- Chat why are you wearing sunglasses over your mask that’s–

- It’s called style, ma chérie.

- …

Okay so a lot of people have considered that Maggie gets jealous of how close Alex is to supergirl. I would like to propose an alternate scenario: Supergirl is being super nice to Maggie now that she and Alex are together because she wants her sister to be happy and she really wants Maggie to like Supergirl. But Kara is awkward as always and maybe goes a little too far and Maggie thinks She’s flirting with her.

Cue Maggie bringing it up to Alex and Alex being a weird cross of amused because kara is still a social disaster and jealous because no one should flirt with her girlfriend even inadvertently.

Grammar 💅

And that’s how it works

It’s how you get the girl, girl, oh

(That’s how it works)

And that’s how it works

It’s how you get the girl, girl, oh (Get the girl) ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ The lyric is explaining to a girl about how to get her girl back. Commas are important, people.

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let's say that there is more gilmore girls and you will write it. what would it be like?

Well it’s not as witty and it probably references more musicals.

I have no idea where I would go with Emily and Lorelai–I just really like where they ended! I don’t want those stories to continue! But Rory flies to London, tells Logan, he leaves Odette in a very “okay we clearly love each other and now there is a baby so it’s time we stop messing around and get our lives right” kind of way and then they have a boy because baby boys are cute. 

And Jess meets and awesome artist (but grounded) girl named Sarah and he likes to surprise her at her studio where they partake in afternoon delight on the regular.

Thanks to everyone who read my shitty whiny post last night, I appreciate that I can post things here that aren’t super related to what this blog is about and still receive love and support from you guys. It does mean a lot 😊.

So, I decided to buy myself some new lulu today (pictured) to try to get out of this funk. I got in a good bis/tris workout, some cardio and some abs. Took myself grocery shopping after to get stocked up on some healthier and macro-friendly foods. I’m gonna ease back into it, but I’m really excited.

Hope you all had a wonderful Monday ❤️❤️


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