Sometimes one of the most frustrating things about being a girl working in comics is seeing so many cries of “why aren’t there more girls in this industry? The big two don’t know how to create content for girls! Where are the female writers and artists???”
And it’s like… “what about all of these ladies I know actively working? Are you buying their books? Are you actively seeking them out?” They EXIST and Marvel and DC hire them, not because they’re ladies, but because they are TALENTED and have good stories to tell. Support them! SHOW the publishers what you want with sales numbers, not just angry tumblr posts.


Well I can finally knock mermaid bath off my Lush bucket list. 😍 it’s so pretty and I feel so soft. agreatgreenwizard also picked up a little something from our favorite smoke shop today. 😏happy Stoney Sunday guys! 💚


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shipwreckked asked:

Mikey and his wife are hosting a gender reveal party and they decide to reveal the gender of their baby by dyeing Mikey's hair either blue or pink and the entire day the boys have been trying to rip the beanie off of Mikey's head to try and get a glimpse of the color because they have a bet going. And when Mikey finally reveals his baby pink hair all the boys cheer and Calum actually cries a little.


finishing pregnancy!5sos from last night!

htlgi deleted scene: in which holly falls in love

When she looked closely at Gail, whose fingers twisted nervously in the sheets, she felt like the other girl was working up to something so she gave her some time. She didn’t expect the honesty that she got. 

“I don’t know if I’m ever going to be good enough for someone,” Gail said very quietly. 

Gail’s instruction not to interrupt held her still for a long moment, that and the uncertainty of whether Gail was done speaking. But she couldn’t wait any longer, and the words bubbled out of her. “You are more than good enough. For whomever you choose. And maybe your mom can’t see that and your asshole exes didn’t see it, but you are smart and strong and funny and beautiful and sweet and ambitious.” Gail snorted at that. “No, don’t. It’s true. You pretend you aren’t because ambition is all your mom ever throws at you and you’re probably sick to death of it,” Gail lifted her shoulder in a non-committal shrug, eyes searching the small room in case somehow her mother was there and listening in. “But I know that you are top of your classes and I know you trained hard for that track meet because you wanted to beat the pants off anyone who thought they could win against you.”

“I did kick their butts,” Gail said softly. 

“I know you did, sweetie.” She cupped Gail’s cheek and her heart gave a little stutter when the blonde leaned into the touch, just a little. “You were amazing.”

Gail opened her mouth. But nothing came out. Holly could see her natural instinct of shutting down, backing off, brushing it away, fight with something else and so she was surprised when Gail averted her eyes shyly and plucked at the blanket again. “Thanks,” she said, bashful, and Holly cursed inwardly when her heart stuttered again. 

“My…my point is,” Holly said, clearing her throat, a flush creeping up her neck when Gail lifted a hand to curl around Holly’s wrist, her thumb brushing against her pulse. “Umm. My point is that you are more than good enough and you’re going to make someone really happy one day.”

“I hate people.” Holly grinned. “Ugh. Maybe I just like a person.” The way she said it, intrigued and maybe just a touch happy at the suggestion, sent Holly’s poor heart into full palpitations as she thought maybe Gail already had a person in mind and the organ thumped its way between jealousy and hope. 

“Anyone I know?”

Gail gave her a sweet smile. “It was just a hypothetical, remember?”

9 kids and still no heir..

am I finally starting to lose hope?….yes


Hey guys, I finally did it. I finally got my semicolon tattoo. After months of feeling like I didn’t deserve it, like I hadn’t “earned” it, I finally took that jump and had it done. Thanks to a couple beautiful people and the greatest counselor I could have ever hoped for, I’m finally starting to learn that recovery and healing are a constant process, not something you earn. And even if I don’t feel like I’m there yet, even if I have a long, long way to go, I’m still trying. I’m still healing. I’m still treading water. And my semicolon represents that process, that ongoing decision to get better. That constant decision to keep the story going;