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hi! i really love your blog (i love all official blogs but yours is my favourite) when i read the neutrino explanation post i got so excited because particle physics is just so fascinating. i dont know much about it but i want to and you gave a really good explanation. I'm really looking forward to new posts

Ah thank you so much!! I’m glad you liked the neutrinos post, expect many more posts about neutrinos since I really love neutrinos :D

Oh have a neutrino joke: a neutrino went through a bar. 

Always be polite. Because it’s the nice thing to do and also because it might get you free stuff. I took the little girls that I’m babysitting to the bowling alley. We got there a little after opening and the guy at the counter was counting money. We waited patiently and when he apologized I said “no problem”. Our games were free because of a coupon, but we were supposed to pay for shoes. When he didn’t tell me the total I asked him if there was a charge and he said “there’s supposed to be, but since you waited I’ll give em to you for free”. Then later one of the little girls went to buy a rootbeer and I didn’t hear the conversation but the lady thanked her for being so polite, and it turns out she didn’t charge her for the soda. So basically we bowled completely for free and got refreshments too.

Always be courteous :)

Here’s a photo from Terry, who’s enjoying tasty cheap beer before a concert in San Francisco:

I’m wearing a plaid shirt (Surplus branded) I got from Fred Meyers on the discount rack when I went to Portland, an Invisible Monsters t-shirt from chuckpalahniuk.netunderneath, cheap black pants from Walmart/Kmart and not seen are my very unstylish but comfortableNew Balance MX623sshoes.

Thanks for the photo, sir! 

Send us your photos - submit a photo here and we’ll put you up on BBF and Chubstr AND you might just get something free from us like Terry here did. 

Do you live in Sydney? Are you over 18 years of age? Do you want to hear Major Lazer’s Free The Universe album before everyone else? And are you all about free dranks and snacks?

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When I hold this weapon in my hands, I am no longer merely Neru Akita, but the master spy and assassin, Ney Futapie, born Ney Marlon, handmaiden in the service of princess Riliane Lucifen d’Autriche, the last princess of Lucifenia, sent by her royal majesty to assassinate the green-haired harlot Michaela, should her useless servant and secret twin brother Allen Avadonia fail at the task!

But… didn’t Ney use a knife in the story?

…Details, details.


Hello all.

I need a few volunteers for glove prototypes.  I need UK people preferably -  you get to keep your gloves, all I ask is that you wear them a lot, send me feedback and a pic of you wearing them would also be awesome.


Gloves will be leather or suede - so my apologies if you’re vegan.

Inbox me if you’re interested!

[Private group] Q Didn’t Like The Name Investigation Team

[Private. Right now open for: Madison, Ryder, Rachel and Santana]

Ok guys, I reunite all of you here to comment all about whatever is threatening our forest, maybe the “Kashte Njeri”, maybe other thing. I reunited you guys specifically for one thing: We all went to the forest, and know shit. Also you are still talking to me, that’s also an important fact.

Also I made this private because I don’t trust that “does not condone the hunt for the Kashte Njeri, nor cover stories on baseless superstitions” so it would’t surprise me if they stopped us just for talking about it. But if you know someone who also know shit, then feel free to add their names to the list.

Going around hiding information is fucking useless when the campus authorities are menacing with destroying all the forest, so whatever was our initial reason for going to the forest, we all now have a common goal.

Well, there was that classic detective quote that says “Eliminated the impossible and what remains is the truth” or some crap like that. So basically, we only have to see contradictions and connect some points, right?

So I made this chart: [Photo added] to see the information more clearly. 

In summary, the theories I’ve been hearing about this are clear: 1)The KN is real. 2) There is a different monster, 3) People are doing this or 4) The forest is enchanted or some shit like that . Personally I believe the 3rd choice is the most probable, and it wouldn’t be weird that the writers of the Mandrake would be behind this. 

Then we have the internet info, that is probably the most innacurate, but it’s good to know. And at last, what we saw. I’m still not sure about the eyeless baby part so I hope Moony can elaborate on that. And I wondered if you guys also got weird messages into your dorms? And if you, Harmoy, know something we don’t.

Hello!!!! I’m back!!!! I’m going to try and be more active, now, I think, (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Birthday Fun | Paul & Nina {7.23.16}

Nina wanted to do something nice for Paul on his birthday. With her being free from filming for the weekend, it was the perfect opportunity to come down for SDCC and wish him a happy birthday in person. To return the favor after he had surprised her in Paris. During the middle of the TVD panel she tried to sneak onto the stage, putting a finger to her lips to tell the first few fans who saw her to keep quiet, but her efforts to remain undetected were foiled when the room erupted into screams. “Dang it! They gave me away. You weren’t supposed to see me coming.” She chuckled slightly, setting the cake of his face down on the table to give him a hug.


Friendly reminder that I wish I was at comicon