• a very potter musical: I've been alone/Surrounded by darkness/And I've seen how heartless/The world can be
  • also a very potter musical: I can't defeat thee/So please don't eat me
  • a very potter sequel: I'm laughing/It's hard to hide a smile/My god, it's been a while/Since I have had a reason to
  • also a very potter sequel: Hermione can't draw/Hermione can't draw/Hermione cannot draw!
  • a very potter senior year: After the sun has had its rest/It will arise, and light up the sky!/You can't hold onto what's past/Nothing is made to last
  • also a very potter senior year: Oh, no! It's a big bad spider. I'm so scared!/Yeah, get in my mouth.
Little Things


A/N: This is my very bad attempt at something cute, but you know… Fluff isn’t my best. Also a bit different from what I’ve done in the past, so feedback would be great. I messed up the months, I’m aware. 

Word count: 3,365

Pickering, Canada
April 2024

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warnings: lowkey sub!seb, oral (f/m recieving), me ruining another weeknd song, a little bit more of shy!seb bc yes that needs to be a warning, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it, people!), needy!seb

note: song mentioned is often by the weeknd. you all asked for part two so here it is! hopefully this lives up to expectations! I DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO END THIS SO I APOLGIZE FOR THAT


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solitarycheese replied to your post : morize said: I LOVED his interactions and…  

but the czernobog parts were cool too. on the one hand he’s this greasy racist uncle you don’t want at dinner, but on the other he’s trying to retain the dignity he used to have *hammertime*

man, i am so super into how every deviation they;ve made from the book so far has been to either a) add nuance to a minor character, or b) add some nice meaty RELEVANCE to the show. czernobog was one of my favorite characters in the book, and oddly i’m kinda of psyched that they made him all racist-unclely

like how they used his mythology to create this awkward white person moment–which would be achingly familiar to anyone who’s ever had to deal with someone’s racist uncle–was so masterful. because in czernobog’s mythology he is called “the black god”, so when he meets shadow he’s all like “ hey, you’re black? i’m black too lol”. missing the fact that while he might have been the black god back home, he’s as white as they come here in america. and that whole awkward racist exchange is both an example of how the old gods are failing to adapt to the new world (a central conflict in the story), and evocative of the racist uncles and aunts of the world, who are failing to adapt to a changing, more open and diverse culture (a central conflict of real life fucking america). and CHECK OUT THOSE JUICY, BUTTERY FUCKING LAYERS. THIS IS THE FILO DOUGH OF PLOT

At Peace (langst)

I should be updating my Sockathan story on Wattpad but I’m not feeling so hot so have some langst.

~ songfic kinda ~

+ I’m pretty much going to be posting langst or Oikawa angst (Tangst?) when I’m in a shit mood so get ready for that +

Lance was used to being rejected; by girls and boys alike.

So he should have seen this coming. He should have been prepared for this. But no, his hopes were high and he’d thought his feelings were -finally- reciprocated. He thought he had a chance and damn it if I don’t admit it. He was desperate.

I don’t know if we should be alone together 

He was desperate for attention, and love, and the chance to finally be accepted by somebody. Anybody. A chance to have something to live for again. A chance to be able to breathe again without the thought of his worthlessness crossing his mind and settling in a nice, quaint spot labeled “REASONS TO DIE”. The cringe is real, no matter how you think of it, but Lance can’t find it in himself to care anymore, about anything.

His constant quips usually spoken -sometimes even shouted- in a flurry of passion, are now most times left unsaid, or muttered at most.

He was hoping for a miracle.

I still got a crush, that’s obvious

“Hey, Keithy boy,” Lance chirped with as much enthusiasm as he could muster. 

Keith turned to face the blue paladin, a small smile playing on his lips. “Hey, Lance,” he replied happily.

You seem unusually chipper today, Lance thought to himself.

Suddenly. Keith chuckled, startling Lance out of his ‘thought’. 

The brunette covered his lips with his hand, eyes blown wide. “Did I say that out loud?”

If nobody’s around, what’s stopping us?
Everywhere I go you show, whatever

“You sure did, Lancelot. D’ya wanna know why I’m so ‘chipper’?“ Keith asked with a slight giddiness in his tone.

“Uhm, sure?” Okay, Lance. After he tells you whatever the fuck he’s so happy about -which is making him 100% cuter and I cannot stand it- I’ll tell him I love him, and we’ll live happily ever after.

With the widest smile I’ve ever seen, on Keith no less, Keith gushed out, “Shiro and I finally started dating!”

I don’t ever mind sharing oxygen
I just wanna get lost in your lungs

I spoke far too soon. “T-That’s great, Keith!” What did I think I could accomplish? “I hope you guys are happy together!” Of course Keith would go for Shiro. “Well, I gotta go u-uh, t-train now, so see ya!” He’s perfect.

Lance began to turn away from Keith. “Wait!” The red paladin demanded, grabbing the other’s arm and keeping him in place. “Did you need to talk about something, Lance? Are you okay?”

Just a baby, but she’s growing up so fast
And I’m allergic to the waiting

“O-Of course I am! I’m the jester, the class clown, the humour back bone of the team! Who needs feeling when you have the best sense of humour known to man?” The dark haired teenager announced, his chest puffed out and his eyes full of a dark hope. Please don’t call me out on my bullshit, I need to be out of here yesterday.

Thank god Keith’s dense as hell. “Alright Lance, whatever you say,” he chuckled and released his arm.

She’s just a baby girl
And I love to watch her dance

Tears left Lance’s eyes before he even finished turning, thankfully he didn’t notice but.

That didn’t stop Shiro from noticing, who now was in front of Lance. “Lance,” the black paladin whispered, his eyes shone with concern. “Are you alright? What happened?”

Shiro reached out to touch Lance’s shoulder, but he wasn’t having it. Tanned hands pushed on Shiro’s chest, pushing him -surprisingly- a few feet away, and in the next moment, Lance was out the door, leaving the new couple in shock.

But it’s making me go crazy

In the next few months, Lance got by in a mixture of disarray and monotone. Lotor was taken down, along with the Galra empire. The new head of said empire agreed on a peace treaty and most of the universe now lived in peace. 

Voltron was not needed anymore. And so, the team was left to their own devices. 

Pidge and Matt, the only Holts left, went on to create new, advanced machinery to help Earth evolve technologically.

Keith and Shiro went to a quiet inhabited planet, where there was a drug that could evolve the bodies of men in order to conceive, so the two can start a family. 

I don’t think that we should be around each other
When you’re in the room, you get my eyes
You open your mouth, I’m hypnotized, oh oh
I can make you laugh until you cry

Allura and Coran and the castle went on to rebuild the Altean empire. 

Hunk went home to Earth, with his family. He offered Lance a spot on his small ship to get home, but he declined, claiming he had to do something before going home.

Which, of course, was a lie. Because Lance has a secret he never told anyone, and that secret was that Lance has no family. 

The photo he showed everyone so proudly? Photo-shopped. His stories of his many siblings? MTV and YouTube. His emergency contacts on his profile back at the Garrison? His supposed nostalgia? His strict parental control? His life? All fake. All a fantasy Lance had built in his head when his real parents dumped him on the side of the road at 9-years-old because he broke his arm and couldn’t work on the farm anymore. 

You know you got all my attention
You know you got all mine, mmh

He had nothing to go back to. No purpose. No one waiting for him. No one to miss and love him. 

What was he supposed to do now? Go back to the Garrison? No, it wasn’t worth it if Pidge and Hunk weren’t there. 

What else was there? 

Lance sat in his space pod in the middle of space for hours before he realized, there’s nothing else.

Lance spent a few more hours of thinking about what he planned to do next. How would it affect the others? Will they come back? How will they react?

Baby, I can’t help but call her dad
Even though I shouldn’t say it 

In the back of his mind, one thought lingered: will they even care?

The ex-paladin of Voltron decided that his choice was the right one, and carried out his plan. 

He spent the next few hours filming a personal video for every member of the team. Even Matt. 

She was my baby girl
I might never get her back
But I don’t mind being patient, yeah

Can you let your baby be my girl?

But he didn’t dare send them yet. No, he had to send them at the very last second. 

Because he needed time to himself. He needed to prepare himself. He needed to find one, just one reason for him not to follow through with his decision. 

He couldn’t find any.

Can you let your baby be my girl?
Can you let your baby be my girl?
Can you let your baby be mine? 

With a tear rolling down his cheek, Lance sent all of the video’s to their respective person’s. Hopefully, they all get them.

Okay, I’m just gonna tell you what I gotta say, right here
I’m sorry Dave, I never meant to hurt your baby girl
She’s your little baby, she’s my soulmate

The broken boy put on his helmet, and with a deep breath, opened the door that separated him from endless space.

Location didn’t mean a thing to him, as he never truly had place to call home.

I don’t want you to worry, she’ll be so safe right here
Oh, oh, oh, so Dave, would you let your baby be my girl?

Can you let your baby be my girl?

More tears poured from his eyes, as Lance took deep breaths, and let his decision sink in entirely. He had no regrets.

Can you let your baby be my girl?
Can you let your baby be my girl?
Can you let your baby be mine? 

Lance sniffled, and although he couldn’t wipe his tears, he steadied them, pulling one last strong face. With his messages sent, his loved one gone, and nothing holding him back, the broken soldier, the brave face took his final breath. Finally, he reached up to his helmet and disengaged it, sucking the oxygen out. 

One last tear fell from his face as Lance’s final sight became apparent: the blue lion, engines blasting, rushing over to her dear paladin as the final remnants of air left his lungs, and Lance found:

that he was finally at peace.

Oh, your baby she’s mine


I’m so sorry. I was just supposed to blow off some steam but… I related to Lance. His loneliness, his perception of love, and his lack of anger. 

Rage, irritation, grief: they can’t be felt anymore.

Anyways, I was planning on writing a fic for each of the videos… what do you think? (Imma do it anyways lmao)

I hope you enjoyed this… 

anonymous asked:

Headcanon with Bucky that you've never orgasmed in your life. Like ever.

Bucky makes it his mission to make up for every orgasm you’ve missed out on. He gets you into bed with only one thing on his mind - your pleasure. He doesn’t give a damn about his release, only worried about bringing you ecstasy.  “Can’t believe those assholes you fucked around with couldn’t please you,” he kisses you almost angrily, nipping at your bottom lip. “Don’t worry, baby, I’m gonna treat you right, gonna worship this gorgeous body like you deserve.”

He takes you apart with his words first. “I’m gonna turn you into a trembling fucked out mess, doll.” 

“You’ll never want to leave this bed when I’m done with you.”

 “I can’t wait to get my mouth on that pretty little pussy of yours, baby.” 

And then with his mouth. He laves kisses over your neck, paying special attention to the spot behind your ear. He pulls it between his teeth, sucking gently as you shudder underneath him. He grins when he figures out how sensitive your breasts are, licking over your nipples and sucking them between his lips. He makes a show of it, making sure you’re looking at him before he bites roughly, causing your back to arch and a shout of his name to fall from your mouth. He kisses down your stomach, tongue sliding over your skin as he make his way to your thighs, spreading them apart with his hands as he marks them as he sees fit. Finally, finally, he gets his tongue where you want it, licking at your clit with teasing flicks of his tongue. “I want you to get my face messy, baby,” he moans into your skin, “Want it all over me.” 

Your orgasm rips through you like a tidal wave, and this is when he introduces his fingers. He slides two of them inside you just as you’re coming down. You’re sensitive, hands wrapping around his metal arm as your hips life, trying to get away from the sensation. He shakes his head, laughing. “No, baby, you’re not getting away now. I’ve only just started.”

He fucks you two orgasm twice more, one with his flesh hand and the other with his metal one. 

He gives you a break then, running his fingers through your hair as he lies on the bed, pulling you on top of him. Once your trembling subsides, he presses a kiss to your forehead, asking, “Do you want my cock?”

And who are you to say no to a man like that? 

He finally gets his own release, but not until you’ve came around him one more time.



     You stepped towards the door and kept your eyes trained on the ceiling, watching as the eight-legged creature scurried from his spot in the corner and into the center of the room. It got closer with every second. It was following you.


     That got his attention.

     You heard him before you saw him, heavy footfalls echoing through the vast halls of the bunker. When he rounded the corner he’d looked worried. When he saw you watching the ceiling, eyes flicking nervously back and forth between him and it, he stopped and flashed you a knowing smile.

     “Is there a bug again?” he asked with a grin.

     You didn’t bother to look at him as you answered, moving aside to let him pass and take care of your unwanted guest. “Not just a bug, a spider.”

     He stopped in front of you. “And the difference is?”

     “Spiders are exponentially worse than all other bugs, everybody knows that!”

     “I don’t know that.”

     “Well, it’s not my fault you’re uneducated.”

     Sam rolled his eyes but couldn’t help the smile spreading across his face. “Couldn’t you have just stood on a chair to kill it?” he asked, grabbing a tissue from your desk.

     You stared at him in horror, shaking your head back and forth. “No, I could not have!” you cried. “If I stood on a chair I wouldn’t be totally balanced, and if I wasn’t totally balanced I wouldn’t be functioning at optimum efficiency – you know, because I would be focusing too much of my energy on not falling off the chair. And what if I missed it, Sam? What if I dropped it?! It would fall right on top of me! It could get in my hair! Or my mouth! So no, Sam, I could not have just stood on a chair.” You flicked your eyes down to the ground, doing you best to avoid his gaze. “Plus, I think I’d still be too short. The ceilings in here are high…”

     Sam backed away with his hands raised in surrender, clearly doing his best to suppress a laugh. “My apologies,” he said with a little bow. “I hadn’t realized this was such a complicated matter.”

     You knew he was mocking you, but you opted to ignore it. “Just kill the spider.”

     And so Sam turned around to oblige your request, reaching the ceiling with ease and disposing of your problem.

      “Better?” he asked, settling his arms around your waist and pulling you against his chest.

     You stuck out your lips in a pout and nodded. He could tease you all he wanted so long as he attended to all your spider-killing needs.

     Then he kissed the top of your head and pulled you with him, out of the room and down the hall. “Come on, Shorty.”

A/N: Okay, I know this is basically just a Sam version of This Imagine I did with Dean a few weeks ago, but I liked both variants and I wanted to write both of them so I did, deal with it! *puts on sunglasses* Also, I’ve been hella distracted this week and I didn’t have the brain power to think of anything better :p sorry!

*These gifs are not mine, both the gifs are from Google Images*


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i learned to bite back without getting blood on my mouth. to swing hard without breaking my fist. to set fires without burning up my own clothes.
sophomore year suicide but not really. part of me died and the other part wanted to. it’s not just an exaggeration it’s the scars under my skin. the ones on the outside that scabbed and healed over. the kids who thought rumors weren’t time bombs in rose gardens.
like this is recess gossip not locker
room isolation.
so I hit back. became the better bitch in most ways and grew thick skin. i don’t even feel the sting anymore. nothing can touch me so nothing can love me so nothing can fucking leave me.
forget safety in numbers. there’s only ever been safety in being alone.

The Stranger

I glanced across the room and saw a very unusual man standing by the window staring my way. He looked vaguely familiar but then I have seen many men in my days. I continued to walk around the room greeting my guests and talking with the staff about the appetizers being served on time. I glanced over in his direction and he continued to stare at me. Must be one of my husband’s business associates, I thought to myself as I glanced over at him again, he is tall, dark haired and tan. He looked to be quite fit and I noticed he had a tattoo poking out from underneath his black t-shirt.

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One of the greatest things that I’ve ever seen: Nick Strauss singing “Get in My Mouth” from AVPSY at LeakyCon Portland. 


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you should write a smut about you giving harry a bj in the bathroom of one of the boys houses and the boys overhear and tease harry later when you aren't around


OR in honour of Father’s Day, how about Harry and you are round at one of the lad’s houses with all of the London crew and, because in real life today was super hot in the UK, let’s say that it’s super hot in this little blurb as well, and everybody is having a BBQ and everyone has brought the kiddos along and they’ve been playing in the paddling pool all day, your little boy and your little girl playing with little Freddo and Bear, and Lux and Sid tagging along too, and it gets a little late and the sun is starting to set. The kids are all tired out, watching a film on somebody’s laptop on a blanket on the grass while all the adults are sat around with a few drinks chatting about boring stuff that parents end up chatting about every.single.time.

But maybe, it’s been so hot all day and the heat is rubbing off on you and so you start to gently nudge Harry’s bare feet with yours from where you’re sitting next to him, and he gives you a look when he starts noticing you doing it more and more. And you’ve got a glass of prosecco in your hand, and you’ve been on it, responsibly, all day, but now it’s starting to get in your blood and make feel a little more carefree.

What’s up, baby?” He’d whisper as everybody else ignored what you were doing and carried on with their conversation.

Just wantin’ some attention from my boy,” you’d tell him.

Gotta wait until we get home, then I’m all yours, honey.

But you’d insist and creep closer to him, standing up and coming to kneel next to his seat, brushing your fingers on his bare legs from where his shorts have ridden up a little. “I can’t.”

He’d let out a breath mixed in with a little giggle at you. “The heats got to you, hasn’t it?”

Do you know how hard it is to look at you shirtless all day and not be able to do anything about it? Not be able to get my mouth around you? Look, the kids are perfectly ok, nobody’s looking…we can sneak off. Just a quick one in the bathroom. You’re the one who’s getting the pleasure from this, come on…

Where is my wife and what have you done with her?” He’d joke as he considered your offer, placing his hand on your one on his thigh, and letting his thumb rub over your skin.


Come on then, quickly...”

And then you’d both sneak off into one the bathrooms near the front of the house so you were as far away from everyone in the garden as possible, and before he’s even had a chance to lock the door to keep anybody from accidentally walking in, you’re on on your knees and pulling his shorts from his body and down his legs with him leaning against the white wood of the door.

Slow it down, love…” he’d say as you wrapped your mouth around him and took him, trying to get him off as quickly as possible so you weren’t missed outside, using your hands to help you along and teasing his tip with the pad of your thumb when your mouth started to get a little bit tired, a little bit of him already starting to escape, and quiet moans beginning in his throat as you worked him.

You told me to be quick, H…”

He’d catch you at times, looking up through your lashes at him; your face full of innocence contrasting with what you had in your mouth and it would send him into oblivion if he wasn’t careful.

Fucking hell…Christ, woman...” His moans would get deeper and you’d feel his strong hand on the back of your head, pushing you gently, a little further, so you could take him a little deeper until he’s hitting the back of you, and you’re trying not to let your reflexes take over, and he’d feel a tightening in the bottom of his belly and you wouldn’t stop as he let himself go inside your pretty little mouth, having to cover his own lips to keep his gasps down, and he shoots out hot spurts of himself into your throat and you swallow him with pride until he’s got no more to give.

And you simply pull away and look up to him, lashes fluttering, “happy Father’s Day, daddy….”

Becoming A Reid (Monsters Universe Bonus)

A/N: This is a little piece that I found in one of my old notebooks. I can’t remember why I didn’t post it in the first place. It fits in between part 3, “The Next Chapter” and part 4, “A New Addition” in the Monsters Universe. I’m really excited to share this little piece with you guys and round out this series. <3

Originally posted by criminalminds-goddess


I looked up at Aidan from where I was sitting on the couch. 38 weeks pregnant, sitting on the couch was about all I could do. 

“Yeah?” I replied. 

“When’s baby coming?” he asked. I smiled slightly at him. 

“Soon, sweetie.” 

“I have another question,” he said. 

“Okay, ask me then,” I replied. 

“You and Daddy.” 

“I’m listening, Aidan,” Spencer said. I was leaning back against him, and he was reading something, but he turned his attention to our son. 

“Where do babies come from?” Aidan asked. I stifled my laughter as I felt Spencer tense against me. 

“(Y/N),” Spencer breathed. I glanced back at him, eyes sparkling with mirth. 

“Yeah, Daddy, where do babies come from?” I asked. His eyes widened, panic on his face. 

“Um,” he stuttered. He stared at me, pleading with his eyes for me to rescue him. I laughed, and then turned back to Aidan. 

“Well,” I began, “when two people love each other, like Mommy and Daddy, they sometimes get a very special gift, when Mommy’s body starts to grow a small baby inside.” 

Aidan climbed onto the couch beside Spencer. 

“Okay, but…” he seemed to be struggling with something. 

“What’s up, buddy?” Spencer asked. 

“You didn’t used to be my daddy,” Aidan said. “Mommy didn’t know you when I was a baby.” 

I suddenly understood what he was getting at. I had opened my mouth, although to saw what, I wasn’t quite sure yet, but I didn’t need to say anything. Spencer set his book down and wrapped his arm around Aidan’s shoulders. 

“Aidan, you know how you call me Daddy?” he asked. Aidan nodded. 

“Well,” Spencer continued, “Why do you call me that?” 

Aidan was quiet for a moment. 

“My book said that Daddies take care of us,” he replied. “They love is and scare away the monsters and they play with us and read stories.” Aidan looked up at Spencer. “That’s what you do.” Spencer smiled slightly.

“That’s exactly right. Do you know what adoption means?” Spencer asked. Aidan shook his head. 

“Adoption is when a child has parents who can’t or don’t want to take care of them, so they get new parents, who adopt them. The new parents love them and take care of them, even though the child didn’t belong to them at first.” 

Aidan seemed to think about that. 

“Did you adopt me?” he asked. 

“Sort of,” Spencer replied. “Adoption is usually something called a formality, which means that a judge signs papers to make it official,” Spencer explained. “But that’s only so that you would have my last name and other stuff that isn’t as important as the fact that I love you and take care of you, and do the other things you said that Daddies do.” 

“Mommy’s going to get your last name,” Aidan pointed out. “And Baby.” 

We had explained what it meant that Spencer and I were going to get married a while back. Now, Spencer nodded. 

“Yes. When Mommy and I get married, her last name is going to change to match mine.” 

“Well…if you adopted me, I would get your last name, too, right?” Aidan asked. Spencer looked at him for a moment, and then slipped off the couch, kneeling in front of Aidan. 

“Aidan, I’m going to ask you something,” he began, “because I know you only just turned five, but you’re super smart, right?” 

Aidan nodded and Spencer smiled. 

“Would you like for me to adopt you so that you would have my last name?” 


Spencer nodded and glanced up at me, his eyes suspiciously glassy, 

“What do you think about that?” he asked. I smiled warmly, looking between the two of them. 

“I think that’s an amazing idea,” I replied honestly. “It’ll probably take a while, maybe until after the wedding, but I think that would be wonderful.”

Spencer smiled at Aidan. 

“What do you say?” he asked. “You want to become a Reid?”

Aidan’s smile could have lit the whole house. 

*Tease* (Part Five)

Lots of sweet talk, lots of dirty talk, Tony starts out trying to tease Bucky and loses control of the moment fairly quickly, but he’s not upset about it!


Enjoy the hell out this guys!


“Hey sweet thing.” Bucky said softly, and Tony paused in tying his robe, sending a smile towards his boyfriend.

“Hey Bucky bear. What are you doing? Thought you were heading out with the guys for your usual insane morning run.”

“I was.” Bucky closed their bedroom door and stalked towards him, blue eyes lit with want. But it’s been a few days since we– since we had a chance to–”

“Oh.” Tony leaned back into Bucky’s arms as they circled his waist. “Sorry honey.”

He had been sore for days after his ahem ‘yoga session’ with Steve, sore to the point where he hadn’t even let Bucky look at him, much less get farther than just some light cuddles, and Bucky was starting to get desperate.

“It’s alright.” Bucky kissed his shoulder gently. “I just miss you, Tony. Steve told me about how much fun you guys had and I—”

“Are you jealous that I had a special outfit for Steve and not for you?” Tony teased, and Bucky kissed his shoulder again, letting his teeth scrape lightly over the skin.

“I wouldn’t say jealous.” he mumbled and Tony shrugged.

“Well if you aren’t jealous, I suppose I don’t need to be wearing this—” he let go of the ties on his robe so it slipped from his shoulders just enough to show a bit of lace covering his chest. “I was just going to wear it under my shirt and let you find it later but–”

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A Cure For Each Other

- yo yo yo this is my first story whoop! sorry it has a few sad parts in it lol its all i could think of. i hope you all enjoy it and feel free to request a scenario w any of the svt members!!! ♡

-1559 words
-fluff with a hint of sadness


study! study! study! thats all i heard from everyone. from my parents who pressured me to be better than everyone else. from my teachers who labeled me as their star student. from my few friends who just wanted the best for me. it was all tiring though. i never had free time. i never had random friday night get togethers with someone. i was  always alone with silent tears and studying.

my current thoughts consumed my entire mind until the sound of the classroom door opening disrupted those oh so “pleasant” thoughts.

“Mr. Chwe. Late again I see. Must I have to call your parents?” asked Mrs. Smith with obvious annoyance lacing every word.

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