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IMAGINE // After a gas explosion, Mycroft has amnesia because of an head injury: doctors are confident he will recover but unable to tell when. They advise to let him do what he wants & he chooses to take a surprising job. Governement keeps an eye. His memory comes back suddenly when the enemy behind the gas explosion finds him...

“Mister Holmes’ Tommy tooked my race car again,” Louise bellowed from the other end of the magic reading mat. 

“In a minute dearest,” Mycroft called to her gently trying not to help young Andrew maintain his wooden block tower just a second longer so that Ellie could draw it.

They are only successful long enough for Ellie to get the first bottom shapes but thanks to Eggsy and Collin’s dancing antics.

Mister HOLMES,”came the whining again that Mycroft had to hold back a tired sigh.

Mycroft  loved his job at the daycare; adored the children, challenging their young impressionable minds and how each day was a clean slate but some days he just didn’t feel like it was the right fit.

He couldn’t exactly explain it but sometimes when nap time was in full swing Mycroft had these thoughts; these strange inklings that this wasn’t always his career but he could never quite put his finger on what it could have been.

“Coming Louise,” Mycroft answered a bit strained as he weaved between the throngs of children that he had come to love.

Joseph, Steven and Natasha were reading quietly in the magic reading mat ignoring the surrounding chaos, Francis and Allen playing pirates at the water station, Carmen, Elizabeth and Marie seemingly creating an entire screen play on the whim while Carl continued to play ‘keep away’ with Louise’s toy car.

Without a doubt Mycroft loved each and every one of his kids even if Louise and Carl seemed to always be at odds with one another.

Avoiding any potential spray from the water station Mycroft is able to scoop Carl up with one practiced hand and Louise in the other before she can lay a hand on him to forcefully retrieve the toy.

Two squirming and disgruntled children in each arm Mycroft carries them over to the ‘Problem Solving’ corner.

Setting each child down he turns to Carl and politely asks, “Carl please return Louise’s car to her.”

The boy of course looks very reluctant to but with a very stern eye from Mycroft he eventually relinquishes it. Taking the toy and passing it off to a very pleased Louise Mycroft stops her from running off to continue playing to settle this once and for all.

“Now this is the third time in a week I’ve had to intervene with you two when it comes to toys and Carl I’ve had this conversation with you before about taking what doesn’t belong to you at least on six separate occasions this month alone. Can you explain to me why you’re continuing to do this?”

Carl is about to open his mouth to plead his case when Louise blurts out, “It’s cuz’ he’s a stinky head that wants to swipe people’s stuff!”  


The girl is a bit shaken by the raised voice but manages to accuse, “But he is! Everyone thinks so! That’s why no one will play with him!”

Indeed since the boy had been enrolled in the daycare not many children wanted to engage young Carl as he had a bad habit of absconding with toys brought from home by the other kids.

It had given the boy an unfavorable moniker as ‘Carl the toy thief’ which Mycroft alone could not seem to rectify without stopping the problem at the source.

Giving Louise a very stern look Mycroft looks at Carl again and gives him the nod to try again. Carl seems embarrassed by the way he holds his hands in front of him and rocks on his trainers.

“Its just that…at home there’s no toys for me ta play with at home,” Carl mumbles quietly in a voice scarcely above a whisper, “an’ when I get here there’s lots of toys an’ I can’t ever bring one ta share with everyone so they’ll play with me.”

Louise rolls her eyes until Carl starts to hiccup. 

Silent tears begin to roll off his cheeks as he adds, “I just want to play with everyone cuz’ I don’t have a lot ta go home to. Ma’s always workin’ an’ da’s too tired ta do anything but sleep there so I’m all alone.” 

Mycroft is forever grateful that children can be so empathetic as Louise takes Carl into her arms to comfort him. He strongly suspected it might have something to do with the recent birth of her baby brother that brought out that maternal instinct but was not about to question this good fortune. 

The boy cries softly on her shoulder as she attempts to console him and Mycroft makes a mental note to have a word with his parents.

“Hey its okay Carl,” Louise says patting him a little too hard, “ Sometimes I don’t get to see my daddy for ages and I’m alone too but now I have a baby brother so daddy has to be home more!”

Of course this does little to comfort young Carl but Mycroft is quick to save the day. “Louise, is there anything you can do to help Carl feel better?”

Louise doesn’t quite let go of Carl to think but rests her hand on the boy’s shoulder. “Umm…wait I know!”

She pushes Carl off quickly (to which Mycroft catches the boy before he’s sent into the wall) to fish out the car from her dress pocket. “Here,” Louise demands pushing the toy car into Carl’s stomach, “You can keep this because daddy always gets me a new one when he comes back from traveling so I have like a bazillion of them!”

Car’s eyes go wide as he carefully accepts the car cradling it as if were more precious than anything he’s ever held. “You…you mean it?”

“Yeah! Now let’s go play cars by the stuffed animal mountain,” Louise commands taking Carl by the shirt to which the boy quickly complied.

“No pulling clothes Louise,” Mycroft calls after her only to see the two finally get on and Carl with the rest of the kids.

It isn’t until pickup time that the madness begins again.

Once again Carl and Louise were the last ones to be fetched by their parents.

Louise was talking a mile a minute about the new baby and how her daddy was finally picking her up and that Carl should totally sleepover and maybe adopt him too.

For his part Carl was content to listen as he held the toy car with reverence.

“Louise sweetie!”


Things happen in quick succession as the voice pierces through his psyche bringing back all the memories that had long been forgotten.

The explosion.

The guns.

The yelling.

The heat.

All of it was connected to this man and Mycroft knew that he remembered exactly who he was and worst of all he was Louise’s father.

Unable to keep himself loose and pushing Carl out of firing range Mycroft tries to remain cordial after all he can only hope that someone has kept an eye on him to prevent this from happening.

Desperately Mycroft looks around for anyone that might be an undercover agent sent to protect him but he cannot find anyone who could of any help.

The man picks up his daughter and swings her around until his sights him.

Without much acknowledgement or taking his eyes off of him and his hand goes into his jacket to which Mycroft braces for impact when Louise starts to squawk.


“Is that so princess?” the man asks slowly but not removing his hand from his jacket, “is he a good teacher?”

Louise looks highly offended as she slithers down her daddy to stand before him in a pout. “Yes, Mister Holmes is the bestest teacher I ever had cuz he taught me that everything has a reason an’ to figure people an; if you hurt him I’ll hate you forever and ever!

The man takes a look at his daughter and that at Mycroft a couple of times before he removes his hand from the coat to reveal it barren.

He gives Mycroft one last look clearly stating how lucky he had gotten today before taking Louise’s hand and saying, “Let’s go sweetheart.”

“Okay Daddy and also can Carl sleepover on Saturday?” Louise asks without missing a beat.

Mycroft is left there stunned and a bit light headed with Carl as the pair drive off that it takes Carl tugging on his sleeve to realize he had slumped onto the sidewalk.

“Mister Holmes your cellphone is buzzin,” Carl points out quietly unsure of what to do with the distressed adult.

Gingerly Mycroft fishes his phone to read an incoming text: Don’t look so pale we had you covered. Are you still on for working until next week so we can find a replacement for you? -A

Mycroft shook his head and considered it. He could leave now and put himself in a safer position or stay until another could take his place.

“Mister Holmes?”

Looking down at Carl Mycroft knew he had no choice.

I’ll be here as long as I need to be to clean up some lose ties first. Please fax other any documents that require my signature and I should be back before the Christmas holidays.

update now!

i think I’m done for the day but I wanted to get in the basic cheek shaping and the mouth in and I did it!

while the muzzle seems long I think as I add it will look fine in the end

still considering trimming though aszxvbbc I’d redo but I’m already this far


I was told by several friends and tumblr users that my Fisher the Voidfish cosplay from The Adventure Zone was being shared uncredited via pintrest and tumblr, so I hurried to put out my big compilation post faster than I usually do. I would very much appreciate it if everyone could reblog this version of the post, instead of any other post floating around that doesn’t correctly credit the costume back to me!! As an artist and a fan, it was incredibly hurtful that this happened. Although the original reposter has apologized profusely for this and properly credited me afterwards, it’s incredibly difficult to undo the damage that results from the reposting of any uncredited image in a large fandom. 

All photos in this post are taken by either myself, scribblesafterdark, or by cowbuttcrunchies!! My darling Magnus is the other half of cowbuttcrunchies. I would also like to take this time to shoutout to my friend automb, who provided endless support with this costume and helped me with cutting and trimming all the tentacles on Fisher’s dress. They also made Junior for me under my guidance, while I was going nutso over the rest of the costume. 

Thank you again to everyone who commented and tagged me on the other post, and I hope that everyone reblogs this version instead!!! As usual, more information about my work process will be under the cut, so if you’re interested in that kind of thing, read on! 💙 

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The lip sync tutorial they DON’T give you

I mentioned on twitter that I wanted to do a lip sync tutorial and immediately got some people who were interested so I put one together real quick!

I’m going to use a bit of unfinished lip sync from my taz animated part as reference. They’re just gifs so no sound, but you should still be able to tell that he’s saying “I’d say a solid B… Solid B minus.”

Anyone who’s looked up how to do lip sync has seen phoneme charts. Phonemes are just the shape your mouth makes when you make certain sounds.

When you do lip sync, you want some kind of reference to make sure it’s right

What’s easiest is to say it yourself and pay attention to the shapes your mouth is making. Since you’re going frame by frame, your audio is slow enough that you can make each shape slowly and distinctly and you can get each individual phoneme down in the animation.

Don’t do this.^

An easy way to tell if you’re animating lip sync wrong is if you run out of frames to make each shape. You don’t need them! Making each shape is unnatural. People talk quickly and the mouth doesn’t have the time to get into each shape. They blend together, sometimes to the point where the shape doesn’t change at all!

Not only does the 2nd gif take less frames and energy to make, it’s more relaxed, it looks less distracting, and his lips are much easier to read!

These are reference charts to show the differences more clearly

This is the difference between getting swallowed up in every last detail and paying attention to reality.

What matters more than hitting every syllable is making it look natural and flow with the acting. That’s why anime mouth flaps can work so well. A strong pose through the whole body matters more than one mouth shape.


*I wrote this with the sun and mars signs in mind*

Aries: It was a cool summer night. “You’re crazy.” I said as you pulled me towards an abandoned building. “Don’t be scared, I just wanna check it out.” We wandered through the decaying concrete, graffiti on every wall possible. I was so scared but I was trying hard not to lose my cool. After all you were absolutely loving this. There was a loud creak and I jumped, grabbing your arm. “Babe calm down, look at me.” You said soothingly, rubbing my shoulders. We made out there in the middle of the building; in the middle of the night. Your kisses enthralling, and for a moment I forgot about everything else. The creak came again but louder, “Okay, fuck this.” You laughed, grabbing my hand and we ran as fast as we could out of there and into the summer air.

Taurus: It was pitch black, our kisses growing more urgent as you fumbled around trying to undo my buttons. “I can’t see anything.” you chuckled. I sparked my lighter and you looked around for a candle, finding one and lighting it with my flame; never taking your eyes off me. You undid my pants quickly with a smirk on your face and threw them dramatically across the room. Your lips finding mine again, making up for the loss of contact. “You are so fucking hot” you whispered, running your hands down my body, a trace of goosebumps forming on my skin. You pushed in slowly, moaning as you felt my heat. You buried your face in my hair I lost all focus. I just held on for dear life as the candlelight flickered erratically on the ceiling.

Gemini: Your bedroom was covered with so many posters I couldn’t see what colour it was painted. You had not one, but two lava lamps, one purple and one orange. We were laying on your floor, listening to Frank Ocean on vinyl, “Sometimes I think about faking my own death, and leaving the parts I don’t like about myself behind.” you said somberly, drawing lazy circles on my stomach with your finger. “Where would you go?” I asked. You propped your head up, your adorable face flushed purple in the light from the lamp. “Anywhere but here,” you said pulling me even closer, “only as long as I could take you with me though.” I ran my finger across your bottom lip and you bit it, we giggled quietly, then sighed. You kissed me so deeply, like an ocean tide that ebbs and flows. We made love, slow love right there on your bedroom floor. Every now and then, when things are quiet, parts of that night come back in flashes when I close my eyes.

Cancer: Snow had been coming down like crazy all day and everybody was staying inside. We had made the heroic journey to the store to get the bare necessities. Popcorn, paprika Pringles and those fruity toffees. Now we were cuddled in an abundance of duvets and pillows watching Spirited Away. “Are you cold?” you asked softly. “No I’m actually really warm.” I said adjusting the pillows behind me. Your eyes shot around the room, you bit your lip as your gaze landed on me. “What?” I asked when I noticed you staring. You grinned, “I’m kinda cold.” I couldn’t help but laugh as I lifted my blanket and pulled you into my cocoon. Your hand slipped under my shirt as you got comfortable. “Oh my god, your hand is freezing.” I shrieked. “Warm me up then.” you teased as you kissed me gently.

Leo: “You are such a goddamn hypocrite, why are you being so possessive?” I yelled at you. “Because I fucking love you!” you screamed even louder. My eyes shot wide as the words left your mouth. I felt like I was about to faint. Like everything I’d known for the past two months had been wrong. I put my hand on my forehead and slowly sat down on the sofa. “Since when?” I asked warily. You sat down next to me, leaving a little space between us, not wanting to scare me away. “Since the day I met you.” you said more gently. I shook my head in confusion. All these months I’d been crushing on you, telling myself I was a fool for thinking you could ever feel the same. “Look, I should go.” you said standing up, I grabbed your arm quickly and pulled you to me. I kissed you with my eyes open, I didn’t believe it but my eyes couldn’t lie. You picked me up and put me in your lap. “We can’t do this.” I whispered into your neck. You grabbed me even tighter, not ready to let me go. “Tell me to stop,” you breathed kissing down my collarbone, your finger toying with the band of my panties, “just tell me to stop.” Your eyes searched mine for an answer. Your finger inching further, grazing down the lace in front. I moaned into your mouth, giving you the answer you needed. The one we both needed.

Virgo: My phone buzzed next to my laptop. It was almost midnight and my chemistry notes were making less sense than ever. “Hi baby.” I half sighed as I answered. “Where are you?” you asked. “On my bed, what’s up?” I could hear your breathing through the phone, “Nothing, just thinkin’ about you. ‘Bout us.” you said cheekily. I closed my eyes as that familiar lightness hit my stomach. “Oh really, what are we doing?” I teased. You half groaned on the other line, “Thinking about your skin, running my tongue up your spine, and swirling it around your-” Now I was the one who moaned. “Can you come pick me up?” I panted. You laughed, “Thought you’d never ask.”

Libra: It was my first birthday in the new city and I was feeling more homesick than ever. You knocked on my door and told me to get dressed while you poured two shots of tequila. You took me on an adventure, stumbling through a regal museum slightly tipsy. I was laughing at this modern piece, you asked why I didn’t get it, I said the shape was a bit funky. From behind you wrapped your arms around my waist, pressing yourself up against me, “I think it’s a quite stimulating.” you whispered with a sly grin, and my entire body shivered. Then you took me to dinner, your eyes staring into mine the whole time and I could hear my heart beating in my ears. It was like moving between worlds, reality changing from hour to hour. I don’t even remember what we talked about, only what I was feeling. We couldn’t even last until desert, our minds running away from us. As soon as I opened the door to my place your lips crashed onto mine, and for the first time that night I felt like I could breathe.

Scorpio: “Do you wanna wrestle?” I asked you with a wicked grin on my face. “I’m not gonna wrestle you.” You said not taking your eyes of the TV. I jumped on you and the Xbox controller went flying. “You asked for it.” You growled as you started fighting me back. I knew I had no chance, I just wanted to get you all fired up. Before I knew it I was on my back, hands pinned down above my head and your strong thighs straddling my torso. “Who’s the winner?” you demanded. “You’re the winner daddy.” I purred, reaching up and biting your lip. Your expression shifted, your eyes going from that watery blue to devilish dark in a split second, and I knew I was in for a ride.

Sagittarius: It was 3 a.m. I knew I had school in the morning but at this point I didn’t care. Cruising around the city in your parents BMW, the bass in the sound system making our blood vibrate. Like it hadn’t been already. We didn’t say anything, we couldn’t. We couldn’t afford to lose control. Then L$D by A$AP Rocky came on. My hands were shaking in my lap, your knuckles white from squeezing the steering wheel so hard. The engine purred as you drove faster, now with a purpose, pulling into the beach parking lot. The car came to an abrupt stop and I couldn’t take this any longer. You moved your seat back as I jumped over the console. You kissed me like you were drowning and I was air. All that tension finally snapping like firecrackers as the music pumped through our bodies. Your strong arms lifted me up and pushed my dress up my thighs, the windows fogging up. I could feel your biceps trembling under the palm of my hand, and thought how could something that felt so right be so wrong?

Capricorn: The whole day had had a weird, electrifying feel to it. Now I knew why. We were standing out there on the balcony, face to face in the middle of the crowd. “Kiss me.” you said nonchalantly. “You kiss me.” I incited. You took a long drag of the joint, gently pressing your lips to mine as you blew the smoke into my mouth. I just stared back at you, blowing the smoke out again calmly, your fingers still caressing the back of my neck. You almost smiled but stopped it midway by biting your lip. I grabbed your shirt and pulled you to me. I kissed you like it was the last time. You pulled back slightly to catch your breath, “Wanna get out of here?”

Aquarius: The night I first met you. I didn’t wanna go out but my friends convinced me. The bar was so packed but somehow I got to the front of the stage. There you were, and that cherry red guitar, in your own world. I remember I couldn’t take my eyes of your fingers when you played. I didn’t even notice you were looking at me until the song was over. You laughed and playfully tugged on your shirt. I didn’t get why but then I noticed we were both wearing the same Led Zeppelin shirt. When the show was over you found me so quickly I knew you had been watching me. “I feel like this was meant to be.” you said leaning up against the bar. I took you in, your knuckles had little cuts on them and your black jeans were splattered with green paint. “I’m not really in the mood to make friends tonight.” I said, taking a sip of my beer. You ran your hand teasingly through that dirty blonde DiCaprio hair, “How ‘bout we just stay strangers then?” I knew I’d already lost this fight. The next thing I remember is literally falling into your foyer, your lips on my neck as I moaned in your ear. You held me so tight, pulling my shirt up ever so slightly just to put your skin on mine. I pushed you down, taking my shirt all they way off while I straddled your hips, and you looked at me like I had just discovered fire. When it was all over you grabbed my face with both your hands, “What’s your name?” you breathed. I smirked as I put my clothes back on, “I thought we were gonna stay strangers.” I was halfway home when I realized that the shirt I was wearing wasn’t mine, it was yours.

Pisces: The record had finished all the way through. That needle scratch sound from the record player filled the silence in the room. I was in your arms, tangled in bedsheets and your sticky bodyparts. You grazing my back lightly with your fingers. “I need to pee.” I said trying untangle myself limb by limb. Your arms tightened around me, “No, you can’t go.” you pouted. I giggled and wiggled around in your embrace. “I have to pee, I’ll be quick.” You pressed your forehead against mine. “Promise?” you said softly. I pecked your lips three times. “I promise.”

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Prompts: @antique-moonglade
Author: @queenofthyme

Draco calmly set about mixing his paints. He’d perfected a particular shade of green only the day prior, and he wanted to get it exact. He had plenty of time to get it right before he needed to begin sketching. Quidditch practice didn’t start for another twenty minutes or so.

He’d set up his canvas quite a distance from the pitch so that the players wouldn’t see him.  Of course, that also meant he couldn’t see them that well either so, as always, he’d brought his binoculars to get the best view of his intended subject - it was a bit of a hassle using them and painting at the same time but it was better than the alternative - being caught.

Not even Pansy knew he was out here. Not for lack of trying of course. She’d even taken to following him in the mornings but Draco was careful. This morning he’d led her on a goose chase around the castle before finally giving her the slip and heading outside.

It was surprisingly warm for so early in the morning, the harsh glares of the sun already in full force. Draco had created a shade for himself - magically stretching out the branches of a nearby tree to shield his pale skin from the sun. But the players wouldn’t be so lucky. He could just imagine the sweat rolling down a particular player’s skin. It would make for a great painting if he could capture it correctly.

The green paint turned out exactly as he wanted it, a perfect replica of its inspiration, Draco thought. He set it aside, eager for the chance to use it later. Since he had time to kill, he figured he may as well get a start on the background, so he began lightly sketching in the lines of the Quidditch pitch and the surrounding stadiums with a thin pencil. He’d just started drawing the hoops at the far side of the pitch when a voice pulled him out of focus.


The second hoop became oblong. He knew that voice.

“Potter,” he greeted automatically, his voice cold - a reflex.  He turned around quickly, his pencil falling into the grass.

Potter was squinting at Draco’s sketch, using his broomstick, firmly planted in the ground, to keep balance as he leaned forward. Despite only heading for a practice he was dressed in his full scarlet Gryffindor Quidditch uniform, complete with a protective chest plate handing loosely from his shoulders, waiting to be strapped on properly. Draco resisted the urge to fix it himself.

“You draw?”

A snarky What’s it you? on Draco’s lips was swallowed when Potter continued without waiting for an answer.

“Just the pitch? Or the players too?”

Panic filled Draco’s body settling itself as a niggling discomfort in his gut. “Just the pitch,” he said quickly, his eagerness to lie making him forget his desire to be contrary. Instead, his voice just came out rushed and squeaky. Lucky there were no witnesses otherwise his tough reputation would have been well and truly demolished, all by a couple of unextraordinary words from Harry Potter.

“Shame,” Potter said, standing up straight and lifting his broom. “Would you consider it? I’ve always wanted to be painted.”

Draco nodded against his will - what? Potter’s confidence was rather disconcerting. It clearly had the power to turn him into a squirming mess as well as a pathetic follower eager to please all at once.

Potter’s face lit up with a surprised smile - he obviously hadn’t expected Draco to be so agreeable - neither had Draco. “In that case, make sure you capture me from the left. It’s my good side.”

“Every side is your bloody good side,” Draco muttered to himself without thinking. Crap. There’s no way Potter hadn’t heard THAT embarrassing revelation. 

But Potter didn’t say anything further. He simply winked at Draco with those devilishly charming eyes (that made Draco’s knees go weak) before mounting his broom and flying off towards the pitch, his shape growing smaller and smaller until he was just a speck in the distance.

As soon as he could wrench his eyes away from Potter, Draco turned his focus to the shade of green paint he had created. He’d have to start again from scratch. It was nowhere close to the real thing.

Now that he had Potter’s blessing, more or less, he had to make everything perfect. After all, Potter would want to see the finished product. And Draco already knew that once he did, Potter would know exactly how Draco felt about him. How could he not when Draco channelled all of his emotions into his paintings? When every stroke of his brush that coloured Potter’s face was a gentle caress? It would be obvious to anyone.

Draco resigned himself to that fact and focused all his energy into the painting. If Potter liked it, Draco might just show him all the other finished canvases locked away in his dormitory too. It was about time someone else saw Draco’s work. And who better than Draco Malfoy’s muse, Harry Potter?

Draco was right of course. Potter returned immediately after practice, flushed and sweaty, expecting results. Draco didn’t have much to show yet - he’d spent most of his time working on mixing the right shades of green. But at the same time, he was almost certainly showing too much. Potter stared at the canvas for far too long.

Draco had started with Potter’s eyes and hadn’t got much further. Sketching over them again and again to get the precise shape, the precise look of concentration as Potter scanned the pitch for the snitch. And then came the colouring. What he had gotten wrong originally was trying to find the one right shade of green for Potter’s eyes, because there wasn’t one. There were a number of shades all swimming amongst each other. Vibrant. Ever changing. Alive. 

Draco thought he’d captured those eyes rather well in the end, but when Potter turned and his real eyes fixed themselves on Draco, all liveliness and wonder, Draco realised he’d never be able to do them justice. Potter’s eyes didn’t belong on paper. But Draco was starting to think, from the way Potter was blushing as he stared, that maybe, just maybe, Potter’s eyes belonged on Draco.

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Jeff Sessions reverses federal protections for transgender employees
It's an "appalling assault" on the queer community, they said.

In his latest act as literal walking garbage, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the reversal of 2014 guidance that had protected transgender federal government employees from discrimination. 

“Title VII’s prohibition on sex discrimination encompasses discrimination between men and women,” Sessions said in the memo, which was obtained by BuzzFeed, CNN and USA Today, “but does not encompass discrimination based on gender identity per se, including transgender status.”

“This is a conclusion of law, not policy,” Sessions said. The department, he added, will take this new position in all “pending and future matters.”

Justice Department spokesman Devin O’Malley doubled down on Sessions’ remarks Thursday. “Unfortunately, the last administration abandoned that fundamental principle, which necessitated today’s action,” he told USA Today. “This department remains committed to protecting the civil and constitutional rights of all individuals, and will continue to enforce the numerous laws that Congress has enacted that prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.”

Disgusting, bigoted, unacceptable. It’s hard to feel anything but hopeless right now. Don’t let that happen. Take a nap, have a snack, cry a little, do whatever you have to do to get yourself back into shape. There is more work to do. 

baconcupcake  asked:

How does reading a word by its shape work? Do you ever get confused by words shaped similarly?

Ok, so the way this was explained to me is that I read English the way japanese people read kanji, where the character stands for an entire concept rather than a series of sounds that make up a word.  Or like reading one of Carrie Fisher’s emoji texts, I guess?

It’s a “This collection of lines has this meaning” thing, rather than a “These shapes mean these sounds which mean this concept thing”  if that makes sense?

I rarely have problems READING things.  Honestly you can sub in words with keysmash nonsense (e.g. spofdghf)  to an astonishing degree before meaning is lost for me, as long as I have a bit of context.  I have no idea how to actually pronounce ‘epistemology’ but I can write about the meaning of what makes knowledge knowledge for ages.

I have more difficulty when it comes to writing things.  I can remember WHICH lines and shapes were in a word, but forget what damn order they went in.  I also had a habit of flipping letters vertically- b/p and d/q for instance.  So when I hand-write, I tend to capitalize them, even in the middle of words.