it gets better
maybe not today
maybe not tomorrow
maybe not for a year
and slowly but surely
its gets better.
you get better.

sometimes it takes years
gradually healing the pain
sometimes its instantaneously
sometimes you don’t even notice
but i can promise you
it does get better

you lose the need for 3am showers
trying desperately to scrub away your skin
trying to burn away every fucking part of you he ever touched
you don’t self destruct as much as you used to
you finally rediscovered the beauty of life
and every innocent creature that inhabits this world

you don’t panic walking past strangers in the street anymore
or run for shelter when someone bangs the door
you don’t lie awake in bed all night because you’d rather spend the next day telling everyone you’re ‘tired’
rather than telling them the truth about the nightmares that kept you awake for days on end

you don’t need the razor blades as you once did
you’ve found a better way to cope now that doesn’t use your skin as an easel
you don’t feel the need to be sick in the bathroom after every meal anymore
you’ve learned to love yourself regardless of the number on the scales
it’s just a number anyways, right?

and slowly but surely, you got better
you learned to love yourself through the good days
and you’re still working on the bad days
but at least you’re still trying and you’ve finally learned the importance of self love
and finally the world seemed to agree with you for once

and you stood back to watch
you watched the seasons change from winter to spring again
you watched the lambs being born, just as you were reborn within yourself
and just like all the spring flowers, you blossomed again
this time with the promise of being there to watch many more seasons change

and you realised that it’s true
it wasn’t just a whispered rumour on the street;
it gets better
you got better

Game day

: i. need. s ome sports supportive reader x archie. like wearing jersey to school on game day, wearing his jacket, cheering him on from the sideline. yelling at his coach when he yells at archie. just owningit. being cute. being supportive.

A/N: this is cute and smol

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Word count: 648 words

Warnings: cursing i think

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“That’s my jersey.”  You turned, a wide smile on your face as your eyes met Archie’s.  

“Yeah!” He smiled right back.  

“You look better in it than I do…” He teased, hands coming down on your shoulders.  

“You said it.”  You turned back to your locker, blowing your hair out of your face.  

He leaned over to your ear. “You coming to my game tonight?”

“Am I coming to your game tonight?” You asked mockingly.  “Of course I’m going to your game tonight.”

“Can you not yell at Coach this time?”

“Listen you made a great pass, and he had no right to yell at you for that,” you defended yourself.  “It’s not your fault he couldn’t run it.”  Closing your locker, your brow crinkled in anger.  Archie laughed.  “I’m still pressed.”

He swung his arm around your shoulders, pulling you to his side as you two walked next to each other down the hall towards your class.  Grinning, Archie replied, “I know you are, babe.”

The game was typical.  The Bulldogs were crushing, and you’d like to think it was solely because of your beautiful boyfriend. You’d catch his eyes every once in awhile from the sidelines, smiling widely to show support.  “Go, Arch!” You’d yell whenever he had the ball, always finding his small grin under his helmet.  

“Hey!” You turned, narrowing your eyes at Coach Clayton.  “L/N, I’d tell you to get out, but you really help him play better.  So, I’ll just ask you,” he leaned in close to your ear.  “To stop!  Screaming!  In my ear!”  

Eyes wide with surprise, you coughed slightly.  “Strong lungs you got there.”

“See you two are getting along better today,” Jughead commented sarcastically over the fence.  Raising a bright blue jacket, he pushed it over towards you.  With it’s blue and gold color scheme, bold R on the breast, you knew exactly what it was. “Archie told me to go and grab it from his house for you.  Said it would be cold.” You reached forward to grab it from him, tugging it over his shoulders.  “Look at you two.  So eighties coming of age movie.”  

Out of nowhere, the crowd suddenly roared in disgruntled, surprised noises.  They resembled a crowd booing, but less angry, more concerned.  The three of you had been distracted from the field for a moment, however you didn’t have to see the field to know that something had happened.  

You turned, seeing the ref angrily blowing his whistle.  You noticed the letters on the scoreboard change.  34-31.  While the Bulldogs were still winning, it was the fourth quarter, and this score was too tight for comfort.

“Time!” Clayton called angrily, waving his arms in the air and pulling the team into a huddle.  You leaned against the fence next to Jughead.  

“You think it’s because you weren’t watching him for two seconds?” He joked, elbow nudging your padded shoulder.

“I mean you’re kidding but… It means a lot to him.” You frowned.

Jughead sighed.  “Never thought I’d be friends with a quarterback.”

“Never thought I’d wear a letterman’s jacket.  Yet here we are.”  Archie’s eyes lifted from the heads of his teammates to meet yours.  “For that goofball.”

“One second, Coach,” he murmured, taking steps over to you.

“Hey, baby,” you said softly, “You alright?”

“Yeah, just stressed,” he sighed.  

“You guys got this,” you assured him.  “You need anything?”

“Just you, here,” he answered softly.  “I like the jacket.”

“It’s warm,” you nodded.  He smiled, pulling on the thick fabric to bring your lips to his.  You pulled back, scrunching up your nose.  “You stink.”

Archie lightly punched your shoulder.  “Hey.”

“Hey, you know what.  You go out there, you kick ass?  I’ll cuddle you tonight regardless of whether or not you shower.” You leaned forward, kissing him one last time, before lightly pushing his chest.  “Go kick some ass.”

Shoutout to autistics who have suffered trauma

To the autistics with PTSD or cPTSD

To the autistics who get flashbacks that trigger meltdowns

To the autistics who get triggered by everyday things

To the autistics who need to stim to deal with their triggers

To the autistics who who have terrible memories because of their trauma and feel fake because most autistics seem to have excellent memories

To the autistics who can no longer use certain comfort objects or stim toys because of associations to their trauma

Whether your trauma is fresh or long since passed, whether it derives from one instance or many, whether it affected you from the very beginning or took years to have an effect on you, you are so valid. Your trauma is real and the effects it has upon you are real.

No matter what your trauma, you didn’t deserve it. It was not your fault. I know all the maybes and ifs in your head, but it was not your fault. 

You are so beautiful and so strong and so powerful. You have survived so much and are still here to grace the world with your presence. 

It may not get better today, or tomorrow, or next week, but one day things will get easier. One day you will be truly happy again despite the monsters in your past. 

Stay strong. You are so loved by so many. You have an amazing community here to support you whenever you need. 


Today I hate myself​, again.
Today my eyes are blurry and tired from crying.
Today my right knuckles are red from sticking them down my throat.
Today I feel the fresh blood running through my broken skin.
Today I feel the weight of the demon crushing my soul.
Today the air thickens and I’m not strong enough to breathe​ in.
Today I feel my body full of imperfections.
Today I despise the person in the mirror.
Today I feel nothing but disgust towards that girl staring back at me.
Today the impulse to get away from everything is overwhelming.
Today I don’t want to get better.
Today I don’t deserve it.

Today I hate myself again.

-Hateful Anna Freud

Bad Day

Warnings: Swearing (obviously, this is me here), badly written angst
Word Count: About a lot, idc rn
Summary: Michael is having a bad day and remembers the Squip incident when Jeremy starts acting weird for some reason. You try comforting him and he snaps at you.
Hey, look, its a masterlist

“Okay,” Jeremy said to his girlfriend and friends in a hushed voice, “So I was thinking I could throw (y/n) and Michael a happy dating anniversary this weekend. Since they have been dating for a year this Saturday and it’d kinda be a way of thanking her for taking care of Michael while I was being a jerk.”

Christine smiled at her boyfriend, “That’s a sweet idea, Jeremy.”

“Yeah, I have to agree with you, Christine. That’s a totally rad idea, Jeremy,” Brooke said.

Rich nodded and agreed, “Hell yesh, dude! Do this for them! We’ll help too. I owe that headphone-wearing geek for getting rid of my Squip.”

“Yeah! We all owe Michael for even having that shit,” said Jake.

“So you guys wouldn’t mind coming over later so we can plan this out, would you?” asked Jeremy.

Shaking their heads, they all agreed, “Of course we can, Jeremy.”

Just as Jeremy was about to thank them, you and Michael walked up, holding hands. He whispered something to them and they all scattered, all except Christine. The taller geek waved at you two and said, “Michael! (Y/n)! How was your weekend?”

You laughed, “Well, I spent the weekend over at Michael’s and we only played video games and got stoned in his basement. What did you and Chrissie do?”

“We went to the movies,” Christine answered your question.

Michael smiled as he asked, “And what did you two go see?”

“It was a terrible movie, I don’t want to talk about it,” Jeremy and Christine said in unison.

“I can understand that. Sometimes a movie is just that bad.”

Jeremy looked around, like he was trying to get away from you and Michael, and sure enough you and your boyfriend noticed this. “A-anyways, Christine and I need to go to class.” He said that and then skittered off with Christine following after him.

“Well, that was weird, huh, Michael?” you asked your boyfriend, looking up at him.

A somewhat worried look crossed Michael’s face. Jeremy never did that, the only time he had was last year when he was Squipped. Oh no, is the Squip coming back? he thought to himself. He was completely lost in his thought that he didn’t hear your words.

“Michael?” you asked, waving your hand in his face.

Shaking his head, he blinked at you. “Yeah, babe?” he spoke.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine…” he said. “Let’s go to class.”

After a few classes, Jeremy is in the hallway with Rich and Jake, conversing with them about where they were going to have it. “So, do either one of you know where we could have this at?” He asked.

“We could have it at the park, at night. The one on the edge of town,” said Jake.

Rich nodded and continued to explain why, “Because that park is the furthest from the light pollution of this fucking place. It’s a really romantic place and I know (y/n) loves starry nights.”

Jeremy nodded, “Good, good.”

“Here comes Michael,” Rich whispered.

Michael comes bounding up to the three, saying, “Jeremy, my buddy, what were you, Jake and Rich talking about?”

Jeremy’s eyes skittered around, looking at Jake and Rich. He hesitated when he said, “Sorry, Michael, I can’t talk right now, I’m doing something with them. Come on, guys.”

The two seniors shrugged and followed Jeremy as he walked away. “Sorry, Michael. Maybe some other time.”

Okay, now Michael was getting pissed. He was beginning to suspect something was up. “Are you kidding me?” he grumbled and walked off to his next class. A class with you.

It was after you and Michael’s shared class, you noticed that Michael had seemed a bit pissed off. Like, he didn’t even kiss you on the forehead before he bolted off to his next class. Which had you worried. As you walked, lonely, to your next class, you spot Jeremy talking with Christine and Brooke. “Jeremy!” you exclaimed, walking up to him. “Hey, do you know why Michael seems so pissy?”

Turning to face you, Jeremy couldn’t look you in the eye. He seemed to shrug and say, “I dunno, (y/n). Maybe one of his classes pissed him off. Anyways, me and Chloe are doing a project for biology so I’ve got to go. Bye.”

“Oh… oooookay…?” you said as you watched him walk away. Now you were getting worried to. Turning to Christine, you asked, “Chrissie, what the fuck is going on?”

Brooke shrugged and walked off, saying she needed to go talk to Jake. Leaving you and Christine alone. The small dork laughed nervously, “N-nothing is going on, (y/n/n)! I-I, uh, gotta go talk to my math teacher!”

“The fuck is going on with our friends?” you mumbled to yourself as you walked to your next class.

Throughout the remainder of the day, Jeremy made excuses to run away from you and Michael—it had you two worried that his Squip had returned and that thought really set Michael off. He was brooding all day because of Jeremy, and you wanted to talk to him about it but Michael seemed too upset to talk about it. You were determined to talk about it after school though, on the way to his house.

When the bell rang to dismiss school, you bolted to Michael’s last class. Michael walked out of the classroom and ignored your smiling face. “Hey, Michael, how was class?” you asked.

“It was boring,” came his hardened answer. He was walking rather quickly to his PT Cruiser, you followed after him on his heels. Unlocking his car, he grumbled, “Get in the car, (y/n).”

“Okay, okay. I’m coming, Michael,” you said, throwing your backpack in the back of his PT Cruiser.

Turning on his car, Michael started the trek to his house.

The ride was utterly silent—neither you nor Michael spoke the whole ride. Michael was getting more and more angry the longer he thought about what Jeremy was doing that whole day. You noticed your boyfriend’s anger and you reached over and touched his shoulder, to which he angrily shoved your hand off. That was unusual for him, usually if he was upset, he would want you to comfort him. That was how it had been for the past year you two had been dating.

Once you and Michael reached his house, you two went to his room and he was still brooding and simmering in anger. You touched his shoulder again and this time said, “Michael, do you want to talk about it?”

“What is there to talk about, (y/n)?” growled Michael.

Your face softened as you said, “There’s a lot to talk about, Michael. Jeremy was making excuses to get away from us. I know you’re thinking that maybe his Squip somehow got reactivated, because I’m worrying the same thing. Please, just talk to me.”

“You don’t know what I’ve been through! You don’t understand what happened!” Michael finally snapped.

“I may not know what exactly you were going through, but Michael, I was there to help you through it! I know the effect Jeremy ignoring you had on you! Don’t tell I don’t know that! I just want you to talk to me about today! Because I’m worried about Jeremy, too, just li—”

Michael hissed, cutting you off, “You don’t understand how much I care about Jeremy, (y/n)! I care more about him than you could ever!”

You recoiled, tears swelling in your eyes. “Where the fuck did this come from, Michael! Of course I don’t care about Jeremy more than you, I just got close to him when we started dating! Don’t be an asshole, I just want to help you through this, because as I said earlier, I’m also worried that his Squip came back. Is it so difficult for you to talk about it? I know you’re probably having flashbacks to what happened last year but who was there to listen to you? Me! So let me do it again! Tell me what’s on your mind, Michael. Please!”

“You want to know what’s on my mind!” He shouted at you. You nodded your head, waiting for him to tell you. “Why don’t you stick your nose in someone else’s business?!” he finally shouted loudly.

You stared at him, tearing slipping from the corners of your eyes. Standing up, you bawled your fists up. Your voice wavered as you shouted back, “Fine! Fuck you, Michael!! Asshole!” After that you turned on your heels, you walked out of his room, down the stairs and grabbing your backpack you walked out of his front door. You slammed it shut in frustration and anger. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!” you screamed into the air.

Taking your phone out of your pocket, you take out some headphones and plug them into your phone. You listened to All Time Low, a band you listened to when you were angry, sad or just wanted to jam out. Tears fell onto the ground as you walked home. You kicked at the ground angrily as you walked.

A sudden depression washed over you, you and Michael had never really fought like that before. Sure you two had some minor scuffles about a date night, but they never ended in screaming like this one did. Usually they ended shortly after the conflict started, in a compromise with makeup cuddles and kisses, and definitely sushi and slushies. But this time was different, and it wasn’t going to get better today, much to your dismay.

Michael plopped onto his bed, still angry with Jeremy and you for prodding him. If you knew what he was so mad about, why were you trying to get him to talk about it? The only reason he had opened up about Jeremy last year was because you caught him in a vulnerable position, after he had a panic attack. Not that he regretted opening up to you, because it lead him to getting you as his girlfriend. But since Jeremy’s Squip was deactivated, Michael had pushed the incident to the back of his mind, where he wanted it to stay.

Now, he did admit to himself that he was a bit harsh to you. He screamed at you and that wasn’t right. But holy crap, you kept bugging him to talk to you about what was wrong, when you knew full well what was wrong. It was redundant to him and he just overcome by anger for Jeremy. So he let it out, and he could have cared less if you got hurt; he just wanted to scream at something, anything or anyone.

He put his headphones on and listened to Bob Marley as he went to get high in his basement. Once he was down in his basement, he got high and proceeded to play The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time on the N64. Michael still had on his headphones and as he listened to Marley, his anger melted away.

Several times he smiled and looked over at the empty beanbag chair where you usually sat. When he realized you weren’t there, his smile faded and he felt guilt creep up on him. “Oh… right,” he said under his breath, “(y/n) isn’t here… she left… because of me…”

Michael sat there and stared at the television screen, at the video game he was playing. He would always play that game for you at some point, because he knew how much you loved the Zelda series. A heavy feeling weighed on his heart, it felt empty without you near. What have I done? What if she doesn’t want me anymore? No, I know she loves me, she should understand why I was so mad… and why I yelled… he thought to himself.

“Maybe I should call her and apologize for yelling,” he said to himself, taking out his phone. He called you. He needed you to know that he was sorry for snapping, that he was sorry for hurting you with his words, that he loved you.

Unfortunately, you ignored his call and sent him to voicemail. Michael took a shaky breath, knowing he really messed up, and said to the voicemail, “Hey, (y/n), I just called to tell you that I’m really sorry I snapped at you. It wasn’t right of me to say the things I did. You know how much you mean to me, and that I would never mean to hurt you or your feelings. I just…” he sighed, “I just had a really bad day as you know. But, I’m sure Jeremy talked to you so you have that on me… anyways, please call me back. Please. I-I love you, (y/n).”

He hung up after that. “Shit… she didn’t even pick up. She usually always picks up…” An idea hit him and he smiled. “I can get her her favorite roll of sushi and a blue raspberry slushy! She loves those things!”

So Michael had a plan. He would surprise you with the things tomorrow when he picked you up from your house. His plan was foolproof, until he looked down at his phone and his heart sank. It was a message from you and it almost broke his heart.

From: Lover
don’t come get me tomorrow, mom will take me to school and i’ll ask rich to give me a ride home

Now it was painfully clear just how much you didn’t want anything to do with Michael for now. “Oh God, no…” he muttered to himself. “I have to tell her I’m sorry… like pronto.”

Michael jumped out of his seat and ran upstairs. He put on his shoes and grabbed his keys—he was going to tell you how sorry he was, if need be he would show it. “Shit, shit, shit, I messed up,” he said to himself as he ran out the door.

You were laying on the couch, watery eyes focused on the ceiling. Of course you were still crying and upset. Your boyfriend, who was usually very loving and talkative, just snapped at you. Yes, you understood why he felt the way he felt, but you were upset with the way he snapped at you. It hurt your heart to have Michael snap at you, so you just sat there, sprawled out on the couch and crying.

He had called you and you just let it ring, not ready to talk to him. Once he left the voicemail, you did listen to it, and you almost caved and called him back. But, no, Michael needed to learn a lesson. That he can’t yell at you like he did just because you were just trying to help.

“Fuck him… that sexy, dumb nerd…” you whimpered to yourself as you rubbed your eyes. “He’s such a dork…” you sniffled.

Michael was in the store, buying the biggest bouquet of blooming roses, the cuddlest medium-sized teddy bear and the sweetest chocolate he could get. He didn’t care how much it cost, you were worth every penny. The caramel-skinned stoner wanted you to know how sorry he was for snapping so rudely at you. And that he loved you with everything in him. Having payed for everything, he grabbed the bags and ran to his car—he was ready to apologize to you.

When he got into his car, he set the stuff he bought you in the passenger seat and started the car. He was ready to fucking go to your house. And it was there he went.

Luckily your house wasn’t more than 15 minutes away from the store, so he got there rather quickly. He pulled into your driveway and turned off his car. Jumping out of his car, he grabbed everything out of the bag and bounded up to your front door. Michael still felt really guilty for snapping at you as he stared at your front door. Shifting everything into one arm, he reached out and rang your doorbell.

He definitely heard you roll off the couch and plop onto the floor, mainly because he heard you yelp out, “GOD, FUCKing SHIT!” Michael bit his lower lip as a way to stop himself from laughing. Hearing you stumble to the door, his heart fluttered as he heard the door unlock. “Who’s there?” he heard you say in a obvious post-crying voice. You opened the door and when your eyes landed on him, you went to slam the door. “Go away, Mell!” you shouted.

Michael stood there as you slammed the door in his face. It hurt him that you would do that, but he also knew he deserved it. Sighing deeply, he said, “Babe… just please listen to me… I’m really sorry that I snapped at you. Just… open the door and I promise I’ll make it all up to you.”

“I don’t want you to make it up to me, Michael. I want you to understand that it was uncalled for you to say the things you did,” you answered through the door.

“(Y/n), I am really sorry I said the things I did. They were uncalled for and I know how much they hurt you. So, please let me in so I can make up for my mistake… please. I brought a really cuddly stuffed bear, some chocolate and the ultimate flower of love. A lot of those flowers, actually,” his laugh was faintly tainted with nervousness, “to show you just how much I love you. So, will you please open the door?”

You sighed through the door, and soon, you opened the door. “Fine. You have five minutes, then I’m kicking you out. I’m still really pissed off at you,” you said, crossing your arms.

Michael stepped into your home and almost immediately, he set all of what he bought you down and grabbed you by the hand. “C’mere, babe,” he said and sat down on the couch.

“Four minutes left, Mell,” you said, rolling your eyes. You gasped in surprise as Michael pulled you down into his lap. “MICHAEL?” you exclaimed in surprise.

Wrapping his arms around your waist, he placed a kiss on your forehead. “(Y/n), I’m really sorry that I snapped at you. I said some really hurtful things and yes while I deserve you being mad at me and not talking to me for a while, I can’t live without you talking to me. You’re my girlfriend and I can’t even convey how sorry I am. I was thinking I could take you out tonight for dinner, as a means to apologize further.”

You huffed and listened to him. “I don’t think you deserve to be forgiven that easily…”

“I’m not saying that, babe. It’s easy to just say I’m sorry, but I want to show you that I’m sorry,” he said, nuzzling his face into your neck. “Because you mean the world to me and it kills me that I hurt you with my words.”

You sighed, “Oh for the love of God. You’re a fucking dork, you know that?”

He smiled at you as he answered, “Yeah, I might be, but at least I’m your dork!”

Giggling, you smiled, finally, “Good thing too, yeah? Look, I understand that you were upset about Jeremy ignoring us today, believe me, I was too. Hey, and even if his Squip does come back, we can always deactivate it again with more Mountain Dew Red. Remember, we—”

“Both stocked up on it incase something like that happened again,” laughed Michael. “How could I forget?”

“That is a good question. How could you forget, but I could also ask how you could forget to talk to me earlier, jerk!” you exclaimed, pinching Michael’s cheek.

“Ow, ow, ow!! Babe, I’m sorry,” he said, “Please let go of my cheek!”

“Only if you take me out for sushi out later. And we go to the buffet and you’re paying,” you said with a mischievous grin.

 Michael laughed, “I will take that! Soooooo, am I forgiven?”

Rolling your eyes, you said, “Yeah, you’re forgiven. You’re lucky I love you so damn much!”

UGH!! THIS TOOK FOREVER TO WRITE!! Sis gave me ideas, she’s gonna be helping me from now on! We have this collaboration going on, but I ain’t sayin her name. I’ll make a second part to this. Because I just needed to post something because I felt like I was cheating y’all outta my writing before it is taking me a bit to write because I have a job now so here’s a badly written angst! I can’t stay mad at Michael long enough to make this actually heartbreaking, sooooo, here!! Hopefully I’ll have Catching Murphy, Part 8 out tonight or tomorrow, currently stumped atm, but I’ll get through it! OKAY, LOVE YOU GUYS!! KEEP BEING AWESOME!!

Fate, Luck, and Love

Prompt:  Sometimes you need a little bit of scheming to make two people fall in love. Soulmate AU.

Pairing: Oak x reader

A/N: Day 7. It’s been real guys. Thanks for all the support and love. I appreciate all of you.

Fate had the responsibility to weave lives together and make sure that separated souls would find their way back to each other. However, there was one limitation: she couldn’t intervene with their lives, no matter how much she wanted to. Time had to run its course.


She’d never seen two unfortunate souls such as theirs. Perhaps it was her nurturing side– they were her very first pair of souls she matched after all – but she couldn’t help but dote on the two. They were perfect for each other. Her: outspoken and strong-willed. Him: kind and witty. But for whatever reason, they had yet to find each other.


She solemnly watched as centuries passed, mourning the times where they were so close but yet so far.


The first time they met, she was slaughtered by his people. He was an explorer of sorts, sent to discover new land and resources. She happened to be in the clearing they found, dressed in clothes they’ve never seen. She panicked, screamed obscenities in her language and as she turned to escape and tell her people of their arrival, one of his men fired a bullet from their weapons and killed her.


The next time they met, she was a servant. His wife, a jealous woman, who took notice of his partiality towards her, had her sold to a different home.


The third time they met, he was a politician. James Madison was his name, if she remembered correctly. The poor girl was too shy to confess her love to him and so he married a wealthy socialite instead. He prospered in his career while she admired him from afar.


The fourth time they met, it was almost the happy ending Fate wanted. She was a nurse and he was a soldier. They met at a bar, married, and just as she was to give birth to their son, he was killed in a battle across the sea.


The most recent time they met, their love was taboo. She never understood why it was wrong for two men to love each other. Fate was unhappy that after their short affair; they moved on and lived the rest of their lives, married to women that they did not love.


Fate frowned.


Perhaps it was time to visit Fortuna and Venus.


Present Day

Oak watched, impressed, as a woman zoomed past him and continued to weave through the crowd on her skateboard.

“Oh fuck!” she screeched when a woman in front of her decided to stop and bend down to tie her shoe.

She jumped off her skateboard, avoiding the imminent collision with the woman, but couldn’t seem to gather her balance from the sudden change in momentum. She stumbled, falling to the ground, but prevented herself from falling face first by sticking out her hands to catch herself. Unfortunately, her cup of coffee was crushed in the process.

Oak, frustrated that none of the people who passed by her bothered to check on her, quickly rushed to her side. “Hey, that was quite a fall. Are you alright?”

To his surprise, she jumped up to her feet, wiped away the dirt on her jeans, and ran to stop her skateboard from rolling down the street.

The woman who was tying her shoes spun to give the girl a glare. “Hey watch where you’re going, will you?”

“Who fucking decides to suddenly tie their shoe in the middle of the sidewalk anyways?” she replies venomously, stepping forward to the woman.

“Maybe a normal person?!”

Oak stood in between the two women. “Alright, alright, cut it out,” he says, “you guys are causing a commotion.”

The older woman harrumphed, mumbling something under her breath, but then turned to leave. Oak sighed in relief and turned to the fuming girl behind him. She shook a fist at the woman walking away and he couldn’t help but laugh. What kind of person in this day and age did that gesture anymore?

“Oh damn it,” she cursed once she’d gotten a good look at her squashed coffee cup, “happy fucking Monday to me.”

“Are you okay?” Oak asked tentatively, not too sure if he made the best decision to approach her. She seemed…crazy.

“I – sorry,” she mumbled, relaxing when she saw the look on his face, “I haven’t had the best morning.”

“It’s alright,” he replied, “we all have those days.”

She smiled. “I feel like I have more of these type of days than the good days.”

Oak liked her smile; it softened her features and made her seem less intimidating. “Well I hope today gets better for you,” he said sincerely.

Her smile got bigger and for some strange reason, Oak couldn’t seem to make himself leave. She was definitely cute, albeit odd and foul-mouthed, but there was something about her that made him feel like he’d met her before. Perhaps she was a friend of Anthony’s or Jasmine’s? She seemed like she would know them.

“My name is Y/N, by the way,” she said, tucking her skateboard under her armpit before she stuck her hand out for him to shake.

He laughed and took her hand. “My name is Oak.”

“Oak? Like the tree? Is it because you’re huge or something?” she blurted out as she looked at his crotch.

Oak stifled a laugh. “What?”

She yanked her hand out of his hold and slapped it over her mouth. “I, fuck, I’m sorry. Did I say that out loud? I just meant that you looked big,” she blushed, “like, tall. You’re tall… and I swear I’m not a pervert.”

Oak threw his head back and laughed, amused. “I mean, you’re not wrong.”

She let out a squeak and, if it was possible, turned redder. “I didn’t mean it like that – “

“Relax, Y/N,” Oak interrupted her, “I knew what you meant. I was just teasing you.”

“Have we met before?” she asked after a moment of silence.

So she felt it too.

Normally, he didn’t approach strangers, let alone have a conversation with them. But with her, the conversation came easy, as if they’ve known each other for centuries. It was peculiar, but he couldn’t ignore the connection he felt with her.

Oak looked up at the sky when he felt a droplet of rain hit his nose. “I know this is kind of crazy, but do you want to get some coffee with me?”

A smile slowly spreads across Y/N’s face. “I’d love to,” she replies, “and I think you’re right… My day is definitely turning out to be a good one.”

Fate looked up at a flash of lightning that streaked across the sky. The loud boom of thunder that followed made her wince.

Uh oh, He was mad.


She, along with Fortuna and Venus, had just broken a cardinal rule.


Fate laid the plans for them to meet.


Fortuna made sure that it happened.


Venus made sure that the attraction was there.


“I really like this place,” Fortuna hummed, blowing a kiss at a man who stopped walking to stare at her beauty, “we should come down and visit more.”


Another bolt of thunder, this one much louder than the last, cut through their conversation.


“Alright, that’s our cue,” Fate sighs, “maybe Venus can convince Him for a lesser punishment.”


She ignored Venus’s haughty reply and turned to look at the couple, smiling when she saw them running down the street to avoid the rain.


She had a feeling that this time, the two would finally have the happy ending they deserved.

Fallen for you

Request: Jeff x reader have been best friends since they were 10 and Jeff confesses his feelings. ***fluff and cuteness overload🙌🏼 —————————————————–——————– You and Jeff have been best friends for about eight years now. Eight fucking years. Seems long but it never felt like it. It feels like yesterday, when some rude boys who you now know as Marcus, Zach and Justin( your low-key lovely friends) kicked a ball straight at your head, and a cute little kid with his big blue eyes came to help you. You never thought that kid would turn out to be your best friend, but it did. Gosh, sometimes you feel that why couldn’t you both be more than just best friends. Well, right now wasn’t the time to think of all this. You could reminisce the past later. Today, your best friend Jeff was taking you to a Los Angeles Dodgers base ball game. That was the second thing that connected both of you. Since he age of 11, you both supported the same team. Loyal fans you know. You picked up your phone to call Jeff when you got a text. Jeff Rider : {I’m outside Rupanzel ,hurry up😊} He called you Rupanzel because he said that the first time he saw you, you reminded him off her. Even though your hair was brown but still. So when the actual Disney Rupanzel came out, you saved him as Jeff Rider (Flynn Rider) just to take the piss. You both were goals. (Jeff’s POV) “Ready for the game, Rupanzel” I said and (Y/N) just nodded your head in excitement. God she looks so beautiful. “We are going to have so much fun” she said and I couldn’t agree more. I was about to do something special today. Something that even I didn’t think I would do. (30 mins later) “OMG Jeff, you better get catch today” (Y/N) and I just stared at her. Everything about her was so perfect. She was so balanced, girly yet like a lad at the same time. “ Don’t worry Rupanzel, I’ll defo catch one for you” I said as she laughed and cheered the team. I’m nervous but it’s now or never. Everyone’s been telling us that we’re goals, we look cute together and that we’re meant to be. I couldn’t help it. Everyone constantly saying all of this and (Y/N) amazing self made me fall for her. Fall for her so damn hard. It’s been like three years since I’ve realised that I really like her. She’s always been special but something just clicked which made me realise that she’s the one. (Your POV) He’s so cute. Taking care of everything. Got me food, cold water, a cap to protect me from the sun. Heck, he even got me sunscreen. Can he get any better? But there’s something weird about him. He seems to quite for a baseball game you thought. You didn’t want to ask him but you were getting worried, you thought something was wrong. “What’s up Jeff?” You said as Jeff looked up form that gray, dusty ground. “Nothing (Y/N)” he said and started looking at the game, acting like he’s worried wether the team will make a home run or not. “Atkins, you just called me by my first name and not Rupanzel! Wtf is up with you? I’m worried” you said. He started going red, mumbling and fidgeting. It took him a good five minutes before he could say anything. “… I need t…to say something.” Jeff said and you just nodded letting him know that you’re there to listen. “ but promise me you won’t punch me cause I don’t know how you’ll react” he said chuckling and you just lightly punched him in the shoulder. In your head you had thought that he has done something stupid like got a girl friend and you were ready to cry. “I like someone” he blurted out. You just stared at him waiting for him to tell you who it is. You were boiling form the inside. You don’t know if it was the anxiety, anticipation or just your heart breaking. “I’ve liked her for a long time now. She’s this perfect girl and I know she understands me and I understand her. We’ll be perfect for each other” he said with a grin on his face. My days you were so angry and upset. You were thinking of all the girls he spoke to. Sheri, Jess, Bonnie, Betty, Amanda or even worse Jenny. But you were his best friend too, so keeping your feelings aside all you said was “ Go for it Atkins, get her” but your heart break was visible on your face. “ It’s a HOME RUN” said the commentator and you were about to turn around to cheer acting like nothing happened. It was then Jeff grabbed your wrist, turned you towards him and locked his lips with yours. You were surprised but then kissed him back. The kiss was soft, sweet and everything else you ever imagined. “ God I’ve waited for this day for so long” said Jeff as he backed off. You were still in your la la land thinking this is one of your day dreams. “ So that means I’m the girl-” before you could finish Jeff gave you an other peck. “Who else idiot?” He said. “You’re the only one who understands me and I understand you” said Jeff which made you blush. “So will you be my girlfriend?” said Jeff and this time you kissed him letting him know that it was always a YES from your side. —————————————————–

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I got married four years ago today. I had no idea what was in store for us, the heart ache that we would cause each other. Neither of us are the same person anymore.

My share of the blame is public and obvious. Her’s is hushed and rarely mentioned. Still, I sit with my tongue bit.

We’ve both come away broken.

We’re getting better though.

Days like today are just difficult. I’m trying.

It didn’t take me long to see
That you were no good for me;
But I kept holding tighter as you held me back,
Biting into my skin like a shard of glass.
My blood ran red as I tried to say
It would get better soon, just not today.
Holding red towels to my injured hands,
I wish I had left when I could still stand.
—  Mindsandknives

Madness // Sleeping with Sirens

If you feel like giving up, listen to this song and try to think why you held on for so long. We all have bad chapters in our lives, in these times we feel completely weak and down. But no matter how hard it is, we shouldn’t stay down. It does not mean that we need to be strong all the time, we just have to be brave and always believe that things will get better, maybe not today or tomorrow but one day.

Photo by: Mary Salomae Amoroso

For those lovely people out there dealing with mental health issues and having a bad day/week/month:

Know that even though it seems like life will never get better and that the storm will never end, life will get better.  I promise you.  It may not get better today or tomorrow, or even next month, but eventually you will look back and realize how far you have come.  Every day is a new journey.  Full of new experiences and life lessons.  

After Graduation

After Graduation
Tom Holland x Reader
Warnings: so much fluff!

A/N: Trying out new things! Like writing about the actual actors and not their superhero selves and first time writing this way (: Let me know if you like it please! So I know to do more in the future!

She had a hard day at school. Finals was in two weeks, an essay due on Monday, presentations on Tuesday through Thursday, and a project due Wednesday. All she wants to do when she gets home was sleep. As she parks in her driveway, she grabs her phone and reads the text she wasn’t able to read while she was driving. It was from her boyfriend, Tom.
“I know you had a hard day sweetheart, I promise you it’ll get better today.”
She smiled softly as she reads the text and types back,“ I doubt it, I’m just going to sleep my stress away.”
She steps out of the car and walks to the front door. She was greeted by Tessa, Tom’s dog, who was staying over for the week. “Hey there sweetie,” she called, petting the precious pup. She makes her way upstairs and Tessa came hopping along. As she enters her room, she sees an unfamiliar piece of clothing on her bed. She walks towards it and Tessa jumps on the bed, also curious. It was a yellowy mustard colored sundress, next to it was a note.
“Hey love! I hope you like this dress I bought you, put it on and I’ll pick you up at 6! :)”
“A surprise date?"she thought out loud,” Did you know about this Tessa?“ Tessa looked at her with her adorable face and tilted her head the same direction she had her head titled. She let out a small laugh and gave Tessa a kiss on the head. "What time is it,"she says, looking at the alarm clock by her bed,” 3:20, hmm, I have less than 3 hours to get ready.“
"Should I look cute for him Tessa?"She asks, smiling at her smug little face. Tessa let’s out a small bark,” I’ll take that as a yes.“


2 hours passed by and she was all ready for her man to pick her up. It was around 5:20pm and she had her hair curled in soft ringlets, her eye lids were a sparkly peachy color, her lips were rosy pink, and she was wearing the cute sundress he gave her. Grabbing her brown sandals, she slipped them on and flopped down on the couch, waiting for Tom to come by.
*ding dong*
She ran to the door, but Tessa got there first. Unlocking the door and opening it, her handsome prince stood behind it.
"Wow,"they said in unison. Tom was dressed in a long sleeved, navy dress shirt that was rolled up right above his elbows, black pants, black shoes, and his hair was slicked back.
"You look lovely, baby,” he says, kissing her soft rosy lips.
“You don’t look so bad yourself,” she winks, making him let out a small laugh. “I brought you these,"he says holding out a bouquet of her favorite flowers. "Aww, babe,"she says,” thank you.“ She kisses his cheek, making him blush. They had been together since 8th grade, and now that they were about to graduate high school, it makes her happy that she can still make him blush like that. "Are you ready for our date?” He says, holding out his hand. She grabs it and gives him a small nod. He leads her to his car and opens the door for her like a gentleman. “Where are we going?"she asks. "It’s a surprise, darling. You’ll find out soon,"he says, looking behind him, backing up on her driveway. They drove for quite a while, he had one hand on the wheel, the other holding her hand. Tom began rubbing her ring finger, he was holding her left hand after all. She just looks at him and gives him a lovingly smile. He returns it, kissing her ring finger. "You see that darling,” Tom asks, pointing at the field of flowers they were passing by. She nodded, looking towards the flowers,“ they’re beautiful. Imagine just having a picnic there. Wouldn’t it be lovely?” Tom let’s out a small laugh, “yes, yes it would be.” He parks the car near the field. “Really?” she asks, surprised. “Yes really. I’ve been planning this for a while now. Ever since I passed by this place on the way to Harrison and I’s hiking trip. It reminded me of you.” She smiled and leaned it, pressing her lips against his. Tom smiles widely, she sees a bit of nervousness in his smile but she shrugs it off. He opens the door for her and helps her out, also grabbing the picnic basket and blanket from the trunk. They both walk a bit, finding a place almost half way near the center of the field. Setting the blanket down, she sits on the blanket, sitting on top of her legs. They eat for a bit but as the sun begins to set, Tom scoots in next to her, wrapping his arms around her. She lays her head on his shoulder, both were watching the sun set and watching the pinks, purples, and oranges, paint the sky. “You know why I surprised you with this date?” “Because I was having a bad day and you wanted to make it better?” “Yes, but no. I’ve been planning this for a while now, you having a bad day was just a coincidence,” he laughs. She lifts her head up, her chin now resting on his shoulder, a puzzled look sketched on her face,“ then why?” Tom sighs and stands up, holding his hand out for her to grab. She grabs on to it, he lifts her up and they both stand there, hand in hand. “ (Y/n),” he says, kneeling down. She backs up on him slightly, mouth parting. “ We’ve been together since year nine, and we still are till year thirteen! Which is amazing how someone can stay with me for so long. You are my first love, and I want you to be my last.” He takes a small box out of his pocket,“ (Your while name), will you marry me?” A tear rolls down her cheeks and Tom lifts his hand up wiping it for her. Waiting for her to answer, he takes the ring out and holds it out to her,“ darling, I kind of need an answer.” She laughs and wipes the tears away with the back of her hand. “Of course Tom.” She bends over and tackle him with a huge hug, causing him to fall over. While Tom lays there with her on top of him, she gives him a long, lovingly kiss. “So you finally listened to Beyoncé,” she giggles. He laughs, sitting up, pulling her onto his lap. “Yes- well, almost.” “Almost?” “Well if I like it I should’ve put a ring on it right?” He holds the ring out in front of her eyes,“ you haven’t put it on yet darling.” She covers her mouth and tucks a strand of hair behind her ear, giggling a bit,“ oops.” She holds out her left hand for him to put the ring on. He slides it on, kissing the back of her hand gently. “So I guess we have our plans after graduation now, don’t we?” “I guess we do,” he smiles. With her hands on his cheek she says,“ I can’t wait,” before leaning in to kiss her fiancé.


Requested By Anonymous. a lethal sickness has started to spread in camp. Clarke comes down with it. During this Bellamy was on a hunting trip or something and he has just come back. I hope you like it!!

Clarke hadn’t been expecting the sudden virus that struck over Arkadia, it hit fast and her mother and herself had been rushing to and fro, doing their best to keep people from over heating, they couldn’t afford their enzymes shutting down, not when winter was so close. Jackson and a few other volunteers helped out as best as they could but there wasn’t much anyone could do. Like before, they had to wait it out.

Clarke had went to the stream that passed close by the camp, dampening cloths with the cool water, hoping it would keep peoples temperature down, they couldn’t afford to lose anyone. Clarke was just glad Bellamy had left to hunt with Miller, Monty and the others a couple of days ago; that way he couldn’t get sick. Clarke herself hadn’t been feeling too good, but she knew her mother couldn’t do this by herself and the trainees weren’t experienced enough to know how to help. She returned to Arkadia, the guards moving quick towards her so that they could run the cloths to Abby and the patients. Clarke inhaled sharply, her body was achy and she knew that was one of the symptoms, it was what started this whole thing. Everyone began to complain about their achy bones, then people started throwing up, burning up, sweating and struggling to breath. So far it hadn’t had fatal effects, no-one had died.

She decided maybe it was best to get some rest but she wanted to check on Raven first, she’d been hit by the sickness too. Clarke had visited her everyday so far, making sure Raven was alright, she couldn’t imagine losing her friend. She moved fast seem as she knew the cloth wouldn’t stay cool very long in this weather. Raven was in her room–she refused to stay in with the other sick people–slouched on her bed grumbling as she toyed with a piece of metal. Clarke sighed, capturing the girls attention.

“I’m not moving around, don’t worry. You don’t look too good yourself.” Raven muttered as Clarke came and slid down beside, handing over the cool cloth. Raven took it gratefully the cold feeling good against her warm skin. “Bellamy back yet?”

“I feel as bad as I look but I’ve got to help my mum,” Clarke groaned as she shifted her limbs, “And no, I hope he stays out hunting until the sickness passes.”

“Clarke, Abby would want you to rest, knowing her she’s feeling ill herself.” Raven pondered, it was impeccable how similar Clarke was to her mother. Clarke glanced at the dark-haired girl as she pressed the cloth to her head, her breathing thick and she pushed the metal piece aside. “Have you two figured how long this is going to last?”

Clarke shook her head. “No, everyone who was first sick are still sick, mum thinks their getting worse but the little boy seems to be getting better, he was talking today, something he couldn’t do yesterday, so maybe it’ll wash over in a few days. I don’t think it’s critical.”

“Great, only a couple more day then.” Raven sighed, folding the soft cotton sheet and handing it to Clarke, she smiled and placed the cloth on her head closing her eyes at how much it made her feel better.  “Go and get some rest, like you’ve been saying, there is nothing we can do but ride this out. Don’t use the rest of your energy.”

Clarke knew Raven was right, all Clarke could do to help people was get them cold cloths to ease the heat, but she couldn’t do anymore than that and she knew rest would probably be good for her so she nodded. “No walking around, ok? I don’t want to have to drag you to med-bay because you’ve passed out.”

“Yeah, yeah Griffin, I know the rules.” Raven rolled her eyes playfully, giving Clarke a short wave before the blonde vanished out of the door and down to the hall to her own room. She could feel the toll the virus was having on her now, her stomach knotting and making a horrible growl. Clarke grabbed a bucket that was just laying around in her room just in time to throw up, she hadn’t been sick since Murphy brought the sickness to the drops ship. She’d forgotten how horrible it had felt. Clarke placed the bucket beside her bed and collapsed onto the sheets, wrapping the blanket around her shaking body, praying she’d drift into sleep before she could throw up again.

Bellamy strolled through the gates, proudly holding the two large deer’s that he’d shot, Arkadia would be eating well with all the meat they’d managed to hunt in the three day trip. Miller lifted the deer so that he could help Bryan carry it, the two had been all over each other during the hunting trip, hence the reason why Bellamy had been the one to get the biggest kills. But they weren’t greeted by the usual gasps of excitement at the food, in fact everyone seemed to be gone or in their tents, the guards at the gates looked awful, their eyes barely open and they’d swipe their noses every now and then. Bellamy scanned the camp for Clarke to emerge, she usually did when she got notification that he had returned but there was no sign of the blonde. Bellamy knew a sickness had fell over the camp, that could be the only explanation for the absence of people.

“What’s been going on here? Where is Clarke?” His voice was low and determined, as he approached the guard although he kept his space, not wanting the food to be affected. “Miller, Bryan, take the meat away from camp, guard it. We don’t need it getting effected, I’ll find Clarke.”

“A virus swamped over not long after you left, Clarke and Abby have been doing their best, but I haven’t seen Clarke all day, I’m pretty sure she’s caught it too.” The guard replied, his voice scratchy and he looked weak. Bellamy didn’t step closer to the man but he nodded his head.

“Get some rest, Miller and Bryan will alert us if anyone approaches.”

With that Bellamy moved swiftly to Clarke’s room, tapping lightly on the door. He didn’t get a response and he wondered if she was in there but a hoarse, familiar voice called from behind the door.

“Come in.” Bellamy’s heart ached at how weak she sounded. He hadn’t expected to return to any of this. Bellamy gently pushed open the door, doing his best not to make it creak and disturb her, but when she saw him the worry that was swarming his expression had washed over hers. “Bellamy, you shouldn’t be here…you’ll get sick.”

“I won’t get sick straight away, I’m not going anywhere, Clarke. Look at you.” Bellamy whispered, moving to her side, nudging the sick bucket out of the way, it was more than halfway full, usually he’d cringe at the sight but he kept his eyes on Clarke, her hair sticking to her sweaty forehead, body curled up as she looked at him with sad eyes. “I’m going to look after you now that I’m back, do you need anything?”

Clarke shook her head gently, not wanting to worsen the headache she’d woken up with. “I want you away from this virus. Other than that, no.”

Bellamy sighed, rolling his eyes. “Clarke I haven’t slept in two days, I’ve had to lug an entire deer back by myself and I might not be sick but I’m definitely not going back out there. I’m staying here.” Clarke bowed her head, she didn’t argue, she felt bad for trying to push him away but she just didn’t want him getting ill too. The feeling of his cold hand brushing her hair from her face made her lean into his hand, Bellamy smirked as she did. She was touchy when she was sick.

“You’re cold.” She whispered, basking in the coolness of his hand against her skin, he watched her and shrugged.

“We didn’t pack blanket’s, plus the early winter air doesn’t help.” Bellamy spoke but Clarke cut in.

“It’s feels nice.” She mumbled, her eyes fluttering shut as she led on her pillow, Bellamy’s thumb stroking her cheek. He didn’t think the cold was nice but he understood why she liked it because her skin felt like fire beneath his hand.

“Would you like me to–”

“No, stay.” Clarke said softly, her voice barely above a whisper but he heard. A smile playing softly across his lips as he watched her drift to sleep, a smile across her own lips.


Insomnia Cookies: Three Words

Summary: Y/N tries to visit Bucky after one of his really bad nightmares. The visit doesn’t go exactly as planned.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, teenage reader, Steve Rogers

Warnings: Major angst, mentions of abuse, panic attack (sorry!!)

Word count: 2462

Read previous parts here

As spring transformed into summer, Bucky and Y/N fell into a familiar routine. He looked forward to seeing her texts every day, and he enjoyed their ice cream encounters even more.

He learned Y/N loved to read, and her favorite books were science fiction. She talked about opening a bookstore after she graduated college, and she wanted to double major in English and Business Management. She hated scary movies, but really wanted to ride roller coasters. She was deathly afraid of thunderstorms and spiders. She had a soft spot for cheesy Christmas movies from the Hallmark Channel, and she loved long car rides because she could listen to more music. After learning she wanted to play the guitar, Poe and Finn bought her an acoustic and signed her up for lessons. Slowly but surely, she was beginning to thrive.

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