Just finished up a great run with my roommate! It was so beautiful outside today, so it was amazing- and we went after some hills today!!

Getting better with every run! Oh and did I tell you guys that I signed up to do the marathon relay this May? Training for that and cross country season!


two UNUSUAL HOARD commissions for matt, i never want to draw another spoon in my entire life (but breakfast sounds great)

you will one day meet someone
who can paint the stars from memory with
a tongue that can sing birds down from the
trees and a heart big enough to house
eternity, four chambers and so full of
love for every other person, four chambers
and so incredibly

they will hate themselves with a force
you will not be able to counter. they will
ruin their bodies and minds and hold
their souls hostage and you will watch
and try to scramble to knit their bones
back together and maybe it will work for
a little but it won’t work forever because

depression doesn’t care about love. self-hate doesn’t
listen to compliments. doubt doesn’t allow you
to pack it in boxes. anxiety will chew their skin
no matter how many times you chase it away.
the voices will come back, if not now, then
one day

and maybe this feels like you’re stuck watching someone
self-destruct, but the truth is, even if their brain is ripping
them to shreds, even if depression doesn’t care: that kid
does. it might be loud in their head, but you’re the only
source of quietness. they might push you away but i
promise it’s only because they don’t think they deserve
such a good friend. come back. come back. come back
for them.

the truth is, if someone takes that final step, it’s not
your fault. i swear. they stayed as long as they could
because of you. they kept themselves here against
everything just because you kept giving them hope
and courage to fight.

because when everything suddenly lines up and it looks like
the only way out of this world is at the base of a gun, they
will count their cavalrymen, every one. they will count
their mother and father and sister and brother and they will
count you among the soldiers and they will stand your love
like a lion against the oncoming wave and they will say
“i’m not alone. tonight, i stay.”

—  He couldn’t love himself, so I loved him enough for both of us. It wasn’t enough.” /// r.i.d







 ❝…this isn’t just a bank heist…❞

Miss Missing You
  • Miss Missing You
  • Fall Out Boy
  • Save Rock And Roll

Day 21 of 365 - Fall Out Boy, “Miss Missing You”

cue all the love to leave my heart
it’s time for me to fall apart

A Certain Romance [Acoustic Solo] (XFM Finsbury Park Broadcast)
  • A Certain Romance [Acoustic Solo] (XFM Finsbury Park Broadcast)
  • Arctic Monkeys
  • Live At Finsbury Park

A Certain Romance (Acoustic Solo) — XFM Finsbury Park Broadcast [Edited Uncensored Version]

this is what that scene should have looked like, i’m sure you agree with me.


i. you kiss him and laugh and say “sorry sweetie, what were you talking about again?”

ii. i’m happy for you because you deserve to find love. i’m happy for you. i’m so so happy and i’ve never been more alone.

iii. he is the hawk and his shadow is crossing our sun.

iv. i am in the middle of showing you my artwork and i no longer know if you will like it and he walks in and kisses you and you say “can’t i look at this later” and i just kind of swallow and nod and decide never to bother you with the stupid stuff i love.

v. you kiss him and laugh and i’m not around to hear it because i don’t want to get under your feet

vi. i’m so happy for you because i wasn’t really a good enough friend to you to begin with, so maybe he’ll fill in the places that i couldn’t reach.

vii. you kiss him and completely forget about me.

—  "We used to be close but she’s started dating and they’ve taken her from me.” /// r.i.d


Oh Sehun. Wow, here we are again. Another year has passed but to me it feels like just yesterday that I was seeing you, the awkward young boy with his cute mushroom hair cut debuting on the big stage.

And again, there’s so much I want to tell and thank you for. I would like to write everything, word for word yet I can’t find the right words. It really is incredible how much cuteness and charisma can fit into one person!!! Honestly, I still can’t explain why but your most subtle smile makes me smile that even on my worst days you always manage to brighten my mood. So many people love to see your smile!
Thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of this world. I know this sounds super cliche but you make me proud to call myself a fan of yours because watching you perform always is an exciting thrill to me, you take my breathe away with every move you make. Your dancing is incredibly beautiful, strong and on point. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s my favorite. To some you may just be a pretty face, but to us fans you’re the most amazing boy!
Now just hold on and look around for a second, take in all you have accomplished so far. You chased your dreams with hard work, determination and dedication- and you caught them at such a young age. Aren’t you incredible? I think you are! Not only have you achieved so much for a 21 year old boy but also you never stopped improving yourself to become an even better performer, everyday. You’ve worked so hard to get where you are now and I’m happy to know that there’s much more to come! To walk this path, countless sacrifices have been rendered: friends, family, personal free time, sleep, basically everything an ordinary person of your age needs. You’ve devoted your life to train and to compete, to get to this moment right here, to become the performer you’ve dreamed of becoming.
And therefor, I want to thank you. You’re the reason for me to move along life with a smile on my face, you inspire me to never stop pushing myself to become a better me than I was yesterday, to never stop giving up on my dreams and goals. Thank you for changing my life, you made it easier. Along your way, you’ve found some peers who understand your life; you play together well and work hard in a team which deepened the bond so that eventually, your peers became you friends and family. I know you genuinely care for all your members to the point where conflicts and tensions among the group affect you deeply. When I saw you crying, I felt awful. On the other hand, it truly made me appreciate and respect you as a person all the more because your sudden surge of emotion made me realize how big your heart is.
However, out of everything, you know who you are and always stayed true to yourself even though it may be a lot more difficult than we suppose when you’re the focus of thousands of cameras and spotlights. I admire you for that and I hope you don’t ever change because it is because of your sincere and lovable personality, that you’ve gained my heart.
I think I adore you more everyday and sometimes it’s really hard being a fan of yours because you’re really heckin cute- but if it wasn’t for you I probably wouldn’t be here feeling so much better and happier about life and If it wasn’t because of you I wouldn’t know how love at first sight was supposed to be like:’-) (ew)
I want you to know that you have thousands, probably millions of fans out there in the world that will always stand behind you and support you in everything you do. Hopefully you’ll continue being here to inspire me and many others for a lot longer so I can keep writing these notes for you. But for now, I want to wish happy birthday to the cutest boy that ever walked our planet! Today is only about you.
appy 21st irthday, my crusty little peanut! You deserve the world to embrace you with a handful of love, happiness and fulfilment<3