• Jane: That's your attempt at a proposal? Rushed into the last 3 minutes of an episode in which Emma hasn't even appeared at all?
  • Andrew & Dana: well...yes?
  • Jane: hahahahahahaha no, no, no. Not for Captain Swan, darlings. Nope. I'm undoing it & rewriting it. I'm giving them the build up and the full episode focus they deserve before such a big moment. I'm giving them a second proposal. Because they deserve that shit yo. Bye.

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Dude, did u know that u can actually buy dan and phil fanfiction books on amazon?! One was in my recomended and I just saw the cover and was like 'wait a minute they Look like dnp'. I cant escape them :D

yeah but like dat shit illegal don’t fall for it

support fanfiction writers online we don’t get paid for it we just do it for fun give us your validation we deserve it more 

What if Sansa finds the Sansan fanfictions on the Internet and starts to get ideas about Sandor because of them and this brings them together?
She also finds all the other ships with her and doesn’t know what is going on AT ALL. Except for the fact that she now really, really, really wants to get to know Sandor better.

goblin- i love it. shading is a little bland but he’s adorable
vista- GORGEOUS. i was talking to my bf last night about what it could be. feathers, bamboo, wind gusts, kites? how about all of it
apparel- it’, perfect. not too big, not too small, i love the bells and jewellery

skins- not..really a huge fan of quite a few of them. like, most of them. i wanted that beautiful PC accent to win but whatever lol