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I keep being told I can’t “keep milking my mental illness” or “using your mental illness as an excuse” but that just makes me feel worse I don’t even talk about it I just show symptoms and people get angry at me

TL;DR Tuesday

Have you ever felt like somebody is judging you? Of course you did. We all did. And to be honest that feeling is weird. At least I do not like it.
Why do we, people have to judge somebody without them asking us to do that? If somebody tells me that my outfit is questionable or my hair is not on point I don’t feel any better. But I might know those things and you don’t need to tell me. Maybe I left home in a rush or I triped over something on my way to work/school.
So that all of that judging boils down to one thing, visual appreciance. The only thing that I am struggling with every single day. Like when you get out of the show in the morning and you ask yourself ‘what to wear today that is social accepted?’. To be honest that is that question I always ask, but no one answers. Is it fine to wear this green tee with the polka dotted collar paired with a blue hoodie and black jeans? (That is the only outfit that I know nobody judges so it’s a yes.) Or can I wear a blue linen shirt with long black jeans on a hot summer day? I’m trying to be specific here for a reason because this is what I wore today and the people on the street just kept starting at me. Like I did something horrible. When I chose those clothes this morning it looked fine and I liked it but I forgot about I tiny thing. Sweat. So my amazing light blue linen shirt was ruined by 7 in the morning.
But in the end of the day I managed to realize what is really important. I don’t need to take care of those people who judged me throughout the day. They probably went home and didn’t even remember me because they continued on their own things and forgot the sweaty guy with the backpack. And to be honest I don’t even remember that last person I checked out on my way home so that’s fine.

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Yet when I talk to my non-professional TV-watching friends, I get the sense that what they could use is not so much a summer-rerun season as a summer-TV sabbatical: two or three months where no one programs anything, and you finally get a chance to catch up. There are those second-tier Sunday-night shows you piled up on your DVR because you had to watch Game of Thrones or Mad Men live. You never got around to watching The Americans but kept hearing you needed to. (Bad news: you do. It’s on Amazon.) You want to rewatch The X-Files and Twin Peaks before they come back on Fox and Showtime, but the time to watch them exists only in an alternative universe.

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But by the time he was holding her back, Emil was dead? I didn't see him holding her back from saving Emil. Or maybe I just missed that part. She could've done so but didn't but it wasn't bc Elijah stopped her.Why would he stop her in the first place

How would she have saved him? By the time she got to the railing, the guy was dead? Elijah didn’t hold her back until the man was on the ground. So I don’t see how Elijah stopped her from saving him?

She was struggling to get out, the camera shows her walking towards them, and then it only shows Rebekah again when Elijah is already holding her, we don’t know if she got there before he hit the ground, and she’s trying to get out from his hold. She has super speed, I’m pretty sure she could get down there before he hit the ground if she wasn’t being restrained. Or go make sure he really was dead the second he hit the ground. 

She asked Elijah, “Dearest Elijah. You’ve only ever wished happiness for me. Emil and I are in love. Please, let me turn him.” and he says “Rebekah, the governor has graciously agreed to hide a lot of our… indiscretions. It would not do to turn his son into one of us.”. 

He didn’t want Rebekah messing up whatever deal they had with the governor, and if she had saved Emil, she would have turned him for sure after Klaus tried to kill him. 

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3, 5, 17, 22, 51

  • 3: What helps you sleep?
  • weed, usually
  • 5: Triggers that I should be careful of?
  • nothing really
  • 17: What you like to do on your birthday
  • mhmmm no idea, I haven’t had a real b-day party in a few years, so I’d like that :)
  • 22: Talk about the most life changing memory you can think of (if you’re comfortable)
  • damn, this got deep really quick haha. I had to think about that one for a moment, but the one that I think of that changed me the most is that I used to get bullied everyday, about the fact that I was a foreigner, the only darker skinned kid in the entire school. And I always used to go and tell the teachers that I was being bullied, but they never did a thing, so one day, my dad told me to fight back, not to let myself get kicked down, show that I shouldn’t be fucked with. So after that weekend ( since I used to go to my dad’s in the weekend and I was at my mum’s during the week) there was this one kid, he called me “small black trash” and I snapped, so all I remember was chasing this kid who was supposed to e one of the fastest in our class and just grabbing him and locking his neck between my arms and just tightening my grip, and eventually they had to get his bigger brother (who was three years older) and two teachers to get me off him. and after that they never bullied me again. And that was also one of the last fights I’ve ever had. And I’m kinda glad it is that way.
  • 51: Things you’ve done that you weren’t supposed to.
  • tbh too many things to list haha
  • thanks for asking! and I have these dots on the side and I have no bloody clue on how to get rid of them and they’re annoying me hahahha 
Medieval London

Look at the picture below. If you get all the map on the left that’s showing London in 1300 and squish it down until it fits in the green area in the map on the right, you’ll see how much London has grown in 700+ years. Most of the area inside the wobbly orange road in the map on the right is Greater London today.


Today Greater London is nearly 610 square miles and has around 8.5 million…

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I’m gonna get you a second phone call, OK? You’re gonna call your mommy or your daddy or your parish priest or your boy scout leader, and they’re gonna deliver me a check for $4650.00. I’m gonna write that down on the back of my business card. Four, Six, Five, Zero, OK? And I need that in a cashiers check or a money order, doesn’t matter. Actually, ah, I want it in a money order and ah, make it out to “Ice Station Zebra Associates.” That’s my loan out. It’s totally legit… its done just for tax purposes. After that we can discuss Visa or Mastercard, but definitely not American Express, so don’t even ask, alright? Any questions?
—  Saul Goodman, Breaking Bad
Cedric Gervais (Starring Mya): Love Is The Answer

Hot on the heels of Mya’s Fabulous Life, which made a splash in the blogosphere a few weeks ago, comes another tasty number! This time she has teamed up with Cedric Gervais to bring us this dance floor smasher Love Is The Answer! I’ve been listening to this non - stop for a hot minute now and I can’t get it out of my head! Besides the weather, there is one more reason I wish I was in LA right now, Cedric and Mya will be debuting the single tomorrow night at a free show at the Renaissance Hollywood! Get all the details here. Love is the Answer was released today on iTunes and there are some amazing remixes up for grabs! I’m particularly feeling the Sebjak mix right now. - Camille