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Paramount Remembrances - Chapter 8

Summary: Dean Winchester has reached a point in his life where he doesn’t have many firsts left to fulfill.  Except maybe falling in love.  This is the story of how he got there……and desperately tried to keep it.

Warnings: Bad words.  Some Angst here.  Mutual masturbation.   18 Plus ONLY!

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Word Count On this Chapter: 4,408

A/N: Soooo, I couldn’t keep my filthy little paws off of this fic and decided to write another chapter.  Thanks for all the awesome feedback!  You guys are awesome! 


Dean was thirty-one when he fell in love.   One month later, he realized he may be ill-equipped to keep it.

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He grew on me.

A/n: this is a little something i came up with. Feel free to follow and i hope you enjoy! :D

Being a new citizin in Alexandria is never easy.
This group knows eachother for god knows how long.
I get alot of wierd looks especially because of my dog.
I found this german shepperd trapped in a cabin in the woods.
So i decided to keep him and name him Boyd.
When they found me and told i could stay with them in Alexandria they werent fond of the tought of Boyd staying there too.
After a few debated they agreed that my dog could stay.
Carl was thrilled when he saw Boyd and they became friends instantly.
He was very impressed by the tricks i learned him: he knew how to bark on command, to give a paw, growl silently when there was a walker nearby and how to attack on command.
It didnt took long before everyone liked my dog, well almost everyone.

“The hell ya doin’ with a dog in here?!” A ceartain redneck said.
“That thing is gon get ya killed!”

“That ‘thing’ his name is Boyd and he saved my life more then any human ever did” i replied calmy.

Daryl grunted before he turned around and walked away.
'Wow someone is cranky’ i tought to myself.
But my tought were quickly disrupted by Boyd his silent cries.
The moment i looked at him i knew what he wanted, to play with Carl and the rest.
“Really boy?” I asked my dog.
Boyd started to wag his tail of excitement.
“Fine, go.” I said as i pointed my finger to Carl, Boyd ran to him and they all started to play with eachother.
I turned around with a small smile on my face.

A few weeks later Daryl and i were send on a supply run.
Ofcourse did he object about the fact that i wanted to bring Boyd but Rick told him he needed to accept it that my dog was going to come with us.
Its simple, no Boyd, no me.
“If that dog gets ya killed, i aint savin’ yer ass.” Daryl grunted.

“What ever.” I whispered back, rolling my eyes at his words.

The run went easy we found some canned food, water bottles and surprisingly a few bags of dog food.
Just as we wanted to head out Boyd started to softly bark.

“What is it boy?” I asked my dog.
Daryl exhaled trough his nose i guess thats his way of laughing.

“He aint gon answer ya (y/n)”
Before i got to answer i heard Boyd growling.
I looked Daryl in the eye and mouthed 'walkers’.
Just as we wanted to open the door, it flew open and around a dozen walkers stumbled inside the house.
I took out my knife and started to stab them in their heads, as Daryl started to do the same.
Boyd was guarding the supplies.
After a few minutes we cleared them all and started heading outside.

We were on our way back to the car when i lost sight of Boyd.
I started to panic.
“Come here Boyd!” I called out.
Hardly a second later i saw Boyd running towards Daryl.
I tought he was gonna attack him but he actually saved Daryl his life.
A walker sneaked up behind him and before we could process it Boyd tackled the walker and it fell to the ground.
I then took my knife out again and ran over to the walker so i could stab it in the head.
As i stood up again i looked Daryl in the eye and said “You dont need to thank Boyd for saving your ass.” I gave him a small wink and walked past him with a smile on my face.
A startled Daryl soon following me and Boyd to the car.

We got back in Alexandria before the sun started to set.
Deanna told me i could keep the dog food since no one else would use it anyway.
I took a quick shower, changed my clothes and took Boyd for a last walk outside.
Not that i got to walk with him for longer then 5 minutes because the moment Boyd spotted Carl he ran off to him.
I watched Carl and Boyd play for a while before i walked off to talk to Maggie.
We talked for a while about our hopes and dreams for this place when we got interrupted by Daryl.
“Can i- uh.. Talk to ya for a min?” He asked me.

“Uh yea sure.” I answered i looked at Maggie “i’ll see you in a bit.”
Maggie nodded and walked away leaving me and Daryl alone.

“Whats up?” I asked the redneck expecting him to complain about my dog or something but he didn’t.

“Just wanna thank ya for ya know.. Savin’ my ass.” He said while looking in my (e/c) eyes for the very first time.
I never noticed he had such a beautiful blue eyes before.

“Maybe yer dog aint that useless after all.”

“I tought you didn’t like him?” I asked Daryl, suprise clearly in my voice.
I felt Boyd brush against my leg right after I replied to Daryl.

“Well i guess he grew on me.” Daryl answered while kneeling infront of Boyd and petting his head.

“I’m glad for that.” I said with a big smile on my face.

“Thanks for savin’ my ass boy.”
Boyd licked Daryl his nose as a response and gave him a paw.

“Aawh it looks like he likes you.” I told Daryl and gave him a small wink.
Daryl stood up and wiped Boyd his saliva from his nose.
To my suprise Daryl took a little dog treat from his pocked and gave it to Boyd, i looked confused at him.

“I found it in the cabin earlier today, ya looked over it since ya were to excited about the dog food.”

“Oh well thanks, i never tought you would like him that much.”

“Like i said, i guess he grew on me.”
I smiled at Daryl his response.
Daryl and i just looked eachother in the eyes until i suddenly started to yawn.

“I’m going to go crash, I’m exhausted.” I told him.

“Aight, i’ll see ya around (y/n).”

“See you around.” I said but before i walked away i got closer to Daryl and gave him a kiss on his cheek.
He didnt flinch or pushed me away, i was happy about that.
I pulled away and softly said “goodnight.”

I turned around and started to walk away and heard Daryl say “g'night to ya too (y/n)”

I smiled and called for Boyd he immediately came walking next to me to our house.
The smile on my face got even bigger as i tought to myself that i left a startled Daryl behind.
And i was very happy everyone accepted Boyd into the community, and i surely didn’t mind the friendship that was growing between me and Daryl.

Tell me if anyone wants me to make a part 2 or something.
Feed back and tips are always welcome and feel free to tell me what you think of it.
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Zootopia Fan-story 25 Tumblr Lonewolfwriter Re-blogging is welcome.

NOTE: So here it is after, many, many, many read through’s to the point where it lost a little meaning and it began to start to blur and hurt my eyes, the 25th chapter is here!!! I hope y’all enjoy the ride.


“Stop ignoring me!” shouted Nick making Judy jump, his voice held a sadness based anger that also caught Jacks attention.

“I did, well, right? I mean I shot my own father for Christ sake, what’s the matter!” shouted Nick, finally angered by Judy’s incessantly shady behaviour, “You keep this from me” exampled Nick pointing to the bundle of fur, that was his father “But I succeeded. I did what had to be done, am I a cop in your eyes yet? Huh?”

“In my eyes, you were always a cop Nick” sighed Judy, lingering in a kneeling position above Tyrone, her chest was heavy and she could feel her heart break at the tone in Nick’s voice. Memories of their days and nights spent side by side, sharing coffee, sharing drinks, sharing each other, bad and good times spent leaning on one another.

Jack stayed silent, his ears floppy as he looked to Judy, still holding his mid section.

Judy clicked the last clasp on the paw cuffs around Tyrone’s wrists.

“You did what?” growled Dangar slamming his hoof on the table with such force he broke it in half down the middle.

“It was a mistake; I take full responsibility” admitted Jack nervously, understanding what he had done was a massive mistake.

“I should have you suspended from duty Jack! In fact, I should have your god damn badge” snarled Dangar, his anger was paramount. “Do you understand the knifes edge that Judy is on? Do you understand that what you have done may cause a fracture between her Alias and your wife!”

Jack knew the questions were rhetorical and so stood at attentions silently.

“You are going to do exactly what I say, step by step from here on out, or so help me god Savage” threatened the captain.

Jack ground his teeth “or so help you what, you’ll take away the only thing I care about, well it’s a bit late for that!” shouted Savage, insubordinately.

Dangar just huffed through his nose, his eyes held enough anger to show Jack that he best be quiet,

Jack calmed his anger and stood at attention, “What do I do?”

Dangar took a breath and thought for a moment sitting back in his chair and placing one giant foot on the destroyed table leaning back and looking at the ceiling in thought, a furious scorn cemented on his brow.

“I need Wilde back on the beat, I need him and Judy close so that she may re-form an attachment, you will do whatever is necessary to make that happen, force Bogo to give his badge back no matter what, you will re-reinforce the story of Marias death to Judy, to help her reinitiate her roll and for fuck sake Savage, keep your filthy paws to yourself this time!”

“Sir” Jacks eyes looked only to the floor, the images of him and Judy creeping into his thoughts.

“As far as anyone is concerned Maria Savage is dead, you took her body from the warehouse back to her parents and buried her”.

“What about Bogo?” quizzed Jack

“Does he suspect anything out of the ordinary?”

“Only my violent behaviour, but he still buys the story of what happened that day…”

“Good, that is all now get out”.


Judy stood up and turned to Nick, who held a look of contempt and frustration.

“Well?” asked Nick.

Judy looked to Jack for answer.

“Don’t look at him! I’m talking to you Hopps” shouted Nick pointing to the ground with his paw furiously and taking a forward stance, Judy retracting her neck and closing her eyes, Nicks snarl vividly aggressive.

Judy sighed and looked to Nick tilting her head slightly, her ears dropping “Nick…I”

“Need to tell him the truth” finished Jack shuffling his way over to her in obvious discomfort, “We need to tell him the truth”.

Nick followed suite, walking until he was standing in front of her also, his guts ached, and he felt queasy, he knew something was wrong.

“The truth” sighed Nick “You can tell me Carrots; I’m your sly fox remember?”

Jack and Judy both looked away from Nick as he spoke the word “Your”, his kindness and naivety making the situation impossible for either to stomach.

Tyrone’s eyes opened, he could hear the voices above him and he knew that all the officers were now within his reach, a dastardly smile planted on his face as he pulled his paws apart gently the chain between the paw cuffs shattering into pieces

“Nick I…”

As Judy began her sentence Nicks attention went elsewhere, his whiskers twitched as did Jacks ears, Nicks nose beginning to sniff instinctively.

“Get DOWN!” cried Nick grabbing Judy by her collar and throwing her behind him, Tyrone stood and in a swift upward motion sliced his claws through Nicks gun, his attacked aimed for Judy but Nicks reaction saved her life. Tyrone’s claws breaking Nicks rifle into two pieces his claws cutting through the steel and shattering it all over the floor, Nick knew if Tyrone wanted he could have split him in half.

Instead Tyrone’s other paw came from the right and palmed Nick in the chest, the sound of three of his major ribs breaking under the pressure followed by an “Oof” as all the oxygen was forced from Nicks lungs and they became instantly bruised. Nick came crashing onto his back where he Lay panting for air, his claws gripping at the collar of his shirt as he felt as though it was suffocating him, a groan of pain and discomfort leaving his muzzle as he rolled around on the floor.

Judy turned in time to see Nick put down, swiftly.

She reached for her holster only to have her paw come back blank.

“Looking for this?” chuckled Tyrone holding Judy’s sidearm, He flexed and broke the gun in pieces as if it were made of plastic. While Judy was being grilled by Nick, Tyrone had been able to use his foxy sleight of hand to swiftly pickpocket Judy’s firearm from her holster.

Jack jumped a pace back and raised his paws in a fighting stance, barely able to stand and hold his own and knowing that no matter what he threw at Tyrone it would be in vain.

“Stay out of this Nick” Tyrone warned pointing a claw at his immobile son, gently letting the remnants of Judy’s gun crumble from his palm, before raising his paws outward and looking to Jack “Come now! You think that a little tranq is gunna keep me down? This aint over yet boys and girls”

“Where were we?” Tyrone asked sarcastically, before he snarled and slimed his way towards Jack who slowly backed away looking around for an escape, his body shaking in fear.

Nick clasped at his broken ribs with one paw, while the other frantically felt around for something to help Jack.

Tyrone was a rabbit length away and jolted back, gearing up his hind legs to pounce, when Nick felt it, he ripped the Velcro straps and looked down the length of his body, rearing his arm back and throwing with all his reserve of energy.

Nicks flick-baton flew through the air, Tyrone to preoccupied with Jack to see it coming.

Jacks horror ridden face suddenly changed to one of preparation and hope as he saw his salvation. He threw his paw out and as if the gods handed them a gift Jacks paw wrapped perfectly around the handle of the baton, using the continued force of the throw to flick it out just as Tyrone lunged at him, Each section of the baton came out with a “clink” until it was locked in place, Tyrone’s jaws came like a wave of death upon Jack.

Jack swung his shoulder with as much speed and power as he could muster and with a bone shattering force he coped Tyrone across his lower mandible, smacking his face to the side, the force knocking Tyrone to the floor.

A yelp escaped Tyrone’s Jaws as he clawed and scratched his way to his feet.

He stood growling before gently rubbing his mouth.

Any other animal would be knocked out or immobilised by the sheer force Jack had just hit with, but Tyrone was no other animal, his substance abuse of Night howler alpha making him undeniably formidable and resilient.

Judy stood still too nervous to intervene, but began to look around for something that may help, she saw a rope attached to a lobster cage and cautiously and quietly she gently began to twirl her right foot tangling her leg within the rope, Nick looked down his chest at her with great difficulty a confused look plastered on his face at Judy’s strange action. He fought with all his might to stand, only to have his ribs ache and burn so much that he had to stop.

Tyrone lunged at Jack and Jack dodged each time hitting him, the baton seemed to injure Tyrone, but also made him more vicious and angry.

Jack ducked and weaved with continuous countering blows to specific part of Tyrone’s abdomen, but Jacks injuries and fatigue caused him to be sluggish and as he miscalculated a movement, Tyrone got a claw around his throat, he was crushing Jacks oesophagus, lifting him off the ground, when a light whistling sound caught Tyrone’s attention, his ears shooting up as the sound seemed to get closer and louder.

Judy finished wrapping her leg in the rope just as Tyrone had grasped Jack around the neck, she threw her leg in a round house kick motion and the lobster cage flew through the air following.

The lobster cage came toward Tyrone at an unbelievable rate, the speed causing a slight whistling noise as air past through it.  The cage smashed over Tyrone’s face. The move startled Tyrone enough that his claws released Jack who followed up with two swift hits to Tyrone’s kneecaps. Putting him on his knees. Jack came down again to smash the baton on Tyrone head but Tyrone bucked forward his forehead smashing Jacks nose and knocking Jack to the ground, his nose felt like it exploded and his face was covered with more blood.

He clasped and clawed at Jack who kicked in vain to get away from him, Tyrone did not see Judy come with a running start, she jumped at the height of her speed sending two large feet smashing Tyrone in the face and knocking him back. Judy using the hit to do a back flip and land protectively in front of Jack.

Tyrone was on the ground struggling to get off his back and to his feet.

“You god damn prey” he cussed spitting on the ground, the first taste of his own blood he had had in years. “You just don’t know when to quite do you”.

Jack got up with strain, and noticed above Tyrone was a pulley system holding a large net of crates, Jack walked over to the pulley system and stopped at the release rope.

Tyrone who was struggling to stand looked over at Jack, then to the pulley system then above his head…“Don’t you dare” threatened Tyrone, through bloody and bruised eyes.

“No!” cried Nick reaching out as if he could stop Jack.

“Shut up and bleed” sneered Jack tearing at the rope, the knot holding the bundle together undid and slid through the pulley system the large net of crates coming down with an almighty crash, shooting dirt up in the air.

Nicks eyes strained as he saw his father disappear under the freight. “no…” he cried slamming his paw down. The dust settled and Jack and Judy came into view.

Jack smiled at Nick with a nod, but Judy could see the look on Nicks face.

“YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO KILL HIM!” cried Nick, trying again to stand, holding his ribs. “I GAVE YOU THE BATON SO YOU COULD NEUTRALISE HIM”

Jack looked to his paw and saw the baton then to Nick, he threw the blood covered bludgeon on the ground and looked over to the wreckage in front of him, dust still surrounding it.

“YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO KILL HIM” Repeated Nick “he was my father…”

“He was a criminal” expressed Jack without remorse, “A dog that had to be put down”.

A momentary silence lingered as Nick and Jacks eyes fought with one another, only to be interrupted.

“…Put this down Jack!” sneered a voice from the blackened dust cloud. As it cleared Tyrone stood with Jacks handgun, that had been knocked from his grasp earlier.


A shot rang out from the dust, however Jack swivelled, pivoting on the spot, the bullet merely touched his flesh, tearing his shoulder open a little, Jack smirked giddily that Tyrone had missed until her heard Nick gasp, saw Tyrone smile cruelly and heard the all but subtle whimper from Judy, his breath caught in his throat as he imaged what had happened, he turned slowly, a little shaken, to see Judy holding her guts, streams of blood passing through her fingers, her ears dropped down.

“Sweet cheese and crackers” coughed Judy her whole body shaking.

“Oh Jesus, Judy no” cried Jack running and holding her up.

“God that hurts” moaned Judy, taking uneven breaths to hold back the pain as Jack Gently sat her down.

Nicks eyes glazed over, Judy was there, on the ground holding her guts, Jack was pinned, no gun, with his paws trying frantically to help Judy, he never meant for things to end this way, Tyrone held the gun in his paw, with a smirk of cruel intentions. His finger danced with the pistol trigger.

“Time to end this” he hisses

Nick only had one thing he can do, what an officer would do. He holds onto a phrase repeating it as he runs in, why this phrase he ponders, he had only heard this song a handful of times, yet this was to be the metronome.

“Try everything” Nicks heart pumps…

A pounding beat of life, a clock wound down to the last second

He remembered walking down the flight of stairs, his brand-new scout uniform ironed and pressed, his dreams of fitting in coming so close to true, to see the eyes of mammals waiting

“Try everything” Nicks heart pumps…

As he raised his hand “I Nick Wilde promise to be brave, loyal, helpful and trustworthy” the sound of a shot rings off, and Nick’s legs carry him faster with urgency.

As black smoke and bullets spew out the end of Tyrone’s pistol, spelling the end for one Jack Savage.

“Try everything” Nicks heart pumps…

“Did you ever think we would trust a fox without a muzzle?”, “What did I do?” cried Nick, “If the world is only going to see a fox as shifty and cunning why be anything else” Judy’s paw lingers on his arm, a feeling he never forgot, the memory twists and turns sick and demented in his mind as he comes back to reality, to see Jack holding his eyes shut ready and protecting Judy with his body, ready for what was coming.

“Try everything” Nicks heart pumps…

He holds his breath sliding in front of Jack with his arms out, he shields his entirety, Jacks eyes widening in shock at Nicks actions, Nicks deep green emerald eyes locking with Jacks aquatic blue a smile planted on Nicks face, a smile that say “Sorry” but for what does Nick have to say sorry Jack ponders.

“Try everything” Nicks heart pumps…

Nick looks up at the podium where Judy stands smiling down on him and he knew that was the moment he fell in love, how silly a fox to be in love with a bunny

“Look after her” he mouths to Jack, his eyes lingering on Jack before looking to Judy, the bunny, his bunny, would he die for her, your damn right he would.

“THUD” “THUD” “THUD”, three bullets tear into Nicks back, his blue uniform torn by the velocity of the bullets small pieces of fabric flutter to the cold ground of the shed on pier 12

He grinds his teeth to hold in the pain. “Judy and me, Judy and me, Judy and me” his mind repeats to himself, giving him something stronger then the pain to think of.

“Try everything” Nicks heart pumps….

The sound of a gunshot rings out and Fangmyer who is screaming through the window cannot be heard as if everything was placed on mute.

“Try everything”

Judy reaches out for Nick, her voice also lost in the void of soundlessness.

“Try everything” Nicks heart pumps….

Nick remembers the moment he made love to Judy and the ring he had chosen through the window of a store once “I’ll give that to her one day” he continually told himself, each time he past the jewellery store, the ring, that he may never give to her.

Nicks can feel the blood dripping from his wounds, it feels as though his uniform has sticky soft drink spilt on it, something he knew the feeling of well, his hustling days with Finnick, sticky pawsicles… “Silly Finnick” chuckles Nicks mind, before he did an inaudible yawn “Man I’m tired” he thought to himself calmly.

“Try everything”, Nicks heart skips a beat, a sickly and unusual feeling…

He can tell its slowing down, Nicks knees shake he can feel his life going, he remembers his mums loving embrace the last time she held him before he ran away from home. Telling her “I don’t want to be a fox”

“Try everything” Nicks heart pumps, a little slower this time.

He drops to his knee, Tyrone has dropped the gun, the gun meant for Jack but that has now hit Nicholas, his own boy, his child, his son.

“Try everything” Nicks heart pumps, fused with adrenaline fighting the inevitable.

He looks to Judy a smirk on his face “Fluff? Is it cold?” he asks with a silly smile, Judy’s face moist with tears knowing he was going delusional, Her response muted, a deaf sentence, but he sees her scurrying to get over to him, the blood soaked dirt beneath her paws making it hard for her to stand and get to him. “She’s so beautiful” says Nicks thoughts bashfully.

Jack reaches out grabbing Nick making sure he doesn’t fall. Jack is covered in so much blood, a mix of his, Judy’s and Nicks. Nick thinks about Jack for a moment, simply misunderstood, “I forgive you, your okay” thinks Nick nodding while starring deep into Jacks eyes.

Jack looks on with worry as to why Nick is nodding at him so calmly.

“Try everything” Nicks heart pumps

As he remembers the day he and Judy shared a cappuccino and he had chocolate foam on his lip, she grabbed and kissed him, before she licked it off and it made him go home and ponder all through the night, the love he felt for her, “But maybe she was just being playful?” he convinced himself.

Nick hits the dirt and Jack and Judy have their paws frantically trying to stop the blood. Nick grabs Judy’s ear and drags his claw up it, the same way he did in her apartment, he doesn’t want to die, her purple eyes the closest thing heaven could be.

“Try everything” the sound of the song became more than a metronomic buzz he was repeating to himself, he could now hear the song clear as day, standing at the concert dancing with Judy; bumping her hip into his until he danced with her.

“Try everything” the words of the song are coming out elongated and deep, and send a shuddering moment of fear through Nick’s entirety.

“Try everything” Nick remembers his first day as a police officer with Judy and the proud smile that never left her furry cheeks, as he caught her smiling at him with pride the whole day.

“Try everything”, “Wait… My heart hasn’t pumped for a while” thinks Nick nervously.

Nicks heart pumps…. He sighs with relief.

Nicks points to his pockets and looks to Jack with a nod.

Jack is confused at first until he realises what Nicks means, he nods once, understanding what Nick asks, Jack grabs the hand gun in Nicks pants and raising it without needing to look, a pro marksman, he takes aim at Tyrone who stands with misery in his eyes, his arms out, ready for his punishment.

“I’m so sorry Nick” Tyrone mutters through a quivering lip, the first tear he had ever cried dripping out his eye. “I’m sorry my boy”

Jack pulls the trigger, a usual perfect shot.


Tyrone’s body hits the floor, blood encircling.

Nicks heart…. Nicks heart…. Nicks heart….

Nicks heart fails, his breath ceases and his paw drops from Judy’s ear, Judy begins CPR

Jack looks around at the chaos and blood; he can’t even hear himself screaming for help at the top of his lungs.

Fangmyer feels his heart break, with tear soaked eyes as he looks through the window to see Nick lying limp in Judy’s arms. He screams into his two way for an ambulance, for an office down… for someone to save Nick”

“Try Everything Nicholas…” whispers a mysterious soft voice in Nick’s ear as his mind goes blank…

“Try everything”.

How Successful You’d be at Fighting Seventeen

S.coups: 100%. This guy is a huge softie, you could honestly take him down with one “boo!” or a firecracker, or even just walk up to him like Hoshi did. Being the bully leader in Nu’est’s music video is as hard as he gets, people. #TheThugLifeDidn’tChooseHim. Precious teddy bear too pure for this world tbh. Easy win, and honestly some of this shit he does is definitely fight worthy like slow your dammit roll Seungcheol slow your roll

Jeonghan: 40%. He’d be kind enough to let you think you have a chance before c r u s h i n g you (have you seen his broad ass shoulders? “delicate pretty princess” my ass) The same way you let a toddler think they’re winning against you, or can run fast enough to catch you. But he wouldn’t be a sore winner :))) Legit fighting him would just make you fall more in love with him because he is an angel interacting with us mere mortals.

Joshua: 90%. Honestly Joshua probably wouldn’t even fight you?? He’d like offer to sing you a song and you’d forget about fighting because his eyes sparkle brighter than your future and just pretty how why. The same way you lose your train of thought when thinking about his eyes, you’d lose fighting energy


Hoshi: 70%. Do not be fooled by his on-stage image, off stage he’s an idiot who would hurt himself if not kept under constant supervision. Scream something like naega hosh (where did the fucking “i” go in hosh, soonyoung?) and then do a sneak attack. Hoshi’s sneak attacks consist of him screaming “sneak attack!” so you got a pretty fair shot.

Wonwoo: 60%. Not even because he’s intimidating (don’t let the face fool you, have you s e e N THE S W EATER P AWS) but because he’d be too lazy to fight you. But being distracted by his sweater paws gives him time to hit you with them and how can you even be mad at being slapped by oversized floppy sleeves

Woozi: -40%. Do not try it. This deceiving little pastel ball of natural unfair cute is very skilled at using unconventional items for combat (guitar anyone?). Even if he doesn’t have anything, he’ll still bring you down. Shake the life out of you like he did to Wonwoo, bite you like he did Mingyu, hop on your back and throw you to the side like he did to Mingyu, pretty much anything he does to Mingyu. He’ll probably brain you with a Minions plushie. You laugh, but I can see those shifty eyes.

DK: No percent fits because it’d be like fighting the sun. Like Hoshi, he’s also a huge danger-to-himself dork. But his smile can blind you so instant fatality. Seriously. Fighting the sun. He’s not even aware of his power which makes him all the more dangerous

Mingyu: 89%. huge freaking puppy despite the height, he’s just an overgrown baby no need for fear. B!U!T! Watch out for the hygiene attacks, he might take you down with tuberculosis. 

Minghao: WHY WOULD YOU FIGHT AN INNOCENT BABY CHILD. all my precious mini bun wants is to smile and make friends and cheer on his members and do flippity flips. Fighting him would be a crime against humanity. It would be like kicking a small puppy wrapped in rainbows. (also minghao is low-key savage af so even if you were a puppy murder and wanted to fight him, you’d lose)

Seungkwan: 0%. He could take you down with one “bitch please” look, you see how he looks at soonseok half the time. Fighting him would be a bad idea, cause he’ll get hyped AF. You might bust a gut from laughing at him but jokes on you, who’s the fab af winner here? Not you. He’s beauty,he’s grace. He’s from Jeju.

Vernon: 120%. THE chillest 17-year-old. I mean tbh he looks stoned a good portion of the time (especially on stage) anyways. Besides that, he’s just a smol puppy child who’s honestly such a cute shy smol bean. But still beat his ass for all that cussing. Cussing lil fucker, Joshua raised you better than that (he done taught the tol puppy how to cuss too!!!)

Dino: Why? All he wants is to dancey dance with his Hoshi hyung and listen to Michael Jackson. I mean if you’re a terrible person, go ahead and fight him. Actually don’t even try it, every Seventeen member will get hype and take you down. #DinoProtectionSquad (love and protect my son, protect Lee Chan)

so, a few days ago, i had a huge mental breakdown because of all the shit going on in my life rn, and i vented to the deacon squad. (i’m doing much better by the way.) a bunch of stuff is going on with my friends, as well as my dad being a bit of a douche, and it’s taking a huge toll on me. so the deacon squad got together and made a “companions cheering cecil up” reaction. i want to share it because it makes me ridiculously happy and i want to show off how amazing my friends are. thank u again to everyone in the deacon squad for this!

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Zootopia Fan-story ENTRY 8 Tumblr- Lonewolfwriter

Jack was happy about what he had done to Nick but not nearly satisfied enough, he walked up to the closest coffee shop where a buffalo and rhino were speak.

“Good Morning gentleman” greeted Jack almost boastfully.

The rhino and buffalo turned with smiles the rhino moving out of the way so Jack could order “Well good Morning sir”, stated the buffalo “what can I get ya?”

“Just a coffee, thanks lads”

“One coffee coming right up” confirmed the buffalo.

While the buffalo was making Jacks coffee he turned Back to the Rhino “and yeah like I was saying, I wasn’t gunna tell the fox, I was the manager, as if I’d ever hire him!” Jacks ears perked up and he turned his head interrupting immediately

“Pardon me, what did you just say?”

“Oh, a fox came looking for a job I had put in the paper” explained the buffalo while frothing the milk for Jacks coffee.

“You don’t say…? Any idea which way the fox headed?” questioned Jack, making sure it was Nick.

The rhino pointed “yeah he went off that way”. The rhino pointing in the direction of Judy’s apartment. “Oh this is just too good” murmured Jack “he thinks he can prove something by getting a job?”

“What was that buddy?” asked the buffalo reaching down to hand Jack the coffee.

“Nothing at all gents, good day to you” he stated with a tip of his coffee.

Jack headed back the way he came from, following Nicks trail. Jack pulled out his phone dialling a number as he followed Nick’s tracks to the laundromat, as he spoke to the laundromat owner he held the phone to his chest so that the person on the other end wouldn’t hear him. “Excuse me?” he asked the lioness in the laundromat “Have you seen a fox?”

She rolled her eyes “ye, always get the shifty ones answering my ads”.

“Do you know where he went?” pried Jack

She pulled up yesterday’s news paper from her desk, it was identical to Nicks, she handed it to Jack “Well if he’s following this list, he’ll be at the “watering hole” pub two blocks down, there looking for a security officer for nights… perfect for a fox” she added slyly.

Jack leaned his elbow on the counter “tell me about it!” he said with a roll of his eyes. “Aren’t they the worse?”

The lioness nodded “you’re telling me… so is he a friend of yours?” she retorted.

Jack pulled a face of grotesque “absolutely NOT!”

“So why you so interested?” she asked folding a shirt.

“Its personal I guess”.

Nick got to the Watering Hole tavern and opened the rickety door, it was dark and dingy and there was only one animal behind the bar, a hippopotamus with thick eyeliner, obviously covering the bags under her eyes from her lack of sleep, she had two hoop earrings in and she wore an apron that came to her waist and was drying a set of beer glasses with a red and white checked tea towel.  

She looked over seeing Nick looking around “Hay, Hay sweetie were not open for anudda hour” she explained speaking from the side of her mouth.

“Oh I apologise, the door was open so I thought perhaps, you were open”.

“nah-uh not for another hour, sorry Hun”.

“Well, I mean I’m not here for a drink, I’m actually here to answer the job ad in yesterday’s paper” explained Nick holding up the paper and pointing his paw to it.

Pricilla, the bartender and manager, starred at the paper and saw all the ads with red marks through them then saw her own ad.

“Awww sweetie, sorry, I thought you were tryna get in eraly, wouldn’t be the ferst time lemme tell ya, come have a sit” she stated pointing to the stool in front of the bar.

Nicks face lit up like a Christmas tree, perhaps he was finally catching a break he thought. He jumped up and cupped his paws in front of him and could feel a ridiculous smile making its way across his face.

“I’m Pricilla by the way, I own this here pub” she stated putting her hand out for a shake, Nick grasped it tight and shook it once

“it is lovely to meet you Pricilla” he responded

“You to mister….?”

Nick put his paw to his forehead “Oh how rude of me Nick, Nick Wilde”.

“So can I getcha a soda water or sometin?”

“Please” beamed Nick.

“well arnt chu a well-mannered fella” she complimented as she slid a glass in front of him “ere you are foxy, enjoy”

Pricilla flicked the tea towel over her shoulder and leant in over the bar so she was face to face with Nick “so, whachu got der?” she stated pointing to the folders under his arm.

“Oh right” he lifted one up and handed one of the folders to her “This is my resume” she lifted it up and down several times “aint real weighty is it?”

Nick looked down to the bar a little disheartened.

“Hay look hun, how about this, you just tell me ya good points and I’ll make the decision?”

Nick looked back up, this was his chance he took a breath “well mainly I did a little hustle and bustle, got street smart, then became a cop and that didn’t work out so here I am” short and quick thought Nick.

“A coppa aye? Well that’s pretty impressive, you wouldn’t be lying to me now wouldcha?” she asked sceptically

Nick put his hand on heart “absolutely not ma’am you can see the form in my credentials”.

Pricilla flicked open Nicks resume and there it sat as big as life the work history of Nick and his diploma in policing.

She raised her eyes brows “Well I’ll be, never thought they would…” she stopped and looked at Nick “well you know with all the stereotypes”

“You never thought they would recruit a fox” he finished for her.

She shrugged and nodded simultaneously in agreeance before continuing “So the job is mainly night shift I’m sure that won’t bother you, you may have to get rough every once in a while but with you police background I doubt dat will be a problem and you’ll be workin bout 4 days, mainly weekend, So sugar, when can you start?”

Nick grinned “when do you need me?”

Jack walked down the street on the phone “yes, so you got the picture I sent you? No, the mugshot…yes, Yeah channel 22, no thank you my friend, I owe ya”

Jack hung up the phone as he reached the door to the “Watering Hole” He gently pushed the door open making sure it wouldn’t creak, the bar was on the far right hand wall and he made his way to the left hand side of the room and sat down, when Pricilla noticed him.

“Oh, sorry Hun were shut, this here’s just a private interview”.

Jack put his feet up on the table leaning back “A job interview, I assume?” he questioned rhetorically with a cock of his head.

Nicks fur raised on the back of his neck he didn’t have to turn around to see who was sitting there.

“Yeah, why? You after the job to Bunny, cause no offence you don’t look like you can handle yaself real well” accused Pricilla, annoyed at Jacks arrogance.

“Oh me, no miss, I don’t need a job, I have a perfectly good one down at the ZPD”

“Yeah so why you here then?”

Jack smiled “I’m soo glad you ask, because, well, you see” he stated Kicking off the table and standing up “I’m working on this Reeaal important case”. He made his way to the bar stopping just behind Nick.

“And you see, well, I just gotta make sure things are ship shape when it comes to my investigations”.

Nicks was trying to keep his cool and so just drank the water in front of him. Pricilla noticed Nick’s agitation. “whadaya want Rabbit? I think you should leave” she barked bluntly.

“Okay that’s fine, but before I leave can you just turn on channel 22 for me a moment?” Pricilla looked at Jack a moment and he just nodded in approval, she turned hesitantly and clicked the television that changed channel and the first thing that popped up made Nicks eyes widen.

“an anonymous tip of to our news teams has confirmed, that Officer Nicholas P Wilde of the ZPD, is pending investigation, in the attempted murder of His long-time partner Officer Judy Hopps, and one agent Jack Savage, Judy if you recall, was the officer who foiled Mayor Bellwether attempts to divide Zootopia, Chief Bogo head of the ZPD refuses to comment at this time.”

The reported spoke, with a mugshot of Nick beside her, Pricilla turned back to Nick who slowly undid his tie to expose his shock collar that beeped once. He placed his tie on the bar top and sighed awaiting scrutiny.

Pricilla however didn’t attack Nick or slander him she put her hand over her mouth. “Oh sweetie…”

Jack fixed his cufflinks “he’s no sweetie, just a typical fox, just a criminal”

Pricilla looked at Jack mad for his prejudice “yeah well, whatzat got to do with anything? Huh? Who cares” she stated trying to defend Nick who just sighed, Knowing Jacks answer.

“well, Hun-“he started sardonically “as his probationary officer, I sign of on where he works, and a pub, with a known felon, well I can’t sign off on that and as a bartender and owner you should know section 17 of the liquor act, no one with a criminal record or pending investigation can serve in or behind a bar, especially as security”

Jack walked up beside Nick grabbing his collar roughly and pulling him down to his level “Just leave Zootopia fox, I will make every day here hell for you”.

“And what if I tell Bogo you’re targeting me?” Nick responded.

Jack smiled and pulled his ear right into his mouth his whisper so faint, “it’s my word against yours!” he threw Nick back up “Try getting that on your recordings” he spat, buttoned his shirt and bee lining for the door. He stopped at the door and turned “and don’t worry fox, I’ll take real good care of Officer. Hopps”.

Nicks Grasped his glass so tight it shattered into his paw, his collar shocking him. Jack smiled pleased with himself walking out.

Pricilla who had her hand over her mouth, quickly jumped into gear grabbing Nick’s paw gently and wrapping it in the tea towel.

Nick looked up to her his eyes pleading, Pricilla knew the look, she wished she could give him the job but she just sighed “I’m so sorry Hun…”

Nick understood what she meant. “No…I’m Sorry, thank you for your hospitality…Can I borrow this?” he finished pointing to the cloth.

“Sure Hun”.

Nick slid from the bar stool and made for the door “Sorry about your glass”


Wilde looked back without a word

But Pricilla was lost for words, nothing she could say would comfort him.

As Nick walked out onto the street from the dimly lit bar, his shoulder hung low, his face was vacant, all sadness and anger aside he was just cold and numb, even when a older boar had walked into him screaming “watch it fox!” he just moved with the nudge, no resistance, no fight.

His shirt, that had been pristine in the early hours of the morning, the hopeful hours, was now crinkle and wrinkled; he dragged his non-bloody paw through his combed hair messing it up gently, his tie thrown over his shoulder. He looked at his watch and sighed shutting his eyes tight wishing that this was all a dream, 11:29, 31 minutes and he would be have to be at the ZPD, for a meeting…with Officer Jack…. and Judy.