get your shit together

It appears that my dad just finished reading a book entitled “How to have a cliche and eye-rolly Mid-life crisis” because the man JUST BOUGHT A F****** (Edited because my mother insists women from church read this…. doubtful mom, but ok, just this once) MOTORCYCLE. 

Honestly though, the man takes one “How to ride a motorcycle” lesson and now thinks he’s this;

When really he is this:

(actual photo of my dad).

Seriously though, Dad- you should write to the author and see if there’s some kind of prize for completing all the steps! Maybe you will get a prize!!


horror movies are getting so shitty nowadays, like they’re barely even scary anymore. like yes obviously if you put a loud sound and make something pop out at the screen I’m gonna jump, but that doesn’t mean your movie is scary like I’ve jumped while watching Disney movies. i wanna be actually scared during the movie, not just scared when you make it loud all of a sudden like tf is this

Just a reminder that Klaus once said “the only thing stronger than your thirst for blood is your love for Elena” in season 3. After a 3 season relationship. But in 5x04, amnesic Stefan stopped himself from becoming a ripper, at the mere presence of Caroline of whom he just met a minute earlier.