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They will be getting married in 5-6 months. First time round it took that amount of time just get engaged. They don't know what slow means 😂

Taking it slow is not a concept they understand. 

Like, At the end of the trail era when Aaron was like “You mean you’re trying to be good/I want to be able to rely on you Robert” & Robbo was all “I miss you” and Aaron was all like “Then let’s take it slow” AND THEN ROBBO’S STAYING OVER NBD APPROX. TWO DAYS LATER. 

And don’t even get me started on how Robert actually exposed his proposal plans to Aaron whilst in a car, going 60 miles per hour OR how Aaron had just woken up after the crash and was all “YEAH I’LL MARRY YOU ROBBO ILY” before passing out and scaring us all half to death.


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So I work in fast food, and honestly, I rarely get a customer who is downright rude or crazy. But there are a lot of little things that drive me absolutely batshit crazy on the daily.

One is drink trays. If you have 3 or more drinks, our procedure is to out them in a tray so it is easier and faster to hand out the drive thru window (You know, cause we’re timed for everything). At least every second person who falls into this category will look at me as I’m handing them their drinks and say “Oh I don’t need a tray” and watch as I take it back and remove the drinks (which honestly sounds like nbd but if they are in right they can be a little tough to get out). And slow down the line.

Another favourite is when we pull a car forward because we’re waiting on some part of their order, and when I run it out to them they take it, and prodcede to try and hand me a pile of garbage they gathered in their car and are like “Can you take this?”. Um. No. I’m not a garbage can, we have six actual garbage cans all around the parking lot you are currently sitting in, so I’m going to go back to my job now.

I’m so done with fast food. 6 years has given me 3 panic attacks, one fully developed case of depression and social anxiety, and a true hatred for pretty much everybody. Peace.

Alright kids lets sit down and let grandma tell you a story.

When I was fourteen I was best friends with a guy. He went to an all boys school so he also had lots of guy friends. One night a buddy of his, a girlfriend of mine, and I were just chilling at his house. All of a sudden the two, whom were dating at the time, decided they wanted to get something to eat but my best friend was like ‘nah gonna stay home.’ On the way to the burger joint my friend said they were going to pick up another dude they knew, and I was like “cool but this isn’t a date right?” because I was fourteen and uninterested in dating (Too busy being a fucking weeaboo and crying over video game men). They assured me it was cool and not a date.

The guy packed himself into the back of my friend’s VW bug, which was one of the old school cars so it was a sardine can. The whole time he was a sleeze, telling me how beautiful I was and how nice my tits were. Remember I was a virgin never had been kissed. Added to the fact that puberty hit me like a bullet train and all of a sudden I had these uninvited lumps attached to my front like two annoying parasites. The whole car ride to the burger place he kept trying to grab and kiss me, to which I managed to keep him away and repeatedly told him to bugger off.

We get to the restaurant and I’m so pumped for giant burgers. We sit down and this guy finally managed to grab my chest while I wasn’t looking. I nearly shoved him out of the booth, to which he just laughed and said I was fiesty. My friends were not being much of a help and just kept acting like it was nbd. That finally broke the straw and I excused myself to the bathroom. I took my purse and everything with me, but instead I exited the place and went next door to the fancy French restaurant, explained there was a creep being inappropriate and asked if I could use their phone to call my parents, since I am a dinosaur and this was before cellphones were in everyone’s pocket.

As soon as my dad picked me up I used his phone to call my girlfriend and tell her that this guy was a total slime and I didn’t appreciate the way he treated me. Also they were paying for the burger I ordered.

Lesson is: You are in charge of your body. Don’t let any boy (or girl) think it is okay to touch you in places you don’t want to be touched.