get fucked England


A couple anons asked for some 2Ps so here ya go! I’ve never drawn them before and dunno much about them so I hope this is ok! :) Also, I got a new drawing tablet and its the bees knees cuz I draw so much faster omg

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On the topic of the rocky mountain oysters, what is the worst food any of the Anglos have forced the others to eat? (Scones don't count.)

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Okay, wow, it took me a really long time to hear this, but England is actually going through with the Brexit. You're from the UK, right? If not, sorry to bother then, but if you are, I'm just wondering what you think about all this.

I am utterly embarrassed, appalled, ashamed, and every doom that comes down upon our colossally stupid country for this has been earned throughout history, and yet I still wish it wasn’t happening. The people who will suffer the most from it are undoubtedly the ones who deserve it the least, and I just hope we can pull together to survive and reverse it (although frankly if I was the EU there wouldn’t be any sympathy like what the actual fuck England)

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Ahhhh,since you drew them normally asleep,could we see them either as kids or as nyos sleeping together?

M!A: Deaged anglos start! [0/7?]

((In which everyone but Ireland (and the rest of the UK) was bratted

Hatch Day

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America had never before felt the need to slam the front door in the owner of the house’s face, but if he could categorize his current feelings they aligned somewhere in that area, nestled snugly between ‘you have got to be fucking kidding me’ and ‘how am I even surprised’.

England, to his credit, was trying to do his best to maintain his composure despite the bloated snake body that extended down from his waist, because that was the English thing to do. And if anyone were an Englishman, it was he, when he could manage it, and that meant not acknowledging extremely awkward facts about one’s surroundings for so long as one could manage.

Unfortunately his guest was far less tactful.

“Okay, really, what the actual fuck?”

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Protective daddy Ryan in Let's play mine craft clean house
  • Gavin: Ryan, I think you'd know by now if you were working with a genius
  • Geoff: that is insulting
  • Ryan: my kids are actually pretty smart
  • Gavin: I'm not saying they're not I'm saying you should know if they were or not.
  • Ryan interrupts Gavin: I am pretty sure my two year old does math better than you right now
  • Jack: ohhhh get fucked England!
  • Gavin: Ryan is still a little bit hot
  • Ryan: don't come at my kids. I'll break your fucking legs
  • Geoff: did you just say not to come in your kids?
  • Ryan drops down on Gavin's screen: don't come at..don't come in or at my kids
  • Gavin laughs: he came on my screen and flew in my face