“I would’ve followed you to the end. Hell, I fucking have!”

Oh no, what have I done?!

Jean and Marco in Cub Scouts Troop 104? Or maybe it’s Scouting Cubs Troop 104? I made Marco shorter on purpose. How cute would it be that Jean always protects Marco because he was smaller, and then when they get older Marco hits a growth spurt and Jean gets all upset over it! 

Someone take this fandom away from me!

Oh yeah, this is how they would first meet in my modern SNK AU. XD


per several conversations i had today & in case anyone else is interested: varric’s flirt option post “night terrors” in act ii

This is why I left the Disney fandom. Descendants is supposed to be a FUN. MOVIE.

There is a reason it wasn’t made for the big screen folks they were aware it was a made for TV Disney channel KIDS MOVIE (I repeat: FOR CHILDREN), not for crazy longtime disnerds who’ve always been judgmental of any sort of adaptation of their beloved “classics” without taking a second to realize those classics are HIGHLY ADAPTABLE and characters can be taken and interpreted in different ways because many of them were pretty one dimensional.

And I mean. It was supposed to be. For fun. Not for nitpicking. It’s entirely self aware that it’s a campy movie about good vs. evil and all those typical plots and romantic subplots and I personally thought the characters made it very unique and enjoyable.

BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIKE IT. You just have to manage to keep yourselves from shitting on it in the tag like you have the right to be personally offended by the “horrible things” they’ve done to your “childhood favorites” which, in the long run, are obviously not going to actually effect how anyone sees the characters you love because they are ICONIC ENOUGH NOT TO HAVE THEIR REPUTATION TARNISHED BY WHAT YOU THINK IS A LACKLUSTER DISNEY CHANNEL MOVIE.

Don’t like it? Don’t watch it! Let the kids (and me. It’s my new guilty pleasure) have their fun without sticking your disnerd snob nose in like you somehow get the right to tear down a jokey movie because you’re a “long time fan.”

And to all the people saying that older Disney movies were way less cheesy? Seriously, get a grip. High school musical is the most amazingly cheesy movie on the planet, and we love it for it, but don’t try and pretend like you’re not looking at it through your nostalgia goggles and polishing it until it shines.

Please look at Descendants and judge it for what it is, not what your ridiculous standards expect from something with Disney characters in it.

So, I have a question about Hannibal’s motivations.

In Muzimono (pauses to take shuddering breath because HAHA NOPE APPARENTLY STILL NOT OVER IT), Hannibal says, as everyone will remember, “I forgive you Will. Will you forgive me?”

And then… *tries to pick up broken pieces of self* *fails* *tries again* 

Skipping over what happens right then, between Muzimono and the end of Secondo something happens to make Hannibal say that the only way he can forgive Will is that, “[he] will have to eat him.”

I am really not sure what that thing that happened is, but I really want to know (assuming Hannibal wasn’t just lying.) My working idea is that maybe Bedelia actually kind of lead him to that conclusion, since she kept pushing for it, with all her questions about Mischa and drawing the parallel between the two of them and all but spelling it out for Hannibal in such a way that he might not notice the manipulation. This would serve to focus Hannibal’s attention farther away from her, putting Will in the position of Betrayer that Bedelia had been occupying in Antipasto. (Also god knows Bedelia has her own weird Will-issues, and I think she wouldn’t be entirely opposed to the idea of Hannibal eating him, just on principle.)

Then again maybe Hannibal is talking about forgiving Will for getting inside Hannibal’s head, which would be an entirely different thing than the betrayal he forgave him in Muzimono. Which would track with his response to Will’s forgiveness at the end of Primavera: namely to run away as though his beloved Will sailing across the ocean to shakily whisper his love forgiveness could in anyway be a bad thing? As though said forgiveness won’t help anything, because Hannibal is the most controlling, emotionally aggressive cannibal ever didn’t forgive Will for “his influence” after all? The only reason I hesitate with this (much more straight forward) idea is that when Hannibal says “I forgive you,” it seems like he’s forgiving Will completely, just as he wants Will to forgive him completely. Not, “I forgive you for this specific crime, but I’ll have to get back to you on the 18938294 others.” In the Bedelia theory Hannibal could have run away simply because he didn’t know how to respond to Will’s forgiveness or because he didn’t trust it.

I recently got into BTS. I’ve listened to a lot of their songs and they’re really growing on me. But I used to actually avoid them and never watched anything BTS related. Why? Pushy fans. I feel like ARMYs are just trying to shove BTS down everyone’s throats and it’s a huge turn off from the group. Yes, I’m slowly getting into BTS, but seriously the fandom kept me away from them for a while.

Yes, I will continue to ship Sterek. Yes I will continue to write Sterek. Yes I will continue to play in fandom; you can’t get away from me that easily.

I love you, and you’ll always be welcome to hang out here with me, especially if you find yourself needing a breather.

The organization of the upcoming war against the jbeibs fandom
  • Whovians:heavy weapons specialists
  • Merlin:spies
  • Sherlockians:political leaders
  • Spn fans:melee specialists
  • Homestucks:temporal shenanigans messer-arounders
  • Wtnv fans:idk you can send the glow cloud at them or something
  • Creepypasta fandom:intimidation
  • Tunnels fandom:strategists
  • TFioS fans:negative propaganda
  • That army of cuttlefish princesscochlea offered the support of:infantry
  • HP fandom:ultra-spies (get into his inner circle)
  • Brony fandom:get the hell away from me you're not a part of this invasion you're next after jbeibs
  • The rest of the MLP fandom:positive propaganda
  • Portlandia fandom:idk some warlike hippie ****
  • Firefly fandom:take their land
  • Spread the word
  • We are taking them down