Getting better. And today is not hot. Very comfortable morning walk. But Uni didn’t wanna move.

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For the past few days Prussia has been deep cleaning the entire house nonstop. A bunch of his friends kept asking him to come hang out but he was too busy cleaning. Eventually they all showed up at his house and helped with the cleaning process. After working for a the next two days they finally had the house looking as spotless as Prussia wanted. He finally agreed to go hang out with them after cleaning for a few days straight. They went to the movies, bought some cool stuff at the mall, played video games. It was a great time overall, definitely worth all the cleaning.

•Robert and Aaron disagreeing but still managing to have a reasonable conversation without breaking up.
•Aaron speaking from experience and being the voice of reason for Bernice.
•A porticabin/scrapyard scene.
•Boyfriends plotting to take Chrissie down.
•A Roblivion scene.
•So much banter and sarcasm.
•Aaron being the protective older brother.

Feeling blessed! Is this even real life?!?!

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A super ultra big thank you to all my followers and mutuals.  This blog has been a journey, but it’s one that I don’t regret.  You’re all awesome and I can’t express my gratitude.  I love you all! //


Maybe it’s not too late.

Page 582 gave me all kinds of worried feels. This post gave me all kinds of Emil/Lalli feels. Here’s what happens when those feels combine and become drawings.

hey everyone, could you please pray -or at least send good wishes- for my 5 year old brother ? He is not doing well and if these new meds don’t work there’s nothing we can really do to help him.

thank you, i really appreciate it

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153 with Madison I love these cute little fic-lets they are so adorable!!!

Thanks so much! I love writing them <3

153. “I’m flirting with you.”

You rubbed you’re hand up and down James’ arm for what seemed like the millionth time, your subtle flirting techniques obviously not landing. You could feel his muscles tense under your touch as you spoke up.

“You know I’m flirting with you, right?” You couldn’t help but laugh at the absolute shock that flashed across his face. With all the touching and giggling and subtle compliments you could have swore you were being obvious.

“I uh.. I-You, like me back?” James managed to stutter out, you could feel him ease into the touch of your hand that was still resting on his arm. You rolled your eyes and smiled, leaning in to give him a gentle kiss on the lips.

“For someone so smart, you’re really dense.” You said before leaning back in for another kiss.


-I am temporarily reopening submissions because I don’t have enough to last the week and I don’t want to dip into my supply of other reviews yet. All but the two longest submissions have been completed and queued, and I’m in the process of completing them!

-This idea occurred to me and I think it might be fun, but I want to get opinions on it first. For the week that I go back to school, I was thinking that instead of normal reviews, I could do a whole week of OC memes! And yes, that would INCLUDE Saturday and Sunday! Each day will be something different, like with ((THIS)) post.

If you think this is a good idea and want me to go ahead with it, please reply to this post (or if that’s not possible, just send me an ask).

-For those of you who sent me asks about my own trash OCs wanting to know more about them:

a) You now have my hand in marriage and I love you. The honeymoon starts Thursday. Pack your bags. We’re going to Tahiti.

b) I haven’t forgotten about them, I’m just still in the process of throwing all their information into a text document and finding pictures! I should be done by tomorrow at the latest.

c) Did I mention that you have my hand in marriage?

-I’m still looking for themes, so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know.

-Just for fair warning: once school starts up again, my time for doing submissions is going to be cut slim to none. Shark’s gotta study. I can’t promise that this will change over long holiday breaks, but it might. This is part of the reason why I’d like to do the OC meme week, since it stops me from having to use my stocked-up reviews!

-Ditto with Sue Ronpa, though I’m having a lot of fun with it. Of course, with CGR’s sketchy upload schedule, I can’t promise that the chapters will come out on a regular basis. For instance, next week is CGR chapter 34, and if there’s no chapter for the week after that, then I can bring in Sue Ronpa again.