Had this realization that we probably noticed the small details right away in the skam clips last season because most of us don’t speak Norwegian, so we had to really pay attention to everything else happening in the scene.

Like I remember some people right away would be like did you see the way Isak moved his head to the something degree making his hair flow like a Norwegian angel, give him an Oscar.

I love how extra we are.

i know thats it probably not canon but can we just imagine if keith and lance end up having the same birthday cause it would turn into the most ridiculous competition ever


✰°⋆˖✰°⋆˖ ┊seychelle gabriel gif hunt

under the cut there should be approximately 560 GIFS of the lovely seychelle gabriel from her various roles and interviews !! seychelle is ¼ mexican and a wonderful faceclaim. none of these were made by me; they are from my personal folder that i’ve saved over the years, so if any makers see their gif and want it removed, please let me know! while some gifs may be similar, there are no exact repeats. please like or reblog if you find this useful!

TW: some gifs contain blood

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Requested by anon: “Need a gif of 1x12 in the barn right after waverly takes off Nicole’s shirt. Nicole quietly utters ‘yes’ and waverly nods before Nicole takes her shirt off.”