Okay, so the hiding was part of the plan all along, as far back as the completion of the second journal. I see the rig used to hid the third here; did the second get the exact same treatment in a slightly different location? What happened to the first?

Alright, that’s…the exact location where the third journal turned up, yet that’s the second journal in this frame. What?

Okay. Gideon doesn’t know about the third journal at all. He thinks that either Dipper or Stan has the first, or it’s still buried on the Shack grounds. He also wants to see the world burn. 

I’m not liking this Master Hand shit.

✰°⋆˖✰°⋆˖ ┊seychelle gabriel gif hunt

under the cut there should be approximately 560 GIFS of the lovely seychelle gabriel from her various roles and interviews !! seychelle is ¼ mexican and a wonderful faceclaim. none of these were made by me; they are from my personal folder that i’ve saved over the years, so if any makers see their gif and want it removed, please let me know! while some gifs may be similar, there are no exact repeats. please like or reblog if you find this useful!

TW: some gifs contain blood

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Amnesiac Lance (pt 2)

[part one]

oh boy this is gonna be really long and angsty, fair warning 

  • lance starts remembering things in dreams
  • the first time he has one of these dreams, it’s really just this vague image of his mother, and all he can recall from it when he wakes, sweaty and confused, is her kind, soft eyes. lance doesn’t really know how he gets there, but pidge finds him on the observation deck, shivering and half asleep against the control panel 
  • by the time morning wake-up time comes, the previous night is a blur

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13 Reasons Why Trigger Warning -- Episode/Scene List

Netflix was good enough to put a trigger warning at the beginning of all the episodes with graphic scenes that may be hard to watch, but, if you skip over the entire episodes to miss some potentially triggering scenes, you may miss an important part to Hannah’s story. Especially if you didn’t read the novel first.

So I took the liberty to make a list of points you can skip to avoid seeing something you don’t want to see, since I wasn’t sure if anyone had done this yet.

Before I post it I want to remind anyone watching this show that there are repeated mentions of suicide, rape, and abuse that may still be hard to listen to. This list is only to skip over the graphic scenes where they fully act out some potentially harmful moments.

I hope this is helpful to any new viewers who want to watch the show without witnessing the abuse, as I admit it was VERY hard to watch.


Episode 9 - Tape 5, Side A

                  - At 40:00 to around 42:27: there is a semi-graphic rape scene                                 between Bryce and Jessica, which is brought up numerous times                             throughout this episode and the next few episodes, verbally. (After                       Bryce leaves there is a minute where Hannah leaves her hiding                           spot and comes out into the room to cover up Jessica before                                   leaving, if you want to see this part of the scene it begins at about                         41:38)

                 - The scenes between Jessica and Justin, and Hannah and Clay are                       supposed to be consensual scenes as far as I can tell and                                     remember from reading the novel. But if anyone finds those scenes                     hard to watch feel free to let me know so I can add them, or add                           them yourself when you reblog so others who see this are aware.

                 - At about 46:43 to about 47:02: there is a scene where Justin busts                         into the room where Bryce and Jessica are, to try and break Bryce                        off of Jessica. This scene is included because you can still see                            Bryce on top of Jessica, and I’m not sure how some people may                          feel about this particular part.

                 - At about 50:26 to about 51:20: there is a scene where Jessica has a                    flashback, remembering what happened to her.

Episode 10 - Tape 5, Side B

                    - At about 40:09 to about 40:53: Although quick, there is a slightly                             graphic shot of a person who was injured in a car accident. This                           particular shot is very bloody and slightly gory.

Episode 12 - Tape 6, Side B

                    - At about 42:56 to about 47:19: there is a scene where Bryce rapes                         Hannah in the hot tub at his house after a house party. In this 5                             minute section it flashes between the Hannah and Bryce scene                             and Clay confronting Bryce at his house about what he did. If you                         want to see that part, proceed with caution as it is a quite difficult                         scene to watch.

Episode 13 - Tape 7, Side A

                    - At about 35:53 to about 39:00: this is the scene where Hannah                               commits suicide. In this section, like the previous episode, it                       flashes between the scene involving Hannah’s death and a scene where Clay is telling Mr. Porter, the school counselor, about what                         happened to Hannah, and how he could’ve stopped it. so again if                         you feel Clay’s scene is important for you to watch please proceed with the                               most caution, this scene is very difficult to watch and very graphic.

These are the scenes I found hardest to watch, but please feel free to add any other scenes to this list that you found particularly hard to watch and feel other people might want to know about. The times might not be exact, I tried my best but it is a little hard to get the exact time on Netflix, so be cautious. 

@cinnamonpansies I’m back from camp and can finally get to prompts again, beginning with yours!

Lance struggled at the metal handcuffs around his wrists, but his efforts were futile. Shouts echoed in his ears from the comms, but his captors couldn’t know he had a line of communication, so Lance could only stare down the endless hallways as the Galran soldiers led him to Shiro knows where. Finally, they paused in front of intricate violet doors, and one of the soldiers placed his hand on an eerily glowing scanner.

The massive doors slid apart to reveal an ornate armory lined wall to wall with weaponry. Keith would have a field day here, Lance noted fondly. They reached a throne seating an ominous figure at the back of the room, and a sharp jerk sent Lance to his knees.

“Today was not your day, was it, blue paladin?” The figure leaned forward and smoothly lifted Lance’s chin. “Or may I call you Lance?”

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i’ve been trying to put words to why ms’s response to the issue of ronan and adam’s sexualities going unlabeled feels so unsatisfactory beyond my joke posts about blue and gansey not being straight (tho those are still true and good). i guess what it comes down to is that both couples getting the exact same slow burn treatment and no one stating their sexuality is an idealistic portrait of some fantasy egalitarian world without heteronormativity? which is nice in its way, and on odd days i appreciate.

but on even days, like today, i think about heteronormativity. i think about bi erasure and how no one in fiction ever says the word bisexual. i think about how adam parrish might not be super well-versed in lgbtq+ terminology but how he loves structure and rules and categories (even if ur only learning them to break and bend them) and how nice he would probably feel to have a label that felt Right. 

i think about how ronan lynch may not feel so comfortable with labels, even once he accepts that he loves men. there are some labels he might never use for himself because they are so drenched in shame and secrecy. but he still makes no secret of the fact that he’s “not a fan of lamps,” and even if he doesn’t ever use a label he will never again shrink back from making that very, very clear in no uncertain terms.

and in this heteronormative world, if you don’t come out and say it, people will assume it’s because it’s not true and think there’s wiggle room where there isn’t. or they’ll get the sense that there’s shame where there isn’t any because only shameful things get left unspoken. if you don;t say what you are, someone else will, and their opinions will be colored by the dominant worldview.

srry this is long and probably incoherent, it’s 6:30 am and i’m typing with one eye open but like…. i’m here and i’m queer and i got shit to say even as i’m falling asleep.

The Layers of Meanings Behind the Rings

VictuuriWeek 2017 – Day 7 – Victor Prompt – Promises

So for VictuuriWeek day 7, I’d like to talk about the rings and all the various promises they hold. This post is written as a complimentary piece to @lazuliblade‘s amazing meta here (2 metas for 2 rings) so please make sure to read that one as well! In this analysis, we’ll be looking at the various tie-ins the series has to the various layers of meaning represented by the rings.

I’ll be going in the order of how they’re mentioned in Laz’s post so please enjoy!

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Why do anti sjw ex muslims exist?

I think the answer is simply because “sjw’s” and “tumblr feminism” have failed ex muslims. When you have this ‘protect all muslims at all costs not matter what’ mentality where you can’t acknowledge the fact that muslims can infact oppress, abuse, disown and kill people for leaving islam, and just continue to ignore this and be ignorant and worry more about appearing like you are a worldly and caring person who cares about women and the world, but you refuse to acknowledge the struggles of people who actually are oppressed and who’s lives are ruined because of religion, you have failed them.

That’s why people become angry and bitter, because you’re implying they don’t matter and the people and religion that are hurting them and ruining their lives and causing them to live in fear and secrecy are worth more and need to be protected and aren’t doing anything wrong and you’re failing to protect people that really need to be protected too. 

This isn’t the oppression Olympics. Yes muslims suffer from a lot of prejudice. But you know what? Ex muslims get treated the exact same way, some of us still dress like muslims, we still have to pretend to be muslims in order to be safe and ontop of that deal with the shitshorm that comes with being an ex muslim, living a life where you can’t be yourself, worrying about your family finding out, disowning you and all the abuse and how badly muslims treat you. I don’t know why muslims think it’s some kind of oppression competition. It’s not hard to open your eyes and admit the way you treat ex muslims is disgusting and treat us like human beings. 

Judy: We did it, Nick!!!!!! *Sniff* First the Golden Globes, and now WE WON THE OSCAR!!!!!!

Nick: *Holds Judy very tight and kisses her on the forehead* Carrots, you’re the reason this is possible.

Judy: No. WE are the reason we won. Everybody, including Ben, Bogo, and Gideon. *Sniff* ZOOTOPIA won the OSCAR!!!!!!!

Nick: …For Best Animated Film.

This is my congratulations to the people behind Zootopia for winning the Oscar for Best Animated Film. I had an interesting time making this, such as getting the height right, getting the exact colors, getting the background looking like pictures being taken, and having the overall red (the color of victory) for the whole image. I think the fur details, Judy’s expression and dress, and the tear going down her cheek are my favorite parts. This is also the recap of both the Golden Globes picture and this image from the premiere:

which makes it come full circle to this story.

Anyway, enjoy this awesome picture.

anonymous asked:

I asked joe tracz to help me name my beta fish I'm gonna get and his exact words are "beta fish are small and feisty so... Richard Goranski" I cannot believe him but I'm also really thankful bc im an indecisive fuck


I don't want to reblog that long ass BoL vs Coco post

But the amount of misinformation on it is astounding. When Gutierrez opted his movie at Pixar, he was turned down because Pixar was already optioning Coco, they noted similar themes, and while in the past they’ve completely cancelled movies to allow similar sounding projects from other studios a chance to flourish (the whole Newt/Rio thing), I’m guessing they didn’t cancel Coco here because at this point neither project had been totally green lit. Part of the reason BoL eventually DID get greenlit was because Fox saw the whole trademark debacle go down, prior to Coco being formally announced (remember the first rumblings of the project started spreading when Toy Story 3 hit theaters) and Fox saw it as an opportunity to get a movie made that could beat Coco to the box office and establish mindshare specifically so that when Coco did finally get announced this exact dumb comparison stuff would happen. You guys are doing exactly what Fox hoped would happen. And speaking of the trademark debacle…

Disney/Pixar did not try to trademark Dia De Los Muertos as a way to own the holiday and merchandising and distribution rights etc. It was to register the then working title of Coco, and start the ball rolling on all the work and contracts necessary to get everything from trailers to posters to yes merchandise made. The backlash to the whole misunderstanding delayed the project and made them have to wait until it’s final title was nailed down to officially announce anything. Keep in mind that other holidays and yes even Dia De Los Muertos have already/since been trademarked for the purposes of film and short projects, just as Disney was attempting to do 5 years ago. It doesn’t mean any of the distributors of those films can sue someone for celebrating or that they can commodify the holiday in any way.

Also, in what way is Coco existing a bad thing? The Book of Life is great, I like it, but it’s not a transcendental film that means there’s no room for similar concepts to be explored ever again. It was forced to include a marketable but relatively inauthentic cast, referenced to contemporary music and humor that could make for a sellable trailer. It’s frame narrative is heavy handed and clunky. Visually it’s absolutely ace though, and frankly, I think Coco looks beautiful too from what little we’ve been given. The casting for Coco is promising, the crew is promising, the intent and the amount of research has been promising. Disney/Pixar also has the capital and the reach to make this a film that will be seen by a far wider audience than The Book of Life was able to, and that’s important! We should be encouraging this! Assuming the movie doesn’t turn out to be a terrible and offensive garbage heap, which even given Pixar’s worst output, seems highly unlikely, how is it a bad thing for this movie to be made? Oh, I guess because in 120 seconds of broad strokes the teaser seemed too similar to The Book of Life? Why not give this movie a chance to come out, see it, and THEN make your comparisons? I know a lot of people feel that whatever came first cannot be topped and should remain unchallenged, but as a Mexican, I whole heartedly welcome attempts to introduce audiences to stories and themes I grew up with. A movie like this taking off opens the door for more, and more stories about my family’s culture, about different aspects of that culture, beyond DotD. DotD is mainly the go to because the core of the celebration is universal and we encourage EVERYONE to participate. It’s an aspect of our culture that we openly share already, but here’s another chance for it to be presented with a voice that can reach further. I’m stoked, to be completely honest.

Plus, while a lot of people on here are trying to be scorned on behalf of Gutierrez, and pit these two films against each other instead of letting them complement each other, Gutierrez was tweeting how excited he is to see Coco.

block b grocery shopping
  • Zico: very efficient. He knows what exact brand and flavor he wants and doesn't waste time. However, always forgets to buy toilet paper
  • Park Kyung: spends most of his time in the produce aisle hitting on girls with cucumber related pick up lines
  • P.O.: goes to the store to buy milk and comes back with chocolate and no milk. He justifies it by saying it's milk chocolate
  • Taeil: holds up the checkout line because he has like 5000000 coupons. everyone behind him is annoyed
  • U-Kwon: goes grocery shopping with his girlfriend. They're the disgustingly cute couple you see having a play argument about what noodles to buy
  • B Bomb: every time he tries to go grocery shopping he ends up taking aesthetic pictures of fruit and then eating at a restaurant
  • Jaehyo: he takes 20 million years to decide what flavor of ice cream he should get but ends up getting the same exact flavor each time

Does anyone else get tadhdfw you have your heart set on something when you’re shopping (i.e. a certain style of clothes you want) and,when none of stores you go to have it, you just kinda lose it ?? And whoever you’re shopping with will tell you show you something similar to what you’re looking for, but you get even more frustrated because they aren’t understanding that, for some reason, you have to get the Exact Thing™ ????


Talking about hanging out with Taylor Swift~

Jay (Interviewer): She was so nonchalant about how you guys got together, it was like “I sent her some flowers for her album and then we just went and hung out in New York and got burgers.”

Ella: Yeah that’s exactly what happened!