.the king and his lover~

after countless hours of drawing i finished this yaaay~ just spent 2 days on coloring… but i’m sooo proud of my babies~ *___* and yuuri with slicked back hair and glasses on… now that’s my kink! XD

btw this was inspired by the amazing @adreamingsongbird‘s fanfiction, The Rules For Loversit’s a wonderfully written fic and i cried my heart out on the last two chapters XD

i’m thinking about making prints from this~ would any of you be interested in getting one? :3

.please do not use without permission~                           

Regarding Fractals and Non-Integral Dimensionality

Alright, I know it’s past midnight (at least it is where I am), but let’s talk about fractal geometry.


If you don’t know what fractals are, they’re essentially just any shape that gets rougher (or has more detail) as you zoom in, rather than getting smoother. Non-fractals include easy geometric shapes like squares, circles, and triangles, while fractals include more complex or natural shapes like the coast of Great Britain, Sierpinski’s Triangle, or a Koch Snowflake.

Fractals, in turn, can be broken down further. Some fractals are the product of an iterative process and repeat smaller versions of themselves throughout them. Others are more natural and just happen to be more jagged.

Fractals and Non-Integral Dimensionality

Now that we’ve gotten the actual explanation of what fractals are out of the way, let’s talk about their most interesting property: non-integral dimensionality. The idea that fractals do not actually have an integral dimension was originally thought up by this guy, Benoit Mandelbrot.

He studied fractals a lot, even finding one of his own: the Mandelbrot Set. The important thing about this guy is that he realized that fractals are interesting when it comes to defining their dimension. Most regular shapes can have their dimension found easily: lines with their finite length but no width or height; squares with their finite length and width but no height; and cubes with their finite length, width, and height. Take note that each dimension has its own measure. The deal with many fractals is that they can’t be measured very easily at all using these terms. Take Sierpinski’s triangle as an example.

Is this shape one- or two-dimensional? Many would say two-dimensional from first glance, but the same shape can be created using a line rather than a triangle.

So now it seems a bit more tricky. Is it one-dimensional since it can be made out of a line, or is it two-dimensional since it can be made out of a triangle? The answer is neither. The problem is that, if we were to treat it like a two-dimensional object, the measure of its dimension (area) would be zero. This is because we’ve technically taken away all of its area by taking out smaller and smaller triangles in every available space. On the other hand, if we were to treat it like a one-dimensional object, the measure of its dimension (length) would be infinity. This is because the line keeps getting longer and longer to stretch around each and every hole, of which there are an infinite number. So now we run into a problem: if it’s neither one- nor two-dimensional, then what is its dimensionality? To find out, we can use non-fractals

Measuring Integral Dimensions and Applying to Fractals

Let’s start with a one-dimensional line. The measure for a one-dimensional object is length. If we were to scale the line down by one-half, what is the fraction of the new length compared to the original length?

The new length of each line is one-half the original length.

Now let’s try the same thing for squares. The measure for a two-dimensional object is area. If we were to scale down a square by one-half (that is to say, if we were to divide the square’s length in half and divide its width in half), what is the fraction of the new area compared to the original area?

The new area of each square is one-quarter the original area.

If we were to try the same with cubes, the volume of each new cube would be one-eighth the original volume of a cube. These fractions provide us with a pattern we can work with.

In one dimension, the new length (one-half) is equal to the scaling factor (one-half) put to the first power (given by it being one-dimensional).

In two dimensions, the new area (one-quarter) is equal to the scaling factor (one-half) put to the second power (given by it being two-dimensional).

In three dimensions, the same pattern follows suit, in which the new volume (one-eighth) is equivalent to the scaling factor (one-half) put to the third power.

We can infer from this trend that the dimension of an object could be (not is) defined as the exponent fixed to the scaling factor of an object that determines the new measure of the object. To put it in mathematical terms:

Examples of this equation would include the one-dimensional line, the two-dimensional square, and the three-dimensional cube:

½ = ½^1

¼ = ½^2

1/8 = ½^3

Now this equation can be used to define the dimensionality of a given fractal. Let’s try Sierpinski’s Triangle again.

Here we can see that the triangle as a whole is made from three smaller versions of itself, each of which is scaled down by half of the original (this is proven by each side of the smaller triangles being half the length of the side of the whole triangle). So now we can just plug in the numbers to our equation and leave the dimension slot blank.

1/3 = ½^D

To solve for D, we need to know what power ½ must be put to in order to get 1/3. To do this, we can use logarithms (quick note: in this case, we can replace ½ with 2 and 1/3 with 3).

log_2(3) = roughly 1.585

So we can conclude that Sierpinski’s triangle is 1.585-dimensional. Now we can repeat this process with many other fractals. For example, this Sierpinski-esque square:

It’s made up of eight smaller versions of itself, each of which is scaled down by one-third. Plugging this into the equation, we get

1/8 = 1/3^D

log_3(8) = roughly 1.893

So we can conclude that this square fractal is 1.893-dimensional.

We can do this on this cubic version of it, too:

This cube is made up of 20 smaller versions of itself, each of which is scaled down by 1/3.

1/20 = 1/3^D

log_3(20) = roughly 2.727

So we can conclude that this fractal is 2.727-dimensional.

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COULD YOU DO A YOONGI BOYFRIEND PLEASSE!!? Thank you! ❤️️❤️️❤️️ ps I loved your namjoon one!

of course i’ll do a yoongi version for you love! thanks for your support!! :)

p.s i made this waYYYYY too long. i really hope you like it ;)

  • gummy smiles 25/8 yA’LL
  • he’s the fluffiest ball of fluff once you get to really know him
  • cares about you a lot
  • but he doesn’t want you to know
  • shy asf
  • pda all the time alone
  • gets embarrassed when the members tease him
  • you get to choose which color to dye his hair for the next comeback
  • just so fooking cute
  • “make me food (y/n)”

Originally posted by yoongies-min

  • i see yoongi as a very quiet and shy guy about his feelings
  • he won’t express his undying love for you so easily.
  • normally, just a long, passionate kiss on the sofa when he returns home from the studio is his way of telling you that he missed, appreciates, treasures and loves you.
  • expect loads of cuddles when ya’ll binge watch netflix and snack on junk food tho
  • yoongi would wrap his arms around your waist as you snuggle your head into his chest.
  • “ya, stop that. your hair is tickling my chest.”
  • upon hearing that, you would giggle and wiggle your butt against him playfully.
  • which will obviously lead to him growling due to the friction between your ass and his member.
  • “you’re such a tease, kitten.”
  • once yoongi’s turned on, which isn’t often, you’re in for a wild night.
  • he would plant butterfly kisses on your neck, ghosting his lips across your sweet spot.
  • he mercilessly teases you right back almost all the time.
  • you knew the rules to this game
  • and you were 100% ready to win it.

Originally posted by sensualkisses

  • “don’t get too cocky, kitten.”
  • he’s not much of a talker, so he’ll opt for oral to get you going instead of dirty talking.
  • but you don’t mind it one bit 
  • that boy’s tongue works wonders.
  • he starts with small kitten-like licks a first
  • but he quickly switches to pressing his tongue flat against your clit
  • you know you’re done for when he does that.
  • everything is a blur, the sight of his hair between your legs turns you in so much.
  • especially those moans he make when he feels your release coming.
  • but of course, yoongi would deny your orgasm
  • he’s in it to win as well.
  • whining at the loss of contact, you’ll pout and bat your eyelashes at him innocently
  • you know how much he loves it when you act innocent.
  • “you’re a naughty girl. and naughty girls deserve to be punished.”

Originally posted by bangtanboysloves

  • whispers suCH rude things into your ears right before he denies your orgasm again when he’s fucking you from the back.
  • so much orgasm denial
  • so much handcuff action
  • blindfolds are his favorites
  • “trust me, i’ll make you feel good in a while.”
  • “only cum when you’re told.”
  • ugh so dOMINaNT pLS HeLP THis BoI
  • spanking, harsh spanking. very painful but so enjoyable
  • his dick will thrust into you as he spanks you, trying to ease the pain
  • you do actually get by 3 orgasm denials because you know its worth the wait and pain
  • yoongi knows when the pain and pleasure ratio is unbalanced without you even telling him.
  • when you do finally get to orgasm, its literally the best feeling in the world.
  • he makes your worries disappear and makes you feel alive again.
  • you don’t always cum at the same time as yoongi
  • but when you do, its really a privilege.
  • his hot seed fills you up to the brim
  • his cock is balls deep inside of you
  • the moment he cums, he’ll feel you squeeze around him, driving him to the brink of insanity.
  • round 2′s aren’t a surprise.
  • but round 2 is a gentler, softer and more caring than the first
  • he knows you’re exhausted and so is he.
  • slow and rough thrusts!!!1!1!!
  • more kisses this time
  • kisses all over the spots he hasn’t marked yet.
  • body rolls that drive you crazy

Originally posted by everydaysatanist

  • you would only gather the courage to talk to him during this time
  • “yoongi please stop your body rolls its distracting.”
  • that sentence would earn you a light smack to your ass
  • “you’re such a good girl (y/n)”
  • “i know, right? i deserve five fucking tubs of ice cream”
  • ya’ll would both chuckle at your attempt to joke.
  • within the next hour after finishing up your lust-filled love making session, yoongi would appear with six tubs of ice cream
  • not just ice cream,, he’ll give you six dIFFERENT FLAVORS OF ICE CREAM GIRL.
  • overall, he’s a really sweet guy who expresses his love by actions instead of words.
  • he loves you to the moon and back, there’s no doubt about that.
  • you love him with all your heart and there’s so much fluff and love between ya’ll it makes the rest of bangtan sICK.
  • but as long as you both have each other, its all good.

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14 things I learned after a toxic relationship:

1. Sometimes you just need to be alone no matter how lonely you get..

2. When you look back you’ll remember that it wasn’t all bad, and this will fuck you up. You have to remember everything that was bad too, the bad is just as important as the good. Do not get confused.

3. Your heart will ache and break. You will miss them. Do not call. Do not message them. Leave them blocked, trust me.

4. Delete all of your pictures. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. It will be hard, and you will hesitate, you may even cry, but delete them. They’re just empty memories.

5. Once a liar, always a liar.

6. Take care of yourself first. Be selfish. Surround yourself with everything that makes you happy- friends, books, naps. It doesn’t matter. You need to love yourself and be the happiest you can be first kiddo.

7. Don’t message their friends asking how they are. Remember, they probably don’t care how you’re doing. It’ll just leave you with a bigger pit in your stomach.

8. DO NOT FIND A REBOUND. Let yourself be broken for a while. Reconstruct yourself. You need it. Do not get under someone to get over someone else.

9. If you have any of their things at this point, burn them. Seriously, it’s worth it. (And it feels great!!)

10. Let go. This is the most important. You have to be strong enough to move on and live your life and let go. Don’t reminisce on what could’ve been or should’ve been. Don’t think back and blame yourself for their mistakes. Let it go, it’s their loss.

11. Spread your curtains open and crack your window- nature is the best antidepressant.

12. Wash. Your. Sheets. Get rid of every energy, negative or positive that belonged to your relationship. Get rid of their touch and their scent, you don’t need it anymore.

13. Open up. Don’t let your thoughts and emotions bottle up. Write them down, talk to a friend, scream it at the top of a mountain, but never let it sink so far inside you that you’re too scared to speak.

14. Remind yourself that your happiness is coming. You will find the one, even if you think there is no hope. Just wait. Be patient.

muse questions
  • 1: What kind of childhood did he or she have?
  • 2: What's their profession and how did they get there?
  • 3: How do they deal with conflict and change?
  • 4: What is their favourite place to be and how would they describe it?
  • 5: Who was their first true love?
  • 6: What is their deepest regret?
  • 7: How would they describe their parents?
  • 8: What is their favourite time period & why?
  • 9: What is their favourite genre of music & why?
  • 10: What are they most influenced by?
  • 11: If someone were to be angry with them, what would be the reason?
  • 12: What are their most common mannerisms?
  • 13: What do they think about before falling asleep?
  • 14: What are their fondest memories?
  • 15: How would they describe their favourite person/people?

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Do you have any posts/tips for studying effectively for semester finals?

My best tip is to target your study for the exam you’re taking. 

So what does that mean? 

1. Practice Past Exams. 

There’s no point in memorising notecards or making study guides if you can’t tailor the content you’ve learnt to answer the question at hand. The short answer to the masses of students who say something to the effect of, ”I don’t understand why I only got X grade when I studied for 14701863 hours” is that “you failed to answer the question”. So get familiar with the type of questions in the exam, make sure you’re learning content that relates to said questions, and then understand how to command what you’ve learnt into an answer that addresses the question. 

An easy way to do this is to grab a marking guide/ your syllabus and physically tick the relevant points/words/concepts you’ve included in your practice answer. You’ll be surprised - sometimes you think you’ve answered the question, when in reality, you haven’t. 

2. Get a basic ‘birds eye view’ of the course before diving into the detail. 

Don’t get caught up on little details. Understand the broad concepts that are examinable. Once you’ve got a working understanding of all of that, go back and fill it in with the detail (e.g. examples, case studies, specific applications of a formula). Why? The art of diminishing returns. Moreover, the first 50% of the marks allocated to a question are the easiest to get. 

3. Do what you need to do, for you. 

Look, just because you didn’t study from day 1 - day 100 doesn’t mean you’re going to fail. It’s not all or nothing; there’s a huge gap between an A+ and an F. Arguably those with that ‘fatalistic, catastrophizing mindset’ are on a one way track to demotivation town. 

So if pulling an all nighter is how you study, then pull that godamn allnighter. If you’re the type to wake up early to study, then set your godamn alarm for 5am. If you need to rest and recouperate and spend a good 12 hours on tumblr procrastinating, then do it. 

You’re not going to fail just because you don’t have the fancy notes or stationery your friend does. You’re not going to fail just because your friend studied for 4 hours last night while you marathoned gilmore girls. 

Stand proud of your own study techniques that have ensured your success to this point. 

+ on a side note, If you’ve fallen behind, here’s a few tips here. 

Here’s a few tips from around the community: 

All the best for your finals anon! 

For me this is how Toyataro’s manga page makes sense with all of DBZ + Super

After the world tournament:

 1. Goku and Chichi had sex on the night of their wedding. Goku didn’t bother to ask about the act, he just went on instinct. Or Chichi could have hinted something and he would be like “OHHH I know what your talking about! That stuff that master roshi made me read!”, Chichi sweat drops and is like “ya that…….” -blah blah they get caught in the moment they do it. 

((picture source))

2. They are still getting to know each other more and Goku doesn’t know why but he likes being around Chichi. He likes her firey attitude/when she gets mad.

Originally posted by neogohann

Originally posted by dolcemelodia

3. They do it some more and also go on little small adventures like shown here: 

4.) Chichi is happy to be a little house wife and cook for her husband when he comes back from his morning training -or mid afternoon training routs. Chichi’s tummy is still not big enough for goku to notice anything. Then later, they go to bed, do it some more. -they’re happy with their life so far

5.) As months pass by, Chichi’s tummy starts getting bigger and bigger. Goku notices but thinks “well she probably just getting fat…..I noticed she’s been eating a lot lately too and being more moody than usual….”-Chichi then tells him to help her out with certain things. Goku asks her if everything is ok? and she just smiles and says yes everything is fine! ^_^ (she assumes Goku knows what is going on) 

6.) Later Goku starts to do his usual thing, which is eat, then train, hunt for dragonballs on the side as a sport, fishing, etc. (without Chichi, since she refused to go with him and told him she wishes to stay at home) Then one day as Goku was catching fish to have for dinner, he hears Chichi call Goku for help. 

He rushes to his house quickly and then sees Chichi in pain. He is very worried and ask what happened Chichi???! Then she yells at him and says “You idiot!! I’m giving birth!! I need you to take me to the hospital right now!!”

Then Goku is like “AHHHH!! Ok where is that???!” And Chichi is like “UHHHH!!!” *points him in the right direction. 

He takes her there and the nurses rush chichi to the infirmary. Chichi tells them “no!! I need my husband to be there with me!” and so they call Goku and he’s joins Chichi when she is giving birth (this is also where he ends up getting his phobia of hospitals and needles )

Then after, Chichi gives birth and Goku is like “Cool!! How did you you end up having that little thing inside of you Chichi?” and everyone else falls and Chichi is like “GOKU!!! You put that inside of me!!!” and Goku is like “I did?? huh…..I still don’t get it but ok…” *everyone else then just laughs and Chichi shakes her head* 

The doctors and nurses tell them congratulations. 

Then they invite Ox king to see the new baby (thus the picture) 

7.) Later they name Gohan

 then months pass and Goku finds that he really loves his family and his child. He decided then and there that he will do what it takes to make them both happy and keep them safe. He takes them on lots of family adventures and spends a majority of his time with them. before he knows it 5 years have passed. 

8.) Fast forward, years later (cell saga) Goku kisses his wife

and this instantly reminds him of the good old days 

He starts thinking man when I get out of the hyperbolic time chamber I am sooo doing her. 

Later, He gets out of the hyperbolic time chamber and he’s like “ok I’ll let gohan spend some time with his mom but then later it’s just gonna be me and her” 

then *he kicks gohan out* they do it

(he still hasn’t grasped that having sex means there is a chance a girl might get pregnant. Since the other times they had sex (like during those 3 years before the androids) Goku is like……well I thought that doing that made Chichi pregnant but since she didn’t get pregnant during that time I guess they are not linked with each other…..oh well) 

-He decides to stay dead (even with his friends telling him that he can be brought back with the dragonballs) because he feels like the reason why bad guys came to earth was because of him. He thinks that this will keep everyone safe, including his family. He doesn’t bother to think about the posiblity of Chichi being pregnant because he still hasn’t put sex and pregnancy together. (since she didn’t get pregnant last time) So he’s like “ah it’s fine, chichi will be fine with gohan” besides I’m gonna have fun training in the other world! 

*7 years later* Goku finds out he has another son named goten

Goku is like “HUH!!??? What??? HOW??…….oh well” *is happy he has a new son 

(still hasn’t put sex and pregnancy together) 

*several months or years later* 

Goku sees that Bulma is pregnant and is still like ?????????? uh what?? 

(again goku hasn’t put the pieces together about sex and pregnancy and will sadly forever be confused about this) 

((This is the the only way I can think to make the whole super thing sound less bad but tbh I still think the whole thing is bad and stupid but anyway sadly this Manga and dbs is going to stay for generations to come ))

Bubbles and candles and magical scents make for a magical moment.

The whole idea of crafting candles and scents based on characters is inspired. There are some people who do this however - like @right-in-the-vhenan .  - and she reason why this picture came to existence. Keep doing your best!

If you guys have the chance to get her products -  do so! :3

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how do you get the succ

Ok, so here’s what you do:

1. Get rid of your hoes bc you are an independent male who can do things by yourself.

2. Join a yoga or gymnastic class or some shit to get flexible.

3. Do the succing yourself so you can have the succ whenever you want and not have to rely on anybody.

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How can you treat a heartbreak/depression/existential crisis?

My 21 Tips on Keeping Your Shit Together During Depression

1)   Know that you’re not alone. There are people who are depressed, people who have been depressed, and people who just haven’t been hit with it yet.

2)   Understand that the Happy People are usually acting out of some genuine (albeit misguided) concern for you, that it’s coming from a good place, even if the advice feels like you’re being blamed for your disease. Telling you these things makes them feel better, even if it makes you feel like shit. (If they insist on keeping it up, see #12.)

3)   Enlist the help of a professional.  See your doctor. You need to talk about the ugly stuff, and there are people paid to listen and help you find your way to the light at the end of the tunnel. Know that it takes time to find someone you trust even if it is a professional. There are a lot of judgemental scum bags so don’t lose hope and keep looking until you find your person

4)   Understand that antidepressants will only do so much. They’re useful, they’ll level you out and give you the time you need to figure out your own path to getting well. They can be helpful. There are lots to choose from. They may not be for you, and even if they are, they take some time to kick in. Conversely, they may not be for you. Work with your doctor. Just keep in mind tho there are a lot of risks and I can go into them if you want but all in all just do your research.

5)   Pick up a paintbrush, a pencil, an activity you got joy from in the past and re-explore that.  Or, sign up for the thing you always wanted to try. There is a long history and link between depression and creativity. It’s a bright light of this condition, so utilize it to your best advantage.

6)   Eat nutritionally sound, regular small meals. If you’re having trouble eating, try to focus on what you’d like to eat. I went through a whole couple months of just eating spaghetti. It wasn’t a lot and it was once a day but it was something. My weight is something that I have always struggled with because when I get stressed/depressed/ or have anxiety I cannot eat, and it is honestly the worst. 
However, for the people that if all you want to do is scarf down crap, try to off-ramp it by downing a V-8 and doing #9 for 15 minutes, and see how you feel. Eating horribly will make you feel worse, I promise. Please eat healthy and drink lots of water, it will give you energy.

7)   While you’re doing #3, get some bloodwork done. If you’re low on iron or vitamin D, or if your hormone levels are doing a rollercoaster,  these can all contribute to zapping your energy or switching your mood.

8)   If you’re in bed and the “insomnia hamsters”, as I like to call them, are on the wheel of your head, watch Nightly Business News on PBS. This has the effect of Nyquil.  Swap out your coffee for herbal tea. If you just cannot sleep, try the next tip….

9)   Learn how to meditate. Start by focusing on your breathing. Not sleep, not thoughts. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Meditation is focusing on being present in your body, not careening around in your brain. It may not be as good as sleep but it will give you some rest and recharge you.

10) Face a window as often as you can – at work, at home. Look out into the world. Watch. Observe. Try to find something you find pretty or interesting to focus on. And, handily remember that one in five of those people out there feel the way you do.

11) Cry. Better out than in. Sometimes it’s not convenient or career-enhancing to cry, so find a private place as best you can and let the tears go. Carry Kleenex and face wipes and extra concealer if you wear makeup. You can always claim allergies.

12)  Any “friend” who resolutely believes that your depression is because you’re lazy, because you’re not trying hard enough, who blames you for not bootstrapping out of it- that friend needs to be cut off. Polite (#2) is one thing, but there is a limit. You don’t have to explain, you can just not respond. You feel badly enough, you don’t need their “assistance”. Please just cut negative people out. No company is way better than bad company

13)  Limit your time with people who drain you. You know who they are. Often you don’t have a choice- but you can put the meter on. And, subsequently, be aware of what you’re asking of those close to you.

14)  Everyone has shit they’ve got to deal with. What you have been saddled with is your shit. Recognize, just as you’re not alone, you’re also not unique. The grass may look greener, you may be jealous or envious of others who don’t have to deal with depression, but you likely do not know everything that’s going on with them. So please keep that in mind. Keep a positive mind and remember that everyone has their own battles going on that they have to handle, in a way thinking this way can really let a lot of weight off your shoulders because it reminds you that there is so much going on in this world than your own mind and its relieving.

15) Let go or be dragged. This is an old Buddhist saying. It’s a very useful way to frame aspects of depression. Betrayal, anger, fear… letting go is a process – often a painful and difficult process - but it’s ultimately going to show you the path out of this terrible place. Repeating the mantra can help when you’re feeling gripped by these feelings.

16)  Wear clothes that make you feel confident. SO IMPORTANT!! It takes as much time to put on nice clothes as it does to put on sweatpants. You will want to wear the sweatpants. Fight the urge. The whole “look good/feel better” campaign isn’t limited to cancer and chemotherapy. Or women. And honestly the more you put into yourself that the world can see the more you will get out of the world. People think its so superficial but think about it this way. Yes do not care what people think, but if people see that you don’t put any work into yourself why should they put into you, you know?

17) Avoid fictional drama and tragedy like the plague. No Grey’s Anatomy, no to The Notebook, or anything that won a Pulitzer prize. You’ve got enough going on In Real Life. Comedy only. Or trashy stuff.

18)  Simple exercise, if you can. It can be something as simple as taking the stairs up a flight, or walking around the block. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, it doesn’t have to involve climbing a mountain or running a marathon. Baby steps. Also if you can get into yoga. So many mental and physical benefits.

19) Depression will lie to you. Depression will try to tell you what others are thinking.  That you are unloved and unworthy, that others think little of you or don’t care – or even wish you harm. You are not a psychic. Keep repeating that. “I am not a psychic”.  Repeat..  Repeat..  Repeat..  Repeat..  Repeat. The only way to know what another person is thinking is to up and ask them.

20) If you are well and truly losing this battle, reach out to someone. I’ve been the random friendly-but-not-close person who has fielded the occasional outreach. I like to think I’m not judgemental and generally resourceful, and others have thought the same, so they called and asked. You know someone like me. And they will help you. You can always come to me if you need to vent or need advice. Thats the great thing about tumblr if you feel like you dont have anywhere else to go. 

21) Forgive yourself.  I’m writing out all these tips, and I can’t always muster the strength to even stick my nose outside, or walk up the stairs, or eat my vegetables. Today, I got outside for ten minutes. I will try again tomorrow. And I will try again the day after that.

This list will not cure you. This list will not flip on the happy switch. God, I wish it were that easy. But steps like this will help and one day hopefully get you out of the funk, and you will be more stronger than ever.

50 Things To Do Between Your Study Sessions

1. Go for a walk
2. Get some snacks
3. Do some cleaning
4. Text someone you haven’t talked to in a long time
5. Call your parents/siblings
6. Get a coffee/tea
7. Read/watch news
8. Short dancing session
9. Draw random sketches
10. Work in your bullet journal
11. Plan out the next meal
12. Do yoga
13. Go to the bathroom
14. Watch one episode of your favorite TV show
15. Take a 20 minutes nap
16. Plan out the next day
17. Call a friend
18. Stretch a little
19. Go on tumblr
20. Watch YouTube videos
21. Make some funny snapchat pics and send it to your friends
22. Read some quotes
23. Write a blog post
24. Go grocary shopping
25. Water your plants
26. Write down 10 positive facts about you
27. Reflect on your week
28. “I’m grateful for…”
29. Post an instagram picture
30. Clean up your desk
31. Write a letter to a friend/family
32. Listen to audiobooks
33. Cook something delicious
34. Play a game
35. Make a new profile picture
36. Set the alarm for the next day
37. Fill out your habit tracker
38. Make a smoothy
39. Write a short story
40. Go jogging
41. Catch uo with your favorite blogs
42. Fine an outfit for the next day
43. Take a shower
44. Read
45. Look over old letters or photos
46. Reorganize you supplies
47. Make some new room decoration
48. Listen to music
49. Sing
50. Lay on your bed and daydream

Surviving Uni/College as an introvert

Universities or colleges are dens of extroverts and social opportunities but at times these experiences can be a little overwhelming. Most introverts would think of a way to avoid social situations and retreat. If you’re  staying at home then you are pretty lucky as you have somewhere to escape, but others (including me) who live in dorms had no choice but to socialize nearly all day. So I’m here to share a little experience and tips on how to survive as an introvert in universities.

1. Be yourself
If you don’t want to be at a social gathering, don’t force yourself. You may feel a little left out after seeing instagram updates of your so-and-so friends out for an outing or a party, but what good does it give if you’re not going to enjoy the outing and be lethargic and empty afterwards?

2. Be alone but don’t be lonely
Being an introvert may end up with you being alone in your room and it would get pretty lonely and later bad thoughts will come creeping up on you (trust me, I feel like this nearly all the time). Make sure you have something to do to occupy the time you have when you’re alone. Watch a movie, go for walks, revise, make a journal entry, update your studyblr, take a cute pic for instagram, anything will do.

3. Get a hobby
Related to tip #2, explore the limitless possibilities of activities you can do; sewing, drawing, blogging, photography, curate your own fashion board on pinterest, photoshop, writing, reading books. Find something you like to do or something that you’re good at. You don’t need to be an extrovert to have a hobby.

4. Join on-campus clubs
I know, clubs can be a danger zone for introverts, but if you can find one that is to your interest, why not join these clubs? On-campus clubs are usually a small group of people with similar interest, they offer activities that may interest you and provide a platform for you to interact with different kinds of people in a non-classroom environment. I’ve joined a production and film club myself although now I think that it’s not exactly a good decision as production/theatre/film clubs are full of extroverts. But I think I had fun and the club enabled me to experience a lot of things that I wouldn’t get if I hadn’t joined them. But remember, everything goes back to your level of comfortableness towards these activities, if I feel overwhelmed, I usually step back and not force myself to join.

5. Find hideouts to recharge
In-between the hustle and bustle, it’s really important for introverts to recharge. Since I don’t have any friends that has the same classes as mine, my lunch is usually spent alone. Library and nook and crannies of your faculty building can be a great spot to recharge. I personally find my university’s mosque a comfy place where everybody can sit and it’s quiet a popular spot for students to take a nap for a minute although it might get busy during lunch and prayer times. One other spot I like is my faculty’s resource center, it has amazing wifi signals, comfy chairs and newspapers. The place usually fills up with other students studying quietly and most of the time- alone, so I find that spot to be a very great place to recharge.

6. Take a day off if needed
You have to socialize nearly everyday; after a few hours in class you go back to your room and you still have to socialize with your roommates (I have three of them) and on the weekends you have your friends to entertain. When does it end? If you feel that you need a day off, don’t hesitate! Do it! 

7. Socializing is still important
It’s true when they say that your student life is going to be the best time of your life. Take the advantage of the social opportunities, brave yourself to say hi to the girl sitting next to you in class, go for a hike with friends. Don’t let your introverted personality deprive you of amazing experiences. Just find a balance and understand how much of socializing you are comfortable with and most importantly spend time with people that you actually want to be with and make sure they feel the same way too. 

anonymous asked:

One of Polish commentators during Yuzu ex today was talking about his FS and was like "Why didn't he get 10s for components?" etc etc And after a pause "Oh he skated first, that's why. If he skated last he would get a lot of 10s". Though I am more mad about GOEs, it's nice to know that not only Yuzu's fans think he was underscored.

Ask Max Ambesi about it ^^

I don’t think “he skated first in the group” is a good excuse, but oh well, can’t do anything about it, can we? The thing is, I don’t get what he has to do to get +3 on his jumps or to get higher PCS. I know many people weren’t as impressed with Hope and Legacy as they were with Seimei, but if you actually analize the programs it’s pretty easy to see that H&L has even more going on in terms of transitions. Not to mention that it is a much harder program to pull off, in terms of interpretation. 

I don’t get how you could give less than +3 to some of his jumps yesterday (4lo, 3f, 3a combos just to name a few, and not mentioning spins lol), because really I find it really hard to name a bullet he did not hit with some of them. Cosidering how they awarded GOE to other skaters it’s hard not to think they used a much different criteria for Yuzuru.

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips for someone wanting to start their first webcomic (who can't spend any money)? and any site suggestions?

hey! here’s my advice! I cant really speak for others, but heres stuff ive learned based on my own experience.

1. Remember that in order to make something  (whether it be a webcomic, novel, animation, game, fucking anything with a story) YOU have to be your own #1 fan. Don’t worry about how many people like or read your story/comic. The reason you create it should be for YOURSELF, make it because YOU wanna see what happens. I know it can feel a little discouraging if you start a comic (and for example post it on some site) and it only gets 1 or 2 viewers, but believe me, the more you create and show how passionate you are about your creation, the more others will SEE THAT and become interested!

2. Following that, YOU HAVE TO LIKE YOUR STORY. If there is even a single scene that you arent at least somewhat excited about drawing, you probably will stop making it at that part and lose motivation altogether. If it isnt fun to make, change it into something that is!!! There were parts of sparklecare that i felt bored by, so i just changed them into something id be excited about drawing! I think a lot of creators might disagree with me and say boring parts might be necessary, but even so, at least add something to those parts to make yourself excited again. If you’re really excited to get to the middle of the story but the beginning is boring to you, you won’t ever get there!!!

3. Do not feel obligated to work on a schedule when you start out. I know I use a schedule because there are lots of regular readers and such, but don’t stress and wear yourself out over a deadline, do it when you want to. Sometimes schedules can make art feel more like a chore than fun, and that often can also slug your motivation. HOWEVER, IM NOT SAYING SCHEDULES ARE ENTIRELY BAD! In my case, having a schedule actually has helped me regulate lots of other areas of my life- working on schedule is also a pretty valuable skill for the art industry, and getting used to the routine as an independent artist can prepare you for future projects later in life! All I meant was, if you aren’t in the perfect emotional state/don’t have the energy, don’t feel like you absolutely HAVE to work on a schedule!!!


For a comic that is just starting out, you can always go the easy route and host it on tumblr. Despite its limitations, its easier for people to keep up with and a good way to stay in touch with your fans! It’s also cool because if you start on tumblr and move to another site, your current followers can stay up-to-date if you post a link to new updates on your tumblr. I don’t really have experience with other free hosting, but I hear smackjeeves is pretty good? For paid hosting, I currently use WordPress with hostgator!

Those are all my biggest tips ^^

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Do you have any favorite blogs or ones you'd recommend?

 .* ⊹ · ✧ · ✫ ✦· These Furries Are My Stars  ✹ .  . *⊹·.✧ ·    · 














These are some of my most favorite furries in the world and they deserve more love then me!!

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POV POV POV. If I say it three times do I get 3 POVs? ;) I'm kidding, but. Hurray for this game!

only for you :,) i was going to use cupid au for this writing meme but it doesn’t work for this particular prompt because i haven’t officially published anything of it yet lmao so i’ll use kic

1. Chapter 1: Yuuri’s Interview - Mila’s POV

“Who’s this?”

Mila watches as Yuuri flushes under Victor’s gaze. She knows what the pressure of capturing Victor’s full attention feels like, although it’s not like that’s a thing that occurs regularly. When Yuuri still doesn’t say anything, she nudges him and resists the urge to sigh. She did warn him, didn’t she? He had, at the very least, heard the rumors, hadn’t he?


“Um, I’m Yuuri,” he says, wincing at how his voice cracks.

Victor’s eyes roam over Yuuri’s body, taking in his clothes. Mila has to wince, too. His trousers are too long and too large, his blazer’s too tight around the shoulders; maybe she shouldn’t have even let Yuuri get this far, Lilia Baranovskaya be damned.

“Are you the new Andre?” Victor asks.

Lilia could have at least given her a warning before sending this man over. Because then Mila could have done—something—something more than just stashing away his godforsaken portfolio bag, as if that made any difference, look at him—but now. Now he’s in front of Victor like this, with Victor staring at him like that, with Mila off to the side and she’ll no doubt be reprimanded later for letting someone step into Victor’s private office in such a state.

She’s got to do something.

“He’s interviewing for the position,” she cuts in. “We were just finishing up before you arrived.”

There. No worries, Victor. Say the word and she’ll handle it, this guy will be gone.

But then:

“Let’s finish your interview for now.”

Mila freezes mid-writing, nearly dropping her pen. She’s handled all the interviews for jobs working directly with Victor ever since he’d hired her. Granted, Yuuri’s vying for a secretary position under him, but Victor hadn’t even wanted anything to do with the hiring process for Andre, or Jessica, or Kent, or—

“That’s all, Mila.” Victor dismisses her.

She doesn’t understand. Who are you, exactly? she wants to ask Yuuri, trying desperately to figure out this man, this new blood that’s somehow already managed to interest Lilia and now Victor and, who’s next, Yakov?

Mila would love to see the day.

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Tips to stay focused and procrastinate less

Being in a gifted class, you get a lot of work and it’s hard to stay focused and not procrastinate. However I can do it and SO CAN YOU. Here are some tips.

- Do stuff that interests you. If you have the option to pick some of your classes, pick a class that you are genuinely interested in. You might have to take specific classes for your own specific reasons so this might not be possible for you, but you still have lots of opportunities to learn about things that genuinely interest you. Projects in which you get to pick your own topic are great because you can choose something that you want to learn about. If you pick things that you want to learn about, you are less likely to procrastinate on it and focus more intently.

- Make sure you’re working during a time that’s good for you in which limited distractions will occur. So a time you know no one is going to disturb you.

- Do your work in a clear space. If your desk is messy and gross like mine usually is, clean it up before you start. A clear space gives you a clear mind. Do your best to just get rid of all your clutter so that you only have your essentials such as (and this depends on what you’re doing) a laptop, pencil case/holder, desk lamp if you have poor lighting, and your necessary papers. Also, you’ll be getting rid of distractions that were on your desk.

- Set a timer, but set it on your phone. You can use any app you’d like, but set a timer. Set it from 30-60 minutes. This is how long you will be working for. Make sure that it makes a very loud sound once your time is up.

- Once that is done, PUT YOUR DAMN PHONE AWAY. It is not going to help you. Keep it in the room, but far away from you so that you can’t see it. It has to be in the room so that you can hear your timer go off, but otherwise, you need to pretend that it doesn’t exist. It is just going to distract you and lure you with instagram, Snapchat, and candy crush.

- grab yourself a snack. Keep a small bowl by your side and fill it with something in case you get hungry. You can put nuts, raisins, cookies, whatever you’d like. Just don’t put food that is too sugary or crappy for you because even sugar affects your brain. Keeping the food near you is good so that you don’t leave to get food and use it as an excuse for not finishing your work. But also, if you keep lots of food by your desk, you might just sit there and eat instead of working. You need to try to find your balance. Put some food, but not too much.

- Pick some music. Like the food, it’s not compulsory. But this can work for some people. I think that if you’re going to work with music, work with songs that won’t distract you. It’s good to create a playlist before hand so that you don’t waste time. My suggestion is to use songs that don’t have lyrics. This doesn’t necessarily mean classical music, but any songs without lyrics. You can choose. You might be really pissed now because you really wanted to listen to some Drake crap or something, but most songs have instrumental versions which are basically songs without the lyrics and just the music. These are really good options. But if you know you’re going to get distracted, just don’t.

- Divide your work into tasks. If your work looks hella terrifying and just overwhelming, you can divide up your work. Say you’re working on a research project on some animal (I’m sorry) Divide it up and make a check list. Your first task is to pick an animal. Second, research it’s habitat. Third, it’s diet. Fourth, it’s predators. Fifth, type up the introduction to your report…. etc. Check off each task from your check list and you’ll feel much better and like you’re really getting stuff done. Do this if you’re feeling really overwhelmed and are about to have a mental breakdown.

- Close your tabs. Once you’re done with a website, source it, then close your tab. Keeping a bunch of tabs open is going to pressurize you, and also if there is distracting content within the tab, it will be gone once you’re done with your information.

- Don’t go to other sites that have nothing to do with what you’re doing. It’s hard but necessary. If you’re really feeling the pressure, you can take what I call a “mini break”. Once you’re done with your timer, you get your real break, but if you literally can’t focus, you can take your mini break. You can only take a mini break after 10 minutes of hard work. On your mini break, you stay at your desk or workspace, but you stop working completely for a short while. Within these breaks, you can eat some of your food, take a drink from your water bottle, stand up, stretch, change the song that you’re listening to, and take multiple deep breaths. Once you’re done with your mini break (it should only last 2 minutes really), get straight back to work, no procrastination. Focus.

- If you’re typing something, a nice desktop app thing that I use is calmly writer. It’s like google docs or word but there are no distractions.

- once your timer goes off, take a break! You deserve it! Set another timer for 30-50 minutes fir your break. You can do anything you’d like. Be sure to refill your bottle and food, maybe take a walk. The only thing that you are restricted from doing is more work, or using a computer

- Assess how much work is done. If you’ve done at least 50%, just another hour should do it. If you’ve done about 40%, you can do much better. 2 more timer sessions and you’ll be done. Less than 40% and you need to get going. Do at least 3 more sessions today. - get back to work

anonymous asked:

Heya! Could I get some NSFW Zarya headcannons with a female reader?

I’ve been waiting for you Anon…Zarya is my go-to tank when I play with friends. She’s so fuckin’ awesome.

  • Likes to lead. As in always. As in no, you are not allowed to do initiate or have a turn touching and teasing her unless she tells you to
  • “No no no darling it is my duty to care for you!” she’s a little bit childish about it but it’s also really cute. She just really wants to take care of you in this way OK? CAN’T BIG Z TAKE CARE OF U?
  • SPEAKING OF TAKING CARE ‘O YOU. Hows about some toys?
  • By toys I mean Strap ons.
  • Her favourite strap-on is this bright purple one that’s very sleek and made of medical grade silicone that is velvety to the touch.
  • Partially because her core strength is fucking amazing and second, she loves to use it. There’s something about the power she has when she has one
  • She always lubes up before and during sexy times with you
  • Also really likes it if you masturbate in front of her while she applies lube to the strap on, kind of like mutual masturbation if it weren’t for the fact she has a strapped-on dick on her :P
  • Loves it if you are on your knees and give oral to the strap on- she doesn’t physically feel anything. But it’s all completely mental to watch you do something so good and sinful <3 Something about the appeal, the imagery that really turns her on. <3
  • Loving, and very very strong- when she holds you it can hurt. You have to tell her she’s being too rough with you.
  • Her grip on your hips has on more than one occasion bruised you. She apologized so much for it and was kinda shaky about touching you for the longest time after that
  • She got over it, but it took a lot of talking it over
  • When excited, she doesn’t know her own strength so it’s really important you speak when you can
  • Loves it when you claw up and down her back
  • Doesn’t like doing it on the floor (probably because she’s seen how gross gym floors can be and it carried over to everything else despite how good you clean something) but likes the shower, and will be pretty eager to get foreplay going in public places if the situation calls for it
  • Otherwise though, she’s pretty vanilla, mostly wanting to keep things in the bedroom. It’s just more comfortable, and then it gives both of you time to freshen up and be ready for sexy times rather than just spontaneously going at it
  • The more spontaneous stuff doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does it’s usually in the kitchen. She likes to put you up on the counter and you’re always at a marvel how she can just lift you and seat you somewhere without so much as a grunt
  • Like wow Strong Zarya.
  • Has a choking fetish- she likes to receive it rather than give it
  • So since usually you’re on the bottom in missionary Zarya will greatly enjoy it if you get on her lap and choke her a little when you’re both pretty close.
  • Aftermath, Zarya is Large Cuddly Siberian Bear. <3
  • She’ll always hold you and will never not be big spoon. She’ll pet you always, saying something like “Oh darling. <3 What wonderful things we always get to do together <3”

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