get your shit together

horror movies are getting so shitty nowadays, like they’re barely even scary anymore. like yes obviously if you put a loud sound and make something pop out at the screen I’m gonna jump, but that doesn’t mean your movie is scary like I’ve jumped while watching Disney movies. i wanna be actually scared during the movie, not just scared when you make it loud all of a sudden like tf is this

Here we go again, people are again trying to twist Kishi’s words for their convenience. 

Kishi said “Quite a long time ago, in fact. But I have to admit there was a time when we did thought about Sakura, you know. But if after all this time, she would just all of a sudden change her heart for Naruto, this would make her kind of a terrible woman, don’t you agree ?. Anyway I think she’s already completely devoted to Sasuke.” 

Kishi thinks that anyone who suddenly changes their mind after being so in love with a person is terrible. It does not only apply to women! Kishi said sakura suddenly changing her mind would make her a terrible woman because that is what she fucking is. She is a woman! Kishi is not saying that women should not change their heart but men can. He is simply saying that when you are in love with someone too much, you can’t change your heart. So do you know what this proves? It proves that Naruto was never in love with Sakura. Naruto’s “love” (crush) doesn’t stand a chance against Sakura’s love for Sasuke or Hinata’s love for Naruto. It really really pales in comparison, and this interview is an additional proof of that. 

I know it’s much easier to call Kishi a sexist and hate on him instead of agreeing that you’re wrong, and have always been wrong. But you need to stop…You can ship whoever you want! But don’t be disrespectful. 

Just a reminder that Klaus once said “the only thing stronger than your thirst for blood is your love for Elena” in season 3. After a 3 season relationship. But in 5x04, amnesic Stefan stopped himself from becoming a ripper, at the mere presence of Caroline of whom he just met a minute earlier.