I very much love Garcia Flynn. Definitely too much. We don’t deserve a character so complex and tragic. But also yes I do. Give me more. I earned this. I’ve sat through so many black and white characters. Give me all those shades of gray.

As for the group picture near the end, you know I’m on the Lucy is Flynn’s wife train. All aboard. I will hold out for this until they blatantly tell me no. Probably not even then really. And if it isn’t true, boy, do I have enough observations and theories to make a kickin AU.

An OC ref sheet requested by @shadyparade ! This is pretty rough, the lineart is pretty messy and the coloring will be fixed in some places, but I wanted to at least get this out (apologies for my handwriting I don’t have very good penmanship and I’m literally just using my finger, lol). I finally decided on the name “Owen” for them because why tf not. I will def add to this later on.


So this drawing is for @sai-shou and Frisk get better you two!

Mom, thank you for putting up with my terrible art and annoying messages. You are my inspiration and I love you and your blog so so much so please take care of yourself. I’m trying to help as much as I can though my family doesn’t have that much money I’ll try to donate to you because it pains me to see you sad and hey you don’t always have to stay strong it’s okay to cry and take as many breaks as possible. We all love you and we’re all here for you. Please try to remember that.

Frisk, I’m sorry about your dad. Mine is the same way about that type of stuff hell I don’t think he even knows I have a girlfriend but I don’t care about what he thinks anymore and I think you should feel the same about your dad. Plus, if you feel bad about Amelia please don’t because she has said that she would put herself in the middle a million times if it met saving you.

Stay strong you guys

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There’s a paralysing fear of creating rooted inside of me. A fear that makes me sit in front of my computer without moving for an hour, keeps me up at night, like a noose around my neck, but in the end creates nothing. It’s been hiding behind a façade of perfectionism when it is just cowardice. “If you never pick it up, you’ll never fail it.” It’s crap.

I want to stop being a coward. But right now I am still a bit scared.

I had a thought.

At first I was simply doodling because I thought maybe Emmy would wear suits then I thought she looked like some sort of dapper detective and so I gave her a gun.

Then I thought what if there was a detective AU 

So I drew Layton with a gun but I thought of my icon so what if he gets handed a gun and doesn’t know how to use it properly and doesn’t want to shoot someone accidentally so just stands there not knowing what to do with it.

And so I did this because Emmy knows her shit and Layton no.


Necromancy” - Episodes from Middle Earth

Necromancy by paranoidfridge


And this is one of my favorite Episodes. So this happened. Because Fridge is amazing.