get well soon guys

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hopefully! see, my brother got it free for getting both games, so not sure when it ships

ah through Club Nintendo right? I got the same deal. Register both games there and you get the free Smash CDs and Mewtwo dlc in March-spring! If that is the case, try checking the email his CN account is connected to. Earlier this week I got a confirmation email that my CD was shipped. I’ll bet you guys got one as well or will get one soon

Hey,if anyone cares,it's my 15th birthday today

And All I want is for you guys to send some get well soon wishes to my friend Karl
Their URL is mercuryegg (I think,I’ll check)
See,they’re in the hospital and,even though I was told not to worry,I can’t help it! My friends+hospitals=usually bad news :(
Anyway, send them get well wishes if you so wish (see what I did there?)

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hope you feel better soon!!

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Feel better soon! <3

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:( get well soon lovely *hugs*

Thank you guys  I’m feeling a bit better already, i still can’t eat cause just thinking about food makes me sick lol but i’m recovering :)

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Sending get-well-soon vibes to the Novak-Winchester household. Hang in there, guys!

Dean’s fever broke about an hour ago, so now he’s laying on top of the covers in just his boxers and the whine has returned full force.

At least I think he’s getting better now.

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Do you think someone could be intentionally poisoning your dog? It sounds like he might be showing signs of kidney dysfunction, which can be caused by certain medications/toxins. Grapes/Raisins/NSAIDS/Tainted treats or dog food can also be potential sources (anything made in China is suspect). I hope your little guy gets well soon!

I don’t think anyone is intentionally poisoning him, but a couple months ago I was finding random piles of dog kibble on people’s front lawns during our morning walks in the general neighbourhood. Also, I was finding that in our backyard back in the summer, and I KNOW he’s eaten it.

But I don’t think anything like that has happened in the past couple weeks as I’ve been keeping careful tabs on him when he’s outside or on walks. Still though, he manages to find stuff and eat it before I can stop him.

No one is intentionally poisoning him within my household, I know that much.

I make him my own dog treats these days, so it’s not that [pumpkin; molasses; wheat flour; baking soda; canola oil; water]. His food… I haven’t checked where the ingredients are sourced from, but he’s been eating it for months with no issue until just recently.

I wonder if he’s been getting raisins though, just through ignorance that it could be harmful. Could raisins cause this, though? Wouldn’t he have to be eating a LOT of them?

I hope he gets better too, I’m in pieces over this.

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Uh... the general public? ...Okay, okay! I just want to know. I'm a big fan of you and Ada together, you know, so I was hoping to get some deets about that. She's sweet, and nice, and you're fun and perky, and it's just ugh! So cute. You know what I mean? SO, uh, yeah. You guys gonna kiss soon? Get together?

Well she’s definitely surprised, that’s for sure.

"Really? You wanna know about me and Ada?
I—I didn’t know we had a fan. Or…a shipper?
Well, uh…yeah, I hope that we do! On both things.
She really is sweet, and nice, and
I really like her so I hope it all ends up working out!”

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sabi ni kei sumama na daw pakiramdam mo kaqhapon kaya di kna naka sunod ng noma. HAHA get well soon :P

Oo jusko masakit yung left abdomen ko ganon sorry guys sorryyyyy mehehe si mikka ewan ko don jusko di ko nasipot hahahaha happy naman ba kayo kahapon? Juskoo sorry talagaaaaaa :(