get airborne


Xavier was using the solar mesh on his wings to regain some energy as he perched on the wall, looking around the surrounding area while he rested until he had the feeling of being watched. Flipping down his eyepiece the pteranodon turned his head, his wings folding as he rested his hands against the ground to keep himself balanced as he turned “someone there?”

It wasn’t a voice that called back to the creature, though a strange sound did emanate from a point directly behind his position, foreshadowing the approach of danger. Unhurriedly, murky wisps of purple tinged nothingness gathered together in a circle, a disk of darkness that soon gave rise to human-like shape, swathed in ebony, duel shotguns at the ready. It was a risky manoeuvre, using his shadow step ability to drop into close proximity of the hunkered down pteranodon, but it was one that Reaper embraced all the same, having deemed those wings of his to pose a problem should he allow other the chance to get airborne. 

“Don’t move. Stay still.” As if to hammer home what his actions threatened, he intoned a warning in that unearthly pitch of his, placing doubt in the minds of those who only knew him by reputation or perhaps not at all if the owl masked terrorist was even human to begin with.

“Unless you want to share the same faith that awaited the T-Rexes, not so long ago.”