• Pathologist:*enters the morgue*
  • Sherlock:*examining a body*
  • Pathologist:*rolls his eyes* Excuse me, sir, this area is out of bounds to-
  • Sherlock:*still looking at the body* It's okay.
  • Pathologist:*sighs* If you don't leave, I'll have to call security.
  • Sherlock:*rolls his eyes* I said it's fine.
  • Pathologist:*frowns* Why is it fine?
  • Sherlock:*smirks* I'm sleeping with the boss.
  • Pathologist:...
  • Pathologist:*confused* You're sleeping with Stamford?
  • Sherlock:*looks up; annoyed* The other boss.
  • Molly:*enters the morgue, carrying coffees; irritated* Here's your bloody coffee, you git. Have you finished now so I can do my job?
  • Sherlock:*steps aside; takes the coffee, grinning* Yes, boss.
  • Pathologist:...

teaser for Jongdae’s first solo song 최고의 행운 (Best Luck)  [“It’s Okay, It’s Love” OST]


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inside nurseys’s cell phone (inspired by, based on, photo source)


this kiddo can’t even do a proper skate to receive his guinness world record certificate when his parisienne walkways music started playing lol, he just had to do that  ╮(╯▽╰)╭


Matt + people forgetting he has a first name, part 1