Okay, yes, 3rd year captain Hinata or Kageyama, but have you considered captain Tsukishima??? Please do this for a few of the following reasons: 

  • The character development 
  • Tsukki still being a shit, but one that knows when and when not to be one
  • Looks intimidating and is still a jerk sometimes, but is actually really helpful to new first years
  • Achieves title of best blocker in his third year 
  • Tsukki walking around with co-captain Yamaguchi who is now almost the same height as Tsukishima
  • Yamaguchi trying to convince people that Tsukki isn’t mean at pratice matches and “No, I promise that’s just his face, sorry Kei!” 
  • Tsukki spending a lot of time working on volleyball strategies and signals for his team
  • Tsukki being kind and caring, then denying it when people mention it
  • Tall intimidating captain Tsukishima, wHY WOULDN’T YOU WANT THIS???

i can’t believe the amount of people calling asians out for participating in asianinvasion, a movement with a purpose of bringing to light the unique racist issues us asians have to struggle with. 

you’re no better than the racist bullies we’ve had to and are still dealing with.