1. What’s your favourite band?
2. What was your first gig?
3. Favourite pizza topping?
4. Name a band you haven’t seen but really want to.
5. Favourite live band?
6. Put your music player on shuffle and name the first 5 songs.
7. What do you hate about your town?
8. What is your opinion on Sheep/posers?
9. Neck deep or The Story So Far?
10. If you had a band, what would you name it?
11. How do you tell a girl you want to kiss her?
12. How many times a week do you feel navy blue?
13. Do your parents understand you?
14. How many band shirts do you own?
15. Chuck Taylors or Vans?
16. Ever experienced a time you met a band? What happened?
17. How many picks/drumsticks have you caught?
18. Throw down or punk jumps?
19. How many gigs have you been to?
20. Knuckle Puck tho?

Made a little questionnaire game thing.
Get on it homies ✌


Reincarnation AU? AU in which they are actors? Parallel universe? Take your pick.

Midnight - RivaMika Week 5, Day 3

Post-canon story. Angsty af. Also short.

Prompt: Char


She found him in the kitchen as always. Neither of them could sleep well when the year came round to this particular time and it was a matter of when, not if, one of them would wake up and make their way to the kitchen to make tea for when the other would follow.

He had already prepared the tea and she poured herself a cup, sitting down across from him. They had a routine in place for these nights. They talked very little and never about that. The tea always tasted bad, having been left to steep for too long. Eventually, one of them would move closer to the other until their hands or legs touched and they remained that way until the morning.

Maybe it was wrong to still grieve so much after so many years.

Maybe they should do as the others did and move on, letting the wounds close.

Maybe was such an useless notion to them. Maybe was just a step above a what if.

What if they had done more? What if they had tried harder, moved faster, made different choices? What if?

What-ifs and maybes didn’t change the most important fact.

What good was all the strength in the world when you failed to protect those you cared about?

Because that was what no one else would understand. What no one else could understand. This was their penance.

This week or so when they let the burden of their failures fall on them fully.

They couldn’t forget. They wouldn’t let each other forget. It was one of the many things that kept them together. The awareness of just how human and imperfect they could be. The awareness of how much being human and imperfect had cost them.

They wanted the reminders. These few nights, the heavy silences, the badly tasting tea, the timid touches, those were all parts of who they were. They shouldered their failures together and it became easier to bear them.

And even the tea tasted less like tar when they drank it from each other’s lips.




In a new study, it has been found that two of Pluto’s small moons, Nix and Hydra, are in a chaotic rotation.

This means that an observer on Pluto would not see the same face of the moons from one night to the next. For visitors on the moons themselves, things would get even more confusing, as every day would be a different length to the one that preceded it.

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Ever since I’ve heard about Nix and Hydra’s chaotic manner of rotation around Pluto… this meme came to mind. First actual video uploaded online! I hope you like. I didn’t colour in the frames since I wanted this just in time for Pluto month.



SONG: Promise by Hirose Kohmi

Made with Paint Tool SAI, Adobe Imageready, and Windows Movie Maker (XP version)

in any other sentai yakumo would have some kind of backstory with the lawnmower like he mowed lawns as a kid and it reminds him of a time when life was simple before becoming a wizard and a ninja and thats why its so important to him or something like that but in ninninger he jsut wants to fuck it bc thats what british people do i guess