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Everyone says they want a goal focused lady protagonist who knows what she wants and goes after it. She knows the risks but she’s willing to take it. One who refuses to let a boy hold her back. They now have Mylene Cruz and suddenly she’s selfish? at most mylene is a teenger who acts like a teenager does, they break fucking hearts and say stuff they don’t mean. But don’t pretend she doesn’t care about Zeke, his future and the danger he’s putting himself in. Don’t pretend she doesn’t care about her girls and her family. Is she selfish or you just sexist? Every woman must be some self sacrificial lamb for every man in her life! If you compare her to her mother who is hinted to have put a man’s feelings and dreams ahead of her own, how unhappy and unsatisfied she is now. I cant blame Mylene. 

Date night~

being told ur lazy and also having depression is confusing sometimes bc when u dont feel like doing anything u don’t know if ur being lazy or ur just depressed

*Roadhog and Junkrat sitting on the set of the Newly Weds Game*
  • Moderator:So, question to you Jamison. Where is the weirdest place you've masturbated?
  • Roadhog:*writes something down*
  • Junkrat:Uuuhh... uhm....
  • Moderator:
  • Junkrat:'Stralia?
  • Moderator:What?
  • Roadhog:*turns around card**it says 'Stralia*
  • Junkrat:HOLY F*** YEAH! WE GOT IT!
  • *Roadhog and Junkrat headbutt on camera*
  • Moderator:*looks mortified*
  • ....What even is Australia....

a great the get down modern au hc: boo boo made one of those acapella app videos (with the different frames ya kno) where he sang shais “if i ever fall in love again” and got like 3k retweets and couldn’t nobody tell him nothin for a week

Playing tennis goes like..
  • Naruto//standing on tennis field teaching Hinata how to hit the tennis ball//:"Do you get it?"
  • Hinata//gets nervous//:"Y-yes, Naruto-kun! T-thank you!"
  • Naruto//smiles//:" No problem-"
  • Naruto//random tennis ball hits Naruto in the crotch//:*cries out in pain*
  • Sasuke//standing three tennis courts away//:"Oooppppsss~ my fault. Speaking off blue balls ey~"
  • Sakura//to Sasuke//:"It almost seemed you aimed for his balls on purpose."
  • Sasuke//Fire burning in eyes//:"Claiming what is mine."

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Can we just talk about chubby Alex and how Burr and Bell love his body despite Alex's body image?

This is my shit.

In my mind, Aaron and Bell are both taller than Alex, more broad shouldered with a little more muscle. So when Alex borrows their clothes, they don’t really think anything of it, figuring that Alex just likes to be comfy and they think he looks cute in their clothes; the sleeves long and the material hanging off of him.

But the main reason Alex wears Bell and Aaron’s clothes is cause they make him feel small. When he finally tells them this, that he’s never been 100% comfortable with his body, Bell and Aaron are shocked; Alex always seems so confident. But then they realize how dumb //they’ve// been, remembering times Alex has started to voice his concerns. Small moments where Alex has skipped dessert or not wanted to join Bell and Aaron on their morning jogs, saying he’d just slow them down. Bell and Aaron never thought much about those moments before, never thought Alex was struggling with self image.

So they all sit down together, and Bell and Aaron let Alex voice his insecurities about how he has never been skinny, about how somehow he just feels awkward in his skin or uncomfortable and worries that Bell and Aaron don’t find him attractive. 

Then Bell and Aaron immediately tell Alex that no, of course they find him attractive, they love him, and would love him in any form. But Alex still isn’t convinced, says that he knows they love him, but that doesn’t just magically make his insecurities or doubts disappear. And he tells them that he honestly hates intense work outs, that he doesn’t want to do more than his weekly gym visits, and that he doesn’t want to diet because it’s difficult and to be honest not satisfying at all. He just worries what other people think about him.

Then Bell stands up quickly, grabbing three pieces of paper and three pens. He tells them all to write down what they’re insecure about. Once they’re done, they read them all out loud. Bell doesn’t like his hips and is insecure about the stretch marks on his inner thighs; Aaron doesn’t like his stomach. When Alex hears these, he blurts out that he loves those aspects of Bell and Aaron and then Bell smiles at him, saying that they love all aspects of Alex too.

Alex reads his list, and with each insecurity mentioned, Bell and Aaron lean over to kiss those parts of his body, making all of them laugh when Aaron pulls Alex over so he can kiss the back of his calves. Pretty soon it just turns into a big cuddle pile, and Alex feels a little better about himself.

Over the next few weeks, Bell and Aaron make sure that they tell Alex that he’s beautiful, and even though Alex scrunches up his nose, knowing what they’re doing, he also starts to accept that they mean it. He knows that they’ve //always// found him beautiful, but it’s nice to hear it.

Bell even drags Alex out shopping, saying that new clothes always help him feel better. The first trip doesn’t go well, Alex worrying that clothes don’t fit him right and getting upset when a certain size is too small. The next time they go out, Aaron comes as well, and he brings Herc too, who understands how sizes work and what clothes will hit Alex in the right places. He even offers to tailor things for Alex, explaining to him that a lot of clothing isn’t made to fit most body types, and that certain alterations are usually necessary for anyone who doesn’t fit the “norm” of idealized body types. 

It takes time, but Alex slowly starts to get more comfortable in his skin. He doesn’t feel a need to hide anymore, or a need to change his body. It’s something that he’s come to love, and he’s proud of himself. And of course Bell and Aaron have been there to support him the whole time, and Alex loves them for it. He loves that he has two people who love him for him, no matter what. And they prove that to him all the time, whether it’s by showering his body with kisses or by telling him with words. 

And sometimes telling him with words makes Alex blush more than the kisses. They’ll all be lying in bed wrapped around each other when Aaron will rest his hand on Alex’s stomach, murmuring in his ear how much he loves how soft Alex is. And Bellamy will run his hands up Alex’s thighs, whispering that they drive him crazy when Alex wraps them around him, that he loves being able to grab Alex’s hips and squeeze them.

All of the words make Alex dizzy, but it also lifts him up so much, and even though he still has bad days, he knows that Aaron and Bell will always have words to make him feel better. 

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