I love watching cartoons as an adult and realizing how some of them are so fucked up like. The plot of All Dogs Go to Heaven is so??? Like damn 8-year-old me didn’t realize I was watching a movie about dogs gambling and kidnapping a kid while trying to kill each other.

I am not here for sex

I am not here for sex, nudes, or anything of that nature. I am on here for one reason: to meet the man of my dreams, and if you are only out for a nude or anything of the sort, you can simply move along because you will not be getting any from me. All I want is to have a decent conversation with someone. Is that too hard to ask for? I guess so, because people are so horny it is disgusting and sad really that they have truly no respect for the other person in which they are talking to.

enderman1000  asked:

Why add three not been a update yet is 29th

hold your horses, silly goose. I’m finishing up the update right now 

I just got out of a mandatory house meeting. So I just have to finish a few more panels. So it should be up in an hour or so.

So, I’m probably gonna move blogs and start over

I just
don’t feel safe here anymore

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top 10 fav hp blogs atm?

eeeeek this is a hard question and i dont wanna offend anyone so i’m gonna just list some friends / people i see on my dash a lot :) also theyre probably gonna be multifandom but still post hp bc thats what i mostly follow, sorry!

It gets better

I promise you it does

And I’m not someone

Who speaks of things

That I do not believe in

And I believe if I can believe

That it gets better then

You can believe too

And there’s a magic in believing

That makes everything come true

So give it a chance

You’ve tried everything else

Why not try this too?

You’ve got nothing to lose from this

But a whole lot to gain

If you believe believing has magic in it

@romeosexclusivebitch your blog is kind of inspirational so i hope you enjoy this