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Just Fall Things: All Grown Up

Featuring: Byun Baekhyun, You

Written by: Admin V

He didn’t wait around, not like you—trying each and every year to work up the courage to confess that alright, so maybe you had been in love with him since the tenth grade.

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“B-Baekhyun? Is that you?”

“Oh my god, get over here!”

Your heart swelled to the size of the moon when you saw Byun Baekhyun at the annual Thanksgiving dinner. It was a huge mix up of warm smells from the kitchen, haven’t-seen-in-years relatives, and most of all, good family friends.

Or for you, perhaps, it would be called: good family friend’s son that you more than had a crush on.

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This is a small announcement for those who dont know. During the summer it can get extremely hot depending on your location. Once it gets past a certain temp, your skin can swell a bit. This is completely normal so no need to worry. I was scared because my fingers looked chubby but after being inside for a few hours it was back to normal. But anyways, its nothing to worry about. Just drink lots of water when youre putside and stay hydrated!

Thank you!

I should never doubt my gf's wisdom
  • me: i hate being sick but at least it didnt get too bad, the glands in your neck swelling up means you're on the mend
  • gf: you have an infection and a fever
  • me: no i took my temperature this morning I'm fine
  • gf: trust me
  • ...
  • ...
  • me: [checks later] shit yeah thats 99.1°F

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when you get this, respond with five things that make you happy, then send it to the last ten people in your notifications on anon! (Hope you have a good day!!)

I got this three times (thank you very much to all three) so I’ll put fifteen down here ✨

1) The smell of fresh laundry
2) Andrew-Keenan Bolger
3) Newsies
4) Getting a maths problem right after trying for a while
5) Getting super nice comments or a lot of notes on a fic or post
6) Singing in the shower
7) The knee bop in sincerely me
8) When the lights rise on you on stage and you just feel at home
9) Dancing in the kitchen with my mam
10) My friend Mary
11) The swell in your chest you get when listening to that one line in a song that gets you each time
12) Watching my friends succeed
13) Tea
14) When me and my friends get in a circle and banter with each other back and forth
15) The feeling that you belong

Wisdom Teeth

Boy; Leo

Wisdom teeth is not a game. It’s almost like a rite of passage into adulthood, except there are some exceptions with teeth. You may not have  to get wisdom teeth removed, but there is an 85% chance you will have to. Think of wisdom teeth as big jerks that like to screw around with other teeth and make them grow awkward and weirdly. As bad as it sounds, it isn’t as immensely terrible as everyone makes it seem.u are actually getting those teeth extracted today.
Sure your mouth swells up, you look like a chipmunk, and you can’t eat most foods for a week, but hey you can have ice cream all week!
Speaking of wisdom teeth, I should probably mention that you’re on your way right as we speak.

 Your leg would not stop shaking as you bounced it up and down in the backseat of your (M/p) car, Leo, your boyfriend, was seated beside you with a comforting smile lacing his perfectly shaped lips as he talked about how adorable you would be and how he couldn’t wait for the laughing gas to take effect once you got there.
“You’re going to look like a chipmunk! It’s going to be so cute it’s like you have your mouth stuffed with a bunch of nuts or something. ”
You fidgeting didn’t seem to bother him much because it only made him keep talking, “ Leo I’d appreciate it if your mouth was closed from now on. ”
You snapped at him in a nervous yet icy tone. 
A look of hurt flashed across his face and he shut his mouth, a pout becoming noticeable on his lips while he turned to look out the window.
Panging hammered at the edges of your heart, it seemed like all it needed was a chisel to make you break and apologize and your (M/p)’s glare from the rearview mirror was the missing chisel. You sighed deeply and turned your head in Leo’s direction, “ I’m sorry for snapping at you, I shouldn’t have done that. I’m just really panicked about people sticking their fingers in my mouth. “ 
Leo’s usual happy demeanor disappeared once he saw your troubled face, your brows were furrowed and your breathing pattern a little faster than normal.
” I’m sorry too, I didn’t think you were this nervous about it. I swear on the river Styx that ’ll be there the whole time until this is over and you feel better. “
A slight sound of thunder rolled in the distance indicated that the oath was heard and that Leo will now be held to it on pain of death.
A ghost of a smile hinted at your lips at his unnecessary use of an oath, but no matter how much you tried, you could not simply ignore his attempts at comforting.
You leaned over to meet your lips to his cheek as a ' Thank you for trying to calm me'  gesture.
Soon after the thank you kiss; you all arrived at the parking lot of the orthodontic center, your (M/p) swung the car to the side and pulled into a parking space.
Biting your lip and bouncing your leg once more showed Leo that you were nervous, again. He took your hand in his and squeezed reassuringly so you would know he’s there.
 Taking in a sharp breath and slowly letting it out, you opened the car door. ” Let’s get this over with. “


The whole surgery was actually pretty easy. It took  around 35 minutes in total of putting the IV in, going under with laughing gas, taking each tooth out, and finally waking up. A few moments after you woke up completely intoxicated with pain meds and laughing gas, both of the two were taking up your senses and blocking out any straight thoughts that came to mind. The hygienist led you to the front room to hand you off to Leo so your m/p could  sign forms. You slumped right to Leo’s side and wrapped your arms around his waist loosely with Leo doing the same, only his arms wrapped around your whole body to hold you up.You gazed up at him weak-eyed,” or os is werd ” You slurred from the cotton in your mouth and the lack of feeling in your mouth. He looked surprised and then busted with laughter, “ My nose is weird? ” Instead of answering him you poked his nose lightly and get tapping it repeatedly which caused him to laugh even more. He took your finger in his hand and pressed it to his lips lightly in an attempt to be sweet. You narrowed your eyes at him suspiciously, “ or oin ta bit me? ” He grinned and bit your finger lightly teasingly. You made a weird sound that sounded that a scream and smacked him as hard as you could manage on the chest, which wasn’t that hard at all.
He chuckled and shook his head, dusting your face with soft curls. “ You crack me up, Y/n.” When your m/p waved you both over to the exit he encircled his lanky arms around you and walked you out safely. 
Once in the car and buckled in, your head lolled over into Leo’s lap lazily. He laughed and smoothed your hair out to tuck it behind your ear, leaning down to kiss your cheek swiftly.
You groaned the best you could and certainly as loud as you could, “ No on lush meh.” You droned out with your (e/c) shut tightly.
Leo gasped like he was offended, “ I love you! I’m your boyfriend, after all. ” He stated proudly with a smirk edging its way on his lips.
Without any warning; you started gagging, in your fingers the cotton that was supposed to stay in your mouth.
“No! What’re you doing? ” Leo panicked, snatching the cotton out of your hand and stuffing it back inside your swollen mouth.
Your gagging lessened after the cotton was re installed in its original place.
“ Uh, Mr./Mrs. (L/n)? Are we there yet? I think she’s going to puke… “ 
Your (m/p)’s head whipped back to look at your gagging self laying in Leo’s lap, still in a daze. 
” Sit her up! Make sure she doesn’t choke on anything. “ The car swerved to the left then swerved to the right in a fast moment that made your stomach lurch and the fluids from your stomach  fill up your throat, the stomach acid burning your throat and giving a bad taste to linger once it went down.
” I pheel…. punny Eo. My tummy ise phloppy. “ You tried to get out, letting some extra saliva drip on Leo’s brown cargo pants, they’re stained anyway so who cares?
Leo made a face at the spit on his knee, but knew you didn’t mean it. He sat you up between him and the window, rolling the window down so the cool breeze would hopefully help you keep your stomach’s contents inside.
Your (m/p) whipped the car into the driveway to park the car, unintentionally making your forehead come in contact with the seat in front of you.
Leo’s shot forward and brought you back to his side so you wouldn’t move anymore. You reached down slowly and unbuckled yourself, giggling slightly at the whirring sound it made when it retracted itself. Leo unbuckled himself as well and pulled you to his lap so you could get out first.
” Here, I want you to hold on to the door until I get out too, okay? “ Leo instructed looking straight into your cloudy (e/c) eyes with a serious look in his chocolate brown ones, giving off that high authority vibe. 
You nodded once and slid out of the car to grasp the open door and wait like he said to do. What either of you seemed to notice is that blood was dripping from your lips in a slow manner, Leo slid out of the car easily and immediately came to your side, wrapping an arm around your waist and steadying you as you both pursued to walk to the front door of your house, blood still  not noticeably dribbling down the side of your chin through the side of your mouth.
Once inside of your home; the pattering of blood finally caught Leo’s attention as he gasped  and shouted for your (m/p) to get a towel. 
Right on Que you started to gag again, only this time more violently than the time in the car, the fluids not dispersing back to your stomach like it should be. Leo didn’t even second guess your actions this time but instead forced you into a run to the bathroom, but you didn’t make it in time unfortunately. The fluid shot out of your mouth like a water hose and on the the bathroom tiles, painting them a juicy red color.
You groaned and placed a hand on your throat in displeasure, ” I phink I swallowed tha chotten.. “ You were right, what used to be a fluffy white ball of cotton was now the evidence of cause for your spew of red.
Leo saw your (m/p) in the doorway starring at the floor in disgust before looking back up to you in sorrow, ” Leo, “ He/She said in a exasperated voice, ” You take her up to her bedroom and make sure she doesn’t cause another murder scene in the floor. “ Leo nodded and took your waist for better grip once more, ” She could dress herself, right? “ He asked with a faint blush dusting his dark cheeks. Your (m/p) nodded quickly while they cleaned up the blood out of the floor, ” Just make sure she doesn’t get hurt and she can dress herself. “ 
So up to your room you went with a awkward Leo helping you along the way. He went over to your drawers and pulled out a Penguin sleep shirt and some plaid black and red pajama shorts for you, ” Just put these on and I’ll just turn this way.. “ He looked down at his feet while he faced the wall, he had way too much respect for you to watch you undress without consent from you or from your parents.
” I id it! “ You attempted to shout in success, raising your arms over your head in triumph. 
Leo turned back around to see you fully clothed in your sleeping attire and happily snuggled under your sheets with your favorite childhood stuffed animal wrapped up in your arms.
Leo grinned at the sight and went to sit beside you the bed, making it sink down a little with the new weight.
” I hope you feel better soon, mi amor. “ He pushed back your hair with his rough calloused fingers and leaned down to place a soft kiss to your temple.
He slowly stood up with a gentle smile crossing his face, your eyes shut without effort and your breathing relaxed. He started to turn and leave when he heard a small whining sound, ” Stay an puddle me baybay. “ Your words were slurred a little more from the pillow, but your message was received nonetheless since he slid in next to you a few seconds later. Both of you cuddled next to each other was a lovely sight to see, especially since he was taking care of you for a change. "I told you I’d be here with you, do I ever break promises? ”

**Research. Research. Research. Ugh I’m so done with being so detailed in things like this. This is 7 pages long guys. This is the longest in this imagine thing so far and man was this hard to write. I hope you enjoy it because I know it’s been anticipated for quite some time. Sorry for making you wait!**

My terrible spn poem cuz I don't pay attention in English class

Roses are red, violet’s are blue, do I look like a ditchable prom date to you?

Goodnight Sammy, Mary is dead, and poor old John Winchester is filled up with dread.

Dad’s on a hunting trip, Sam loves Jess, but it’s to late, Azazel made Sammys life a fucking mess,

67 Chevy, Dean loves his pie, we all hope that he’ll share it with Cas, the right guy.

Wow Sammy got stabbed! Dean went to hell! Oh wait! He was raised from perdition! Thanks Cas your swell!

Crowley is king, Cas keeps getting broken, and we all fucking know it, Cain was like, smokin.

What’s up bitches! Kevin on the honor roll. It’s not his fault the car of life rammed into a pole.

Luci is sweet, metatron is evil, I don’t care if this doesn’t rhyme SATAN is nicer than metatron.

Carry on my wayward son, there’ll be peace when you are done, lay your weary head to rest, don’t you cry no more.

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this is the BEST thing ive ever used for my acne out of all the other creams and gels ive tried. i also rlly recommend their liquid sprayable formula for wound care, especially for my fellow dermatillomania ppl. it works wonders on my spots that ive picked at and all u have to do is spray the area a few times a day and it heals super quick and doesnt sting

No, Westy no - Misha Collins x Reader (’Oh Westy’ Sequel) ~Sneak Peek

“No, I don’t want to get up!” you said and covered your head with the blankets.

“No! Come on, mommy!” you heard West whine again and you had a hard time not smiling at hearing him call you ‘mom’ again. Maybe some part of you felt sad that you were not actually this amazing child’s mother, and were never actually going to be, but hearing him call you that and knowing that he actually consider you like his mother made your heart swell.

“Mooom! Get uuuup!” he whined again and you giggled when you felt him tug at your covers, trying and of course failing to take them off of you.

“No, Westy! No!” you said through more laughter, feeling him jump up and down.

“Pleeease!” he said in a baby voice again.

You had no chance to respond this time because Misha’s voice cut you off.

“What is going on here?” you could hear the smile in his voice and uncovered your head to look at him leaning against the door.

His smile got even bigger when he saw your own huge one.

“Daddy!” West exclaimed “Mommy won’t get up!” he said making a pout-y face.

The smile slightly fell from your face when you heard West call you 'mom’ in front of Misha. You knew that Misha was going to probably say to West that you were not his mother; and thus prove to you once again that he did not feel the same way you did.

“Oh is that so?” Misha raised a playful eyebrow at you and smiled even more, making you actually wonder if he heard what West said.

“So mommy refuses to get up from bed, huh? Let’s see what we can do about that” he smirked as he came closer to you and your eyes widened at seeing the mischievous glint in his eyes.

“No, Misha, no!” you shook your head and tried to back away from him.

“Oh yes, (Y/n), yes!” he grinned widely and before you could react he was on top of you attacking your sides mercilessly, your hysterical giggles, his low chuckle and West’s laughter filling the room.

So, here comes a preview of Oh Westy Pt. 2 which as you see is going to be called No, Westy no. What do you think?

Familiar Eyes: Dan Howell

                                               chapter one

Where has the time gone? I feel the months of my year escaping me like the swirls of hot breath in chilly February air. I have spent the past few months in and out of thought, under my blanket of sadness and in the piercing light. I guess you could say it keeps me on my toes, but as any dancer would tell you, it gets tiring. Your toes crack and your ankles swell—shaking, tired, and aching for the feeling of relaxation. I dread and hope for the day life feels normal again.

“Please just think about it,” I hear the muffled pleas of my sister through the wall, “I think they would get along!” Another few inaudible words before I hear, “I’m worried about her.”

There it is.

“I’m fine!” I yell from my bed, pulling the covers over my head like I did when I was a child. I hear her enter the room, sighing.

“Katherine, please come out, we need to talk.” I peeked out from my covers, and she came over to sit on the edge of my bed like a mother.

“Look, it’s been what, like six months? I just think-” she began, but I cut her off by jumping out of bed.

“I don’t need this shit.” I muttered under my breath. I don’t need any help. I’m fine. I busied myself around my room, picking up old clothes and dirty dishes.

“Please just listen to me,” she said, but I continued to bustle around my small flat to avoid the conversation.

“I set up a date for you,” she spit out at me and I nearly threw up on the carpet. Slowly, I turned around to her, my eyes wide.

“You did what?” I yelled in disbelief. It took every inch of myself no not yell and scream and cry, but I needed to show her I was fine. I am fine.

“I just thought it would be good for you,” she said.

“Please, just get out.” I said, calmly. She sighed, grabbing her coat and purse. “I left the information on the counter.”

When I heard the door give a gentle click, my knees gave out and my body slid down the length of the wall. I curled into a ball, letting the harsh sobs rack off my shoulders. My moans bouncing off the walls of my apartment, creating the familiar echoes I have heard too much lately. Maybe it is time I attempt to live a normal life. I deserve it. I mean I have never done anything wrong. It’s not my fault. It’s not my fault. I say it again and again like they taught me to.

Before I could even fathom what I was doing, I placed my phone to my ear and the soft hum ringing filled my ear. I glanced at the clock…7:00. He should pick up, it’s not that late.

“Hello?” his voice echoed in my ear. I felt silence envelop the both of us, pain growing on the lip that my teeth bit down on. He asked again, and in my panicked state my thumb quickly ended the call.

What was I thinking?

The next day was like the rest: I milled around the apartment, a tear escaping every now and then. The pungent smell of carnations and dirty dishes seems to never leave, even so long after him.

My eyes periodically glanced at the yellow note on the counter. Starbucks 3:00, it read. Saturday. He won’t go. His name is Dan. I won’t go. I think you guys have a lot in common. Maybe…

It seems like all the time these days I am living my life by just going through the steps, as if my body is doing all the work and my mind is too busy to catch up.

So it came to my surprise when I stood outside of Starbucks, yellow paper in hand, at exactly 3:00.

“Katherine?” I heard from behind me. I flinched, questioning where I was and what I was doing. I took a moment to recompose myself before turning around.

He looked down at me, his eyes glistening and a half smile on his face. He had an attractive face, not one you would expect to be, but once you examine all of his features, you see. His eyes were a soft chocolate brown, his hair matching. I could tell, however, the way his smile was light, innocent; the way his eyes squinted a bit as he smiled—he didn’t know.

Somehow the thought gave me comfort.

“That’s me,” I said with as much cheeriness as I could muster. His smile widened, and he commenced the small talk, asking how I was, my thoughts on the irregular weather, and how my sister has been.

He seemed polite enough to lead the conversation, not in a controlling way, but a respectful one. I took this time to truly examine him. When he talked, dimples engraved into his cheeks like words on a type-writer. His lips were like a poem: soft, full, and mysterious. His eyes—oh his eyes—they were a whole novel in themselves. Their gentle brown hues told endless stories, the dark pupils told the truth, but overall they seemed…familiar.

Yes, they were familiar, but in an odd way. They gave me the sudden odd feeling that he shouldn’t be here, that I shouldn’t be here.

Thinking out loud, I blurt out, “What are you doing here Dan?”

There has to be some alternative motive. I mean look at me—hair tangled, chipped nail polish, round stomach. Who wants to be with some lonely college drop-out?

“I thought I should ask you the same thing,” he laughed, which confused me. “You sister said you probably wouldn’t show up.”

I was shocked, well, sort of. I could guess she would say that, but what amazed me was that even though he thought I wasn’t coming, he came anyway.

“I-I didn’t think I would either,” I paused, looking for a motive for myself. I looked at my cup, trying with difficulty to explain my actions.

I looked back at him. The corner of his mouth twitched up into a smile and he leaned in.

“Don’t worry, we all surprise ourselves every now and then.”

 chapter two coming soon:)

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But I Know We'll Be Alright

I Have Loved You Since Series: But I Know We’ll Be Alright


You winced and sat up straight from the bed. You were just beginning your third trimester of your first pregnancy and the baby in your stomach was most active at night when you were trying your best to get some rest. You brought your hand over your swell, giving it a small rub to calm the 28 weeks girl before taking deep, slow breaths to soothe yourself.

You tried to stay as quiet as possible with Harry lying asleep next to you. You didn’t want to wake him as it would only give him more of a reason to convince you to quit your job. For the last few weeks, your bump was getting bigger and he was getting more cautious. He had tried to convince you to stop working for a while, just until after the pregnancy but you insisted. You wanted to continue until Darcy had arrived. The continuous bickering and arguments were just unnecessary stress added to your pregnancy. 

The anxious baby had calmed and you slowly began to lie back down onto your pillow. You could see the small rays of light out the window, it was almost 5:30 in the morning and you had to be up for work soon. Your eyes drifted, falling back to sleep. 


“Babe!” Harry was quick to rush over to your side when he noticed your instability. He held your arms while you grabbed onto his hand. The pain below was excruciating and your knees felt weak. The baby was no longer kicking but hurting you. He pulled you over to the chair and you carefully sat down. “I’ll get you a glass of water.”

He headed behind the counter to grab you a glass and he quickly filled it up with some warm water. His heart beats ten times faster when it comes to you; you had insisted on continuing work until the baby arrived and it scared him more than anything. You weren’t at a sit-down job as well, you were constantly on your feet, walking and shifting and he knew it couldn’t be any good for you or the baby. 

“Here,” he handed you the glass and you painfully chugged it down, you felt like you were going to throw up any minute now. His hand found its way to the small of your back, giving it a small rub before a dreadful sigh fell from his lips. “You should stay home,” he mumbled. 

You were quick to shake your head, “No, I’m fine. She was just being kicky.” You sat down the glass, beginning to stand to your feet. 

“Love, a baby doesn’t kick you hard enough to almost knock you off your feet,” he countered, holding onto you to help. You gave him a kiss at the corner of his pouty lips before reassuring him you’d be fine.


After minutes of comforting Harry with the idea that you would call him if you felt any more pain, he finally let you out of the car. Your assistant, not to mention your best friend, Kim, had been helping you with the papers while you were sat in your office trying to organize the dates of shipment for fabric. 

Darcy got in a few kicks every hour but you managed, it wasn’t as bad as the pain you felt this morning. You didn’t know what it was, you had never felt that kind of discomfort before in the pregnancy and if you were honest, it scared you more than you had led on. 


“I don’t know mate,” Harry began. “She won’t sit down or rest. I mean, she’s stressed enough as it is and on top of that she wants to continue work.” He was still shaking from what happened this morning, it wasn’t just a kicky baby, it was definitely more and he knew it. 

Niall clapped his hand on his trembling brother-in-law’s shoulder before leaning down to where he was sat, “She’ll be fine. You know how she is, she’ll stop when she’s ready to stop.”

Harry kept his eyes fixed on the buttons scattered across the table in the recording studio. He couldn’t stop thinking about you; what you were doing, have you eaten, do you need a rub. He just wanted to be home with you, in bed, cuddled up safe and sound. 


It was almost 4 in the afternoon, you hadn’t had the chance to eat lunch yet and you were beginning to feel it in your head. Something had happened with the payment and you needed to fix it in order to get the right amount of boxes for the upcoming fashion show. You were getting frustrated with the buttons on the computer and your fingers began fumbling around for the right letters on the keyboard. 

A heavy sigh fell from your lips as you buried your face into your palms. All you could think about was getting home and slipping into a warm, jasmine, clary sage scented sex bomb. 

“Hey, here are the orders for Mr. Jacobs,” Kim entered your office, handing you the papers. You slowly lifted from your hands and reached for the business papers. “You okay babe?" 

You gave a weak smile before nodding, "Yeah, I’m just tired." 

"Well that’s because you haven’t eaten, let’s go get some food,” she suggested, coming around the desk to help you up. You’ve known Kim longer than anyone in London, she was your first friend in the strange city and she’s been there for everything. The two of you worked at the small cafe in town before applying in the fashion field and somewhere along the way, she became your best friend. 

You held onto her hand while she held you the way Harry usually did. When you were steady on your feet, the agonizing pain you felt earlier came back. You almost whimpered when the sharp pain ran across your stomach, shooting up your chest. Your hand quickly grabbed the bottom of your swell, hoping it would ease the pain but it didn’t and it only felt worse.

“Oh my gosh, are you okay,” Kim squeaked. 

You shook your head with tears at the brim of your eyes, it hurt, it hurt so badly. “No, it hurts,” you cried, your voice breaking. 

“I’ll take you to the A&E, c'mon,” she panicked, guiding you down. 


You laid on the bed with one arm under your head and the other resting on what seemed to be a swollen belly. Harry hasn’t been informed of anything yet but you knew the minute you told him, he would lose it. Kim could feel your leg shaking from the other side of the room; she was just as scared as you. What if there was something wrong with the baby? What if she’s not as healthy as they thought she’d be or what if there’s something wrong with her delicate little heart. It scared you more than anything to even think about the possibility of your little girl being hurt and she wasn’t even born yet. 

The doctor dressed in white came in with a clipboard in hand. He was fumbling through the papers clipped down before he looked up, giving you a reassuring smile. He was a bit young to be doctor, charming. 

“Mrs. Styles,” he greeted. “How are you feeling now? Has the anesthetic helped?" 

You handed him a small nod as he motioned you to sit up. Kim came around to your side to help you before he brought his stethoscope across your back. "Well, your heart rate has slowed a bit but that’s completely normal. During your third trimester, it’s completely okay to feel pain, there’s nothing to worry about. Your baby girl is simply shifting to get ready for labor, she’s growing as well so it may cause some pain below your pelvis. The kicking will also increase due to her constant moving so prepare for that,” he chuckled. “Other than that, you’re fine and your baby is very healthy Mrs. Styles." 

You felt a bit relieved but you wished Harry was here beside you. He has never missed a doctor’s appointment with you and right now, he was completely unaware that you were even in the hospital.

"Thank you,” you breathed, lying back down. “When will I be able to go home?" 

He flipped through some more papers before looking back at you, "I would like to keep you overnight for observation, there are still some things I need to go over before discharging you. You should be able to leave before lunch tomorrow!”

You nodded before he turned to leave the room. You had to tell Harry, there was no way you could keep this from him now. Paparazzi had followed you from work, you were probably already on the headline of TMZ. 

You looked over to Kim and she already had the look. “I know, I know,” you muttered, knowing what was to come. 


“Oh my god, babe!” The door pushed opened and Harry came dashing to the edge of the bed. 

“Harry,” you sat up, falling into his arms as he wrapped himself around you. He felt you calm into his chest, his heavy breathing slowed while the pit in his stomach shrunk knowing you were okay. He wasn’t angry, he was just as relieved as you were. “I’m sorry I didn’t call earlier, I was just afraid you’d be angry and I’m sorry, I’m sorry Harry,” you babbled, tears seeping through his shirt. 

“Hey,” he cooed, stroking the back of your head. “It’s okay my love. I’m not angry. I’m just glad you’re okay.”

You picked up your head from his chest and he brought his thumb under your eye to wipe the tear. “Why are you crying love?” He whispered, a small smile forming on his redden face.

You shook your head, your eyes falling to your lap before moving back to his, “I was so scared,” you croaked. 

His heart broke to your cries. The one thing he promised in his vows was to keep you safe and to never let you feel scared and he’s already let you down. He could feel you trembling as he pulled you back into his arms. “It’s okay, you’re okay,” he hummed, pressing a kiss on your shoulder. “You’re okay, the baby’s okay. I love you, I love you so much, Sugar." 

Sugar. The little name that stuck with you since your very first date in the little chocolate shop where he fed you one too many chocolates. You were okay, you just needed your Harry besides you. 


Finally my loves!!! I hope you enjoyed this little piece with the pregnant missus. Thank you to the anon who requested this, I hope it fulfilled your expectations and I hope you enjoy as well. 

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Day 2 - How tall are you? Do you like your height?

Well…I’m 6’ 0" tall and I love every damn centimeter of it.

I used to be uncomfortable about my height and really self conscious about it. I never wore heels, I hated shopping cuz I could never find clothes that fit right, and obviously being bigger I had a bigger build so I always thought I was fat because I didn’t fit in clothes right.

I couldn’t be any more opposite now. its still hard to find clothes that fit right or jeans with the right length inseem but I’ve learned to abosolutley LOVE every inch of my 6 ft. 

Plus, who doesn’t love a tall, tan, blonde, with an athletic build ;)

The Signs according to my dad

aries- “little wings.”

taurus- “I think your mother used to have a taurus, why would they name an astrological sign after a car?”

gemini- “what’s in my eye?”

cancer- “Oh my god, seriously?”

Leo- “what do you want me to tell you?? it means Lion.”

virgo- “you better be.”

libra- “women and bras and stuff..womens liberation movement?”

scorpio- “where? check your shoes, always check your shoes. those things will get in there. swell up like a lemon.”

sagittarious- “is that like some rapper?”

capricorn- “ooh i rememebr those, I used to get them at halloween.”

aquarius- “i had my tenth birthday at an aquarium. i saw a whale. wonder if he’s still alive…”

pisces- “if you had a boat and you went on the pie-seas and the oars were spoons.”