tomorrow is my third month-iversary in this hell hole.

I have met amazing people, spent almost two months without alcohol and wrote like crazy. I even did gifs!!!! (which tbh was a no no for me considering my self confidence is the size of a peanut, I can’t even begin to explain the effect you guys had on that, now it’s like an apple maybe?)

I love all of you! 

thanks for being there for me during the first month of my sober challenge and sticking around through the things I write, I know 3 months is not a long time but you don’t have any idea (even I didn’t) how much I needed this. New people, friends to have heated arguments about why Wolfstar is canon, younger people asking me for advice, so many of you trusting me with your ideas, it’s very overwhelming and beautiful to know that you trust me.

I can make you guys cry at times but the canon is tragedy, I can’t help it. However to know that MY words make you feel things is an incredible feeling and I will do this as long as I can (well it is good for me too really).

I get mad sometimes and all of you try to make me feel better, I get weird and ask you to distract me and you do and I am thankful for every message and every like, all the tags (I read them guys, I even message some people about the tags because some of them are HILARIOUS) 

I guess what I am mainly trying to say is THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

please stop comparing aaron’s mental health issues with robert’s. please stop comparing their life experiences, emotional hurts and physical hurts. please stop saying one is worse than the other, or that one has suffered more than the other.

their experiences are completely different and they’ve dealt with their issues in different ways. it’s just driving a wedge between “aaron stans” and “robert stans”.

aaron’s messed up. robert’s messed up. they’re still together, still working out. i don’t understand why people have to pit one against the other, especially robron fans.

i’m just gonna be over here, loving both, and waiting to see how they deal with this latest obstacle.

lilleneiu  asked:

Let me guess Ice, you're the incredibly short wing spiker?

“I’m a setter! Denmark is the wing spiker. Nor and Sweden are the blockers, Finland is our Libero. Sealand likes to join and play sometimes, but he sucks. Most of the time Estonia is our 6th player.

[id put this under a read more but i’m lazy and on mobile]

honestly i’m so glad ghost stuff is my special interest. i just . love watching movies with ghostly things and like if it turns out that it wasn’t actually a ghost i get super disappointed. i could never survive in a horror movie because id be just so eager to see the ghost. j hell yeah fuckin, ghosts man idk they’re just so cool i want one to be my friend.
honestly if anything ever happens to me that’s like one of those cliche ‘oh don’t go in there man that place is haunted’ you bet ur ass i’m gonna be in there as soon as i possibly can. i stg i get so irrationally excited about this. i scared a few of my friends because of this bc we were in a super creepy abandoned church and there was a lot of haunted stuff and it was right next to a cemetery and aaaa i wouldn’t stop smiling and talking about it meanwhile they just wanted to get the fuck out of there and i didn’t understand why. like yeah it was scary but that’s why i loved it so much

Scary OTP meme: send a pair and I’ll fill this out

Which one is more fond of scary movies:
Which one gets the most excited about Halloween:
Which one would be more likely to survive the apocalypse:
Which one would literally kill for the other:
Which one likes to scare or startle the other:
Which one is more likely to need comforting when they get spooked:
Which one always puts on a brave face:
Which one would be more dangerous if they suddenly became violent:
Which one would be more likely to commit a crime:
Which one believes in ghosts:
Which one likes to watch spooky show on television:
Which one would propose the idea of holding a seance:
Which one has nightmares more often:
Which one would want to explore a real haunted house:

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I can't help but notice that Robbie has braces in your high school AU and I just kept thinking about how uncomfortable they make make out sessions and even though Sport constantly reassures Robbie that him having braces is nbd and that he still loves him with them the day Robbie gets his braces removed Sportacus silently rejoices because "Hell yeah I don't have to risk cutting my tongue when I kiss my bf now"


Robbie probably gets too eager when they kiss and poor Sporty has to slow him down to save his lips from getting torn up,,,

robbie looks up the wikihow on how to kiss with braces

So, I’ve been listening to this audio book, and honestly, I love the idea of it: Just keep the stuff that really brings you joy and let go of the stuff that no longer does.  There is something about that concept which feels so freeing to me.   

I have so much stuff that I’ve collected over the years which have been in boxes forever, I haven’t even looked at them since I moved, like 6 years ago. Certainly they aren’t bringing me any joy.  Even some things which I have out in display cases I don’t really ‘see’, they’re just taking up space.

Anyway, although I’m not following her precise instructions (yet?) on what order to go in when doing this, I’ve listed a BUNCH of stuff on ebay for sale. She talks about tossing or donating things, but I just can’t bring myself to do that when I know it has some value. I understand clothing would be toss/donate for the most part, but I can’t do that with collectibles. 

The last couple of days, I’ve spent 2-3 hours each day getting stuff out, taking pictures, looking up values, and getting it listed on ebay, and plan to keep doing that until all the stuff in boxes, and things in display cases which don’t bring me joy, are gone. Then I’ll start trying to follow her advice and begin going through my clothes. She suggests starting with clothes because it seems easier for most people, but for me clothes will be a more difficult task. 99% of my clothes are workout clothes and I dread getting rid of any of them.

Anyway, I’m actually excited to get rid of stuff now (well, not clothes). Weird.