So lets get this straight?

Jupiter Ascending is about an ordinary young girl who doesn’t have a father

who happens to find out that she is the reincarnation of a very important person

she finds out that she is in possession of something supremely precious and spherical that is sought after by many

her protector/ally/and eventual love interest is a man who shares DNA with the canine species

another ally who is snarky and is very deserving of the title “lone wolf”

they have to keep it from a very flamboyant villain who wants the precious for himself

and the two relatives of his with one having an agenda of their own

There, did I make my point effectively?!

Also then there is this!


Heart no Kuni No Alice The Musical: The Best Revival

Love these bromides from the show, everyone has a little stage microphone on! Also it totally took me forever to see who else is in Vivaldi’s!



Poco’s Udon World holds so much promise. It has a truly beautiful story and very promising messages. Not many anime can tug at your heartstrings like that. From the first episode it has always been a question of how long Poco will stay. We started it knowing that it has a chance that Poco will break hearts. And yet you will stick to it because there is so much emotional calling and it has been a reminder not only to Souta but to many of us as well… adults who get lost in the world’s hustle and bustle.