A Pearl never forgets.

I keep seeing posts and fics about the classic ‘Love Flower poisons either Keith or Lance (mostly Keith) and ogle over the other for the next couple of days’

But you are all like little babies. You are blind to the true potentials that I have unlocked. I see your Love Flower/Love Bug AU and raise you 'both Keith and Lance get poisoned at the exact same time and are stuck being That Couple™ for a good few days while the rest of the team tries to get them to stay away from each other so Voltron can fully operate’

Can we change the “Adrien is secretly a sexy pole dancer” fanon trope to “Adrien is secretly a dorky fire fighter”?



The least mentioned talent of Adrien Agreste.  


What is your face, son…

He definitely marches to the beat of his own drum ¬‿¬

...ok, I’ve wondered about this since I was a little kid.

So, the gang’s tracked down the bad guy to his spooky mansion, and are hiding from him/looking for clues.

And he’s a pretty distinctive guy, correct? Oversized olive-green jacket, matching pants, green skin, grey hair, huge chin, weird hat.

He’s basically like if someone cosplaying the Gorton’s Fisherman–

–fell in a vat of pea soup.

So, given all these distinctive features, and also while hiding in said spooky mansion…

how the heck did the gang get three exact outfits to look just like him?

…each perfectly tailored to their size?

complete with identical replica masks?

The show doesn’t even try lampshade it. I’d bet good money the screenplay just says:

“Enter VELMA, DAPHNE, and FRED, each with a full-body costume of MR. HYDE. Why? Because reasons, that’s why. Deal with it.”

✰°⋆˖✰°⋆˖ ┊seychelle gabriel gif hunt

under the cut there should be approximately 560 GIFS of the lovely seychelle gabriel from her various roles and interviews !! seychelle is ¼ mexican and a wonderful faceclaim. none of these were made by me; they are from my personal folder that i’ve saved over the years, so if any makers see their gif and want it removed, please let me know! while some gifs may be similar, there are no exact repeats. please like or reblog if you find this useful!

TW: some gifs contain blood

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#pining #sketches #quidditch

Prompts: @antique-moonglade
Author: @queenofthyme

Draco calmly set about mixing his paints. He’d perfected a particular shade of green only the day prior, and he wanted to get it exact. He had plenty of time to get it right before he needed to begin sketching. Quidditch practice didn’t start for another twenty minutes or so.

He’d set up his canvas quite a distance from the pitch so that the players wouldn’t see him.  Of course, that also meant he couldn’t see them that well either so, as always, he’d brought his binoculars to get the best view of his intended subject - it was a bit of a hassle using them and painting at the same time but it was better than the alternative - being caught.

Not even Pansy knew he was out here. Not for lack of trying of course. She’d even taken to following him in the mornings but Draco was careful. This morning he’d led her on a goose chase around the castle before finally giving her the slip and heading outside.

It was surprisingly warm for so early in the morning, the harsh glares of the sun already in full force. Draco had created a shade for himself - magically stretching out the branches of a nearby tree to shield his pale skin from the sun. But the players wouldn’t be so lucky. He could just imagine the sweat rolling down a particular player’s skin. It would make for a great painting if he could capture it correctly.

The green paint turned out exactly as he wanted it, a perfect replica of its inspiration, Draco thought. He set it aside, eager for the chance to use it later. Since he had time to kill, he figured he may as well get a start on the background, so he began lightly sketching in the lines of the Quidditch pitch and the surrounding stadiums with a thin pencil. He’d just started drawing the hoops at the far side of the pitch when a voice pulled him out of focus.


The second hoop became oblong. He knew that voice.

“Potter,” he greeted automatically, his voice cold - a reflex.  He turned around quickly, his pencil falling into the grass.

Potter was squinting at Draco’s sketch, using his broomstick, firmly planted in the ground, to keep balance as he leaned forward. Despite only heading for a practice he was dressed in his full scarlet Gryffindor Quidditch uniform, complete with a protective chest plate handing loosely from his shoulders, waiting to be strapped on properly. Draco resisted the urge to fix it himself.

“You draw?”

A snarky What’s it you? on Draco’s lips was swallowed when Potter continued without waiting for an answer.

“Just the pitch? Or the players too?”

Panic filled Draco’s body settling itself as a niggling discomfort in his gut. “Just the pitch,” he said quickly, his eagerness to lie making him forget his desire to be contrary. Instead, his voice just came out rushed and squeaky. Lucky there were no witnesses otherwise his tough reputation would have been well and truly demolished, all by a couple of unextraordinary words from Harry Potter.

“Shame,” Potter said, standing up straight and lifting his broom. “Would you consider it? I’ve always wanted to be painted.”

Draco nodded against his will - what? Potter’s confidence was rather disconcerting. It clearly had the power to turn him into a squirming mess as well as a pathetic follower eager to please all at once.

Potter’s face lit up with a surprised smile - he obviously hadn’t expected Draco to be so agreeable - neither had Draco. “In that case, make sure you capture me from the left. It’s my good side.”

“Every side is your bloody good side,” Draco muttered to himself without thinking. Crap. There’s no way Potter hadn’t heard THAT embarrassing revelation. 

But Potter didn’t say anything further. He simply winked at Draco with those devilishly charming eyes (that made Draco’s knees go weak) before mounting his broom and flying off towards the pitch, his shape growing smaller and smaller until he was just a speck in the distance.

As soon as he could wrench his eyes away from Potter, Draco turned his focus to the shade of green paint he had created. He’d have to start again from scratch. It was nowhere close to the real thing.

Now that he had Potter’s blessing, more or less, he had to make everything perfect. After all, Potter would want to see the finished product. And Draco already knew that once he did, Potter would know exactly how Draco felt about him. How could he not when Draco channelled all of his emotions into his paintings? When every stroke of his brush that coloured Potter’s face was a gentle caress? It would be obvious to anyone.

Draco resigned himself to that fact and focused all his energy into the painting. If Potter liked it, Draco might just show him all the other finished canvases locked away in his dormitory too. It was about time someone else saw Draco’s work. And who better than Draco Malfoy’s muse, Harry Potter?

Draco was right of course. Potter returned immediately after practice, flushed and sweaty, expecting results. Draco didn’t have much to show yet - he’d spent most of his time working on mixing the right shades of green. But at the same time, he was almost certainly showing too much. Potter stared at the canvas for far too long.

Draco had started with Potter’s eyes and hadn’t got much further. Sketching over them again and again to get the precise shape, the precise look of concentration as Potter scanned the pitch for the snitch. And then came the colouring. What he had gotten wrong originally was trying to find the one right shade of green for Potter’s eyes, because there wasn’t one. There were a number of shades all swimming amongst each other. Vibrant. Ever changing. Alive. 

Draco thought he’d captured those eyes rather well in the end, but when Potter turned and his real eyes fixed themselves on Draco, all liveliness and wonder, Draco realised he’d never be able to do them justice. Potter’s eyes didn’t belong on paper. But Draco was starting to think, from the way Potter was blushing as he stared, that maybe, just maybe, Potter’s eyes belonged on Draco.

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The Secret of the White Lion

Alternatively Titled: Local Girl Ignores Responsibilities in Favor of Overanalyzing Children’s TV Show

Alright so ever since we were shown this mural, which depicts Voltron fully assembled and a lion off to the side, some people have started discussing the possibility of there being a sixth lion. And since I have nothing better to do with my time (besides my midterms next week whaaaat), I thought I’d try to answer the question: if there is a White Lion, who would pilot it?

Now I don’t want to get too into the whole idea of “how likely is it that this is going to happen” because like? That’s hard to tell. But, I’d say that it at least makes narrative sense for there to be a sixth lion.

What Alfor faces throughout Zarkon’s fall is the very real possibility that the leader of their magic robot lion fighting team could easily end up crossing some sort of line and going too far. Alfor begins to doubt Zarkon’s leadership, and has several arguments with him about his judgment and his and Honerva’s hunger for power. It’s not that big a stretch for Alfor to go from “this dude could try to use Voltron for evil / go rogue / etc.” to “I need to have a back up in case he pulls some shit.”

And a hypothetical sixth lion could logically be that back up. If Alfor built one, the idea was probably for the lion to either be an alternative head for Voltron or just an alternative lion in general, in case any of the other lions were unavailable, so that they could still create Voltron even if someone went missing / ran off / turned evil. 

And there’s a pre-existing precedent for a physical white lion, too:

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Five Fucking Years

For five years I have been bullied physically, sexually, and mentally.

For five years I have been battling depression, anxiety, mild ptsd, panic attacks, and suicidal thoughts.

But that’s in the outside world. I came to the Internet, to tumblr and the fandom to get away from all of that, but instead?

I get five years being sent message upon message telling me that I should die, that I should kill myself, that I should be raped and abused, that I don’t deserve anything but a shallow puddle as my grave because of the characters I like, the characters I ship, and the shows and movies I like to watch.

For five years I have seen others get sent the exact same messages, for five years I’ve had to say goodbye to friends who leave this site because they can’t take the hate anymore, and for five years I have had no idea if they are still alive or not.

For five years I have tiptoed on my blog, afraid to set off anyone that I might upset enough to be told that I should kill myself.

And I Am Done. I Have Snapped.

I do not care if you like X character, or Y ship, I do not care if you hate X character or Y ship, but telling someone that doesn’t like or hate the same things as you to kill themselves, or that they deserve to be hurt, or that they are worthless is fucking disgusting.

You can have your discourse about why X ship/character is toxic or how Y ship/character is The Pinnacle of Perfection, but it stops being discourse and turns into abuse the moment you tell them they deserve to die.

I have wanted to kill myself Four Fucking Times because of messages like that that I have gotten for the five years.

I was 13 when it started.

I was thir-fucking-teen years olds when I was told to kill myself because I didn’t ship A with B but instead with C.

Do you have any idea what that does to a 13 year old?

You make them hate themselves, you make them hate what they love, you make them hate the thing they used to get away from the real world.

You took the love they had left and smashed it.

You have mentally abused them. You have made them feel less then they are.

And it has to fucking stop. Because now it has bled over to actors and directors and screen writers and authors.

Telling someone that they deserve to be hurt or that they have to kill themselves shouldn’t be used as some parlor trick to get one over on a person.

Next time you want to do something like that, first answer this question very fucking carefully:

Does a life and mental health of a real person matter less then my opinion on fictional characters?

And the answer better fucking be no.

For five years I have been fighting this, and I know I’m not the only one who had, or the only one who’s done with this shit.

Goddamnit no one, fucking no one deserves this mental abuse from people behind a screen just because they do or do not hate or like something.

And that’s fucking final.

Edit: apparently there’s a tag limit on posts. So here are tw tags: #rape mention, #suicide mention, #threat mention (send ask if I missed any)

Favourites and Servants - Taehyung


Genre: Smut, cathybrid!AU

Word count: 2.8k

Pairing: Taehyung x reader

Warnings: rated M, sexual content, oral, language, cat/human hybrid

A/N: part of cathybrid!BTS miniseries!

others: Yoongi   |   Jimin

© original picture by V_Maider

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I have characters of color in the story I'm working on, and I want it to be clear to the reader that these characters are, and I want to describe them in a way that isn't discriminatory. Could you give me tips on how to do that please?

The key to doing this is to treat all of your character descriptions the same way. Don’t only comment on skin tone if the character isn’t white, or only comment on hair texture if it isn’t straight. A lot of issues come from writers putting so much effort into describing the appearance of Caucasian characters (specifically shades of blonde hair or blue eyes) but then just throwing generic descriptors at POC when brown hair has a hell of a lot of shades and so do brown eyes!

Be factual. A wide nose is a wide nose. Full lips are full lips. However, like I said before, watch yourself to make sure you aren’t only commenting on those features when they’re on a POC character. That’s where you start running into discrimination issues. 

It helps to know the actual terms for describing things, because the lack of knowledge is what leads to weird comparisons in the first place. 

Hair (straight isn’t on the image)

You might have to use additional descriptors to get it exact, and the ends of the spectrum really do overlap. “Loose curls” can arguably refer to 2B or 2C, “tight coils” is 4B or 4C. Some people have hair that only curls past a certain point on their face.


“Brown” is not a bad word, but it’s not as descriptive as it could be since majority of the world comes in shades of brown. (You might even argue that Caucasian skin is just super light brown) So, it helps to look at skin undertones alongside descriptors like “light”, “medium,” or “deep”.

That chart leaves out the “olive” undertone, just so you know. That one is kind of a mix between warm and cool (and is probably the only time a food-like word is appropriate because it’s just the term that’s used. The tone isn’t literally like an olive, it’s just the accepted term.)

Some of the color options also have specific shades that can form a general picture in a reader’s mind. “Bronze” is darker than “gold”, so someone with “bronze skin” is darker than someone with “golden skin”. 

But, look at the implications of the words if you want to get creative. “Golden” and “bronze” make sense, but they imply a certain glow. I would never write a sickly character having either of those descriptors. This is also why the “food comparisons” cause problems. It’s not that the skin color can’t match a food, it’s that it has implications of fetishization (”chocolate”, anyone?) and it’s really just cliche. You can write better than that. 

I’ll also add that some POC (this sounds so weird, bare with me) don’t have the same physical reactions as paler people. As in, they won’t have a clear blush if they’re nervous. Obviously, they’re still feeling the nerves, but their skin doesn’t turn red. Scars may also be sightly different color. Freckles can exist on POC. There’s a lot of tiny details that get left out whereas the “standard white characters” get every detail on their face explored OR don’t get any detail whereas POC have their “different” features constantly pointed out. Basically, just treat the level of detail for everyone the same.

Good luck with your descriptions!