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Meme when I rescued her from the snowy streets of Brooklyn vs Meme now!! She’s v good at giving cuddles and love and getting zesty at 3 am.

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Why was there no oversharing in your last post in the tags?

ohmygod you actually read them?? that just makes my day! I’ll do my best to make my oversharing just zesty enough for you, anon 

Recipe of the Day: Ree’s Perfect Enchiladas
With one seriously magical, time-saving ingredient, you can get all the zesty, spiced-up flavor of saucy, restaurant-style enchiladas at home.

Tales of Zestiria Countdown Sign Ups

Hello! We are officially opening sign ups for the Tales of Zestiria Countdown! ToZ is slated for release on October 16th in the EU, and October 20th in NA.

We are looking for artists to draw Zestiria-related works! Artists of all levels are free to join. We would like to gather enough artists for both the European and North American countdown!

If you are interested in joining, please check under the cut!

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help zesty get a binder/new clothes

with the new year already started i figured id finally make a post so excuse me if its a little short or not well put together but

as a lot of you probably know, im a dfab nonbinary individual and started using neutral pronouns in early 2014, but i am still fairly uncomfortable with my body and would like to make some changes for the new year

(whoah that me)

i havent yet talked to my parents about it that much, mostly because my mother is pretty religious and some things she’s said regarding the lgbt community in the past has made me nervous about it, but also because my preferred name change was met with laughter and she won’t call me anything but my birth name.

however, i have talked about the possibility of a breast reduction with them because i am currently a 34DDD/E, which causes a lot dysphoria and physical pain for me because of the size and weight of my chest

unfortunately, breast reduction surgery is expensive and it is highly unlikely that our insurance will cover it, so a proper and durable binder will be something that can give me some comfort for a while until i’m able to consider breast reduction, and maybe even topsurgery eventually

i am also in need of some new clothes (jeans, shirts, etc.) due to my current weight loss and the fact that i’ve cleaned my closet out of most of my dresses and skirts, which i am no longer comfortable wearing in public as myself

due to mental illness and learning disabilities (i have adhd, clinical depression, and anxiety disorder), it’s been very difficult for me to try and find a job i can safely work at so commissions are essentially what i’m relying on in order to buy these things for myself

the binder i’m highly considering is pretty expensive due to me needing a much larger size, so i’m going to give a link to all of my current commissions posts

>> HERE <<

but i am also willing to negotiate prices on full body pieces like these:

i can draw a variety of things but i generally will do:

- humans

- anthro/furry (though my furry art isn’t the strongest)

- monster people

- nudity/nsfw

- guro/gore/body horror

- simple backgrounds

- certain fetishes like bondage or s&m

however, i will NOT draw:

- shota/loli (or anything pornographic regarding underage characters for that matter)

- this also includes blatant abuse of underage characters, so please dont ask me to draw your preteen ocs with black eyes and bloody noses

- super hardcore hentai sex time

- complex backgrounds/buildings

- inflation, footfetishes, scat, etc.

if you’re interested in buying anything from me, my email is

the above email is also my paypal, though i’m sort of hesitant to ask for donations i’d be very grateful for even a small one

or you can just shoot me a message through tumblr

you dont have to buy anything but if you could maybe boost this so other people who are interested can see i’d really appreciate it a lot

thanks for your time guys and have a happy 2015