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Do you think Mila Kunis knows Joe Sugg is in love with her and has tons of posters of her in his room? It would be funny if Mila would walk to Joe and be like “Hi,I watch your videos every Sunday.” and just imagine Joe falling off his chair,having a spasm and twitching like “OH…MY….GOD….ITS….YOU!!!” and Caspar is like doing the same thing as Joe but Joe is doing it worse and Oli is like drooling but being the polite British boy he is,he just vlogs it,thinking its funny. Do you ever wonder if that could happen? Cause I do.

person: i don’t get how people find mila Kunis hot…. she’s fucking ugly am I right
me: I Have Thought Wrong About You. Go Fuck Yourself

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yamanbagiri getting really into it when fighting and he looks positively beautiful, cue mitsukuri staring at him and before they know it they get injured and yamanbagiri although not knowing why they were looking at him he knows they looked and blamed it on him looking disgusting on the battlefield and when they return to the citdael he offers to get them patched up bc he thinks its his fault they're damaged and apologises the whole time but the two are fighting to get kuni-chan to notice them.

But poor Manba-chan is too dense to notice that Marshall James' review of Jupiter Ascending
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I love Sci-Fi, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the Wachowski’s films in the past, the Matrix being one of my Top 5 favorites. But this film is a beautiful mess. Like the epic classic film “Zardoz” this movie suffers from having too many ideas going on and not enough threads to tie it all together. So many times I found myself asking “What is going on?” and when a few careful lines of dialogue would clear things up, instead another fight sequence happens. Also, I found the character of Jupiter Jones staggeringly 1-dimensional. She is the classic dumb damsel-in-distress who is in constant need of rescuing (which happens no less than 5 times over the course of the film.) The movie could easily be summed up as “Mila Kunis listens unphased as a bunch of Men tell her their grand plans for her.” It was really pretty gross how misogynistic and simple the plot devices were and only once does she actually take action herself, and that’s just to club a villain in the head at the very end.
Redeeming qualities: the film’s special effects are pretty glorious, especially the ship designs, which really is the mark of a solid Wachowski picture. Also, the plot involving the commodifying of youth-sustaining drugs through the mass killing of planet populations feels very believable when you consider that the CEO of Nestlé has stated that water is a commodity and that poor people can die of thirst for all Nestlé cares. So it’s with a heavy heart that I find this movie too bad to watch again, despite the high caliber actors, interesting subplots, and visual aesthetic. The lead characters are simply too unlikeable, their dialogue too dumb, and the premise too unconnected to sit through it again. I’ll just watch the Matrix one more time.

Crisis averted I am now drinking and don’t know what to do with myself??? I’d play the sims because the sims is fun rn and pleases me but also i’d rather not mess up my saves so :Ic

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Where am I from: Finland

Fave Anime: TTGL probs

Fave Show: i.. don’t watch a lot of tv.. the office is pretty fun.

Zodiac: Libra

Fave Quote: MÄ PILAAN

Fave Band/Musician: Queen

Fave Season: All of them

Movie I’m Waiting for: nothing probably.. i can’t even remember what is coming to theaters

i don’t feel like tagging anyone, just do it if you want.. orz