Okay so this one’s been stuck in my mind for a while and it’s finally done, yay me :P, though the beginning’s a bit slow, it definitely does pick up later on ;). Anyway, enjoy :3

Gentle strums of the guitar surrounded the small room around Brian as his hands danced over the chords of his precious instrument. The gentle, low tones of John’s bass hid beneath the beat of Roger’s drums as they continued practicing Spread Your Wings. John had seemed quiet enthusiastic when he presented it to them two weeks ago, and Brian understood his excitement since he didn’t have as many songs as the rest of them did and was now able to

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playlist tag

rules: put your music app of shuffle and put the first ten songs. tag 10 ppl! (thanks to the two ppl who tagged me!)

get down, make love by queen

we are the champions by queen (damn my phone really loves queen)

wanna be your baby by zara larsson

rose gold by pentatonix

stay low by ryn weaver

you don’t know my heart by rachel platten

the calendar by panic! at the disco

starlight by taylor swift

o vertigo! by kate miller-heidke

trouble in the message centre by blur

i tag everyone who wants to do it because it feels like all of my mutuals have already done it lmao

Heresy from the Heart - An Inanna Playlist

Unbreakable Heart - Three Days Grace; Alive - Superchick; New Perspective - Panic! At the Disco; Dressed Up to Undress - Breathe Carolina; Masquerade - Nicki Minaj; Alive - Krewella; Take It Off - Ke$ha; For Your Entertainment - Adam Lambert; Naughty Naughty - Porcelain Black; Superficial - Natalia Kills; Get Down, Make Love - Queen; Kill the Lights - Britney Spears; Down the Rabbit Hole - Adam Lambert; Adrenalize - In This Moment; Beautiful Sinner - Nicki Minaj; Make That Body Work - Electric Valentine; I Wanna Be Your Rock & Roll - A Change Of Pace; But It’s Better If You Do - Panic! At the Disco; Change Your Mind - The Killers; This Will Make You Love Again - IAMX; Vindicated - Dashboard Confessional; Hidden Track; The Dream - In This Moment

the thing I love about Queen’s music is that they’ve got songs about sex, like Get Down, Make Love; songs about love, like Love of My Life, I’m In Love With My Car and Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy; songs about random things like ‘39 that tells a beautiful story or Tie Your Mother Down; they’ve got cute songs that just make you smile and melt like Delilah and inspiring songs like The Show Must Go On or Don’t Try So Hard. They literally have everything.

RWBY Rock AU - A Brief History; Interview Part I

So I hit up xerkstrin if I can write about RWBY Rock AU, and she said I could. It’s like a brief history of the band and right after Pyrrha interviews Weiss and Ruby.

Note that the band member’s attitude is different than what xerkstrin conjured up, so this is a bit different (it could be more than that). In essence, it’s more serious. 

Nevertheless, enjoy the read. It’s part one and it’s a bit long, by the way…Just an FYI.

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poly relationship story arc for rae + finn + phil - incomplete playlist

in commemoration of all the anon hate i get about the possibility of rae, finn and phil becoming a poly relationship (rinnip or raphinn) and in honour of those who dig it or are willing to go on the journey even if they’re not sure how they feel about it all just yet or are just down to read fanfic no matter what cos they’re here for the journey and love it all….  i am writing a short multiple scene AU to my usual season fics. 


‘Do I Wanna Know?’ by Arctic Monkeys
I’m sorry to interrupt it’s just I’m constantly on the cusp of trying to kiss you…

‘Sweat’ by RY X
You’re making me sweat sweat sweat my heart down deep into your bones… You’re making me sweat sweat sweat my heart down deep into your soul… I can’t take it… I can’t take it…

 ‘Undisclosed Desires’ by Muse
I know you’ve suffered, but I don’t want you to hide.  It’s cold and loveless; I won’t let you be denied.

‘Closer’ by Kings of Leon
She took my heart, I think she took my soul

‘Contact High’ by Architecture in Helsinki
I’m done dreaming that we can fly…

‘Tropical Oceans’ by D.D. Dumbo
I opened my skull, you were looking at me

‘Two Weeks’ by FKA Twigs
Flying like a streamer thinking of new ways to do each other

‘Twist’ by Goldfrapp
Put your dirty angel face between my legs and knicker lace

‘Gamble Everything for Love’ by Ben Lee
Love me with an open heart, tell me anything.  We can find a place to start to gamble everything.  We can set this thing apart; cos were gonna, gonna gamble everything for love…

 ‘Magic Number’ by De La Soul
3 – that’s the magic number.  Yes it is. (no more – no less)

‘Two Guys (for Every Girl)’ by Peaches
Just one thing I can’t compromise, I wanna see you work it guy on guy

‘Fitzpleasure’ by Alt-J
Deep greedy and googling every corner.

‘Come Down’ by Crooked Colours
We got rules to break

‘Jungle Drum’ by Emiliana Torrini
No, it’ll never stop; my hands are in the air, yes I’m in love!

‘Disparate Youth’ by Santigold
Don’t look ahead, there’s stormy weather.  Another roadblock in our way.  But if we go, we go together…

‘Drop the Game’ by Chet Faker & Flume
You’re the heat that I know.  Listen, you are my sun.

‘Love is All I am’ by Dawes
And love is not convenient.  It does not cease at your command.

‘Speaking in Tongues’ by The Eagles of Death Metal
I got this feeling and it’s deep in my body; it gives me wiggles and it makes my rump shake.  If I should touch you, might be electrocuted: deep in your body you will get your first taste!

‘Heartbeats’ by Jose Gonzalez
Sharing different heartbeats in one night

‘Every Other Freckle’ by Alt-J
Turn you inside out and lick you like a crisp packet

‘(Don’t You) Forget About Me’ by Simple Minds
Don’t you forget about me…

‘I don’t Need a Reason’ by Dizzee Rascal
All I want is sex; I don’t need a reason… All eyes on me!

‘Pony’ by Abbe May
The things I will do to you… Juices flowing down your thigh… gonna get nasty baby

‘Want’ by Recoil
I want to reach my hand into the dark and feel what reaches back… And I want and I want and I want and I will always be hungry…

‘Your Way’ by Sarah Blasko
I realised this blood was flowing for you, cos your ways have made the seasons fade into an endless summer… cos hours seem to disappear when we are together…

Anywhere’ by Sophie Koh
They say if you love somebody, everything will be okay.  I say anywhere, anywhere, anywhere with you.

‘Nowhere Without You’ by Bob Evans
Where would I go?  What would I do?  I would be nowhere without you.

Filthy Gorgeous’ by The Scissor Sisters.
Cause you’re filthy and I’m gorgeous.  You’re disgusting and you’re nasty.  And you can grab me cos you’re nasty!

‘Sexyback’ by Justin Timberlake
I’m bringing sexy back; them other boys don’t know how to act…
VIP, drinks on me.

‘Diva’ by Beyonce
… the number one Diva in this game…

‘Slide In’ by Red Riders
Sure, it’s not all you’re good for.  But still, it’s what you’re here for.

‘Island in the Sun’ by Weezer
As we drift into the zone

‘Default’ by Django Django
You’re a cog in the machine, it’s like a default.

‘Never Tear us Apart’ by Allday
We could live for a thousand years and if I hurt you I’ll make wine from your tears…

‘Ratchet’ by Bloc Party
Get rowdy!  Hey yeah!  Make a scene!  Make it real!  Make ‘em feel!  Hey yeah!  Make it loud!  Make it proud!  Make it count!

‘Hot Boyz’ by Missy Elliott
A hot boy, a rock boy, on top boy, and I like those

‘Home’ by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
We laugh until we think we’ll die, barefoot on a summer night.  Never could be sweeter than with you.

‘You’ve Got the Dirtee Love’ by Dizzee Rascal and Florence Welch
I ain’t trying to see the bottom, because that’s where I came from, I ain’t forgotten.

‘Ava Adore’ by Smashing Pumpkins
We must never be apart…

‘Hands’ by the Raconteurs
When you’re with me there’s a light and I can see my way.  When you speak to me it’s a song and I know what to say.  When you listen there’s a hope and I know I’m being heard.

‘Hidden Place’ by Bjork
He’s the beautifullest, fragilest, still strong, dark and divine.  And the littleness of his movements hides himself; he invents a charm that makes him invisible, hides in the air.  Can I hide there too?  Hide in the air of him, seek solace… Sanctuary…

‘Starlight’ by Muse
Our hopes and expectations: black holes and revelations

‘This Everyday Life’ by Speedstar
Make me laugh in panic like a crowd; I fell in love, yeah I fell in love.

‘Naughty Boy’ by The Mavis’s
Just take it off, just shed your skin; it’s all your dreams and all your fantasies

‘This Modern Love’ by Bloc Party
To be lost in the forest… To be caught adrift… You’ve been trying to reach me

 ‘The Lighthouse Song’ by Josh Pyke
And though our doors may knock and rattle in the wind, I’ll just hold you tight and we’ll not let those fuckers in.

‘Real Love’ by Regina Spektor
From this moment on I know exactly where my life will go.  Seems that all I really was doing was waiting for love.  Don’t need to be afraid… No need to be afraid… It’s real love, yes it’s real love!

‘Get Lucky’ by Daft Punk
We’ve come too far to give up who we are

‘40 Day Dream’ by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
She got sunset on her breath now, I inhaled just a little bit, now I got no fear of death now

‘Get Down Make Love’ by Queen
You say you’re hungry… I give you meat.

Echelon (It’s My Way) by Angel Haze
Shittin’ on all these haters.

‘No Diggity’ by Chet Faker
I like the way you work it.

‘Circles’ by Birds of Tokyo

I’m being followed by my shadow, he’s been creeping around, asking where I’ve been

‘Without You I’m nothing’ by Placebo
I’m unclean, a libertine, and every time you vent your spleen I seem to lose the power of speech

‘Video Games’ by Bluejuice
It’s you… It’s you… It’s all for you… Everything I do…
I tell you all the time - heaven is a place on Earth with you.

‘Pictures’ by Timo Maas
I won’t hurt you, unless you ask me to hurt you
And take off your clothes

‘The Repairer’ by Adalita
I am the grim repairer.  I come to your door.  I’ve arranged to pull out your pins.  I’m your man to end all things

‘Dance The Way I Feel’ by Ou Est Le Swimming Pool
I hear the end - the end of trauma slowly setting in

‘Shake it Out’ by Florence + The Machine
And I am done with my graceless heart, so tonight I’m gonna cut it out and then restart…
And it’s hard to dance with a devil on your back - so shake him off!

‘Crawl home’ by Desert Sessions
I can’t do without…

‘For You’ by Angus and Julia Stone
You have my heart

‘Riptide’ by Vance Joy
I love you when you’re singing that song

‘Sail To The Moon’ by Radiohead
Maybe you’ll be president, but know right from wrong.  Or in the flood you’ll build an ark and sail us to the moon.

‘Lullaby’ by Tim Minchin
sleep little baby, sleep now my love…

'Four Seasons’ composed by Vivaldi

‘Hope There’s Someone’ by Antony and the Johnsons
Hope there’s someone who’ll set my heart free

‘Pretty When You Cry’ by VAST
I didn’t want to hurt you… But you’re pretty when you cry
I didn’t want to fuck you… But you’re pretty when you’re mine
I didn’t really love you… But I’m pretty when I lie
You hurt me baby – I hurt you baby
If you knew how much I love you, you would run away…

‘Recover’ by Chvrches
And if I recover, will you be my comfort?  Or it can be over?  Or we can just leave it here…?  
And you take what you need, and you know you don’t need me…

‘Better Days’ by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
We might still know sorrow but we got better days

‘Gay Pirates’ by Cosmo Jarvis
But it’s you my love; you’re my land a’hoy, yeah you’re my boy!
I’d be under the sea, but you hold me above, cause you’re the man I love!
But I’m yours you know?  And I’ll love you still in hell.

‘Do You Realise?’ by The Flaming Lips
Do you realise that everyone you know someday will die?  
And instead of saying all of your goodbyes,
let them know you realise that life goes fast, it’s hard to make the good things last.  
You realise the sun doesn’t go down – it’s just an illusion caused by the Earth spinning round.

‘Strong’ by London grammar
Yeah, I might seem so strong.  Yeah, I might speak so long.  
I’ve never been so wrong.

Part Seventy-Three - Back it up

Part Seventy-Four - song undecided

Part Seventy-Five - Breath Control

Part Seventy-Six - Gorecki

Part Seventy-Seven - song undecided

Part Seventy-Eight - Tessellate

Part Seventy-Nine - No Surprises

Part Eighty - Lay Me Down

Part Eighty-One - Wonderwall

Part Eighty-Two - Little Talks

Part Eighty-Three - This Old Love

327,000 words so far… (that’s longer than hp & the order of the phoenix - 257, 045 words)

this fic has kinda taken on a life of it’s own… (i’m following them until they die - so it’s gonna take a while, but honestly, after all the hate i got for a possible poly story arc, i’m just gonna write the fuck outta this au.)

the reason more chapters keep getting added on is because this isn’t planned like my other stuff so it’s kinda writing itself!  eep!  i’ll try and reign it in now and do big leaps in time to get to the ending quicker.


i’ll keep updating this often, but i only reblog it every now and then.

i’ll start writing ep7 after this, and i’ll put a tracker up for that too :D

ALIEN SEX FRIEND listen here \ (a mix for the young agent of chaos and his genius-playboy-billionaire-philanthropist sugar daddy)

i. temptation waits - garbage \ ii. the great shipwreck of life - iamx \ iii. i’m hit - robots in disguise \ iv. supermassive black hole - muse \ v. hit and run - lana del rey \ vi. get down, make love - queen \ vii. lights on - the pierces \ viii. i bet you look good on the dance floor - arctic monkeys \ ix. necessary evil - debbie harry \ x. for your entertainment - adam lambert \ xi. national anthem - lana del rey \ xii. the sound of violence - cassius \ xiii. alien sex friend - garbage