Felt like watching Pacific Rim and it made me realize once again how angry I get over people saying it’s a bad movie because of the story.

I don’t think the story is bad. It’s old, yeah, and incredibly predictable, almost line by line. For what it’s worth, though, I think it handles itself very well. But that’s the not the point of the movie, is it?
When you watch a Godzilla movie, or a Transformers movie, you don’t do so to see character development and rich lore. You just want to see awesome-looking giant things beat the crap out of each other using amazing weapons and abilities, and boy does Pacific Rim deliver on that. Anyone who critiques the movie on anything but the action and Kaiju/Jaeger designs clearly doesn’t have the right mindset going in.
Sometimes it’s okay to just like a movie for the action alone.

so after almost twice as many applications @aaronminyxrd​ and I have picked 12 members. We honestly never expected to have this many applicants and we are so happy to announce the members of the network. There were so many lovely applicants and we hope that you all continue treasuring the unique piece of work that is Kavinsky, even if you weren’t chosen for the network!

I’ll be glad to announce the members:

@sargentae​ / @jeansmoreau​ / @miinyardss / @remembrd​ / @dan-wlds​ / @kavinszky​ / @reneevalkers​ / @asthraeus​ / @mntague​  / @nickyhemmixk​ / @kavinskydeservedbetter​ / @ichiroumoriyama

what we’d like you to do next:

- submit to me a small description for the members page and your kik and skype username (you can look there now to see an example of a description!!)
- track and use the tag  #kavinskynw for all of your creations/posts/selfies! we’d love to see them all!!
- honestly, just have fun and we will make the group chat as soon as we have everyone’s usernames!! 

No, I won’t “change my mind someday.”

I am sick and tired of having the following conversation:

Some Person™: When are you going to settle down?

Me: Not sure

Some Person™: *chuckle* Well, you’d better start thinking about it soon!

Me: Why?

Some Person™: Well, it won’t be long before you can’t have children

Me: Oh, well, I don’t plan on ever having children

Some Person™: *smug look* Everyone says that.  You’ll change your mind                                   someday

No, no I won’t be changing my mind about this.  I’ve been pretty dead set on never having children ever since I was 10 years old.  And, even if I did “change my mind,” I’d want to adopt.

Why is it that as soon as I mention that I don’t want to have children, everyone suddenly thinks that I’m a delusional, immature person who either “just hasn’t met the right person” or “hasn’t grown up yet”?  It makes me furious.  The second I mention that I don’t want children, the other person starts to treat me differently.  Why is that?

And then, I have to deal with the barrage of questions that will inevitably follow.  “Why not?”  “Don’t you realize you’ll regret your decision someday?”  “Isn’t that selfish?”  “Your poor parents!  Do they realize you aren’t going to give them grandchildren?” And, my all time favorite: “Don’t you know that no man will ever want to be with you if you won’t give him children?”

Why do I have to justify this decision?  Why don’t these same people start bombarding new parents with questions like “Don’t you realize how expensive babies are?”  “You know you’re never going to sleep again, right?”  “Are you aware of the fact that having a baby is a lifelong commitment?” 

My reasons for not wanting children (not that they’re anyone’s business) are legion.  I have shitty genetics, I have mental health issues, my future goals/lifestyle are not exactly child-friendly, I’m a huge introvert and treasure all of my quiet, private time…  And yet, these reasons are never enough for some people.  I once (very briefly) dated a guy who had a rebuttal for all these reasons, and even went so far as to suggest that having a baby would cure my crippling, almost lifelong depression.  He seemed really surprised when I ended things with him.  (Needless to say, the “you want children and I don’t; we are not compatible” response fell upon deaf ears).

Why is it that not wanting children automatically makes me selfish?  There are people who have as many as twenty children, there are people who don’t have enough money to take care of one child yet keep having more, and there are people who have horrific hereditary diseases and, aware of this, choose to have children anyway.  Yet, I am the selfish one.

I don’t hate children.  I don’t hate people with children.  I’m happy for people who have children (and want them).  I just know that I don’t want them.  Even if for whatever reason I change my mind someday, I’d rather regret not having children than regret having them (and there are many parents out there who regret having children, sad as that is).  

I’m not saying that I’m not selfish.  I think that the reasons for being child-free and having children are both equally selfish, though for different reasons.  But, it would be nice if people stop questioning my decision not to reproduce.

tbh ive been thinking about who blizzard will reveal as gay

one of thems most likely zarya

and blizzard pays attention so maybe our fav gays get to be gay canonly

like mccree

i would love for mccree to be canonly gay

that rootin tootin, spoon rattlin, boy kissin, dirty cowboy


i want it to be autumn already i’m sick of summer where is my cold weather and wind that you can hear against your window as you fall asleep where’s my need to wear oversized sweaters and ripped jeans where’s my pumpkin soup where’s my nights sitting in front of the fireplace eating apple pie when will summer end