? personally id like to fix a few issue that might remain or re-balance a few things? (like making sure the d4 doesnt reroll into milk ) but what should we fix? what needs fixing? im not talking what new content you want to see or features, but is there anything else you feel could use some attention/balancing/fixing in rebirth currently?

tell me your thoughts on this Reddit thread and upvote the ones you want to see most because that shits bound to get a bit crowded after a day or so.

next week we might talk music.. new level features? high scores? who knows!?