“ L e t   m e   t e l l   y o u   a   s t o r y
                                           a b o u t   a  g i r l   a n d   a   b o y. 

To all of the Rucas shippers that fill my dash with cuteness, this is for you

Guys wtf seriously.
People need to calm the fuck down around the girls.
They are people.
This is not fair.
Somebody literally grabbed Ally and pulled her !
These are our idols fucking treat them like that and let them at least walk in peace.
I know I get it “I got excited” “in the heat of the moment” but that’s not an excuse for upsetting them.
Treat them right.
You love them?
Fucking show them that.
Respect their space.
Respect the girls.

So like yesterday my crush messaged me n we have a date thing planned Saturday I’m rlly pumped
Miracle in the Making - Chapter 1 - Orlissa - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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@orlissa‘s Haylie/Ada/Ellie verse is one of my very favorite Skyeward AUs.  It’s so loving and fun and domestic and realistic.  This story is probably the crowning achievement in the verse (at least to me).  It’s all about the labor and birth of the first Skyeward baby, Haylie, and it is a masterpiece.  Full disclosure, I’m a totally birth junkie.  I’ve studied it for years and love reading birth stories.  And most of the time, the portrayal of birth in fiction (tv, movies, books, fic, etc) drives me absolutely insane.  But this story is amazingly perfect.  No small amount research and effort went into it.  I was transported back to being in labor myself.  It’s freaking magical.  I can’t get over how amazingly well she did this.