How To Run A Big Bang...

….or similar event.

Okay, Voltron fandom, we’ve officially hit a zenith for ‘too many events run by people who ask, How Hard Can It Be?’ And for one, I like the amount ofevents. I like the choice available. And I am ALL for new folks running events! Yes! Do it! Reach for the sky!

But here’s a list to get you started.

1. Be Involved..

Having a discord isn’t totally essential, but be in communication with your participants! Keep track of things! Send out emails for check-ins and important dates; not everybody uses Tumblr and expecting people to remember dates without reminders is pushing a lot of responsibility for the bang onto your participants.

2. …But Don’t Micromanage

That said, there is too much involvement! This varies from bang mod to bang mod, but you don’t have to read everybody’s fic, you can’t force everybody to be on time, etc. 

3. Expect Drops…

Every event has drops. Every single one. It happens. Plan ahead for them! Have a pinch-hitter system in place ahead of time, and -

4. …Don’t Try For Perfect Numbers

You had 49 writers and 49 artists - but now a writer dropped, so you need another writer - but now an artist dropped so you need another artist -

Breathe. It’s fine. I’ve never been in a bang that hasn’t been short of one of the other. Ask artists when they sign up if they want to do 2 fics/are able to do 2, and if there’s too many artists, put two artists on the inevitable 50k monster that shows up every big bang no matter the word count limit. 

5. NSFW Is For Adults

We all know minors look at sexy things. It’s how half of us discovered things. But if you’re under 18, engaging with adults on NSFW topics can get everybody in trouble. So if you’re a young mod, have at least one 18+ mod on the team - or ban NSFW content! It’s your bang. You can do that. And remember that it’s not just about legal issues, either; if you’re 16 in Canada you might be the age of consent, but that doesn’t mean the 30 year old wants to talk about porn with you. 

(Some discords have smol-nsfw channels, but it’s still best to not having minors writing nsfw for events.)

6. Know When To Ask For Help

You had a perfect bang timeline and everything was fine, but now school’s too hard, work’s tiring you out and the last thing you want to do is send those stupid check-in emails. Or do claims. Or anything bang-related, really. Or your zine won’t come together because you’ve never used Publisher before -

Folks, there’s a whole fandom at your fingertips. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, especially when you’re tiring yourself out. And it’s okay to delay things! Fandom is for fun. Just keep people in the loop. It takes two seconds to tell your bang participants that claims are going to be in another two weeks because man, you really don’t want to fail your midterm because you were up all night matching Kidge artists. We’ve all been there, my friend.

7. Set Things Up Ahead of Time

I get made fun of a lot for how far in advance I plan. I’ve had Allura Big Bang in the works for six months, Hunk Big Bang for 3-4 and one of my exchanges is set for Valentine’s Day. But quite aside from the scheduling woes of this fandom, this is good. Don’t make events on a whim because you think it’ll be fun, open signups and then realize you didn’t think through some basic stuff and have to fix things on the fly. This goes for Discords, too! The more of your framework you have in place before you have to deal with people, the better.

8. Don’t Moderate Alone

This one bears saying again. Don’t mod alone. Don’t mod alone. Don’t mod alone. You will get overwhelmed. Big bangs are a lot of work and having that one other backup will save you during crunch time. I’ve only ever seen one bang run by a single mod where they didn’t eventually bring somebody else in to help, or just vanish entirely.

9. The Fewer Forms The Better

The more forms you have, the more you’ll whittle away at the people who remember to do them. Remember - KISS. Keep It Simple, Stupid. The more you can coagulate forms together, the better. And ask for people’s names/tumblrs/Discord handles on each one! Otherwise you’ll be trying to remember who on earth this is on that form.

That’s what I got, but please, other organizers add tips and tricks! @quiznakchronicle wanna give this a boost? I feel like it’ll be helpful to some folks ^^

Welcome toooo t t t t t t taRRRGETTTT

Hey I love the Announcer he’s so enthusiastic and his voice sounds so good. I made a design for him, and it’s also inspired by @suspicious-spirit‘s amazing idea 

I’d like to think he’s the Devil’s Left-hand man and is there to referee all the boss fights so no one cheats, but he’s pretty fair. Him and King Dice probably take bets and sass each other