get well soon guys


My local team (Adelaide Adrenaline) will be returning home soon after a bad weekend. Not only did we lose both games (vs CBR Brave) 7-2 & 8-5, we also lost, not one, not two, but THREE Defensemen and our goalie. 2 pucks to the face (game 1), one dislocated shoulder and a leg injury (game 2).

Get well soon guys!


Rest up my sunshines. I hope you guys get well soon❤️|| #BTS #btsedit #getwellsoonnamjoon {ac; •{Audios}• }

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Guys, please stop blaming BigHit when things like this happen.

I have never come across an agency that puts as much care and effort into their artists’ wellbeing as BigHit. When they say they put the boys’ health first, they are telling the truth. They removed Namjoon from the stage and kept him resting for the duration of the concert, which shows more concern than other agencies, who “encourage” their artists to continue the performance no matter what happens on stage.

I know everyone’s concerned about the boys, and episodes like this bring out the motherly side in ARMYs. But please don’t show your concern by blaming BigHit and trying to hold them accountable for situations out of their control. The staff at BigHit work very hard to make sure the boys are taken care of, but there are some factors that just have to be dealt with the best they can. Like the weather. BigHit can no more tell Beijing to drop its temperatures than you can. The boys work as hard as they do by choice, not because they’re being forced to.

Trust me, everyone at BigHit loves the boys as much as we do, and they want them to be happy and healthy, like we do. Don’t blame the agency for something that has no blame to begin with. Just wish Namjoon a healthy recovery on SNS and continue to show your support with cheerful attitudes. The boys would much rather read happy get-well-soon and thank-you-for-working-hard tweets than negative tweets attacking their agency.

Lets be the fans Bangtan can be proud of, through good times and bad ^^

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hey there, its been a few days but its lonely anon!! im sorry i havent been messaging i just have nothing interesting to say but i hope everyone is doing well and if you arent then i hope you get well soon enough!! take care of yourselves guys!! <3

Awh thank you so much for writing in with this super sweet message, kiddo! ^.^ I’m happy to hear from you!! I hope you’re doing well and that you’ll come to us if you aren’t! Love you, bby! <333

everything at the same time

Well, I went from chilling to moving and having a lot of things to do in the time of two days.

I don’t know how much I’ll be able to be on my laptop this weeks leading to August, but if ya wanna chat or anything just send me a note or and ask or something! I’ll get to it as soon as I can.

Well, I do hope you guys have fun and a enjoy yourselfs

I’ll be back as soon as I can.

I have been in a Maze Runner mood lately, so much so, that I had to create my own oc’s X) PLEASE NOTE. I have only seen the movies so far, I want to read the books (Get well soon Dylan O'Brien, the poor guy  but I already know what happens in the next book, darn you tumblr!) SO my knowledge is veerrryy limited in this world

ANYWAY. INFO TIME! I will update more when I build onto their characters.

The dude on the left is a Runner. He is kind and likes to joke around (and one of the ways he jokes around is by hitting on the other Gladers, yaaaayyy) He is about 16 years old. He has a very close relationship with the girl, but not in a romantic way, more like best friends/siblings way. He is brave, and sometimes does things without thinking, especially if it meant saving a life. He is a big social butterfly, but does like to get away with his friend and enjoy peace and quiet.

The girl on the right is being a pain in the butt, not sure if I like her design  Her hair was supposed to be MUCH shorter, kind of like her red headed buddy there, however, I made it long. BUT, she is the only girl in the Glade. She specializes in “medicine” IE, Treating injuries. All the other boys called her “Mom,” as a joke at first (which she disliked) but it kind of grew on the boys, so most of the time, they call her Mom instead of her actual name, and at this point, she doesn’t care anymore. (But will roll her eyes from time to time) She tends to act like one of the boys, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her “girly” habits. She enjoys the get together’s where she can just sit and relax, and have a good laugh with her boys. She is no push over, and will fight you if you try to make her do something she doesn’t want to do. She cannot cook to save her life. She is around 17 years old.


Both of these characters do not have names yet, you can suggest names if you wish, or say which one you like best  From what I have research so far, the kids are named after influential people and such, (Newt- Issac Newton, Thomas- Thomas Edison) so the names I have below relate to that. I am still on the look out for names that will fit them just right, but these are ones I have found so far~

Red Head Man-

Archi (Archy) - Archimedes
Vin - Leonardo da Vinci
Niel - Niels Bohr

Brunette Woman-

Milli- Millicent Fawcett

I am still debating if they would be in their own separate Maze, or in the same Maze with the Thomas and the gang~

When the camera didn’t want to focus on your object (Injured thumb) and prefer to focus on another interesting object (ONE OK ROCK), I think my camera’s gender is female and an OOR fangirl. haha but it’s okay. I know, OOR is more interesting than my injured thumb, get well soon my thumb 😂 and keep going on guys @oneokrockofficial 💕
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So mum has been lying to me about how everything was okay after her exam in hospital. She just came home and sneakily put some tablets away that she clearly didn’t want me to see. She has been diagnosed with brittle bones due to her early menopause, something doctor’s are worried about because she’s only just hitting 50 yet it began when she was 38. 

 And my boyfriend is being dragged around by the government as he tries to apply for a medical card. Two/three months ago, he collapsed and damaged his spine. The hospital let him leave with just 7 tablets and a “get better soon” note. A week later, while we’re moving down to my mother’s because my job had cut my hours and he lost his job - RING RING “Yes, acewingx, your spine has been broken. It will take a number of months before you can do regular things again. Get well soon!” 
Thanks guys. No follow up exams. No medicine. Nothing.

 He has been given an appointment now after we went to my local doctor who was absolutely shocked and appalled by how he was treated. BUT we can barely afford the consult fees because I can only get small amounts of work here and there, as can he doing voiceovers. Without this medical card, which the government are dragging their feet on, then I don’t know how we can deal with this. They keep sending out the wrong address, the wrong dates etc. and are now telling him to apply for social welfare which requires proof of income which he doesn’t have which is why he’s looking for a medical card… <_<

this is just frustrating. i don want to try and set up anything like youcaring or gofundme because not sure how that would work doubt anyone help anyway. we could apply for disability but have do so after his consult which we probably can’t pay

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“Fan gifts you are happy to receive”

(Sorry this took awhile. There’s also an opposite thread that had me in tears when I read it so I’ll post that too. THANK YOU FOR THE GET WELL SOONS)

- cigs (if the guy smokes this is the easiest gift)

- food (as long as it isn’t handmade)

- candy

- alcohol

- masks and handwarmers in the winter

- strings for bass/guitar or drumsticks

- gift cards for iTunes or Amazon

- energy drinks

- HQ earphones

- hair treatment

- cleansing oil

- HQ makeup

- letters

- necessities like soap/shampoo while on tour

- cheki film

- accessories and clothes (some are happy just to get it while others say they’ll be upset if it’s not something they like)

pare ang sabi ko hanggang 3 pm lang ako manonood ng naruto, pare alas sais na! di pa tapos assignments ko at di pa ko nakakapagreview. oraytt! ang mahalaga nag enjoy ako. hahaha wat. episode 82 to episode 102 real quick!

Highlights ng ep 82-102:

  • Kakashi vs. Itachi (that damn tsukuyomi! torture!)
  • Sasuke vs. Itachi (sharingan vs. sharingan)
  • flashback: Uchiha clan massacre (thuglyf, Itachi)
  • Naruto’s rasengan!!!!
  • Tsunade vs. Kabuto 
  • Naruto vs. Kabuto
  • Tsunade vs. Orochimaru
  • Sannin showdown (Tsudande & Jiraiya vs. Orochimaru)

Tsunade’s Katsuyu

Jiraiya’s Gamabunta

Orochimaru’s Manda

  • Tsunade: pro forehead kisser 




  • honorable grandson, Konohamaru and the 5th hokage (kaiyak to. RIP, third hokage)
  • Lee and Guy (kaiyak din to :( get well soon, lee)
  • group seven’s oplan: take off kakashi-sensei’s mask 
  • Tsunade: Godaime Hokage-sama

ganda ganda. how to be u po?

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You have met Basti before right? How long did you get to speak to him for and what is he like?

Yep, I have met him three times. The first time I met him at the hotel when the national team came to Munich. He was going to get on the bus, I called his name, he came back and took a picture with me, which was really nice of him! The third time I met him at Doctor Müller-Wohlfart when he was injured. I asked him if he’s ok, wished him to get well soon and bla bla. Overall he’s a really nice guy and is always very kind to the fans.