• as dino-martini said: “it is not every day you get to watch a cult classic being born”
  • whenever mila kunis and channing tatum had a romantic moment our ENTIRE THEATER BURST OUT LAUGHING. every time. every time.
  • i hope eddie redmayne gets the oscar this year and then gets like 12 oscars over the course of his life and then in 2049 he gets a lifetime achievement award and they go “now we’ll play some ~clips from your acting career~” and every single one is the clip where he shrieks I CREATE LIIIIIIIIIIIFE at a couch
  • sean bee.
  • there is a scene that was literally copied straight from the ending of the princess bride and it involves mila kunis getting politically married to a guy who i’m 99% sure is augustus from the fault in our stars while channing tatum angrily pilots a spaceship
  • with the exception of 2 dresses and channing tatum’s black turtleneck, everyone’s outfits in this movie were the most beautiful outfits ever
  • Space Capitalism Is Bad
  • channing tatum is shirtless for no particular reason for a solid 30 minutes
  • also his relationship with mila kunis is weirdly kinky (there’s a part where he says “may i kill him?” to her, so there’s that)
  • i hope this movie gets 3 sequels and its own tv show

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Kuni Gets Drunk

Just wrote a little something for @hifftn when I saw a post on Facebook a few days ago. It’s nothing much, just a short drabble. Tagging @whatdoyouexpectthistime cause she gave me permission to write this and @smutmylifeup cause reasons haha

I only left him for two minutes…well more like 5 whilst I went to the toilet, but it didn’t take Kuni long at all to disappear. But, to be fair, it didn’t take me long to find him again, chatting up the bartender, the male bartender.

We had decided to go out that night, since we were both off the next day so, why not enjoy some time together getting tipsy? Well, I thought it was a good idea to get tipsy, it looked like getting blind drunk to the love of my life.

“So, you’ll get me that bottle for half price and I’ll…” he was flirting as best as he could, the bartender clearly uncomfortable. As much as I wanted to save the poor bartender, I was rather enjoying him making a fool for himself.

“I’m sorry sir, the bottle will be full price” the bartender said.

“But you said it was ok a few minutes ago!”

“I never said that sir”

“Ok, then new deal, I’ll put in a good word for you with your manager, I’m Aikawa Kunihiko after all, then you’ll give me the bottle half price, yes?” he offered, my trying so hard not to burst out laughing.

“Sir, I’m sure you are Mr Aikawa” the bartender said, not fully believing him “but I can’t give out bottles of wine half price”

“Kuni!” I laughed, pulling his attention to me “What are you doing?”

“JAZZ! I was getting…something for you…I think” I just laughed, taking a hold of his hand “I’m sorry, he doesn’t usually get this drunk!” I apologised to the bartender who smiled appreciating the apology.

As I guided him out of the bar, intending to take him home, I quickly turned to the bartender.

“Oh, and he was telling the truth about who he is, I’ll get him to say a good word for you tomorrow” I smirked as the guys jaw dropped. So much fun.

When I finally got him home, he face planted onto the bed and fell asleep. I did have plans for other activities that evening, but they were postponed, obviously. I was sure I could seduce him tomorrow no problem, once I’d sorted his hangover out.

He texted me whilst I was out grabbing him some breakfast.

Where are you? My head hurts and I want a cuddle – Kuni.

I replied for a few minutes, telling him to just stay put and that I won’t be long. I decided to tell him what happened though, just so I could see the shame on his face when I got back.

I literally left you alone in the bar for 5 minutes and when I came back you were blind drunk and propositioning the bartender! X

My phone pinged as he replied.

In my defence, you left my unsupervised, now hurry up and get home, I miss you!

I rolled my eyes and quickly made my way home.

I was right, even though he had replied to my text with a real come back, Kuni was curled up on the bed, cheeks blushing from embarrassment.

“You’re going to need to sit up to eat this” I chuckled.

“I wasn’t that bad, was I?” he mumbled.

“Maybe I’ll tell you everything that you did if you eat this and take your tablets” I suggested, placing the bag of food on the bed. He groaned and slowly sat up, cradling his head.

“I’m sorry” he said, pouting.

“Don’t worry about it, I still love you” I smiled.

“Promise?” he leaned in to kiss me.

“I promise just… brush your teeth first” I pulled away laughing.

“Oops, sorry!” and he ran off to the bathroom.

I loved him. I truly did, even if he did end up flirting with men in bars when he got drunk. Maybe I could get him to agree to something while he was drunk…maybe.

Inspired on ‘Jack and the baby’, though in this occasion, instead of finding a baby Kuni gets turned into one. And knowing dear ol’ Aku who has never had to deal with a baby before… :)

Although inspired on memime’s au, she must have her own ideas regarding how episodes took place in her AU. I just made the doodle for fun, and because I wanted to draw Aku with baby Kuni. They look so cute together in this way, I swear!

anonymous asked:

Could you possibly describe a female ISTP? Thank you so much :)

Sure thing!

So when a lot of people think of female ISTPs, the first thing that comes to mind is the kind of women that men stereotypically adore–she’s tough, she drinks beer, and she might be a bit of a tomboy.  Think Mila Kunis.  This idea is obviously an overgeneralization, and a wild fantasy on the part of many frat boys, but there are some interesting reasons that ISTP women are stereotyped in this way that relate to their functions and cognition.

ISTPs use dominant Ti, meaning they’re highly analytical, good at deconstructing ideas and problems to get to their core, and talented at figuring out what it is that makes a particular thing tick.  They use a system of logic that makes sense to them, even if it doesn’t necessarily conform to external ideas of what is and isn’t sensible.  Have you ever heard someone, maybe a professor, talk so intelligently about a topic in a way that you could never imagine following?  They’re probably a dominant Ti user, utilizing their internal thought process to make sense of problems.  

In women, this is a particularly interesting quality because it often runs contrary to stereotypes about how people of different genders think.  If you’re from the US (like I am), you’ve probably heard of the notion that girls tend to be better at subjects in the humanities in schools, whereas boys are better at sciences and math (this idea goes back a long time, and has some interesting roots in the wide-scale development of American school systems in the 19th century, where girls and boys were put on distinct curriculum tracks)–obviously untrue, but a powerful idea in our society nonetheless.  While ISTPs won’t be found exclusively in the sciences (I’ve had many great Ti-dom professors in my history major), their way of thinking is particularly conducive to success in fields like physics, engineering, and math.  So an ISTP woman who likes learning about relativity or circuit systems tends to exist outside of the gender spheres found in many places in the US.   

Another really unfair generalization people amazingly still make today (you should hear what conversations go on in a guys’ locker room) is that women are physically weak or inept.  Auxiliary Se isn’t exclusively about being physically able or strong (it’s more about being engaged and aware of the world as it exists in the moment), but for many people that’s part of the mix.  So ISTP women further disprove a stereotype–many of them are excellent athletes and are extremely fit.  On Survivor, for example, two of the three people tied for the most individual immunity challenges won by a woman in a single season are ISTPs (the other is an INFJ, an inferior Se user).  

Ni will be used in a way that isn’t particularly gendered, but instead demonstrates the ISTP’s knack for long-term thinking and their gut feelings in certain situations.  I know that sounds super vague and unclear, so let’s look to Survivor again for an example that will make it more clear (even if you’re unfamiliar with the show, I think this can be followed).  

Jenna Morasca, one of the ISTP women I mentioned above, was on Survivor: Amazon and Survivor: All Stars.  During Amazon, she mentions a few times that her mom had then been fighting cancer for several years and says that her mom was the one who encouraged her to go on the show in the first place.  When Jenna returned for All Stars a year later, her mom still wasn’t better.  And (spoiler alert) in this video, probably the saddest scene from any season of Survivor, you can see how Jenna decides to leave the game because she has a feeling that her mom’s health is getting worse.  Notice how she says “I got a vibe, I got a feeling she needs me there”–this is textbook Ni.  There isn’t really any immediate evidence to suggest that her mom has gotten worse, but she just knows that’s the case.  And unfortunately, she was right.  This is how Ni works–it unconsciously accumulates concepts and ideas and weaves them together into a worldview that is strong and exists beneath the level of awareness.

I figure I’ll continue with Jenna for looking at inferior Fe, because she’s a really great example of relatively immature development of her lowest function (she was only 21 when she was on Amazon, so that’s understandable) and also the ways that gender roles and expectations might affect an ISTP woman.  

So you’d think that women who use a feeling function last might not do very well socially, right?  Well, that’s often not the case.  Jenna’s a good example of that.  She was witty and charming, was very good at forming connections with people who mattered, and is one of the show’s most underrated social players (another spoiler–the person she’s calling a fat pig above voted for her to win because she liked her so much).  This is all because of inferior Fe, which makes the ISTP very capable of connecting with people and making them feel at ease.  ISTPs are often good at banter, and this is especially the case for women, who are typically encouraged to be more sociable than men.  There’s something about inferior Fe that’s aloof and a bit mysterious but highly alluring, especially when it pairs with auxiliary Se. 

But inferior Fe can have problems too.  In well-developed individuals, it will be accommodating, helpful, and will often sacrifice its own values for what’s best for the group.  In poorly-developed cases, however, it can be a bit of a…volcano, perhaps?  Fe emotes externally–you’re generally going to know if an FJ or a TP has a strong feeling about something, because they’re either going to tell you or it will be obvious in their body language, facial expressions, or tone.  And because ISTPs don’t use their Fe with the same mastery that FJs do (who use it either first or second), they’re not as good at avoiding outbursts of emotion.  In Jenna’s case, there were a number of times where she became visibly upset and emotional when things went wrong or were difficult.  And as a young, attractive woman, she was labelled a brat (by viewers mostly, but fellow contestants as well) for being unable to control herself.  

The thing is, inferior Fe is not bratty by nature.  It can be construed as that, but ultimately when it seems that way it’s just because a user just hasn’t figured out how to properly manage their emotions.  While men might be called “hotheads” or something similar for inferior Fe outbursts, women will probably hear nastier labels because they’re generally expected to have better control of their emotions.  

In all, ISTP women get labelled as the Mila Kunis-type girl because they often defy gender norms more openly than any other type (female ESTPs are a close second).  Whether or not they fit that archetype depends on the situation, but any well-developed ISTP woman will be highly intelligent, engaged with the world around them, and a wonderful person to spend time with.  

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Hello! I have a silly question, when they grow up, was katsuo jealous of the guys trying to aproach kuni? He tried to scare them off?

Katsuo would definitely get jealous. He was already jealous of anyone else coming over to play with Kuni as kids, grown up, it’s just a different sort of jealousy. Like no, that’s MY Kuni! Get your own!

Kuni thinks it’s funny but does tell him to knock it off when it gets too much. 

reasons why you should take the time to watch jupiter ascending
  • werewolf!channing tatum, his true form tbh
  • it’s a self insert fanfic turned movie
  • aliens
  • Space!Boromir the Bee King
  • space boots that are roller blades and werewolf!channing tatum seems to own the only pair
  • he’s really good at roller blading
  • anytime someone is in danger, he just nyooms right in and nyooms right out on his sick blades
  • as the movie progresses you’re less certain its a movie and more so a two hour commercial for space boot roller blades
  • eddie redmyane looking like the starkid production of lord voldemort
  • space orgies 
  • three really creepy siblings who all love their mom a little too much
  • more eddie redmayne, talking like a chain-smoking wine mom
  • Space!Boromir doesn’t die
  • Mila Kunis gets her own pair of space boots in the end and rules earth cause she got a sick pair of roller blades

I think than an actor is more likely to be forgiven in the public’s eye than an actress. There will always be a double standard between males and females, so I think that an actress is more likely to protect her public persona, so to speak, than an actor would be. An actor goes crazy in a hotel room, gets trashed, throws a bench, breaks a window, and he is considered a rock star. An actress does that and she’s sent to rehab and is thought to have problems and issues and can’t get a job.