Speak Now is the third studio album by American country singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. It was released on October 25, 2010, by Big Machine Records.

Girls I have bad news for ouselves

Tonight Teo, Luca and Rossini will attend an award in Milan about male fashion (don’t know why sorry I couldn’t find more info about that, I know the award is called Chi è Chi)


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There are some kids very loudly yelling on our condo lawn (past 9pm here) while the parentals catch up on the sidewalk. Husbando and I joked about staggering out in our very loosely tied housecoats while yelling about getting off said lawn because them damn kids are interruptin’ my fappin’ time.

We may both be getting older but it has to have some benefits.



my birthday is in a few days (tbh i’ve been so stressed at work and trying to find tires for my Jeep before the snow hits that the thought of turning another year older hasn’t really even crossed my mind). @matrixbearer and @littleblueseeker both warned me i had a package coming, and it arrived today, and i was content to wait to open it until my actual birthday on sunday, but since all our schedules are hectic right now and everyone was free tonight, i was implored to open it, so i did.


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me: explaining what mystic messenger is about to my mom cause she legit thought that my 16 year old sister who’s playing it had a real boyfriend

my mom: oh so you advance in the story through these chatrooms and phone calls? like you are a character too?

me: exactly! and there’s the plus of dating one of the dudes too! so don’t worry it’s not a real boyfriend she’s texting

my mom:

me: what is it?

my mom: you don’t think i could instal that app in my phone too?


Me Like Yuh teaser 3

anonymous asked:

dude bap is coming back and im so sxcited ARE YOU PUMPED?!!!?


cozi  asked:

i wanna say i absolutely love how you draw okuyasu and josuke!!! they look so soft and nice ;___; i also wanted to ask if you were familiar with daryan crescend from ace attorney! he's a good pompadour boy B^) have a good day!

ive had this ask sitting in for days im so sorry for the late reply ! AH THANK YOU SO MUCH your comment makes me really happy i love these boys so much 😭

im a BIG BIG BIG !!!! fan of ace attorney actually !!!! such a good serie of games 😭 !! Daryan’s design is SICK and ive always lowkey loved him … (only lowkey tho because. u know…… hes not a very good boy…) i doodled him real quick hes so cool 

Ok but Band Au

-As sad as it is to say… I see Ian as a trumpet… yes yes I understand how terrible that is, but I rlly do him see as one.

-MAX IS SO PERCUSSION. Idk I see him playing quads. Like he has the character of a perc nerd.

-Idk I see Joj in pit?? Like he loves the intricate way you have to move, how your mallets have to hit precisely, and also he doesn’t want to march shh.

-Ofc you play trombone bc tribute to tollian.

-It’s rare to see people from different sections hanging out, so when you guys are together, it’s like woah

-You guys eat at the Taco Bell across the road every day after practice and do your homework and complain about how shit the freshmen were that day.

-Every Friday game, you see Ian unwind and scream along with the trumpets, Max with his bandanna crew, and Joj yelling at the quarterback waving his cymbals around.

-you have to do trombone dances, which include a lot of hip thrusting, jumping, trombones on your head,  yelling set after every song, throwing your knees out

-At contests, before you guys split into sections, you slap each other to rid the nerves away

-Ok so Max has a million percussion jackets, so he always has one on hand for you

-For some football games, the band boosters give you an entire pizza, thus commence the guys asking if you want your pizza

-In the bus rides, you guys snap each other the crazy stuff happening with your section.

-So far, percussion has broken a seat, trumpets have cracked a window, and pit has spilled a 12 pack of gatorades

-And then when you guys get home at like 1 in the morning, you sit on the bench and fall asleep on each other, until your parents have to literally get out of their car and get you

-And at every last football game, at the parking lot when everyone is crying, and the seniors are quiet with memories flooding their mind, you see each other across the parking lot, and your eyes fill with tears knowing you only have so many years left with them