Good day everyone, every now and then I’ll put a couple Digital Comics bundles for sale as a way to support the blog and help me out a bit. 

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Graphic India bundle

  • Ramayan 3392AD Issues 1-16 
  • Deepak Chopra Presents: Myths From India 
  • + even more comics
  • A SuperheroesInColor high ress digital poster

Over $45 worth of comics and +29 issues for just $22 (2 available)

You get these awesome comics and give me a hand at the same time. 

If you want to support the blog this is a good way of doing it and get cool comics at the same time. Just send me a message if you want one of these.

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For those who joined me in the PAX ATR Rabbit room

THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! For being there and making everything so lively and fun! It was a great ATR and I’m ever so much more excited for this game with every passing ATR!!! X) I don’t think we had a single issue, besides us getting waaaaayy too excited in the chat. We filled up, which makes me SO happy but I’m also terribly sorry to those who were trying to get in. >_< logicaltribbles Next time, I’ll do my best to ensure that we don’t have any idlers so we can fit as many active people in. 

Thank you to demishock, shadow-schemer, gigglingcactus, twistedthroughtime, liotus, nekonohime, hexxenpanda, ignisazalea and bro, hiskingdomliessleeping, bsaa-jillvalentine, melisweetheart, de-epik-asian, and all others I didn’t have a chance to mention. 

I’ll be doing the same for the Pre-TGS Sony Press Conference on September 15 and then again whenever the TGS ATR happens so stay tuned!! :)


Well. I have some work to do. And, honestly, I am fiiiine with that. Holy crap. Peregrine looks amaaazing on Tundras in general! AND LOOK AT IT ON AINAKEA. OH, MY GOSH. IT MAKES HER LOOK EVEN MORE ROCKY.



Once upon a time, there were two people, who had grown to be close friends, after being in a few roleplays together. Well, these two people found themselves to be missing the ship they’d had since the beginning, so one of them randomly said, “Oh hey, let’s start a roleplay. We can do Jily again there.” Now these two people didn’t go into massive planning mode like some people starting a roleplay, who take months to do so. September 1st was just a week and a half away and one of them, who is affectionately now known as Admin Dee, was going on holiday in two days. So thus began the crazy journey of her and Admin Tanya, putting together a main as much as possible in two days, with help of Lena on graphics. Now it may seem that this was an impossible feat, but this roleplay came together, bios were written, faceclaims and secrets created, all by text message over the next week. There was even a slightly tipsy facetime call in which we discussed what we wanted to do with Dorcas Meadowes. We thought, oh this could be a fun roleplay to put together. We posted bios and were pleased to get applications and thought, ‘oh this might go well.’

When opening day came, we had seventeen taken characters, 10 of which were played by either us or Lena.  Things were a bit slow taking off and we started to grow, as time went on.  We are pleased to say that we still have both Becky and Lena here with us, who have been here since day one and I believe Sheila came that first week too. We are beyond grateful for the support from the three of you and your amazingly well developed characters.

The point of this long winded story is that we had no clue what we were created when we made this roleplay. We never anticipated that one year later, we would be sitting here, stronger than ever. Admin Dee got many frantic ‘Oh My God, do you think MTM is dying’ text message from her neurotic co-admin over this past year, and although sometimes things have not always been perfect we have to say that we are so happy to say that we are stronger than ever on our one year anniversary.

  • We started at 17 and today are sitting at 80 Taken Characters!!
  • We persevered through drama that other roleplays would not have.
  • We have people still here with us ,from the beginning.
  • We have seen plots, characters, ships, friendships, enemies grow and are beyond blessed to have you all with all of your strong desire for character development.

Those are things that are so important to us as Admins. You all are so appreciated and make this roleplay what it has grown to be. 

As we enter our second year, we have exciting things happening:

  • The Hogwarts Express will be departing for Hogwarts on Tuesday.
  • We have a brand new, shiny theme on the main, and a big thanks to Emma for feedback on colors, and Raleigh for letting us know it didn’t suck.
  • We will be launching our new Order and Death Eater Pages this week, that will give you the option to let us know when you want your character to be involved in a mission.
  • We will also make an announcement in the next 24 hours, about how the Order Members and Death Eaters will still have the opportunity to interact with students, at times. Our goal is not to segregate parts of the roleplay but to come up with solutions.

If you are still reading this post that makes us love you even more


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Can I get some awesome crime film recommendations?


Out of the Past (1947)

Kiss of Death (1947)

Force of Evil (1948)

Prime Cut (1972)

Andy Warhol’s Bad (1977)

Night Moves (1975)

Blast of Silence (1961)

Blue Steel (1989)

Night of the Hunter (1955)

The Conversation (1974)

The Driver (1978)

Miami Blues (1990)

The Sweet Smell of Success (1957)

The Dark Corner (1946)

Performance (1970)

Trouble in Mind (1985)

Danger: Diabolik (1968)

Targets (1968)

Point Blank (1967)

The Todd Killings (1971)

Pickup on South Street (1953)

Runaway (1984)

Switchblade Sisters (1975)

Kiss Me Deadly (1955)

The Grissom Gang (1971)

The Boston Strangler (1968)

The Terminal Man (1974)

Chopper (2000)

Ghosts of the Civil Dead (1988)

Sexy Beast (2000)

The Brink’s Job (1978)

The Honeymoon Killers (1969)

L’Argent (1983)

now watch all of these while i think of some more

Top 10 Pokemon that could be added to Pokken Tournament

While i’ve talked this in the past it was before many of the other Pokemon dropped. I think it would be fun to now look over the old posts as consider all the new information to give a better educatedish bit of speculation.  Now there is so many Pokemon out there and I could be totally wrong but it’s fun to give it a go. I will be making more lists like this with slightly different themes for the game in the future so expect to see tons of awesome pokemon getting talked about. 

10. Infernape: We might already have a Fighting/Fire type Starter in the game but Infernape is one of the Pokemon who’s design really lends itself to being an awesome fighting game Pokemon. Based lightly on the same myth Goku is based on Infernape has tons of really awesome moveset potential  I think just using the elements of the tail with standard punches is cool as it is but a monkey fighting style is one that is always fun to watch. 

9. Donphan: When thinking of a gen 2 Pokemon for the game Donphan seemed like the perfect addition. His spinning attacks and trunk would making for some really cool moveset design. He would sort of be like a heavy sonic the headhog.  

8. Kangaskhan: The big mama of Pokemon would be this really amazing addition. She would have one of the coolest mega’s in the game with the ability to have two characters at once maybe setting up some really awesome combos with it. 

7. Pangoro: I just think this is a Pokemon they would be missing out in the chance for so many awesome jokes with. Being based on one of my favorite character arc types Pangoro’s just too cool not to have in the roster. Plus you need some sort of love for X/Y outside of the fact Megas exist. 

6. Breloom: With Brelooms strechy arms, grass attacks, and kangaroo based body it’s a Pokemon that screams put me in a fight. It could be like Dhalsim with strechy attacks and odd tricks to work on the Pokemons favor. 

5. Scizor: Syther and Scizor both have pretty huge fan bases  but I think just off having a Mega Scizor is the one with the bigger chance. It’s claws and generally quick striking fighting style really make for some cool design choices that can be made with Scizor. It could fill the quick Grappler type of style. 

4. Dragonite: Dragonite is the OG dragon and that makes it one of the most popular dragons too. I think of all Dragons the Dragonite makes the most sense after all it can lean all sorts of punch moves. Plus it has access to so many really cool attack that it could fill a really diverse moveset. 

3. Greninja: A fighting game isn’t even a fighting game until you have a Ninja character in it. I can’t think of a fighting game that doesn’t have a Ninja character in it. No way in the world Greninja isn’t in Pokken.  Plus they seem fine with putting every single Smash Pokemon into Pokken Tourny. 

2. The Tyrogue Line: I’m shocked that these Pokemon aren’t in. Now all 4 Pokemon won’t get in but at least one should be in this game. I mean a Boxer, Kick Boxer, and a break dance fighter are all cool things and all fighting styles Tekken has used before so they have a nice base to start with.    

1. Mewtwo: I’m honestly shocked Mewtwo wasn’t in on the arcade launch of Pokken. Mewtwo is a perfect boss Pokemon and may stay a secret until it’s console launch revealing it as a big bad right before to create hype. Mewtwo has Mega Mewtwo X now that is a fighting type too so now more then ever it makes perfect sense. Mewtwo is super popular, has a million possible move sets, and it’s going to help sell this game even more.
Expanding Horizons: A Class Library Overhaul, a project from Ms. Ryan
My students need access to young adult novels that are relevant and relatable for them. These are just some highly demanded choices (Divergent Series, Legend Trilogy and Red Rising) that I think could get them started! I see 3/4 of all of the high school students at my school through my classroom every day. These kids need a chance to find books outside of the curriculum that will capture their hearts and...

My quest for building a class library has taken me to DonorsChoose.

Give to my classroom by September 6, 2015 and your donation will be doubled thanks to Just enter the code SPARK on the payment page and you’ll be matched dollar for dollar (up to $100). Every dollar helps!

If you chip in to help my students, you’ll get awesome photos and our heartfelt thanks.

If you can’t donate, please at least signal boost this post.

Thanks so much!!

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haunting by halsey!!

emily i stg i love everything about you

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Yes, hello! I would like to get to know this awesome blogger! I have a question for you awesome blog-y person! Where are you from? Just curious!

I’m from America! (Though I wish I were from somewhere else lol) 

The sun rises and sets every day. Sometimes we get to see an awesome sunrise or sunset, and it gives us hope. But even when clouds cover the sky, those beautiful sunrises and sunsets are still there, every single day, and that’s oddly comforting. You just need to believe it.



  • Happy Birthday from Chloe Price

My friend got in contact with Chloe’s voice actress Ashly Burch and got her to record me a little personalized birthday message and it is honestly one of the coolest birthday presents I’ve ever received so I just felt like sharing it on here. Also all my friend told her was that it was my birthday but somehow Ashly decided to include that last bit about getting high which is such a Chloe thing to say but also so funny if you actually know me. Conclusion: Ashly Burch is awesome both in real life and in video game form.