i want to know what amc was thinking, like everyone and their mother knew about issue 100, so they think yeah!! wow cliffhanger, no one will now :))) lmao, okay amc. you’re really funny. please, oh please explain to me the point of this? how does glenn dying for daryl’s actions okay?? honestly, it makes zero sense to me. they think that he’s a fan favorite, that everyone loves him so it’ll make this okay. they actually think that we will over look this that his actions are going to be forgivable!! his actions resulted in a death, a brutal fucking death of a friend, a father to be. 

no, i don’t blame anyone except the writers for this. i don’t believe daryl would do something like that. i really don’t. he’s not that stupid, but the writers have ultimately fucked up again. i’m sorry if this post upsets you, i’m just really angry because two deaths don’t make any sense! glenn’s death does not make any sense what so fucking ever. so, while i’m more than happy to write canon events, i’m even more happy to write abe being the only lucille victim.

so, thanks again amc. for fucking with one of the best, well rounded characters on the show.

hime--caramel  asked:

I think it's amazing how well you're taking this whole flaws thing~ And i totally agree with everyone else! personally i Really do love Ronya (both You and you Fatesona!) you're such a sweet cinnamon bun, and i think you deserve all the love you get and more~ (sorry if this came out as weird, i'm not good with putting my feelings into words orz)

Fam the Finnish way to handle hardships/mental illnesses is through severe Black Humor lmaooo if I make a joke out of my insecurities they won’t have as big an effect / grip of me!

Also, I think everyone SHOULD embrace their flaws. How boring would it be if everyone was perfect at all times? I encourage ppl to self-examine and figure themselves out and love themselves entirely. Flaws are something we all have and what complete the good sides of us! You can work them out but don’t try to deny yall don’t have any~! You’re lovely, flaws and all~!

Also asdfghjkl Himeeeeee ;_; Ilusm too babb……… you’re so sweet…….. hngh

So…white people are reblogging a gif set packaging moments from S4 OITNB supposedly showing the parallels between what the show did and real live actual tragedies like Ferguson, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, etc. in order to praise the (white) writers for “going there.” Things like this make it so obvious that so many of these people aren’t about solidarity or allyship but simply performing faux progressivism in defense of white racism. 

White corrections officers accidentally killing Black folks in custody is a white lie (and not the little “innocent” kind, lol at white being equated with innocence but that’s a post for another day). It is purposeful and malicious and systematic and systemic. But white people don’t wanna hear that. Those aren’t the truths white people laud as “realistic” and “important.” It’s so telling that so many white people can look at what was done to Poussey and think “Yes, this is what is actually happening. Yes, Black people are dying in police custody but it’s accidental and the white people are like me–well-meaning–it’s just an accident that can’t be prevented…so sad that white man’s life has been ruined. If only the Blacks would understand and not be so angry.”

This. Is. White. Propaganda.

And if any white folks had been paying attention to Ferguson, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, and all of my other brothers and sisters turned into hashtags by the police, they’d know how shit narratives like the one the nonblack writers of OITNB cooked up only further service white supremacy and state sanctioned violence against Black people by humanizing and purposefully creating empathy for a murderous white cop in a world where people think saying Black Lives Matter is a call for police to stop “doing their jobs” and be murdered. 

Take note of the white folks who’ve never said anything about Ferguson, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, etc., but suddenly are passionately defending OITNB. Know that it's because white people are falsifying Black people's stories so that they’re palatable entertainment for a white audience (i.e. profitable). These people don’t care about the movements and social justice language they just picked up long enough to silence Black folks critiquing whiteness. They care about protecting whiteness. They are defending the privilege of whiteness to falsify Black truth. They are defending the privilege of whiteness to control the narrative and then telling us to be happy and grateful that “at least white people are listening.”

If they actually cared about us and were the allies they claim to be, they’d close their mouths and attempt to learn something. Instead, actual real life Black people, especially Black WLW, are telling these white people it’s garbage and wrong and inaccurate and harmful and antiblack and white people are saying “shut up and let me enjoy the show.”


LV - Level of Violence, my favorite concept in the game.

it really does happen like that - the more you hurt others, the easier it is for you to hurt them. you might feel regret at first, but it’ll soon turn into something normal, maybe something exciting to do. it’s shown so well in the text you get after choosing to punch the dummy based on your level. (thank you @saveloadreset​ for these!) 

%* (You tap the dummy with&  your fist.)/ * (You feel bad.)/%
%* (You hit the dummy&  lightly.)/ * (You don’t feel like&  you learned anything.)/%
%* (You sock the dummy.)/ * (Who cares?)/%
%* (You punch the dummy at&  full force.)/ * (Feels good.)/%% 

after you’ve had your fun, you’ll take responsibility for your own actions.


Jake is hands-down my favourite Little Mix boyfriend/fiancé that any of the girls have ever had. Not only is he an absolute gentleman to Jesy, he gets along with the girls and is super supportive of them. Kudos to you, Mr Jake Roche


Get to know me meme | (1/5) actresses → Rose Leslie

You know what? I don’t necessarily want to shed my Ygritte character. I absolutely love her; I really, really, really did love her. She holds a special place in my heart. I think that’s an obstacle that any actor who’s fortunate enough to work comes across; it’s really making sure that you play characters that vary, and that you’re able to show your range, and do something that’s not predictable.”


Sorry for the late upload and all. I had to move houses because tomorrow I start college again! Bye bye, summer QUQ

But here you go, the three pages that were left! I leave you guys with an angry Papyrus that hates cheating ;D He’s so cool <3

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We are like the blood in our veins. We must flow without stopping.
Keep the oxygen moving and your mind working.

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Watch these two episodes one right after the other, these two scenes in particular, if you’re in the mood to break your heart over a thief and a hitter. Parker (in The Stork Job) and Eliot (in The Big Bang Job), are both confronting their painful pasts, and it struck me how very similar the rhythms of their words are as they talk about it. There’s that same moment of hesitation, that same painful pause before they make the damning admission that they’ve looked inside themselves and hated what they saw. They think of themselves as something gone wrong, corrupted, and they feel that whatever they’ve become is a fate they wouldn’t wish on anyone else.

It’s that feeling, I think, that drives their actions for the rest of these episodes. In The Stork Job, Parker risks everything to rescue those orphans, wanting to give them even the tiniest hope that their lives would get better, that they could have the childhood she never had. And in The Big Bang Job, Eliot kills more than a dozen men, and he does it for the team, he does it for the mission, and truth be told, the others on the team are also implicitly responsible for those deaths, but he asks Nate not to tell them. He doesn’t want them to have the same blood on his hands as he does, doesn’t want them to live with the weight that he carries every day.

This is why I will forever be raving about Leverage’s perfect ending. It’s perfect for all of them, but especially for these two. Parker finds a place where she is beloved and safe, and nothing says “you’re a part of this family” more than being given the honor of leading it. And Eliot, after years of being a weapon, gets to spend the rest of his life being a shield, gets to spend his days with people who entrust their lives to his protection. Parker’s wounds are caused by others hurting her, and Eliot’s guilt is caused by the hurt he brought others, but both of them find healing and redemption in the family they’ve made.

(gifs made by uuuhshiny and used with permission. Check out her blog for more gif goodness and more Christian Kane eye candy than you’ll know what to do with)