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i’m so full from all the hanhao feast

lol oh no is this a double date

Reaction to Losing You in the Mall. . .

Anonymous said: could you do a reaction for exo where youre a little spacy and get lost like reeeaaalllyyy easily. lol i’m kinda describing myself right now. thanks!

Anonymous said: could youi do a reaction to exo losing you in the mall? thanks <3 <3 love your work btw

Reaction to Losing You in the Mall…

A/N these two are very similar, so i combined them. I hope that’s okay. and thank you so much second Anonnie~ and i totally get what you mean first Anonnie, If I could, i would get lost going to my living room lol. ALSO, a lot of requests are coming in, so I’m working my hardest, so please be patient! but keep them coming in! ‘cause I’ll DEFINITELY get to yours. 

Kai ~


You had this poor boy worried so hard for a good 30 minutes of him walking around trying to find you. He even talked to the staff in the mall and was about to ask the mall cops to go find you, however he caught a glimpse of you and quickly walked over to you while calling out your name. He would be pissed at first, because he really thought the worst had happened to you. However, after you explain that you saw a new ice cream shop and got you two some ice cream from there, his heart would melt at the thought that you were thinking of him and trying to do something nice for him. He would thank you, but tell you not to wander off like that because it’s not good for his heart. He would then make sure to keep you close to him and keep a close eye on you for the rest of the visit at the mall.

(who’s playing with his hair?? i want to play with his hair!!)

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He is having none of this. This has happened one too many times. 

D.O.: “I don’t know why she does this, this always happens. When I find her she better get her little disappearing, hide-n-go-seek, Casper the Friendly Ghost ass in the car, ‘cause I am having none of this. Not today.”

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Jk, honestly, he would act smart and call you and if that didn’t work, he would just simply re-trace his steps to find you. Though throughout the whole time, he would be extremely worried about your well being, hoping that you are safe and not scared. Once he found you he would take you home where neither of you can get lost.


This would be hilarious, that is… for anyone watching the scene unfold. He would freak out and be over-the-top worried about you. He would search every floor and store for you. He would be a clumsy giant, tripping over things, bumping into people and display stands in stores. He would have his phone out, waiting for you to call him, but not thinking that, hey, maybe I should try calling her? ‘Cause he would be too much of a mess to think logically. He would be searching in the food court, when suddenly he sees you on the second floor.

Chanyeol: “I’m lost… Where you at…? Y/N!?”

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He would attempt to look for you, like really hard, but after an hour of searching, he would mentally and physically tired, and just wanting to go home. He would have tried calling you, texting you, calling the boys and seeing if you tried calling any of them. He would be sitting on a bench, when just by coincidence you would be walking by. He would be soooooo happy to see you and would jump up and run to the other side of the mall to you so you guys don’t get separated again. He would pull you into a big loving hug asking you how your little adventure was and if you were okay.

Xiumin: (Gif is little XiuXiu happily waddling running towards you when he spots you.)

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This poor boy would be completely confused, and in a sense, in his own way lost. When he first notices you’re lost, guilt would overflow him. He would think how horrible of a boyfriend he is that he allowed you to get lost. He would also be worried about whether you were scared or mad at him for letting this happen. However, after half an hour of searching for you, he would begin to wonder if you’re really the one that is lost, or if he’s the one that’s lost.

Lay: “Wait, is she lost? Or am I?”

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Chen would find this hilarious and would take his sweet time looking for you. He would be looking through clothes in stores, he would try samples of food that were given out. It would take a loooong time for you two to meet up because of his blasé attitude of the whole situation. Eventually would you find him, and he would be trying out a gourmet chocolate while chatting happily with the young man holding the tray. When you walk up to him he would simply turn to you with a smirk and say, “Oh, Jagi, did you have a good adventure, here try some Swedish chocolate. It’s really good.” He would offer you a tiny paper cup with a square of chocolate like nothing happened.

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All he would care about is your safety. He would be pretty calm about the whole situation though, I mean, you’re in a mall, how much danger could there be? Also, eventually you would run into one another, so he’s not too worried. If you were out in town, then he would be more concerned, but instead he just keeps his phone out in case you try to call while he texts you asking where you are. When he finds you he wouldn’t make a big deal about it, knowing that you’re old enough to care for yourself and he doesn’t need to treat you like a kid. Also, this happens quite a bit, and every time you’re okay. He would simply take your hand while asking what store you would like to go to next.

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Surprisingly, he would get a little upset about this. He wouldn’t be annoyed, he would just be worried about you and your well being. He would take it seriously in trying to find you. He would text and call you non-stop, hoping that you would answer and be okay. When he finally finds you, it would be like getting a stern talk from your mother. He would tell you how dangerous it can be to wander off on your own, especially when you get lost so easily like yourself. He would then take the liberty of holding your hand for the rest of your outing, not wanting to take the chance of you getting lost again.

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You would be out with Luhan and Lay one day and would get separated pretty quickly. So the two boys would spend about an hour trying to find you, eventually giving up and deciding to sit on a bench and wait for you to find them. It would take another whole hour for you to find them, and when you did they would give you that look (cue gif). While Luhan asks, “You had fun on your nice little outing Jagi?” What that really means is, “Bitch where you been? We don’t have time to play your little hide-n-seek games today.” He would then proceed to hold your hand the rest of the outing.

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He would be ready. Like, anyone who saw his face would know something was up. He wouldn’t be mad at you or frustrated, he would just be ready to kick some if he saw you in any kind of danger. He would had a cold exterior, but on the inside he would be dying with each passing minute that you weren’t there by his side. Once he got you, he would ask if anyone bothered you while you were on your own. 

Tao: “Anyone bother you? Touch you?”

Y/N: “No, no one bothered me.”

Tao: “What about that guy? He looks suspicious.”

(yasss Tao, look at him with that metal pole, so sexy and intimidating)

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Sehun would be scared for himself. He would be worried about how he would get home, if he was really the one who was lost, would you be mad at him for losing you, would you be making him dinner tonight or no because you would be pissed he lost you? All those things would be running through his head, and while he’s looking for you, he would kind of resemble a child who’s lost and looking for his mother. Once he found you though, he would be elated and so happy. One, because he’s no longer alone and can get home safely, and two because he actually missed you and really needs you, and this helped him realize that.

Gif: (Shy little Sehun when he realizes he needs you and actually relies on you for a lot.)

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He would be another rational thinker, calling you and texting you. However, he would be really worried for your sake, he knew how often and easily you get lost, and thoughts of you being scared and worried would be running through his head. He would mistake girls for being you out of him desperately trying to get you back into that safety of his presence. Once he found you he would pull you into a big warm hug, kissing your forehead once and asking if you were alright. He would ask you not to do that again, for both his sanity and your safety. He would proceed to hold your hand for the rest of the outing.

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RWBY Vol. 4 Ch. 12

How many times is this show going to make me cry? Like, I’m not comfortable with this at all.

• It’s about to go down, guys.

• This Nuckelavee for real reminds me of that thing from CTCD and I just want it dead. Please. (“Return the slab”)

•Ren’s semblance is awesome.

•Qrow/Jaune wtf did that look even mean?

•Oh crap, their asses are getting handed to them on platinum platters.


•Stop screeching, man. It’s not that serious.

•Ren’s rage scares me. Like, honestly scares me. He, as I’ve noticed, gets a kind of one track mind when he’s angry and doesn’t think clearly so he starts getting a little reckless. And that’s so unlike him.


•My baby did that self sacrifice for her man ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

•Ren low key peeped and Nora low key liked it. Don’t lie. We all saw that smirk.

•That thing did not just throw her like a ragdoll

•Oh, shit. He’s losing it again. Don’t touch his girl or he goes nuts.

•Yeah, Ren. Chill. You’re getting more wounds than necessary.

•Ren, please take a moment to calm yourself and think rationally

•Damn, I felt that slap.

•I love Nora’s progression from when she was a child. She was so scared and dull. Now, she’s still scared, but she’s also so vibrant and more confident. Proof that things 100% can get better.

• On another note, I think Ren’s kind of finally seeing her as a young adult that doesn’t necessarily need saving. I think he still saw her as that scared, defenseless kid from years ago. Like, he needed to protect her. I think now he sees that she can protect him too if they work together. But I’m pretty sure he knew that the whole time. I don’t know. These thoughts are jumbled.

•Papa Ren’s knife ❤

•Her hand ❤

•Team RNJR strategy time!!!!!!!!!

•I love how teamwork skills have progressed through the series. Like, Jaune still needs help and Ren supported him because he knows his leader still has a long way to go.

•Nora, wtf?


•Ren’s getting serious. Back up guys. Give him some room

•Ren: Lol, did you think that pterodactyl screech would scare me?

•YES, REN. KILL THE BEAST. That inner monologue gave me a reason to be at peace

•Speaking of, I’m glad that Ren can set him mind at ease.

•Don’t ask why, but I thought Qrow disappeared because he would do some backwards shit like that.

•Where’d these airships come from?????? Who called you????? Who has service out here????

•Oh, makes sense.

•Baby Qrow is gonna live, guys

•Mistral really is beautiful (Lol, I don’t remember who posted it and I’m going to find out when I’m done here, but they’d said that if Ren, Nora, and Pyrrha stayed, and Jaune had been from Anima and stayed, they’d all be at Haven. So what made them all go to Beacon (how did Renora even get there?) Just something to think about. I promise to cite as soon as I’m done if I can find the post again 😅) Update: the user is Sunder-the-gold

•IT’S CANON. MY BABIES ARE CANON. They didn’t need a kiss to be canon and I just love that. Boop is playing. This is perfect. I hope Jaune starts teasing them in V5. I think this is good way to start making up for Pyrrha’s death. Key word: start. You’re not done until she’s back in the flesh.

•Oh… Rubes… she’s left already… babes, honey

•Weiss is finally getting out of here!!!!!!

•Baby Blake!!!! (F the new WF)

•Yang upgrade afffffffff

•Poor Tai. Both of his babies are gone again.

•Zwei is life.


•Jaune, baby it’s gonna be okay. I promise. (They’re playing Cold. I’m officially done.)

•Aw, it’s a little memorial now with Papa Ren’s knife.

•Team JNR cuddle and mourn time.

•(I’m pretty sure Nora and Ren share a bed, if I’m not mistaken…)


•Old WF for life!!!!! I love the look they share

•Is that Menagerie???? Sure looks like it kind of. SHE’S GOING FOR BLAKE

•I’m still confused about Oscar. I want to learn more

•Ilia, WF spies, fuck you

•Cinder, fuck you, too. (I still think we should her for human transmutation so we can bring back Pyrrha)

•Don’t say lost, Ruby. Please.

•Ruby is so strong. I love her to pieces ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

•Qrow’s dry humor is great

•Oh, shit. She’s going for Ruby and not Blake… great! (Lol, I think she’ll be the one to tease Renora instead ;3333)

•This letter drove me to tears

•Oh, hell no


Now, we have to wait for the soundtrack and V5 in Fall… I can’t wait that long. Please. Please no.



texts from my friends part 3
  • aries: that's ok, we do weird
  • taurus: which shitty icarly picture should i use to inaugurate my finsta
  • gemini: why am i not surprised you have a whole album of photos of my cat
  • cancer: i am actually dying of being tired
  • leo: it would be funny to get a bunch of people ive slept with in a room together LOL
  • virgo: lol fuck these people i dont need to say goodbye
  • libra: i need to crush any hope within my being there is still a long way to go
  • scorpio: kill them 🔪😉
  • sagittarius: my date? nothing to say really, she thinks I'm super funny, obviously,
  • capricorn: co-co-co-combo breaker
  • aquarius: i just got fined $125 for tampering with my fire alarm rip
  • pisces: i gotta roll joints like a factory