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endless list of favorite things: [1b/?] favorite relationships

Daisy Johnson & Jemma Simmons, Agents of SHIELD (2013—?)

it’s unrealistic but man i am just waiting for the day when writers stop getting such a kick out of using sexual assault as a plot device. it’s inescapable. even in stories that are advertised as Feminist and Empowering the main character has to be victimized sexually @ one point or another and i’m tired of it. you aren’t being edgy or breaking new ground you’re just exploiting something that’s been exploited a hundred times over already. move the fuck on


Forever - Alternate Universe where Jo & Henry made it to Paris. 

Most of the scenes came from my own creation in a fan-made trailer you can watch it here (x
And some others were found on the internet. 


I’m so excited about the fact that Magnus and Max are probably gonna meet this season, it’s one of the things I wanted to see in the show so badly, BUT

I just realized


He was in Idris when the wedding was on, so Alec never came out to him!

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i thought the accent slip was gonna be it for this ep, and honestly it was an awesome peak enough! but then we got her mom at the end omg....of course her being alive was just icing on the cake lmao

I was just happy knowing that she’s alive in the flash-forward. (I spoiled myself before the episode aired in my timezone.) The accent, and seeing her adoptive mother were happy bonuses for me. Though now that I’m thinking about it that probably means we won’t really get into her background and seeing her family until the second half of this season when we catch up with the flash-forward.

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ICE CREAM MACHINE BATTLES! I think it might be right up there with “I’m making French toast” for my Top Chopped Annoyances, up there with “I am so above this ingredient”

Right?? I remember one particular Iron Chef episode where someone made squid ink ice cream. It was grey. I have apparently repressed how the judges responded to the taste, but I’m pretty sure it was the ol’ stone-faced “It has an interesting flavor” response. *shudders*

And the haughtiness about ingredients. Man, I used to love Chopped (haven’t had cable in YEARS, so it’s been a long time since I watched), but the actual, visible disdain for some of the ingredients always made me shake my head. It’s a contest, people! It’s supposed to test your skills.

The ingredients, however lame or bizarre, are the whole damn point. If you can’t incorporate them and enhance their flavors or make them palatable, you’re doing it wrong. Sheesh.