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Had a good time at the show tonight, talking to friends, getting half deaf from being in the front when @kflay went up at the #foxtheater. Got to talk to Nick for a bit after the show, too! #oakland

On this date 12 years ago Mr. Fred Rogers passed away. Soon after he died I painted this tribute onto a wood panel. I’ll never forget its inclusion into a retrospective show at our local library and then getting to meet David Newell, the man who portrayed Mr. McFeely on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

And here I’d like to share a link to Mr. Rogers delivering one of his last recorded television pieces just a couple months before he passed away, and it’s for the child in all of us:

(Due to privacy restrictions only the link appears here, click it to watch.
Credit: The Fred Rogers Company.)

"Infinity Challenge" Members to Turn into Preschool Teachers for a Day

“Infinity Challenge” Members to Turn into Preschool Teachers for a Day

MBC‘s TV show “Infinity Challenge” is to take up the challenge of being a preschool teacher for a day.

On February 28, five photos of each members taking care of many children were uploaded onto the official Twitter account of the show. The members all seem to be getting along well with the kids.

In the photos, Yoo Jae Suk is tying a young girl’s hair while Park Myung Sooclothes a boy in a warm…

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Getting drunk with my brother since other of our plans fell through.

Luckily we both like to watch the game show network while getting shit faced.

Sometimes I Talk To Myself...

Sometimes I talk to myself, and not because I’m crazy. I have this tendency to get really obsessed with a show or book or even a video game, and then I’ll be watching it or reading it or playing it, or even writing something of my own, and then as soon as something big happens, I’ll have to like, pause the activity and I’ll start talking to myself. But like, as multiple people. I’ll start talking as like, the characters and have a mini conversation about whatever and freak out and have the two or three characters in my head have a little argument or celebration. This is usually how my writing works. Some of my characters, in my head, and then me, alone in my room, ever the lonely person, and then start talking to myself like I am those characters and they’re having a conversation. It’s great. Except it’s not. Because one day I might actually do this in public. And it would be bad. 

I know y’all want to get over the whole dress fiasco thing from yesterday but I showed the dress pic last night and he tried to be all specific with the color. Like he literally searched the whole house for the similar colors of the dress and he kept asking me for the specific name of the colors bc he didn’t want to say gold and white (we saw the same colors) bc it wasn’t exactly gold and white. So we ended up arguing for the specific name of shade color for the white and gold and my brother was just shaking his head bc he said we were color blind and it was clearly blue/violet-ish and black.

The forgotten subject

Time to spice things up again.

Our reality show is getting a little too dull for our liking. 

I can really only go up from rock bottom anyways

College- “I spent all my grocery money on piercings and drugs!”

Following too much pr0n??

I told this to my Kitten, I follow so much pr0n that when any gun shows up on my dashboard feed, I get all excited and feel like I’m obliged to reblog lolol



Rachel Berry is 24 years old and is currently single. She’s on Broadway and her endgame is Puckleberry. Fortunately for you this character is OPEN.

This is who I am….

  • Performing has always been a passion for Rachel Berry, she’s been a triple threat (Singing, dancing and acting) since she was four year old and has always dreamed of being on Broadway. Her fathers were always supportive and in high school they were her only supporters, aside from her twin sister who was always waiting in the wings and watching her preform. Rachel managed to battle her way through high school, despite everyone’s attempt to outshine her talent and she moved to New York. Her first show was where she met Jesse, her best friend.
  • Rachel’s the only real competition for Broadway that Jesse’s ever had. They both met in a low rent show, both at the very beginning of their careers. The show didn’t get them anywhere due to the negative views of the plot by the reporters. At first Jesse and Rachel clashed, both trying to outdo each other. In the end however, they both realised how similar they were.
  • Several weeks ago Rachel lost her daddy, being a child of two fathers was hard when she was young and partly the reason she got bullied at school although her sister managed to handle some of her bullies for her. They were both wonderful parents and now with only her dad left its hit Rachel hard. She has never met her real mom although she has always wanted to.
  • In her grief Rachel had sex with a friend, Noah Puckerman, the local badboy of lima on a trip home to her dads funeral. It was only meant to be a one time thing because she knew he didn’t do relationships. Now with the conception drug news Rachels worried and doesn’t know what to do. This is the wrong time to have a baby.


  • Emile Berry: Rachel’s twin sister is coming to the clinic as her support. She plans on helping Rachel through the pregnancy, especially if this one night stand guy isn’t going to be helping her.

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