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Prom Night

Character(s): Kim Mingyu

Genre: Fluff?? Fluff! High School!AU!!!

Word Count: 2,493

Summary: Prom is coming up, and everyone plans on going this year. Except you, prom is pretty lame you think. I guess you don’t really have a choice though. Your best friend is making you go!

Request:  yo, yo, yo! hello there, i was wondering if you could a scenario with mingyu or vernon i dont really mind in which the reader and him are childhood friends and they love each other more than that =, but there both shy about it but then he asks her to prom and really cute and fluffy if possible? please… much love (Thank you very much for requesting! I went with Mingyu!)

A/N: I wasn’t sure who to go with so I relied on at least three different things that would randomize the choosing! :P They all picked Mingyu so I guess we’ll have to shine some light on him for now! Ah… I’m sorry for my cringey writing ;;;; I did include Vernon as a wingman though!! I hope you got my references too!

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“Sorry, I’m not going to prom.” You’ve repeated that same phrase at least 20 times this whole week. You weren’t exactly that popular, but you were friends with a popular group of girls and boys, which was most likely the reason for the attention this time of year.

“Another suitor?” An arm slung around your shoulders and you groaned tiredly in response.

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“At least I have a dick.”

“Well you don’t have a real dick, so.”

“How can you be the top in the relationship if you don’t have a penis?”

“Did you get your tits removed yet?”

“You shouldn’t bind you’re gonna get stretch marks on your boobs.”

“You’ll still be a girl no matter what.”

I’m dying right now. The pearl//methyst shippers are trying to convince themselves that Pearl will ditch S. or Amethyst will get jealous. Like no. It was made obvious Amethyst and Pearl aren’t attracted to each other. Amethyst was helping her get the girl. Stop stretching your ship out.

adjit  asked:

Adrinette and forehead kiss!!!!!!! I don't remember which number but please. I love forehead kisses.

4: Forehead Kiss

here you go you meme

words: 323
rating: s for sweet and fluffy
warnings: this might make you crave warm cookies idk

kiss meme

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