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Victor tends to get excited about the most mundane things as long as it somehow involves Yuuri. "yes thank you, I do have a nice watch! My fiance got it for me!" "Yes, the weather is WONDERFUL, this is Yuuri's favorite weather!" "omg let me tell you about this SCARF I wore it on our first date!" Yurio is so exasperated coz he can't hold a conversation with him without bringing Yuuri into the topic lmao Vitya is too love struck

  • Betty: When you’re gay in your house with nobody else you’re homolone
  • Veronica: When you’re bi and there’s nobody else around, you’re biyourself
  • Jughead: When you’re asexual and nobody is present in your vicinity, you’re aceolated
  • Archie: When you’re pansexual and everyone else already left you’ve been apandoned