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I feel like Taehyung would be the type to randomly come up behind you while you’re on your phone or something and gently raise your shirt up and wrap his arms around your stomach so he can feel your skin and he would probably tuck his chin into your neck and just stare at you from the side while you focused on your phone or the tv or whatever and im about to cry

Peter Kavinsky is the light of my life

I just love him so so so very much. Here’s a quick few reasons why he’s joined my fictional boyfriend list

  • The fact that he tries to justify Gen’s rude remarks about LJ’s boots
  • How he saw the relationship being long term (ex: ski trip)
  • Drinking kombucha because he was driving
  • Finding out LJ’s favorite snacks and going across town to get them
  • Continuing to write cute little notes
  • And something about his presence is very calming and comforting

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In conclusion, I am once again ruined by a fictional character

Eraserhead and Drunk Mic
BnHA CD-drama 5
Eraserhead and Drunk Mic

[Mic, drunkenly interrupting a serious conversation]: YEEEAAAHHH IT’S JUST AS ERASER SAYS!

[Aizawa]: You shut up.

[Mic, quietly]: Okay sorry..


[Mic, drunkenly interrupting a serious conversation again]: YEEEAAAH IT’S JUST AS ALL-MIGHT SAYS!

[Aizawa]: shut up.

[Mic, considerably more quiet]: yes, sorry..


[ᶠᵘᶫᶫ ᶜᵈ⁻ᵈʳᵃᵐᵃ ⁵ ʰᵉʳᵉ]


So Magnus and Alec had a bit of a problem where Magnus was in Valentine’s body, and Alec didn’t believe him? And there was a lot of, sort of betrayal on that? And it didn’t really went anywhere? Is that something that’s gonna come back?

2x12 Alec/Valentine/Magnus Scene Recap by Matthew Daddario 


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Just got back from Beauty and the Beast

and guys, all that stuff about lefou being bad representation? its wrong. throughout the movie, he gets more and more uncomfortable with what gaston is doing, and then, at the end, in the final dance member, they show him dancing with another guy. also, despite the name, hes not at all as foolish as his animated counterpart. hes shown to be more intelligent than a lot of the villagers who follow gaston around, and even switches sides in the big battle, saving the life of a beloved member of the castle servants. hes a good guy, and, honestly, sure, the representation isnt perfect, but i went into that movie expecting him to be the comic relief character bumbling after gaston, and mooning after him. he wasnt. there was definitely something unrequited there, yes, and he did do some things that were questionable, but hes not portrayed as foolish, or evil. hes one of the most developed characters among the villagers, and he even gets at least a hint of a happy ending when he dances in the final dance number. he makes up for all of his ‘evil’ actions, recognizes them as wrong, and gets his happy ending. please, dont boycott this film. its really good.

also, a bonus: the relationship between belle and the beast is actually really well developed and realistic. theyre both very well developed characters, with touching stories and realistic emotions.

tl:dr: lefou isnt portrayed as an idiot and he gets a happy ending with a random background dude, and also the romance between beast and belle is good

Agon and Eilonwy spend almost a year with the orcs before they leave. During which they participate in many festivals and Eilonwy gets to enjoy dancing again for the first time since she lost her sight.

who deserves happiness and everything good in the world?

Getting Called Gay
  • Jeremy: It's a sign up sheet for getting called gay
  • Michael: *winks and breaks the fourth wall* Sign us right the fuck up. Cause his gay ass, boy lemme tell ya