YJ Fandom, we need to talk

Specifically, we need to talk about these posts

Now, I understand that we’re all really excited for Season 3′s production and all, and we’re all keen to get news on what it’s gonna be like, but these posts are caps from the same online article - found here.

This article has been written in a way that’s offering incredibly misleading information. It’s coming across some sort of “secret rumors from the industry” when in actuality, it’s just a collection of different season three speculation from fans and other websites.

(Also, this same site had a stub version of this article just last week - in which it was labelling the new additions from the second season as new additions to season three, so there’s quite an issue with factchecking there.)

First there’s the statement about possible Season 3 characters. While this article does use “likely” in the possibility of adding new characters, it doesn’t mention that the characters it then lists down are purely from someone else’s speculation. The website it cites as it’s sources leads to this page 

Not so much a “rumor” as “one of many lists that different people have made about characters they want to see”. 

The next few paragraphs further state speculations - mostly deriving from DCTV, nu52 or DC Rebirth inspirations - which all, know Young Justice’s history of creating and following it’s own story rather than using plots from any other inspiration, are unlikely.

The article then sources youtube channel Emergency Awesome - in particular this video, for further paragraphs down. While the video does make some intriguing points, it’s still all fan speculation. 

This whole article is just a collection of fan speculation and shouldn’t be taken with even a grain of salt. And again, I know we’re all excited and wanting to find out more, but production-wise, the season is still likely to be in the stage of contract-signing, cast and crew sourcing, and budget and schedule making. At the most, there might be some preliminary script-writing and drawing concept art at this point in time, but that’s about it. 

So there’s likely to not be any actual news for a while, and when there is, it’ll be coming from DC/WB, or Greg and Brandon themselves. 

So please - hang tight, and try not to get fooled by misleading news sites. Because if you do, you’re just gonna get yourself disappointed later down the track.

@confidxnteveryday  originally posted by kateyfuller

Samar!  My but you looked lovely while we were persuading the coroner to come clean about Dr. Adrian Shaw. I am at a total loss as to why the FBI insists on hiding your greatest assets.  This may not be the most exciting request that I have had of you but could you help me get something for the Keen’s Christmas.  It’s been a long time since I considered acknowledging the holiday but with @askagneskeen ’s arrival… Anyway, I offered a house but that was too much apparently, so I downsized to a preowned Mercedes but likewise a certain party felt it would obligate him to me.  Imagine that!  Its a gift for goodness sake!  Paranoid about surveillance too, apparently.  And while you are at it, something for Dembe too.  I would be happy to ask @askarammojtabai to help carry the purchases.  I would help my self but I seemed to have pulled a muscle while struggling with @askalexanderkirk

Headcanon: Ask teenaged Damian about Batman Inc. and Brucie Wayne’s relationship with Batman and you’ll always receive a different answer.


“What is your father’s relationship with Batman?“
"They’re lovers.”

“Unrequited love. Father adores him, but Batman has only one passion: JUSTICE.“

"Childhood friends. Met at summer camp. My father stumbled into the woods and noticed a rather fat bat in the tree. Back then he was a little overweight, and also known as Batboy.”

“I am here to deliver the truth, and the truth shall set this city free. X-Men are real. He’s a mutant! They’re all mutants!”

“Total weebs. They were really into Inuyasha in high school. You know that one episode with the bat demons? Huge inspiration.”

“My father cares a great deal about animals, as I’m sure you are aware. Batman is half bat. That’s why he covers his face. He has bat eyes.“

"It’s a torrid affair. Batman’s secret headquarters are under Gotham harbor. My father has always had a thing about romance surrounded by fish. Sometimes he’ll get Batman to sing sea shanties.”


“Here’s the thing: Batman is actually not a man. The figure is made up of small cobbler elves. That’s why the Kevlar fits so tight.”



Hey guys!! I’m finally officially opening commissions! If you’d like one, you’re more than welcome to email me at!

Some things you might want to pay attention to:

  • The price listed above are in USD
  • The payment is only via PayPal and must be paid in advance
  • Any type of background and/or additional details will cost you more
  • Will draw: OCs, mild gore, ABO, most pairings
  • Won’t draw: NSFW, incest

In your email, I will need info regarding:

  • type of commission (sketch, comic, etc)
  • description (bust/waist up/full body, the character(s), coloring, etc)
  • reference (only if you think i will specifically require one)
  • deadline (if you have one)

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask! I’m pretty flexible about the prices too (especially for comics), so as long as I’m concerned, the prices are negotiable :) Thank you and have a great day!

Keenveins 2015 Fan Fic Masterpost

I thought it would be fun to compile all the fics I wrote this year into one big post. This year is almost over, and you all have made it so much fun! I love being able to share my fics with all of you! Fics with porn in them will be labled as such! 

Don’t Look Back (Keep Your Eyes On Me)

Arin/Everyone: My ultimate bottom Arin fic. Arin has an arrangement where he gets fucked by every Grump except for Dan. Soon, he realizes that he wants Dan too, and that maybe Dan wants him back. Much angst and sex occurs. This was my FIRST GG fic and is my longest, and also still my favorite. (PORN OMG)

Made From All The Wrong Stuff

Dan/Arin: Arin drinks during the charity stream and all he can think to do is call Dan whose in a different state, too far away. (Porn)


Dan/Arin: An AU where GG never happened and instead Arin is an animator and a big fan of NSP. He and Ross meet Dan at a convention and Arin might have a crush on Dan. (Porn)

Sea Salt

Arin/Dan: Arin takes Dan to the beach in an effort to help Dan get over his fear of the ocean. (Fluff)

No Control

Holly/Ross/Barry: Ross has a crush on Barry, might act on it and thinks he’s ruined everything. Holly saves the day. A.K.A Holly and Ross seduce Barry. (Porn)


Dan/Arin: Dan is curious about how to finger himself thanks to Arin, Arin is more than happy to give him a hand. (Porn)

Take What We Want (When We Need) 

Ross/Everyone: Ross is involved in a circle jerk orchestrated by his dom Brian. (Porn)


Barry/Ross: Barry has a big dick and Ross is a size queen who wants that dick bad. A sequel to the first Size Queen Ross fic! (Porn)

Keenveins Collection

Multiple Pairings: A collection of my tumblr prompts including the aforementioned Size Queen Ross. (Multi)

Different Colors

Brian/Ross: Brian wants to try role reversal and bottoms for Ross. (Porn)

Saving All My Summers (For You)

Arin/Dan: Arin and Dan are neighbors who grow up together, as teenagers those feelings start to evolve. My first chaptered fic! (Angst)

 Everything I Need (I Get From You)

Dan/Arin: A Christmas fic where Arin and Dan are dating but spending the holiday apart due to not being ‘out’ to Dan’s family yet. (fluff)

Let It Move Right Through You 

Dan/Arin/Suzy: Dan, Arin, and Suzy are in a poly-amorous relationship. Dan comes home from traveling to some naughty plans that Suzy and Arin have thought up. My last fic of 2015! (porn)

I posted my first GG fic back in June. I remember being so nervous about it, but you all have been so lovely and wonderful to me you really don’t know what it means to me to have people appreciate my work the way you do! 

I tried to post something every month as a personal goal for myself and I managed to pull it off! I wrote 13 fics for the fandom this year not counting the smaller things. It’s been a lot of fun! Hopefully 2016 brings many more opportunities for fic! 


HARRY STYLES faces a tough introduction to life as an actor – and the cameras haven’t even started to roll.

The ONE DIRECTION star will sleep aboard an old Navy ship, without running water or electricity, with the rest of the cast and crew.

It’s to help them get into the mindset of World War Two soldiers as part of his preparation for his debut movie role in Dunkirk.

Film bosses believe replicating the conditions experienced by the military the film is based on will help everybody involved learn more about their part.

A film insider said: “Harry is used to living the life of luxury so this will be a very interesting experience.

“He knows this boot camp at sea is a big part of the job and is keen to get stuck in.

“But this will be tough and producers are trying to make life on board as realistic as possible.”

The ship will be moored off the South Coast in a secret location where Harry and his co-stars including movie A-listers TOM HARDY, MARK RYLANCE and KENNETH BRANAGH will stay for a number of days.

Food will be sparse as they will live off rations, plus there is no mobile phone signal or wifi. But that will still be more appealing to Harry than being in the company of bandmates LOUIS TOMLINSON, LIAM PAYNE and NIALL HORAN.

The boot camp will be just a slight contrast to Harry’s last notable appearance on a boat back in the New Year, when he was pictured on board a luxury yacht in St Barts cavorting with a bikini-clad KENDALL JENNER.

The singer’s big Hollywood break in the CHRISTOPHER NOLAN-directed film was confirmed last month, after I revealed Harry would focus on acting, rather than singing following 1D’s hiatus.

The film is based on the 1940 operation at Dunkirk which saved 300,000 Allied troops surrounded in the French harbour by German forces. I’ve mocked up how Harry might have looked there, left.

Not all his fans were happy with him getting the part as it’s likely the role will result in the end of his famous curly locks.

After his brutal time at sea, his hair will be so dirty he’ll need to cut it off. - The Sun